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    Still prefer a dedicated satnav. My phones have usually been more expensive, less hardened against the elements and vibration, and a more critical item to protect while far from home. Like to keep it on my person, on the off chance I'm separated from the bike, can reach it and use it. Redundancy should one device fail. While there are plenty of things I don't like about Garmin and their software still dig their hardware. Lasted through years of goat trail pounding, drops, and exposure. First Zumo still works at 13 years old but have replaced the digitizer with one from ebay and it no longer gets map updates. Still useful and pretty good $/year of service. Picked up a 660LM back when Garmin end-of-lifed it at a healthy discount.
  2. Umm, they slid. A lot. Once or twice at the same time. But didn't drop it. Tires, luck, skill, good company, some of each? They did great other than a few sections where it was total pucker. When sections with calcium chloride get wet they go from sort of a mud skating rink to mud/clay. One nasty construction zone of gravel so large that you could cruise over on the throttle... but then the pilot vehicle stops three times for turning haulers. Large uneven surfaces. Bike sinks/shifts, feet go out, they each sink/shift. Vstrom goes down. Looking in my mirror thinking there's no way I can safely get off and help. Maybe the guy in the car behind him will help? Nope. Drove around him lol. Rider eventually got going again. Good times
  3. You probably will make it but I might go with 3 gallons on the FJ-09. For reference the FJR had a pretty reliable 220 miles before warning light, and my friends Super Tenere was similar. We grabbed cans in Fairbanks. We didn't camp, and had the same motel in Fairbanks going and coming so left some of our gear there for the run up the Dalton. Filled the cans in Coldfoot and didn't need them on the way north but were both on the warning light. Heading south the ST ran out of fuel 10-15 miles short of Coldfoot.
  4. As for crushed marbles, the roads were rough on my tires and we did the most direct route Alcan, Dalton, etc. Ran PR4s on an FJR the entire trip as mentioned in your other thread, including the Dalton. They'd likely have made it there and back but ended up getting new tires when I got back to Washington anyway as the rear developed a leak I couldn't find with my small bottle of soap and looked like it had been beaten with barbed wire.
  5. Adjust vs buy isn't something I've asked myself with a chain. While I might replace early if a long trip is scheduled usually just go by regular checks done while cleaning. There are some basic inspection procedures in most service manuals and online articles that cover checking chain and sprockets thoroughly. At each chain maintenance day I'll follow them - checking all links for smooth operation, visual signs of oring or pin failure, pulling the chain away from the sprocket, checking sprocket teeth, etc. After the first slack adjustment following putting a load on a brand new chain mine usually don't need two adjustments within several thousand miles. Once that happens an order is made for a replacement to have on hand and inspections become even more careful. Chain metal (plates) doesn't deform enough for us to be concerned it's all the other more forgiving pieces that take the wear that will require slack adjustment and once one starts to go slack adjustments will increase and it's a matter of time. Yay! Oil questions! Least expensive in recommended viscosity that doesn't say Energy Conserving || (no good for wet clutches) in the donut label on the bottle. Expensive pic of motorcycle on label optional. Spark plugs don't seem to need replacing as often as Yamaha suggests. Due to limited access started doubling the interval on previous Yamahas with no detectable issues. One of those items that will get done "when I"m in the neighborhood" regardless of exact mileage.
  6. Yep, that's best of all as long as you don't mind spending a few bucks. I'd probably own one by now but plugs seem to last forever for me on modern vehicles. The motorcycles I've changed plugs on have used bare thread terminals, no caps. Now you don't have to MacGruber it. MacGruber -- like MacGyver but drunk!
  7. Just looking around the garage and if my spark plug wrench didn't have a grommet that worked... for removal once loose with the socket, fish out with magnetic pick up tool. The threaded tip of the plug is magnetic. For installing, a piece of scrap vacuum line I had here that appears to be ID 5/16 would work to get it started, finish with the socket.
  8. I have probably three 5/8" spark plug sockets laying around the garage that came with various tool sets. They have a rubber grommet that grips the ribbed body of the plug, not the very tip that it sounds like you're referring to. No problem changing plugs on bikes at the end of many extensions over the years
  9. Wasn't sure if it was a defense or to forestall liability but that's why I'm surprised when someone says a new vehicle is dead on. From Cycle World: Why is My Motorcycle Speedometer Wrong? | Ask the Geek WWW.CYCLEWORLD.COM Motorcycle speedometers aren't always accurate and sometimes need proper calibration. Here's why they aren't always accurate, and how you can correct them.
  10. For many, "because I can" or "I like to tinker" is enough. Have had several bikes I didn't flash. But this sort of post reminds me of posts that can't understand why for many of us suspension is one of the first mods. But I don't ride hard, I'm not a Ricky Racer, I only commute,... If you haven't researched it or experienced it you might not realize there are benefits that are less obvious. Flashed my FJ-09 to spite The Man that tried to put a speed limiter on my motorcycle! What we got to say (yeah)Power to the people no delayMake everybody seeIn order to fight the powers that be J/k it was mostly because I could and periodically tinkering with the bike tamps my urges to buy a different bike every few years. These days I don't throw money at fueling chasing power. Not that there's anything wrong with that, do what ya feel, but skipping a burger and beer is cheaper and more effective for most".
  11. texscottyd's solution is pretty common, sometimes you can find coupling nuts that make decent substitutes at a local hardware store, but a decent hex socket set is worth the investment once you start putting wrenches to bikes.
  12. chitown

    Loon Lake

    Have done MRR a few times, at least once all the way thru connecting to WWS but it's been a few years. Buddy was leading us away from FM with a map. At some point he stops, shakes his head, and asks me if my gps will get us to Georgetown. There was pavement all the way at the time.
  13. This. If I'm going to the trouble to yank the wheel I want to check brake pad wear and clean any crap from the sensors. The rear sensor in particular is pretty easy to hit with hard parts in ways road debris won't. Ymmv.
  14. Thank goodness Kawasaki hasn't got the news that the 600s are dead. That new 636 kicks serious butt and they lowered the price. I lust after one. The more practical side of me would probably wait for the new Gixxer 750 to come out then snatch up a used one for a lower price. The slow bike thing is fun and instructive. My SV650 with Gixxer front end was a ton of fun on the track, super inexpensive, cheap to operate, and taught me a lot.
  15. I'm guessing K is 2019, C is California model. They are both Bs as that's the only US color. Here are the fiches listed for a US Yamaha parts reseller. TRACER 900 GT (MTT9GTKB) TRACER 900 GT (MTT9GTKCB) CA If we look at the 2015 FJ-09 US fiche listing it will help show the pattern FJ09 (FJ09FCGY) CA FJ09 (FJ09FCR) CA FJ09 (FJ09FGY) FJ09 (FJ09FR) Since the early 80s VINs have a designated place for model year. F was 2015, K is 2019 and that matches what we see above. You can find the full listing on vin decoding sites. In the case of the FJ-09 there were red and gray, for R or GY. The CA models have the extra C. Haven't scrutinized the FJ but on prior year Yamahas the Cali vs 49 state was a matter of a charcoal canister, extra vent nipple on fuel tank, extra vent hose for those items, and a sticker. They weigh a little bit extra with those additions so you'll usually see the difference called out in places Yamaha specifies the weight.