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  1. That's a bummer. Mine has similar amount of total mileage but I'm rarely above 160 kph on the road... can see it would get pretty stressed at 200 kph. Would probably look for something thicker at those speeds.
  2. No but they do make it easier to load and make carrying things to room/tent easier since you don't have the weight of the hard cases to lug around. They reduce capacity a bit because they take up space and IME can lead to over-packing because they expand when over-stuffed. But if you're not that type they may make sense for you. I actually don't need everything out of my cases at most stops (eg tools should be stored at the bottom of side cases for better center of gravity and they don't need to come out at evening stops). Went with another option -- ripstop nylon bags (Aerostich LP Bags in my case). EG I typically have 2-3 of these bags in each case and only need to take one or two off the bike in the evening.
  3. Great value in used FJs right now. I'd have to upgrade suspension on any of the choices. I don't run side bags, cruise isn't a deal breaker for me, heated grips integrated with the dash can be done for 50ish bucks. Going by comments here they all need shields and seats (tho I like my stock FJ seat). There just aren't any must haves for me in the upgrade to a newer model GT or otherwise. So I'd be shopping for a used FJ with some of those upgrades already done. EG I see a '15 FJ advertised over on the fz1oa. Asking $6500, only 4000 miles, MC Cruise, Sargeant seat, vstream, Shad tail trunk. Relatively cheap airfare to fly and buy destination in middle of country (Iowa) before end of riding season. Upgrade suspension. Let someone else eat the cost of depreciation and as many upgrades as possible Ymmv.
  4. I do. But my emphasis is the sport in sport touring and seek out technical stuff. If I get on an interstate during a trip I've failed. Twisty Butt > Iron Butt Tracer handling is ok with suspension upgrades. But I immediately notice any addition of sprung weight or anything that adds surface area -- in part because of the light weight compared to other bikes. When loaded fuel and rider are carried higher than most street bikes I've ST'd such as RF900, FZ1, FJR. And, higher than other "adv look" bikes like the Versys. All of those bikes handle better. But that's not to say the Tracer is bad, it just could be better. And that's more an issue with geometry than CoG alone. Ymmv.
  5. Have seen this before online with do it all motorcycles. Current owners that actively post on forums want more touring oriented features. Manufacturers are more concerned about drawing new riders and don't see value in making the bikes more narrow in purpose when they already have touring oriented models. IMO more bodywork and larger tank on a bike that already has poor aeros and high CoG probably wouldn't improve the experience. Vibe issues are very rider dependent. Good thing is with a chain drive owners change sprockets to what suits them. Fancy displays are nice but don't factor into my purchase decision
  6. Given the cycle of releases lately I'd guess if anything it might be BNG! (Bold New Graphics!).
  7. As said above it's in the manual. Green and orange. Keep reading
  8. How did your rotor get bent? Could that have also bent other items? Rim etc? Warped (bent) rotors IME have only ever made me notice under braking -- but my experience is limited and that could vary by how badly it's warped. While there may be other issues/causes seems like getting that squared away first is logical. Not sure I could find a Yamaha dealer that would (or that I'd want to) try to diagnose an issue that only happens at 90 mph
  9. Although 49 can be nice in many stretches it can also be trafficky. One option for the above route is to do Quincy-La Porte as an in-and-out from 70 down to Little Grass Valley and back. Maximizes the technical stuff and minimizes traffic. I also usually throw in Gold Lake Hwy. Los Dos Hermanos in Sierraville is a nice lunch stop.
  10. Sweet, I'll be up there with a group of friends soon so we've timed up it well
  11. You don't say how much you're exceeding it by. Up to a point spring upgrades alone can be the remedy. At a certain point the other internals may need to be upgraded as well. I recommend calling a suspension shop. Be prepared to give them the weight of rider and passenger in gear and any cargo. They should be able to explain your options.
  12. I've watched rangers in multiple parks target any motorcycle other than cruisers. Stalking them for miles and writing speeding tickets with zero tolerance. I avoid them.
  13. The GT fiche indicates it uses 93900-00030-00, Valve, Rim (Tr412) TAIHEIYO, the same part number as all my Yamahas since 2000, and it's 11.3mm -- the most common size for Japanese street bikes. 8.3mm are also sold by most moto suppliers and is generally for European, after market, a few older Japanese bikes, etc. Cruisers and BMWs are sometimes special unto themselves. This guide at KurveyGirl also covers the broad strokes: kurveygirl.com - Dzus, Vesrah, Brembo, Spring Clips and More - *** 83 Degree Valve Stem Selection Guide ***
  14. Haven't heat gunned one yet but loaned one out to a buddy doing forks and the forks assembly page came back with more fork oil stains than legible diagrams or text. DIY spring compressor accident