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  1. I put 4.6 gallons in on a refill once. Figured that was as close to being empty as I ever want to get again. Mainjet
  2. I tried it It worked free shipping and no tax figure the two would have been about $50 Thanks Mainjet
  3. I'm using Bilt boots sold by Cycle gear. Sizing is -1 or more to my foot size. After 3 years the left boot's leather is cracking in at least three places below the ankle. its showing the leather is about paper thin on the outside layer. If it was ever water resistant - its not anymore.
  4. Minimum preload on rear Maximum preload on fork
  5. 74. Live in the mountains in Colorado. Bought in May. 6500 current mileage. Considered V-Strom and 1000 Versys Kawi. Lighter/smaller works better for me at this age. Mainjet
  6. The handlebar/riser recall was already accomplished on my bike before my dealer took delivery. My bike is new leftover 2015 bought last month. The upgrade left the wiring looped on the rider side of the risers and the bars mounted in the forward mounted position. Clearance for the wiring seems to be OK as-is. I may reverse the risers to move the bars back and then loop the wiring ahead of the risers.
  7. Mine skipped the TBS too. Just oil. And loosened up the chain. To tight, runs smoother now. Now with 1600 miles on it runs crazy good. Mainjet
  8. My recently purchased 2015 seems to run hot too. 223f is highest I've seen. I live at 8400ft elevation so most of my riding is at altitude. Makes me think I'll try some synth oil when I change next.
  9. Just got my new leftover 2015 FJ back from the dealer on the 600 mi oil change/checkup. They loosened up the drive chain slack because they said it wast to tight. Most of the buzz in the handlebar grips and footpegs is gone now.