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  1. Before you give up just yet, wind noise can be introduced or effected by many things. Helmet fit/style - especially around the neck - i.e. wind getting up under and into the helmet (if a full face type), your height, earplugs (if any) you use and so on. There are plenty of third party screens that can be installed that will potentially fix or at least reduce your symptoms. Have a search through this forum on the subject. You're sure to find plenty of good advice. I certainly have over time. To address your specific question though - A 'fly screen' can help - with all other things being equal. From that I mean given my height and seat height adjusted for me plus a third party screen (GIVI 2122) it definately makes a difference. But the important take out of all this is that it works - For Me. One last point - don't forget that it is a motorcycle and you will get some noise no matter what. All part of the great experience that is motorcycling IMHO. πŸ™‚ Hope you find your answer.
  2. I've had the genuine Lightechs (bought second hand) on my 2015 Tracer for over 12months now and am very happy with them. Very easy and accurate to adjust in my experience with audible clicks. You asked about the axle nut fit. TBH, that was something that had me a little concerned at first because the locking 'fins' (not sure what the correct term is) of the nut just seem to engage on the thread of the end of the axle - see my photos below. Having said that, they do engage and I have had no issues. The wheel has been off for a new tyre and I've adjusted the chain on more than one occassion in the time that I've had them. Hope that helps.
  3. FWIW, I too favour the electronic 'fix' over the mechanical one. As you mentioned, it's always good to know your options and hence have choices that may come down to what the individual is more comfortable working with - electricity or grease πŸ™‚ As an aside, I have neither of these but did look into it a little while ago. I would opt for the Healtech if I were to go down the path as it is able to be calibrated accurately and adjusted at any time of your choosing if things should change, while the rings only get the speedo 'into the ballpark' of error correction. On top of that the price difference is bugger all so it's the electricity option that wins for me in this case. As always YMMV
  4. Wait a minute!...... You mean your wife encouraged you to spend more money on your bike!!! She's definately a keeper.πŸ‘
  5. This may be an alternative low tech solution to the Healtech option. ABS speedo correction rings. IIRC the Healtech is adjustable and designed to 'modify' the ABS pulse information to get a more accurate result. It requires some wiring however while the speedo ring alternative requires spanners only. EDIT: Price difference in this country is only ~$40AU.
  6. Done and done. Thanks for the responses. I'm off to do some, not so technical, trial and errors to find my sweet spot. πŸ‘
  7. Resurrecting this thread as it's getting cooler here in the Southern Hemisphere and I've had cause to dig out my "Winter" screen and deflector only to find that I've managed to lose one of the two locking plastic bits on an arm of the deflector. πŸ™„ An annoyance but no real problem as I've dusted off the 3D printer and copied the remaining one to get back to square one. And now I can lose as many as I like! Got me wondering again though about the correct setup of these things (i.e. the deflector). There seems to be plenty of ways that people use them to get a result but is there a proper/correct way to set them up with regard to the technical aspects of laminar flow and all that other techo related wind tunnel stuff? The closest 'answer' that I gather is that the deflector should be parallel and close to the main screen to provide a disruption of the airflow from over the top of the main screen and thus push the turbulence higher?? Does this sound about right to the more educated in these matters out there and/or is there more to this dark art wizardry? Or.... should I stop overthinking it and just experiment until it suits 'me'. 😏
  8. They can be a threat and can be unpredictable as well. They will hop across the open road if startled and sometimes as a mob. Doesn't help that they are well camouflaged against the Aussi bush and you sometimes pass them before you see them. My experience is that they are more of a threat when everything is dry and they tend to gather at the roadside for some green pickings and are then easily startled by traffic. I have a friend that had hit a roo on his Kawasaki Vulcan while passing a car! (That's him passing the car and not the rooπŸ˜‰) He managed, thankfully, to stay upright. Roos are bad enough but I reckon hitting a full-grown deer can't be much fun though!... for the deer or the rider.
  9. Did a ~400km ride today from home on the Sunny Coast down to a little place called Fernvale where I stopped for lunch before returning via a couple of camp grounds that I wanted to scope out for some future overnighting. Took all the back roads away from those nasty highways with their equally nasty traffic for maximum enjoyment - naturally. Plenty of twists, turns and scenery along the way. Great ride conditions and weather at this time of the year.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ The grounds were almost deserted save for a few of the locals who were having some down time of their own...... πŸ™‚
  10. IIRC the Galfer system is self contained. i.e. all the lines run from A-B and don't use any of the block interfaces that the OEM lines use. Much simpler installation all around. Ask me how I know!
  11. So, was the go pro mounted on a gimbal of some description? Looks really smooth. You've inspired me to get my go pros out for some action footage.
  12. dazzler24

    Helmet stink

    And finally, if all else fails to get rid of the smell, any smell, then there's this to consider....... 😜 Sorry, couldn't help myself.