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  1. Really professionally done! I enjoyed the trip with you! You've taught me a few things on how to put a video together that doesn't bore the viewer. However, I've got a long way to go to get anywhere near your quality of production! Wow! Sincerely, thanks for sharing the journey. 🙂
  2. Short 100kms ride today to test out my new Smart Turn System (self-cancelling indicators). I stopped at a lovely little spot called Kiamba just North of Nambour on the Sunshine Coast AU. Weather warm, very quiet and no-one around. Time to enjoy the the serenity. 🙂
  3. Just installed a Smart Turn System (STS) - AKA self-cancelling indicators in my 2015 Tracer. I decided to not to use the supplied bullet connectors but instead bought genuine Yamaha connectors (3P MTWP-L) so that I can simply plug the loom back through and return the bike to standard (function wise) while keeping to a good quality waterproof connection, should I choose to move the STS to another machine down the track. In fact my install is very similar to the one @SKYFLIX has done and for the same reasons. Fitment was pretty straight forward but there are a couple of things to watch out for if you're doing this yourself and are following the instructions and video. The biggest one is the confusion around the Positive connection sourced from the bottom plug. The picture shows it as a red wire and the video shows the connection going on to a red/white wire which does have switched power on it (but less than 12v) and is not the correct one to use. The correct 12v switched wire is the Brown wire of the bottom plug. Hope that helps if someone is struggling with that issue. If you choose to use one of the bike's accessory connectors then you won't have that problem of course. The other 'issue' is that the supplied foam pieces (you get four, 2 x small & 2 x large) that slot into either side of the indicator switch were a little too big and a little too small, at least in my case. What they are meant to do is stop the indicators from latching as they do in normal/standard operation and instead just provide a momentary switching action. The big ones worked but I had to really push or pull hard to make the contact to activate the indicators. So, I got out the trusty sharp razor and trimmed the larger ones down a smidge and now the indicators come on with little effort of the old thumb and without latching. Perfect! Now on to testing - quite simply they work beautifully and as advertised! Even performing lane changes the indicators will self-cancel. Brilliant! I'll see how they go over the long term and will report any negative issues - if any. Happy so far in these early days. Just got to now remember to stop pushing the switch to cancel. Old habits die hard. Out of the box: - This is how I set up my connections with the new yamaha style connectors: - Changed out the bullet connectors for these: - Close up of the connections: - Ready to button up, the STS unit itself is the black part with two cable ties around it to the right of the picture: - Little 'sponges' in the base of the indicator switch to stop latching: -
  4. Another Michelin Road 5 fan here. Just came back from a short ride with friends and got caught in the rain. No hint of losing traction on roads that were quite slick in sections. One of the friends got a little sideways on more than one occassion! Can't fault them.
  5. And yet another company , Jarvish (Taiwan) doing similar things.
  6. I haven't personally, but it sounds like you have?
  7. Ha! I love all of the Hitler rants. errr.... Despite the underlying message about not delivering!
  8. First new helmet set to be released from an Aussie company - FORCITE Helmet systems soon here in Aus. Sounds interesting!
  9. Yes, same here and yet the irony is that the consequences of not spending some money up front backburning/maintaining the fire load are that it costs vast amounts of $$ in destruction, loss of income, lives and the environment in the long run anyway! Two words - Politics and politicians.
  10. We over here in Aus feel your pain. It's heatbreaking to see the destruction and hear the harrowing stories of those who have lost everything including, in some cases, the lives of loved ones. It will come back. It's just a matter of time. It otherwise looks like another beautiful spot in the world.
  11. I think it's showing the number of times the same tooth meets the same chain link. 111 links are 'perfect' as the tooth to link contact is evenly distributed to all of them - 16 revs on the front sprocket (16T) the same tooth will meet the same link in the chain and similarly for the rear sprocket 46 revs (46T) the same tooth meets the same link. Therefor every tooth moves one link per revolution per sprocket. As for the 112 link version it shows that the same link meets the same tooth on the front sprocket every 1 revolution of the chain while it's 50% of the time for the rear sprocket. Hope that makes sense and I've got it right! 🤔 Hmm... Just checked Gearing Commander and it suggests a 110 link chain with my proposed setup. That shortens the wheelbase (when chain is new) by ~4.3mm. Not a big deal I guess. I might be overthinking this and may just go with the 110 link setup after all. As you suggest the chain will stretch over time anyway.
  12. Yes, I've actually got the chain and it happened to come with 124 links and I'm OK with cutting it. I bought that particular one as it was at a 'special' price that I couldn't go past at the time. And yes, as suspected - a half link. Don't want to do that but I'm back to the original conundrum of 110 OR 112 links as both will work but resulting in different wear rates and wheelbase lengths. I'm thinking 112 links is my 'answer' unless advised otherwise. Cheers.
  13. Down the track a little bit I'm going to change out the sprockets and chain on my 2015 Tracer (FJ) . Just wanted to get confirmation that the calculation I did meets with the nod of approval (or otherwise) from the experts out there. Once that chain length is chosen there's no going back once it's cut if only to find it has to be longer! Sprockets chosen are 16T front and 46T rear (+1 from standard) Chain chosen is DID 525 VX3 (comes as a 124 link with a rivet type master link) So, I've used the Chain and sprocket calculator to come up with the following result below which to my untrained eye seems just about perfect. I base that on the following: - 1. Sprocket distance increases slightly over stock (~4mm) = good. 2. Wear rate is shown as 100% optimal front and back = great! My only 'concern' is - does the chain have to be an even number of links or is 111 OK?? - OR does it then require a 'special' master link! If it has to be even, then 110 or 112 links given my choice of sprockets? Further calculations below would say that 110 links gives an even shorter wheelbase than stock but OK wear rate while 112 links provides for a long wheelbase but bad wear rate! TIA 111 links - 110 links - 112 links -
  14. The seed of doubt has been sown! I'm going to have to check mine now... just in case! Not a bad idea mind you and quite simple to do. Just wish I'd thought of it earlier myself. 🤔 Think I'll be visiting my local aquarium store to source those 'Y' adaptors. They are often used on aeration pumps for distribution in fish tanks. There may be other sources of course.