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  1. You can even use an old flat blade screwdriver instead of a punch at a pinch. Still need the hammer of course. The crimping metal is not that hard so you won't have too much (any) trouble.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this but here is probably good as any. I own one of the common online purchased spoilers that are cheap and available via the usual channels. Some time ago I lost one of the two little locking tabs that lock the tilt adjustment. It would seem that there have been several reports of these things being lost. Of course these parts are very hard, if not impossible, to source so I designed a simple 3D printable replacement one and have posted it to Thingiverse if anyone is interested.
  3. It looks like a case of .."Houston, we have (narrowly averted) a problem" Good to see you missed the worst of it.
  4. First (decent) ride out I've had in a while but weather was too good to resist so took a ~345km (215mile) round trip to a little place called Yarraman via some hinterland twisty hills. Stopped at a little park in the State Forest for a break amid some biggish Hoop pines with no one around to disturb the serenity. Ahhh..bliss. 🙂
  5. Yea, I've noticed that happens occasionally as well. I've now taken to using the Snipping Tool (W10) on the photo that is giving the grief and that seems to sort it. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Actually, not a bad idea. My design is not perfect but has functioned well enough to be still working in the spoiler today. As we all know, sometimes fidley parts like these are only worth a couple of cents but to source them sometimes is impossible or if you can, they are outrageously priced for what they are! I'll post a link to the Thingiverse .....well... 'thing' when I get around to it shortly. Thanks for the idea. 👍
  7. Just a thought - if the locking mechanism you lost is anything like the one that I lost then you can parhaps recover the use of the spoiler if you know someone who can 3D print one up like I did in this thread. Don't know if it's the same or you've lost the other bits as well but as I said - just a thought. 🙂 I can send the file if interested.
  8. I second that assessment. It can take a few attempts and adjustments along with screen height tweaks to get it just how you like it.
  9. I think that I would be happy with that small error as well. FWIW, this is my label and the two important parts that were required for this to work were: - MCS7320TBW and Firmware version 5.157+ I was required to send this info to McCruise first so that I was sent the 'right' kit. They may have other versions that work as well but would require an enquiry from anyone who may be interested.
  10. The irony! Safely secured within a covered trailer and that happens! If only you could have those odds in winning the lottery.
  11. I managed to lose one of those little locking adjustment clamps a while ago. And I believe I'm not the only one who has had that 'luck' either. I think I didn't lock it back properly when making an adjustment with gloves on while out on the road and it 'escaped' its housing while riding. It is a required/necessary 5 cent part but would have been difficult if not impossible to replace so I was about to cut my losses and just buy another spoiler but thought first I'd try to 3D print up a clone of the remaining one. Nothing to lose after all! I'm no design guru but managed to make up a reasonable facsimile on Fusion 360 and print it. Worked a treat and has resurrected my wind spoiler from the ashes. So, unless you wish to suffer the same fate just make sure those little critters are securely locked into position. BTW. Have never had any problems with the hex screws. YMMV My amateur design .....
  12. ...Eventually! Took it out for a run yesterday as it was the first chance I had since doing the calibration in the garage. Got about 100M from home and noticed I had TCS and Check Engine lights up. Also, NO speedo reading at all which probably explains why the alarm lights were up. Back home and re-read the instructions and it seems that sometimes the power required for the speedo correction CCT is not enabled by default within the McCruise brain. Thankfully that's all it was. Turned it on via the diag mode, went through the calibration again and now all is good. I had to do a second recalibration out on the road as it was a little high at 100KM/h (i.e., GPS reading 102 @ 100 on the speedo). Not much I know but when it can be dialled in precisely, why not! It's nice to now be confident that what the speedo reads is going to be very close to the real speed. FWIW mine was out around 8%.
  13. Yes, don't even have to zip tie it really as its just one of the tangs that's broken. My concern was that the blue inner bit was deformed slightly in my ham fisted attempt in removal. It too may be OK but I'm going to go safety first - JIC. As you've noticed, I think that the orange clasp is the same on a number of different models in the Yamaha range (and maybe other machines too) and I was tempted initially to buy a wrecked one and just swap over the clasp.