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  1. I hear you! If you've got a compressor or access to one, I recommend one of these for next time. Makes the job so much less painful and/or slow and as mentioned, messy. It's a vacuum bleeder if you weren't aware?
  2. HI lospsi, I can't find my link to the pegs I bought but I'm reasonably confident that they are these: - http://amzn.to/2sipm1T I say that as I got the tip a few years ago here. Good luck.
  3. And to complete the GIVI TN2122 install mentioned in my previous post..... As per other comments elswhere it was a bit of a PITA to install but I'm happy with how these look overall. I wanted something that didn't 'overwhelm' the sides of the machine and I think these do just that while providing the level of protection that I wanted. Now, what highway pegs do I get...??
  4. New bits from Italy have arrived! About to install the GIVI TN2122 bars on my 2015 vintage Tracer. I've been toying with doing this for a very long time and after almost dropping my bike for the second time in its life (walking pace), I decided that it was time for a little more protection. There will now be a place at last for some footpegs to attach to as well so I can stretch out occassionally. Any suggestions? The bars are made from 1" tube.
  5. Hi Rovari, Yes indeed I did install these on my 2015 Tracer and am very happy with them. Nice and bright running lights with integrated bright blinkers. I chose not to utilise the brake light function in the rear ones as I already have the x-blaster tail light kit installed and consider that ample - also awesome IMHO 🙂 They were expensive but no surprises as they are OEM bits I guess. I'm assuming you just want pictures with them installed on the bike? I can provide that but no install process if that's what you meant? These are the part numbers that I bought for my 2015 Tracer. You may have to check for your 2020 if same or not. Yamaha Genuine LED Blinkers Plus - FRONT YME-FLB2F-10 Yamaha Genuine LED Blinkers Plus - REAR YME-FLB2R-10 There are a few You Tubes out there for installation etc if you are keen. Search "Yamaha LED blinker plus". BTW I had already installed a LED blinker driver controller as well (i.e. replaced the OEM one) so didn't need the resistor balast that's included in the kit.
  6. I think you'll find the answer to your question here.....
  7. Are they the Italian made, 'million dollar', LighTech adjusters? Or knock offs? Hope they are the knock offs or I'm getting worried.😮
  8. I like the look a lot, and I think I know why.... 🙂
  9. Can you pull it apart and see if the button can be fixed? Might be worth the effort given that you've got 'nothing' to lose?
  10. They would I believe, but there is a general consensus that says not to use them (any TPMS) on rubber type stems. I personally don't see any issue with using them in that situation and have read that many do but just thought I'd mention it. If in doubt do your own research on the subject and make your own decision. 🙂
  11. I agree with betoney's statement above - although I can't comment on the 320 mm rotors as I don't have them but that would be the worst case senario for access I imagine and yet he appears not to have any issues. Anyway here's some photos of mine to perhaps give you some idea of clearance and thread length for comparison. Last photo is of the cap holding tool for tightening the locknut. It comes close to the rim but still clears it. And FWIW, I don't use it anyway when tightening the lock nut. Hope this helps.
  12. The only reason I asked is related to doing a quick unscrew in the garage at home to get the current pressure as mentioned above. The locknut requires the tool to release it and so adds the extra step. I know, first world problems. 😉
  13. Good point. This had crossed my mind as well after 'discovering' that it didn't update until on the move. I guess I'll still have to check pressure and top up as necessary the old fashioned way before my trips. Not a big deal but a minor annoyance nontheless. EDIT:- Thought I'd have a look to see if there was a way around this mini dilemma and it seems that if I remove the caps (pressure monitors) it activates the wireless and goes 'live'. I'm assuming (always dangerous) that it's not the moving of the bike that triggers the update but a pressure variation which would occur as you ride away bumping along the road? Anyway, this worked for me. @betoney - do you use the lock nuts on the valve stems for the sensors or is it safe to leave them off?
  14. Yes, lots of hills, valleys, country roads, views and clean air. Love it. 🙂
  15. Yes, thanks. I noticed the same thing when I'd stopped for a break. All the numbers were 'stuck' at the last reading until I was on my way again. Good to know info. Thanks. Oh and 10% is the norm eh? Also good to know. Cheers.