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  1. This is what Wordsmith's initial settings were when his suspension was set up professionally: - I know he had his suspension setup reworked after a little while to make it plusher so don't know what the final figures were. He is the same weight as me BTW - 187lbs in gear. EDIT: Here's the post where he had the changes done FWIW -
  2. FWIW and from memory, my settings for the K-Tech Razor-R were 39mm Sag, Rebound set to around half way at 14-16 clicks out (range 0-32) and compression to around 18 clicks out (range 0-28). This gives me a firmish ride. My weight: - 85Kgs/187lbs in gear. Spring is 95N. Can't help you with the front as I've got Andreani Shocks. Again FWIW I've set my bike up for around 30% SAG front and back which equates to around 41mm front and 39mm rear. Don't know if any of that has helped you or not but good luck.
  3. Took the new shoes (Road 5s) and the freshly serviced forks out for their first outing today and have to say I'm already impressed. Just a short 115Kms to give them a nice scrub in and to get a feel for how they perform. I know they're new tyres and the profile is as good as it's going to get, but I felt that they turned in much quicker than the old boots and were a slightly 'softer' ride. Not that I got it over too far (they're still new after all) but there was no feeling of squirminess - is that a word? - under me at any time. That softer feel could have been partly because the serviced forks were re-valved/shimmed to give a less harsh response on both compression and rebound as well so...? All in all, I'm a happy chappie 😄
  4. Any update, new info from those with experience of these or other thoughts regarding the pressure figures for these tyres/tires? I was going to run them at 33/37 given I'm around 85KGs/187lbs in gear. What say ye?
  5. Funny you should say that as I was pondering that very thing as I was writing the last post! 🙂 The rebate thing is for North America I believe and wouldn't benefit me here but the prices are still good enough not to be a concern anyway. Thanks.
  6. Thanks 2+3C yes, I think at least I'll colour/color them to hide them a bit better - if I don't move them. In regard to the price the shop I got them from had discounted them fairly heavily as they had a small stockpile and wanted to move them prior to the expected downturn in trade due to the most 'popular' subject around ATM.
  7. Yes, I must admit I thought it a little odd that they put them where they did. I guess I could always get their equivalents - in a darker colour - and place them appropriately if it bugs me enough. EDIT:- Out of interest and stemming from @BBB's post, I thought I'd do a little research on the subject of wheel balancing. I always thought you simply wacked some weight on a wheel that was out of balance and it's location across the rim was of no real consequence. As usual, I've found I know less than I thought! The following was extracted from an article that quoted the wheel balancing guru of Hunter Engineering fame:- Nothing is seemingly straight forward! I might be leaving the weights where they are!
  8. Ha. We do have some rain now but it never quite recovered from the long dry spell that we experienced over our summer.
  9. Thanks guys. The wheels are the OEM versions from 2015 (and maybe later versions?) that were deliverd here in the land down under. The same colour adorns some of the side and valve/cam covers as well. It's a nice accent against the black (IMHO). Yes, I like the colour too and have seen a very similar version in Plastidip that some have used on car rims if you're into that sort of thing. Cheers.
  10. OK. Just to complete the thread, I've purchased a set of 'Made in Spain' Michelin Road 5s instead of the intended Dunlop Roadsmart 3s. The price for the Road 5s fitted and balanced turned out to be cheaper than the Dunlops so I couldn't refuse 🙂 FWIW - AU$404 (US$241) Also had right angle valves fitted while the boots were off to ease the effort at air check/fill time. On a related note, while the wheels were off I've taken my Andreani fitted forks in for a service and a re-shim/valve update just to take a little bit of the harshness out of them. The guy I've taken them to informs me that he's done a few for the Tracer with the Andreanis and this is a common complaint/observation and 'fix'. So good to know he's experienced with this bike. It'll take him a couple of days to complete the job and as long as the country hasn't gone into total lockdown between now and then I'm keen to try out the handling with the flash new shoes and front legs - after scrubbing in the new tyres of course. 😄
  11. Ah yes. That was your favoured tyre wasn't it! Bit of a rebate being offered which made them cheaper than the Dunlop RS 3s that I was considering so I thought I'd take advantage while I still have a few Shekels left in the tin.
  12. I'm pretty careful with my tyre pressures so maybe this is a 'normal' thing. I was surprised that the front wore out before the rear and the reason I didn't really notice it was that I was focused on the rear to let me know when it was time to change. Interesting that your experiences are that you wear out your front first. So many posts report that they go through two rears to one front tyre usually. Maybe I ride like you? Anyway thanks for the feedback.
  13. Good news @suncoaster - I've scored a 'deal' for a pair of Michelin Road 5s for AU$404 - fitted. Will get them tomorrow. The best I could get them fitted for elsewhere was $499 so I'm happy with that. I'm going to take the opportunity to get the forks serviced at the same time. Cheers.
  14. Interesting. I'm glad (kind of) that I'm not the only one experiencing the same issue! That's three of us now that have reported it in this thread so I might just have to right it off as 'one of those things' and move on with some new rubber and keep an eye on them more closely. I've been researching the latest prices on tyres over here to find good value and it's still looking like the Dunlops are it, ATM. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. In my experience, anytime you get that kind of condensation within a sealed device it points to the seal being compromised in some way. So yes, probably worth a claim enquiry.