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  1. Will do @BBB. I'm intrigued as well, and was back when I first saw them mentioned in this forum in relation to the French Gendarme and the WA Police but considered that they would be either too hard or expensive to source anyway. Not sure what the 'holding' capacity is but........ Stay tuned.
  2. I've made contact and getting a cost for transport. It's a bit of an unknown but for $20 plus shipping it's worth the punt πŸ™‚ And as an added bonus, the Police couldn't possibly ping me for using their own approved rear seat replacement to achieve the single seat scenario! Surely??!! πŸ˜† Thanks to @jdavis for pointing that ad out here on the forum. This is one of the many reasons I lurk here. To paraphrase Forest Gump..." The Forum's like a box a 'choclates, you never know whut choo gonna get" 🀣 BTW. When I was speaking to the seller, he is looking for passenger grab bars for his 2015 Tracer (that probably answers your question @andre12a about having to remove them - (moot point now anyway)), so if anyone here in Aus has them to sell click on the link above and go to his other ads to find. Cheers all.
  3. You may be out of luck in the fitting department as they are completely different part numbers per below. If you decide/determine that this counts you out, I might make an enquiry myself. 2015 Model: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Model:
  4. My 'interpretation' of this was that the only options to reduce the seat length AKA - just leave the riders seat available, were to remove the rear seat and leave a gaping hole there or attach something permanently! Impractical of course for all of the obvious reasons. As for drilling out the threads!! Maybe attaching something else (blanking plate?) would satisfy the pedantic? Who knows!? I'm thinking just turn up at the T&MR depot, say you want to re-classify your bike from a class 13 to a class 12 (CTP) and let them do any further talking if they so choose. With luck you'll get someone who will ask if you've removed the rear pegs and leave it at that. Yes, no doubt this was written by a committee of bureaucrats that hunkered down on one of the many tropical resorts on the barrier reef for 2 weeks in a tax payer funded 'think tank' to thresh out the 'best' possible scenario. But perhaps I'm being cynical... 😏
  5. The 'official' word scraped directly from the QLD DOT&MR:- .... A conversion to single seat must not be easily reversible, and must: * reduce the seat length to 500mm or less. A removable seat cowl or cover is not an acceptable method of seat reduction. * remove the pillion foot pegs and disable the mounting points by removing mounting brackets and drilling out threaded holes. Not wanting to rain on any parades but if the letter of the law is followed then the requirements are clear...... if the letter of the law is followed. I might have to put this to the test personally and see how rigid the law wants to be. If all it takes (in practice) is to remove the pegs then I'm in!
  6. I asked the same question regarding whether I still needed it after an ECU flash but was 'assured' I did because the "open loop /closed loop" are separate when it comes to fueling.... what this means exactly I don't pretend to understand. I did look into it but I've had a lot of drinks since then and can't remember the details! πŸ˜‰ FWIW and for my experience - I have the O2 controller installed and the ECU flash done/provided by the same man (Kevin Hope (KevXTX)) and my 2015 bike is as smooth as silk - oh, I did the APS adjustment as well which I found to have quite an effect. As stated, this is my experience and as always - YMMV. πŸ™‚
  7. I think that this is what you're referring to and his name is Kevin πŸ™‚ ....
  8. You want air conditioning?.....
  9. You'll love it. Before I decided to change mine to a slipper I was uncertain that I was going to get bang for buck in the changeover, but that doubt quickly evaporated on the first ride. MUCH easier and smoother clutch lever pull and no more harsh changedowns with rear wheel chatter when getting a little 'eager'. If I had been considering a hydraulic clutch sytem before I'd installed the slipper, that question would be erased at that first ride. I've even turned my clutch lever into a shorty to match the brake lever because the pull is so easy.
  10. So fundamentally - good manners. They cost nothing and are yet worth so much. πŸ‘
  11. FWIW I did this on my 2015 with the seat in the low position and it seems to have worked out OK. I used a couple of scrap tube cutoffs (instead of washers)~4mm to raise the rear of the tank as described. Then, with the seat tray in the low position, I added washers on top of the spots where the rubber bumpers ride until the seat sat squarely and was snug again. I think it has opened up the gap between the tank and the front of the seat a little more but not enough to be of concern - to me at least. YMMV. I'm riding a little taller in the saddle - somewhere between the original low and high seat postion I'm thinking - but the seat itself feels 'more level'.
  12. Woops! Credited the quote to the wrong man! Should have been @roadrash83. Yet another side effect of the aging process! Now, what day is it today? Where did I leave my glasses.....?
  13. As per the above quote... get into some loose dirt or grass etc and try it. You'll know if they're working then and you don't even have to be going too fast for the test. I recently changed my brake lines to braided and bled the entire brake system and needed to check the ABS function afterwards and to ensure all air was removed. The above test was sufficient and repeatable for the front for me. Rear is easy to do on any surface.
  14. No I think you'll find that's Wheelagra. @2and3cylinders is talking about Welalias. Two different things but get the same/similar result...... or so I've been told as I haven't done a wheelie in quite a whileπŸ˜‰. Used to be able to do them all the time years ago. Sometimes even when I had no intention of doing one. Back then, getting the front up was effortless and I could keep it there for a very long time!