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  1. fj-09.org/thread/6064/new-terry-adcox-seat
  2. One thing you might consider is Terry uses you hight weight and seating position to do your seat. That alone makes it an awesome seat. Trust Terry you will be glad you did. HTH JD
  3. I don't notice any problems with the seat what so ever. It's the most comfortable seat I have ever had.....
  4. I really like my seat, I have about 4000 Mi on it and it is the best for me.
  5. Have you had time to put some miles on your new Terry Adcox seat? If so what are your thoughts.
  6. I know you will be glad you went with Terry Adcox seat. And for $275 dollars including shipping, you can"t be the $$$$ www.terryscustomseats.com
  7. You two are doing an awesome job at staying so close to your original schedule.... Hats off to you all.
  8. WD 40. I am just saying. Been there and done that.
  9. When you get into Alaska keep an eye out for frost heaves. They are Alaska speed bumps and they can break things. They might not be too much of a problem in this day and time but in 1979 they were and the Alcan was dirt and gravel. you might want to get you a flat fixing kit and a can of WD40 to spray down the bikes when you get to the dirty parts, or you will have lots of Alaska mud for a souvenir. Good Luck. JD
  10. I have a ? why do you want to take a trip of a lifetime so fast? Are you kin to Chevy Chase? Are you going to wearing Depends? I am just saying. Gary Eagan Races Against Time and the Elements From Alaska to Key West. Gary slept for three hours. His bike repaired, Eagan then headed southeast, straight for Key West, Florida, arriving Monday evening, June 21st – four days and five hours later breaking the existing record by an amazing 13 hours. There you go something to shoot for on the way back.
  11. I vote yes. No junk with the Madstad.