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  1. Found the items in question at last - thanks to all who set me straight ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. @betoney - Plastidip is averse to fuel/gasoline and will peel apparently so not the best choice for anything around the tank. I will have to be extra careful when refueling. All of my riding is for pleasure/recreation and I almost always fill up at home from jerry cans equipped with a sealed spout. I can take my time and use some rags around the top of the tank which is a practice that I've followed up to now anyway. If it doesn't work out and I decide the 'look' is a keeper I'll get it painted with the appropriate paint. I like your kitchen strainer idea! As you say novel and unique to your machine. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. @Dodgy Knees - I'm assuming this was meant for me so here's a before shot but after the K-Tech was installed. Pretty much a stock standard matt grey/charcoal machine. Cheers
  4. OK be gentle. I had a rush of blood (plus a six pack of beers) last week and got it into my (addled) mind that I should paint stuff! Have I done the right thing? It was only recently that I posted that I like the understated look and now this! It started with the addition of the K-Tech rear shock that happened to come with a red spring. Then I added the red stripe and suddenly I'm in love with RED. As Jim Cary would say....'Somebody stop me!' Feel free to heap A. praise and admiration or B. scorn and derision as you see fit. I'm still not sure if I've done the right thing to be honest, me being the conservative type that I am, BUT it is Plasti Dip so I can peel it right off if enough derision/scorn is heaped! And yes, if it's kept, I must be very careful with my fuel filling - a downside to Plasti Dip. Let the heaping begin!
  5. You're right! Might have to dust off my Oyster card to find the way. ๐Ÿค”
  6. I think this is what you're referring to? - On my 2015 bike the cable just pops out of the 'U' shaped housing which allows you access to the top nut. Have you released the actual cable from the clutch pull lever first? It's (more) difficult to get the cable sheath out of the housing if you haven't. Once it's out you can adjust away to your hearts content. You may have to fiddle with the top adjustment (at the handlebars) to get it tuned of course. Hope that helps?
  7. @jdavis - I haven't had a chance to follow up on this but are you saying that all four are in the same boot that I took the photo of? Because I see only two connectors as well as a connection that comes in and out of that boot. I think from my vague memory that there is in fact another boot hidden behind the screen/console area that has all four in it and is the one you're referring to? Great info though with that drawing so thanks. I'll get to chasing this up once this hideous heat abates and I can work for more than 5mins on the bike without giving it a bath with my dripping sweat! Cheers
  8. @koth442 - MIne is just a cheapie that I have tinkered with and modified to add some improvements. But to answer your question I bought mine from ALDI here in Aus as a 'Cocoon Create Touch' but like many others like it, it is a rebadged 'Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus'. It's come in handy for many projects around the home as well as a few decorative things for Mrs. Dazzler as well. Gotta be able to justify spending the cash after all ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Found a few more options for you to consider! The first one is you... there's that hint of blurple again! Fall back strategy: -
  10. Ha! Yes on both counts but with a bit of good old Aussie ingenuity you could always carry a fence paling and use that through the spokes when you needed to pull up. Might have to practice your 'stoppies' technique with that approach though.๐Ÿ˜ฒ
  11. Perfect wordy! How much she askin for it? It looks like it needs.. er... a little work... but that would keep you tinkering for a year or two! And it still has your favourite 'blurple' colour scheme!
  12. @chitown, @betoney, @captainscarlet, @HGP61 Thanks to all who replied. I'm wanting to connect up a dash cam via an aux type method. i.e. ignition on = dash cam on. I'll dig around in behind the screen for those connectors that you are all pointing me to. A dim light in the back of my mind has now recalled that connector๐Ÿ™„ - after your prompting ๐Ÿ‘ Cheers and thanks again.
  13. Sorry if this has been explained before but can someone please advise me if the two connectors as shown in the photo below are from the 2A fuses marked as AUX1 & AUX2 or other?? And also if so, are they switched power? TIA Grey and Black connectors in boot near R/H fork leg:-
  14. Bought a Renthal Street Naked bar (819-50) and as I don't use the hand guards and didn't want/need to tap the ends to take the 16mm insert, I designed and printed up a couple of simple bar end inserts that have a 6mm thread to accept my existing 'decorative' bar ends. They simply press into the inside of the bars as an interference fit (~14.4mm). Nice and firm without being too tight but allow me to tighten the 6mm screw without the whole thing turning inside the bar. If you have no need to tap the bars but still want to attach bar ends this might be something to consider. If anyone wants the file or a version of it (e.g. different thread type/size) I can send it to you for you to print if you have, or know someone with a 3D printer. Designed: - Rendered for printing: - Printed:- Bar End (6mm):- Installed: -
  15. This is the location on my 2015 version. I assume yours will be the same?