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  1. I did a similar thing for the same reasons. I had mine in all sorts of spots until settling at that location. I believe it's the best spot for the least sun reflection as well.
  2. @koth442 - Just out of curiosity, did you lower the front to get a steeper geometry for quicker turn in? or....other reason?
  3. @jdavis - Have bitten the bullet (again!) and have a d2122s on the way from Italy. Thanks for your advice on this John. Cheers.
  4. @texscottyd & @keithu - I shouldn't be so cruel when work is the curse of the riding man but here's the current temperature in this part of the world.... Having said that, while it's 30C, the humidity for the past week or two has been up around 70-80% which doesn't make it particularly comfortable particularly when getting the ATGATT on before a ride - hence the airconditioned 24C preparation room 🙂 But you're right with your comment about if that temp was 65C...... so does that make us almost half dead at 30?! Feels like it sometimes with that added humidity load!
  5. My experience with a failing battery was that the bike, on occassions, would simply not engage the starter motor even though all other indicators would lead me to believe that the battery was fine. I can only assume in retrospect, and if someone knows for sure feel free to chime in, that when I'd hit the starter the battery voltage would dip below the threshold that the ECU says - "voltage too low, I'm not even going to let you try to start for your own protection". The battery must have been right on the 'edge' because as I already mentioned the bike would refuse to start but after a couple of attempts it would fire and probably put just enough back into the battery on the subsequent ride to keep it alive - just! Anyway, after I bit the bullet and installed a new battery the problem magically disappeared! Just a little FYI for those that may experience this in the future.
  6. @rustyshackles - Another good option! I actually have one of those infinitely adjustable (in length) cable locks that I thread through my jacket sleeves and the chin guard of my helmet currently and thread it all through the centre part of the handlebars to keep them both secure(ish). But just for those times where I choose to keep the jacket on but don't want the helmet in my hands or on my head, this type of simple lock seems to fit the bill nicely and is a quick solution for a quick nip into the store for example. Cheers.
  7. An old thread resurrected I know but...... I was in need of a convenient helmet lock that didn't involve the use of that bl**dy fiddley wire thingy under the passenger seat and I was going to go with one of these..... ........ but I have my K-Tech Razor R clicker attached in that location so I've got one of these (below) on the way instead. Same device/concept virtually but just attached at the handlebars rather than the side of the bike. (It replaces the clamp for the brake reservoir.) And from all of the talk about helmets being used as a toilet (WTF is wrong with some people?!!) I think that up on the handlebars is a better idea. Just wanted something that was quick and easy for those short duration, off the bike and out of site periods when you can't, or don't want to cart the helmet with you. Hope it does the job.
  8. @angusmcoz - Nice elegant and tidy solution! I like it. 👍
  9. @limpy88 - Not sure how this helps with getting on the bike but each to their own! I know it's an unintended typo but you had me choking on my coffee and blowing it through my nose at first read!! 🤣
  10. Here's a couple of other possible solutions that I've personally used - ebay purchases. 1. This one is rated at 4 Amps total (5V USB) 2. This one rated at 3 Amps total (5V USB)
  11. Short video I made in 2017 of a fun ride on a little section of road not far from where I live in Oz.
  12. @betoney - thanks. The worst part is I had actually read this thread some time ago and thought it all sounded familiar!! I've got no excuse! ... Except maybe I can blame it all on another Homer moment... 😜
  13. @olddawg; @betoney - Now don't I feel foolish!! How'd I miss that!? Sorry folks, I'm going back to my rocking chair and hot chocolate. ....And now that I've actually read the entire thread properly 🙄 I agree, great milage for very few issues. Good news all around for the rest of us who have these machines. 🙂
  14. @olddawg - That's some distance! Please tell us what, if any, issues of significance have you had over this time/distance with the machine? 200,000 miles would have to be a good test of a machine's durability in any one's language!