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  1. I had the N87 and enjoyed it but upgraded to the modular N100.5 6 months ago. Have done 20k km in it and love it. The thicker cheek padding, the vastly improved chin wind deflector and especially the draw string neck roll which keeps both the cold and the wind noise out.. without earplugs it’s quiet unless you are riding with the visor up at around 90-100km/h where it has a slight whistle sound. I choose to ride with Alpine Motosafe ear plugs almost all of the time. They allow all the important sounds in and just cut the dB irritating sounds. The Nolan N-Com System transferred easily over from the N87 (made by Sena I believe) and it’s low profile controller tucks into a removable blanking panel so there it doesn’t stick out awkwardly like so many others I see. The helmet itself has been super comfortable on multi day (3-4 days) of 500-600km/day rides and the ability to easily open the chin guard/face and flip up with one hand on the go allows fresh air to flow.... I’m sure the Shoei Neotec II is also a great helmet and perhaps the pinnacle for many riders, however at 40%-50% more expensive, the Nolan reaffirms itself as outstanding on all measures.
  2. Wordsmith I went to a local dealer (Bikebiz Parramatta) about a week ago and nothing on display, knew little about the new 900 or GT, didn't know if or when they might get one....very little interest. The talk turned to the Niken and it was non stop gushing of information.
  3. This morning I duly drove 66km to Ipswich (and 66km back) and incurred at least $15 in motorway tolls, only to find that the dealer did NOT have the Tracer GT in stock, contrary to what I was told when I phoned them to enquire yesterday. What they had was a Gen 1 Tracer, non-GT. Livid is not a strong enough word!Nice writeup on the new Tracers in the new edition of Australian Motorcyclist Magazine this month @wordsmith. Not sure if its on the stands yet but my sub arrived end of last week...Official launch event was in Queenstown NZ.
  4. Perfect Spring ride and needed to get a good ride in as my daily 50min am and pm commute on it drives me stir crazy. Headed up the up Pacific Hwy then on to Newcastle....met up with my brother for a few hours of breakfast and talking bikes and planning our "someday-oneday" ride to Tassie. Then on to Cessnock, then Wollombi for a quick Goldie (just 1), then St Albans, Petes Ridge and back via old Pac Hwy. 31,000kms on the dash now and love it just as much as day 1....maybe more.
  5. Thanks wordsmith and yep I did see the lids at the time but failed to mention at the time....obviously they’re the same as my current 15 model Tracer (Lava Red).....but the glossy black I’ve seen every other time the GT is shown is a far better level of finish and would have stepped up the quality perceptions. I’ll be checking Bikesales app regularly to see who’ll be the first to go out with a ride away price. Still immensely satisfied with mine....though the thought of the cruise control, heated grips, one-hand adjustable screen, better seating, slipper clutch........ hmmm tempting. I still would want one in the same Lava Red... just love it....
  6. @wordsmith Yam Aus now has both new models listed on the website. GT and Tracer 900. No signs of pricing on bikesales etc...
  7. I'd been thinking/dreaming about it for a couple of years....then a work trip to Milan for a trade show came up. I took leave and added it onto the end. I researched online and spoke to some guys I was doing a ride with around the Aussie Snowy Mountains (such as they are). BIKE HIRE. It came down to either CIMT or HPMotorad both based in Milan. Both are very good...however I went with HPMotorad and was really pleased with the experience. The Multistrada 950 only had 4 kilometers on it... was fitted out with hard side cases and top box. You can take an unlimited km price or base plus €0.25/km. I went the per km charge and while it quickly added up it was still the better of the options. If you do the math you need to do about 300km a day every day to be better off on the unlimited plan. Its not cheap though at around €150/day +/-. By comparison I also rented a little Lancia Ypsilon car for a week from Centauro near Malpensa airport and it was €21 for the WEEK. Yep not per day. Go figure. You can rent all riding gear if you want. I took all my own jacket, pants, Jean's, gloves, boots and just rented a modular helmet. You have the option of adding on an intercom but it all starts to add up. ACCOMMODATION. I booked an apartment for a week on Air BnB in the small town NJ of Mandello Del Lario on the far east side of the right hand leg of Lake Como. Partly because it was outstanding value for money and still only an hour into Milan by motorway or by train...and also because it is the home of Moto Guzzi and Agostini. You can self cater...pick up supplies at the local grocery store etc. So it is totally practical to base yourself in one location while you do the lakes and beyond. ROUTE PLANNING. I pretty much used Google maps. If you download the offline map of the region before you go or via WiFi in the apartment etc you get navigation easily with little data usage. My Australian telco offers an international roaming plan that is affordable at $10/day and includes data. I took also took my own Givi phone holder and mounted it so had navigation all sorted. The lakes themselves are a comfortable days ride each. While the km around might not look much on Google maps, remember that the speed limit around the lakes it mostly 50 km/h dropping to 30 km/h in the little villages. Sounds incredibly slow but the road through many villages is cobblestone and narrows down to a single lane with a light control to stop traffic in one direction while the other goes, plus the buildings are zero setback from the edge of the road...mix in pedestrians and 30 km/h sometimes seems too fast. Occasionally out of the towns the limit lifts to 70 km/h. I did Como in a clock-wise direction one day. Maggiore the next. Como again anti-clockwise for another perspective. Stumbled across some brilliant twisties ascending to an observatory....just brilliant. Another day trip from base...Went to Bormio to the bottom of the Stelvio Pass (highly rated by Top Gear) but also it was still closed for winter for another 4 days...so much for timing. I went Mid April. Another nice day trip was to head North up over the Italian/Swiss border up to St. Moritz. Simply stunning scenery and like a post card. The roads were dry and nice free at this stage but Snow banks left and right and the lake was still frozen over but signs of starting to melt. It may seem ho-hum to our FJ09er friends elsewhere in the world but for an Aussie boy who's never been skiing or spent any time near snow (Aus. snow hardly rates anyway) I had to constantly lift my jaw back onto place off the ground. If you want to travel further and go across country then both these bike hire companies have one way rental options via the major points...Venice, Florence, Rome etc. Hope you're inspired...it is achievable without spending a fortune. I'm sure the experience and comradry on a big organized tour would be fine (Edelweiss Tours is one I've considered) but it comes at a cost and also the price of less flexibility. I've sold the Mrs on going with me next April. FINAL TIP. I got onto the Italain Ebay and also Rocco from webmoto.it and bought some gear for the Tracer. Givi bars, Top Box, mounting plate etc and had them delivered to my Hotel...free delivery within Italy. Much cheaper than locally purchasing and could just squeeze all into my checked baggage allowance home.
  8. SydneySider here Wordsmith. I've wondered the same. Seen maybe 3 others in 28k km of riding on mine. I've similarly been checking YMA website to see if there's any sign of the GT but coming up crickets.... I have the lava red and love it. In fact, was down at Manly beach Sunday with Mrs. for our regular breaky together and as we walked back to the bike...the angle of the sun glistened in the red bodywork and I fell in love with it all over again. I was fortunate enough to ride a 950 Multistrada around Lake Como and Lake Maggiore north of Milan back in April and over just 3 days saw DOZENS of Tracers.
  9. Interesting Review Chris / Daboo. Except for the mention of the Sena ... it appears to be worse for word the same detailed review as Diana Rypkema on Amazon who also had a blue car race up behind and cur in front of her. What's the connection?
  10. I installed FJR1300 Foot Pegs. Ebay $12 Aussie delivered ($8.88 USD). I think I got the inspiration from this thread or elsewhere on the forum. Thanks goes out to whoever it was for sharing. Simple to install....remove the OEM split pin and remove and replace pegs. They are quite a bit longer and a bit wider but not ridiculously so. Plus with the rubber top, hopefully will grip my boot a little better in wet riding...have had a few slip off the peg moments. Especially hope they just reduce a little bit of vibration that has just started to creep in in the past few thousand km's ( just done 27k km). I reused the OEM centre pin, split pin and spring as they all looked much more substantial than the new ones. Noticed when I went to remove the original right side peg, there was no stem (grind away... not sure of the proper name). Was it only ever just on the left (if so why?). Had it simply come off? Is it there on other 2015 MT-09 TRACER's (FJ-09)? Interested to hear others setup....
  11. I’ve been using Alpine Motosafe Tour version earplugs and find them great. I commute an hour each way morning and night from a crawl to highway speed. I had been struggling with hearing recovering once I got to work and these make it a lot better. Silence is not golden. To Panther’s point you still need to hear what you need to hear to stay safe. These just cut down the ‘white noise’ from the wind but importantly still allow the sounds of what you need to hear.... due to the characteristics of the frequencies of different sounds.
  12. #1 upgrade for me was a Denali Sound Bomb. 120db....loud as... It's covered well in another thread which gave me the inspiration and also the tips for installation. I have cause to use it daily and it's extremely effective.