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  1. Ah. There's a diagram in the shop manual but think I just snapped a pic with my phone before starting.
  2. Good tip. Or label them before starting. The Galfers came with labels at each end.
  3. Yamaha doesn't publish by-model sales breakdowns, at least not for US street bikes that I've ever seen. We will usually get about as far as 500cc+ street etc. I'd prefer to stay at the current price point and let me do suspension. I don't have a GT but the brakes on the 15 FJ are plenty good imo. For reference, I'm in the fast group in SoCal track days. '20 will be the last model year for the FJR. There's a send off commemorative edition with gold wheels etc. Probably less about sales than the '21 Euro5 requirements. Expect to see some models from all mfgs that have had long production runs go away or changed significantly.
  4. No specific knowledge of the Colorado but I'm a bit more careful with gates compared to previous generations of pickups given the constant migration away from steel to lightweight construction materials. At 1/2 Tracer weight it's not too concerning but If you can't angle it to get the rear off the gate consider a plywood sheet to distribute. While my bed isn't that short I use plywood with one or two chocks attached for hauling.
  5. + smaller tank and heavier. Seems to be copying their larger XR. Thought my 2015 FJ-09 copied others that existed prior. But if I cared what they looked like would probably only own uncomfortable Ducatis. This thread got to brands quickly. I'm above all that. I hate those that are intolerant of other brand owners and Range Rover drivers. In the US give waves if my workload is low but feel weird when it turns out to be a scooter and then I try and snatch it back and pretend it never happened. Don't think much about others not waving. They may have bogeys to pay attention to. And dear lord if they're riding some cruiser configuration I don't want to be the motive for removing a hand from the bar for a nanosecond.
  6. Electric leaf blower does the job for me.
  7. Er no. But my brake has no cable. Don't forget to lube your clutch and throttle cables regularly a task many of us remain blissfully unaware of. I replaced my original clutch cable with an R1 cable as described in other threads on this site.
  8. What's the maintenance interval? Don't most require rebuilding regularly? Definitely check on cost and availability of a rebuild kit etc. Seems like it might increase weight and complexity but that's only a guess. One reason I might consider such an upgrade might be say an arthritic wrist and this provided an easier pull etc.
  9. Don't have to find a local shop. Have received lots of free advice speaking to shops on the phone. My first couple of upgrades were done by shipping forks and sometimes shock to other parts of the country. Just had to be able to remove and reinstall forks and shock. Over time I learned to service forks myself so no more boxing and shipping but I still call these shops for advice and parts. It adds to the price of course but suspension imo is the top bang for buck upgrade regardless of type or pace of riding.
  10. If it was labeled "engine stop switch" would you use it?
  11. chitown


    Normally ride without the peak on the AT-950 but did try it up to about 80mph... fluttered a bit but not annoyingly so. Bear in mind that the FJ-09's turbulence varies based on several factors (windscreen, handguards, rider etc) so YMMV.
  12. chitown


    That's the one. They've been on sale at several US vendors.
  13. chitown


    Currently using a Scorpion AT-950. It's modular but that wasn't important to me but is interesting to try. It's not Snell rated but that's not important to me either since I consider Snell ratings to be about money and marketing and not safer helmets. It has an inner sun visor which is important to me. Also has an extra large viewport which is turning out to be one of my favorite features. Wanted to try pinlock and it's available as an option. Worked well in a couple downpours last month. Scorpions offer great value for money. Before this I wore a Scorpion EXO-500 for many years. Before that various Shoeis and Arais.
  14. I'm sure all of this will result in soul-searching and positive behavior modification. And, I want a pony.