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  1. I agree with your assessment. However, I'm puzzled by the following This fuelly page has 72 bikes that almost all get better mileage than mine. Given how fast this bike is, I can't imagine that all 72 of those owners don't take advantage of the power this baby has now and then. Yamaha FJ-09 MPG - Actual MPG from 72 Yamaha FJ-09 owners The most accurate Yamaha FJ-09 MPG estimates based on real world... I read a post where an owner was talking about mileage in the 40s somewhere and that he also had his ECU flashed to always start in A mode! That also doesn't sound like someone who takes things easy when cruising around.
  2. Skip, I always fill to just above the metal plate. Always on the side-stand though.
  3. I got my ECU out and I'm sending it to 2WDW. Travis thinks a new flash will improve my mileage. Since I have the bike apart, I also ordered a CarbTune Pro and I'm going to sync my throttle bodies. I found some oil inside the airbox. Here's a picture. Is this normal or indicative of a problem?
  4. I think I remember that the shop said the tune was for a FZ-09 and that it should be good for my FJ-09. In light of what you said, that doesn't sound so good. What's the best aftermarket tune out there these days?
  5. I think the 15 and 50 issue was some dyslexia on my part putting the mileage in!
  6. I was confused. I run in standard mode all the time, not B mode. Here's the spreadsheet with my mileage history: FJ-09 Mileage Tracker - Google Sheets Sheet1 Odometer,Gallons,Miles,Mileage,Avg,Notes 3285,34.86,Avg...
  7. The had the bike for the ECU flash, so I'm sure they knew about the stock exhaust. No, can't say I've smelled rotten eggs.
  8. I don't recall a "whine" noise, so that might be something! Where could I look on bike to check this? Still on stock exhaust. How would you go about determining if O2 sensor is reading correctly? This is what the flash covered, they said: 1 to 1 throttle Ignition Engine braking Injector shutoff Idle Fan activation Fuel mapping
  9. The bike seems to run well. I've had it serviced at a couple of shops and no mechanic has ever commented on how it runs. The bike is wicked quick. It often intermittently drops out on hard acceleration as the front wheel comes off the ground and the traction control drops it again. The mechanic who changed the plugs said I had too much carbon on them and I should frequently keep the bike over 6k RPM to "blow it out" in the future.
  10. I have owned a 2015 FJ-09 for 3.5 years. It has 9,533 miles on it. My average mileage over this time is 34mpg. More recently I've been getting 26-32mpg. I've been jealous of other owners who get great mileage. For example, the Fuelly chart shows mileage anywhere between 32mpg and 56mpg, with the average being around 44mpg. http://www.fuelly.com/motorcycle/yamaha/fj-09/2015 I keep the bike in B mode most of the time. I goose it from time-to-time but I'm not super crazy on it. Most of my miles are in-town. The bike is stock except for an ECU flash in 2017 (EDR Performance). The average mileage before flash was 38mpg and after was 33mpg. Just wondering if this poor milage is a symptom of something wrong with the bike. For example, does this indicate that I need to syncronize my throttle bodies? Or is this completely normal? I've replace the spark plugs and air filter recently as well. Didn't change mileage.