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  1. Not the right thread but seeing the precedent has been set.... after reading about the time of the day that people get up and out for a ride, I realised that it was nearly lunch time here and I was one of those people that thought more about planning a trip than actually going! What the hell! So, I called on the inspiration of that well-known sneaker brand NIKE and well, just did it! Glad I did. Nice but shortish 200km ride in the country. Got to test out my recently installed braided brake lines along with the newish Michy Road 5s in some twisty back roads. Got to say that I'm very happy with the Michelins. They do feel very planted and inspire confidence. A bit too much confidence - I was pushing the envelope (sensibly) in a zone that has been classified as a 'high crash zone' for motorcyclists when I spot what looks like an oil slick on the line that I'm taking. Pushed a little wider to avoid it and rode onto the double white centre line only to look into the eyes of the local constabulary coming the other way towards me! Woops! Must have given him some cause for concern because he went to the road shoulder while giving me the 'you're a very naughty boy' finger wag as I went by. Thankfully he wasn't able to turn around and I made a sedate/spirited exit through those twisties and was on my way. Murphy's law strikes again. As they say - pictures or it didn't happen. Other than that, a great day out... Almost forgot - the crash bobbins worked a treat as highway pegs. Thanks @betoney for the tip.
  2. Hi Delta28, Not sure where in the world you are but have a look at this Aussie link for Yamaha parts that will put you on the right track. Part numbers may even be the same for the bits that you are interested in. I found those parts that you are chasing with the following inserted into the search boxes: - Good luck.
  3. Hi Rex, Sounds like you are about to launch into what many of us here have done and start the 'farkling' process on your bike. You've come to the right place as this forum is a vast library of information from those that have 'been there and done that'. I, along with many here, have added and in some cases removed all sorts of bits and pieces to improve our ride one way or another. Best advice I can offer is to use the search option to persue the information that interests you as you get into your new toy. There you will find many paths to follow and gems to find. For example there are many options for a phone holder bracket for your bike that are pre-made that will achieve your goal of a phone mount above the instrument panel. I use a QUAD LOCK system attached to a RAM mount that gets my phone above the instrument cluster.... but there are other options that will do the same/similar. Again, use the force... ah...search function 🙂 One of the main things you can do for this bike is to have the suspension upgraded if not already done. Not a cheap thing to do but certainly makes a BIG difference in the handling of the bike. Another is an ECU flash to help sort out that twitchy throttle/fueling issue. More comfortable seat (if required). I could go on but as already mentioned.... use the search or just wade through the topics and enjoy. Cheers.
  4. Hi Rex, To respond to the above specific questions: - Isn't the HISS system a Honda thing? HISS - Honda Ignition Security System? Anyway, the point is that your AU bike has an immobiliser system. The bike is issued with 3 keys in total. See the extract below from the AU owner's manual, that you have a copy of?, that has all of the info about the keys including the RED one and the immobiliser system - FWIW Here's what my Master looks like (and spare key).
  5. I would have thought that the pans are moulded in some way. At least mine looks that way?! I have an FDM 3D printer and my seat pans are definitely not made that particular 3D printed way. Resin printed - maybe?
  6. @foxtrot722 - good photos to give some perspective so thanks for that. Never thought to stretch back to to the rear pegs as well, as you are showing! You've got the full Yoga class going on there. 😄 These look exactly what I need as well - Ordered.
  7. Yes, they do. I think there's been discussion on this subject elsewhere in the forum as well if you're wanting to chase more info.
  8. Thanks. Description says made from Delrin so if true should be fine for actually providing some protection even though my primary reason is for highway pegs use. Delivered price - AU$44 compared to AU$103 for the correct, made in USA version. I would have preferred the USA version but just have to be mindful of the costs vs intended use. Cheers.
  9. These would suit me as well, it's just a shame that the freight to the land down under is more than the price of the bobbins! Thanks for the tip though. I have seen similar bobbins here but are for an FZ6 - see below. Do you reckon I could make them fit the 2015 Tracer? I've seen angusmcoz's dimensions of his well made peg mounts and I see that one side of the bike at the forward engine mount has a deeper recess than the other. (5/8" vs 7/8") He used an inch bolt to fit into those mount holes so 0.82" is not far off for the diameter and could probably work. Maybe the judicious use of a hacksaw on one side or the addition of some washers may make the difference - if any?! The hole size should be fine.
  10. Hadn't heard of that one before but an interesting observation none the less. One to keep in the back of the mind for future reference.
  11. Thanks @2and3cylinders - but I'm wanting to not use the clamps that come with these. See my earlier post for how I was wanting to attach. I'm thinking now about either making a set up as per angusmcoz's suggestion or using some crash bobbins.
  12. Thanks @Wintersdark. An honest appraisal was what I was looking for. Maybe a pair of longer crash bobbins will do the job - if I can find some. Cheers.
  13. Revisiting this thread - I'm thinking of adding some highway pegs to the front engine mounting position and had a question for those that have the universal pegs. These are quite common/available for little cash but are normally mounted to an existing crash bars with the supplied clamp. Can anyone who has these advise if you think it possible to remove the mounting hardware, drill through from the part that the peg swivels on and be able to use either the existing engine bolt or a suitable substitute to attach it to the bike? This may or may not work depending on dimensions and clearances but thought it worth the ask as they're cheap enough. TIA