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  1. Like that idea but might use black Sugru in place of the hook.
  2. Never found it difficult. Poke the rubber doohickey up from the bottom by reaching under the rear seat brace with one hand and grabbing from above with the other.
  3. A ball gag should reduce tranny whine With my normal hearing protection there's nothing so loud as to annoy or cause me any mechanical concern. The clutch basket noise when there's Jersey barrier/k rail/wall immediately to my left is more noticeable than the normal sounds of the bike at cruise.
  4. Yes, installed (Galfers) myself. Have done brake lines on several bikes. Didn't really think anything was horrible about it. ABS adds time and effort to the job, more to remove and put back, fiddling with routing etc. Otherwise not much different from any other brake line replacement. Might want to plan to do it in conjunction with other maintenance. IIRC the included instructions were b&w but on the Galfers site the pdf includes color photos of routing on the FJ-09. As always refreshments, shop manual, patience are helpful. Usually experience better feel after doing lines but it's subjective. Would still be worth it if not since once the rubber lines are out shouldn't have to do it again
  5. My '15's brakes weren't spectacular out of the showroom. A bleed helped, as it has on every new and new to me bike I've owned. When it came time to replace the stock brake lines went stainless, as always, mostly because it's a lifetime replacement. At the same time I added Vesrah ZD-248CT pads from Julie aka kurveygirl. The brakes perform quite well now.
  6. Modern tires are fabulous in the rain. Love a good rain ride. Have always used Sidi or TCX goretex boots year round. Gloves, have kept dry hands using: plain old gloves plus triple digit rain covers, Held goretex gloves, and a couple of the double gauntlet gloves such as the Scorpion Tempest. Suit: Used to do the over suit. Eventually went Motoport two piece mesh kevlar with zip in liners. Toured the factory and had mine custom made. Since most of my riding is in good weather I live with the inconvenience of having to make the decision to put the rain liners in before I ride or stop and remove to insert liners. But, when they're in they keep me dry. The collar on the motoport was crap so used a wicking neck covering. Also have a Teknic Goretex jacket that motorcyclegear.com sold on closeout for $65. It's a big heavy 3/4 jacket with an additional insulation liner. Terrible venting but great at keeping warm and dry. Just can't stand to use it if there's a chance temps will rise. Last year knew my big summer trip would have a ton of rain but not super cold. And the Motoport is getting pretty old. Decided to try a FirstGear Kilimanjaro 37.5. This is one of the outer-shell-only-provide-your-own-layering style. Laminate waterproof breathable shell. Good venting and adjustability of armor placement is really nice and imo necessary for an off the shelf product. Tons of features. Did the job, kept me dry. It has an included under helmet hood but didn't need to use it.
  7. Have been tempted to have those powder coated black since day one. This might be an excuse to get er done.
  8. Someone mentioned cig adapter... isn't the panel stuff wired and fused for 2A? Most compressors I've checked need more. One of my bikes has a fancy one from 'Stich, the other has the cheapest thing available at Walmart with the clamshell stripped off and added clamps for running off battery. Hang it off the bike while running so it can jump and get hot all it wants. Both work and have been used many times after plugging with sticky strings. I like remote goat trails
  9. Doubt I'll buy a GT but in that situation I'd at least try to hold out a year and pick up a used GT. Eating depreciation twice on these would pay for another bike
  10. I'm pretty frugal but levers I don't skimp on and usually use CRG. Inexpensive ebay/amazon levers I've seen from China have had serious design flaws and tolerance issues. This video does a pretty good job highlighting the issues
  11. Paying for a carb sync that wasn't actually performed is when I began doing all my own maintenance.
  12. Pretty much how I've always done it tho I'll use a grab handle when available.
  13. Turn the music up to 11 Have you tried removing the windscreen completely? Different helmet/closing or taping over vents/openings? Quiet cockpit is relative I suppose. The FJ-09 is a pretty noisy bike with various whines and mechanical noises but not much worse than others for me with regard to wind noise.
  14. If the links are binding there's a problem. Otherwise unconcerned. WD40 is a weak solvent and I use it to wipe down my chain. It will bloat orings and xrings... if you let them soak for a time period that ridiculously exceeds the amount of WD40 that will ever be used on a motorcycle chain. It won't prematurely damage them. There are lengthy threads on advrider subjecting them to all sorts of torture in a reasonably scientific way. It also leaves a lightly tacky film. That's the opinion from a person that has gone through numerous chains using all sorts of lubes over the years and now... doesn't lube at all. And, not lubing doesn't mean not inspecting regularly. YMMV.