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  1. Here's the word from the horse's mouth (Tony Guymer) on all the latest revelations as mentioned by @keithu above. Key point: - Excellent!
  2. @wordsmith - well done. I must admit I thought by earlier forecasts that Sunday weather was going to be unkind but as it turns out - beautiful after the rain. Hope you had a good ride.
  3. Yes I know what you're saying and there is a school of thought that 'modulated' lights look a lot like emergency vehicles and can cause confusion to the uneducated masses and consequently have a negative affect. Have a look at this from the US. But also in regard to the pleece having their wrath incurred, there is this info that is after all, in law, for them to uphold. So as long as all of the criteria as stipulated is met of course. 🙂
  4. I wondered the same thing wordy so I went looking. Have a look at this to give you an idea of what a modulator does - go to 1:40 to see one in action.
  5. I haven't seen these in operation over here in Australia and so wasn't sure that they were in fact legal so I checked and at least in the state of Qld they are (if anyone from Aus was wondering)
  6. @flyfifer - slightly off topic but 61-0 - you'll know what I'm talking about! Go the thistle!
  7. Another great report as usual. It's always heartening when a business has great follow up service like this and doesn't just take your money and send you on your way never wishing to see you again. Two thumbs up for Ride Dynamics 👍👍. Glad you've found your 'sweet spot'.
  8. I'm liking what I see! Good tip and a few to choose from. Sometimes we need to look outside of the 'motorcycle box' (read expensive) to find equivalent stuff that will do the job equally as good, if not better.
  9. @bugie - This is where I have sourced my genuine connectors from in the past. Also for the same reason that you are looking. I like to be able to reverse everything to put it all back to standard if I so desire. It's a Japanese source at reasonable cost. I think these are the ones you are looking for?
  10. Thanks for that info @wordsmith - I've got my Compression set at 14 and my Rebound at 16 ATM as they are the halfway points respectively and went for a 200Km ride yesterday. At the halfway point I stopped for lunch at a nice lookout and was going to set your C & R figures for the ride home but was waylayed by tourists who all wanted to check out the bike and chat and with that distracted me completely and I rode home with the same settings! Old timers disease! Yes I could have stopped but was now late and needed to get home. Anyway, the ride felt waaaay better than any ride I've had with the OEM shock, a little plush perhaps and I guess that would make sense with the rebound at 16, I might be getting a little bounce at the top of the stroke - but I will experiment to find Nirvarna. I think it was Betony who recommended going to a 3rd of the way out from closed initially and work from there so will give it a go. Thanks.
  11. Or if you're not a DIY-er and are happy to spend the cash AU$105 (US~$71) you could just get one of these German made devices........! Maybe this is what the shop guy was using and not just a pencil beam!?... I don't know. Looks like there's a couple of different versions with slightly different characteristics depending on what you need/want. Profi Laser Chain Alignment tool Adjustment / max. Deviation: <0.05% The description says... "Laser motorcycle chain & rear wheel alignment tool. Check chain and belt alignment with laser precision in seconds! Simply hold the Profi Laser C.A.T. against the rear sprocket and aim the laser along the drive chain. Helps minimise wear to chain and sprockets. Ideal tool for the end user and professionals alike"
  12. OK, I don't know exactly what he used but he said he used to race and consequently change tyres regularly and would notice if his alignment was off as he would be pushed wide in corners if it was. I can only assume that whatever he was using it must have worked. I don't get over there often but will try to clarify with him what it was that he was doing/using. .....While sitting here writing this trying to work out how it could be done using any old laser pencil given the info above from @2and3cylinders while getting reasonably accurate results, what about this scenario?..... 1. Clamp a flat straight edge vertically to the back of the rear sprocket/chain. 2. Attach the laser pencil/pointing device to the edge over the chain at a height of say 1/2 metre (the attachment would have to be able to swivel in the vertical and horizontal plane) 3. Point the light at the top of the chain directly below and parallel to the straight edge. The light hitting the chain should be at the same distance from the straight edge as it is at the emission point of the light pencil to ensure that it is now parallel (lock that vertical plane) 4. Now swivel the light to point at the front sprocket. Wouldn't this work? Feel free to machinegun me down if I've missed something fundamental. I'm writing this after having a few cleansing ales the night before so anything's possible. 🙂
  13. Sounds like a good idea. For similar reasons I removed my tail tidy and put the OEM one back on as I was sick of getting coated with a mud stripe.
  14. @betoney - I got the idea from a guy at the local bike shop who said he uses a 'light pencil' to align the rear wheel/sprocket when adjusting chain slack. Another thing I must do. It sounds like a better idea than some of the mechanical short rod type alignment tools that are out there. He said he clamped the light parallel to the wheel sprocket and pointed it at the drive sprocket along the chain. Makes sense as you can't get a straighter line than a laser light! Pointing it so that you can see the spot at the far end removes any parallax error you might get when using the short rod method of alignment. While the chain alignment method is not taking a measurement as such, there were enough brain cells remaining for me to make the connection to using the laser measurer for my sag.
  15. @2and3cylinders - cooked indeed - a good analogy! I got mine from Omniaracing in Italy and it cost me, landed here in Australia inc tax, AU$950 which in the scheme of things isn't bad considering the local distributor is selling them for AU$1300. I see that Revzilla is selling them for US$795 which would equate to AU$1230 landed here. So I feel as though I've been 'well done' but at least not 'burnt' in the cooking analogy 😉 🤑 Cheers