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  1. Then you don't need to add oil. Carry on.
  2. Damage, no. Annoying light yes But it's trivial to get it right without the weird obsessing in oil threads like this one and other Yamaha model boards. Ride more worry less.
  3. All of my Yamahas with level sensors have liked to be filled till there's just a bit uncovered in the sight glass. There's never been enough of a difference on center/ground for me to have an under or over filling problem so I use the center. Keeps it simple. Do all my own maintenance and none of my post-2000 Yamahas have ever consumed oil but when I ride behind very high mileage examples that do it's pretty easy to detect where some of it is going via the proboscis.
  4. QFT. As the weather turns can often find folks selling off bikes and equipment. Regional classifieds on some of the larger racing/track oriented forums led me to awesome local deals on PB stands. I don't like the style of pin they sell for the FJ-09 triple tree lift but it's not strictly necessary.
  5. I always end up going naked or barn door on my bikes. No problem with a constant blast or a calm that will let me smoke a cigarette, just can't stand turbulence. No in-between. Put the Puig touring screen on my FJ-09 in 2015. Don't really care about how it looks as I don't buy them to look at them As to whether it's better to get more air for cooling in higher temps... yes but in a range. Same as mesh gear. Once ambient > body temp you just dehydrate faster and feel like you're in front of a furnace blower such as the multiple days of 109F riding through Vegas and AZ/UT this past July (that's 42+ taps aff weather for some of ya). So for me it's barn door all the time even in the southwest US. When I took a rental Versys on the NC500 in August two years back missed my barn door. Ymmv.
  6. Was going to say it lays on its "back" but it's all perspective when a battery supports multiple orientations depending on application
  7. As to figuring out what's compatible I'm not 100% but would probably start by comparing part numbers from the online parts fiches of the respective bikes. The rim part numbers probably won't match but if things like axles, spacers, and other items nearby it's at least worth more digging.
  8. I remount the partially used tires when the trip tires are eventually done. Less room and weight to store than a full set of rims. Have had spare rim sets for street+track as I use dot race tires on track and though legal on the street not a great idea. For the DRZSM had knobbies on 21/18 set plus the 17s with street rubber. Spare set just for a street ride would be a new one for me but why not? Would probably just keep an eye on ebay salvage yard sales. Edit: I change my own tires so if it's the trip to the shop that's the issue would look into doing my own changes before spare rims. The money saved on installs and rims is not insignificant if you go through a lot of tires.
  9. Many miles of dirt, mud, gravel all on a Power front and Road rear. Just have to remember it's a sport bike with the same amount of clearance as an FJR and similar and requires similar caution off the pavement.
  10. Mine heat while idling, just to not the same level they do once under load/higher rpm. EG at 60F ambient, grips on L3, L3 set to 10 in the settings, my left grip will be mid-80s when measuring with an IR laser thermometer in the 3-5 minutes it idles before putting on gloves.
  11. Yes. But not for phone charging as the usb to Powerlet adapters aren't inexpensive. Would probably just install a dedicated usb port if used often. Currently have one of each style of socket plus a 2 pin SAE type.
  12. What I've found more effective (well, I use Powerlet now) when a cig adapter won't stay put is to run a very small gauge piece of coated wire behind the prongs (the side pieces that need to make contact with the receptacle's surface). The wire serves as the shim referenced above while making certain there's still electrical contact. You can do the same with an oring but would require that you carefully pop the prongs loose to install it.
  13. Nice. We flew to Belfast, hired bikes from Philip McCallen, took in the UlsterGP, then the ferry to Cairnryan and a clockwise trip. Also a couple days in the Orkneys. Good times.
  14. Did most of the North Coast 500 in '18 and it was a great time and a real exercise of the rain kit. This summer it's going be the Pyrenees.