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  1. For sale: *SOLD* CalSci Windscreen (Large, with vent) - was $200 new, in great shape, well maintained, one season on the bike, $100. (Dark mark on upper part is on the concrete, not the screen.) *SOLD* *SOLD* Givi EH2122 wind deflectors - screw on over stock hand guards, block even more wind to help keep hands warmer - $99 new, one season on the bike, $50. *SOLD* Generic shorty screen - originally for an R6, drilled two more holes and now it's a great, cheap summer screen for an FJ/Tracer. Slight (½") crack (received it that way, didn't bother with it) near one hole, never got worse after taking on and removing multiple times. $20. OEM Yamaha saddlebag rails - took them off to install semi-rigid bags, forgot to put them back on when I traded it! $30 for the pair, like new. If you're nearby to the mid-Atlantic region, I'll cover shipping. If you're far, it's on you.
  2. I had no idea that they'd even consider doing that, so I never bothered asking them. Perhaps I should try that, because right now, while it's better than the stock screen, I kind of regret the purchase.
  3. If there's one thing I can honestly say I've struggled with over the last two years, it's the wind management on the FJ. Stock windscreen had my head feeling like a bobblehead, refused to buy Yamaha's barn door Touring Screen, bought a CalSci and it was better (although I should have gone with a taller version), added a Givi extender and it's better still, but just not good enough. Now that I don't need the FJ to be my distance bike (the wife and I now have a Valkyrie for that), I've decided to use the FJ in what I call Summer Mode when the weather is warm. As an experiment (and before I spend real money on a nicer one), I bought an eBay R6 shorty screen from some dude in the backwoods of China (I Google Mapped it - he's OUT there ) for $12, and I run that instead of any combination of screen I've tried so far. Off come the Givi handguard wind deflectors (which do help in the cold), and sometimes even the stock handguards themselves. I feel like I've got a sportier, more hooliganesque bike for the warm weather, and I get SUPER clean airflow and zero buffeting, not to mention I'm cooler with air actually going through my mesh jacket. I'll go back to Winter Mode when things start cooling off, and when the buffeting is less important than keeping the cold air off me. But man, Summer Mode + earplugs = a quiet, calm ride that I haven't had in my first two years of ownership.
  4. I had to make an appointment two weeks out, then when my day came, they hadn't ordered the parts yet. Luckily the manager got them next day shipped, and it was done (along with a new rear tire while she was in there). Not the best look, but I didn't miss any time riding due to poor weather. *shrug*
  5. I can if you can wait awhile. I just took the FJ out of 'winter mode' and re-installed the stock hand guards and a shorty R6 windscreen drilled to fit. Sorry!
  6. I just removed the whole plate/turn signal assembly, and removed the top half of it, then mounted the lower half to the existing 4 holes in the subframe. Two were slightly offset, but a little filing resolved that issue. It effectively raised the assembly by 5-6", looks much neater, and cost me zero. After I went to saddlebags, I took off the stock signals and went with the MotoDynamics all-in-one taillight/turn signal, and I'll deal with inspection when that time comes.
  7. They worked with my CalSci all winter...
  8. LOVE this. Had something like it on my old S2000 before they became required equipment by the govt. Never seen one for a bike before. The greatest thing if you're an OCD tire pressure kind of person.
  9. If you like the soft bag look, check out the Shad semi-rigid bags. Super roomy/expandable, and way more affordable. http://shadusa.com/wp/archives/product/e-48-semi-rigid-saddle-bags
  10. UClear works better in this helmet than any other helmet I own.
  11. Any sign shop worth its salt should be able to make any design/font/style/color you want for this (or just about any) application.
  12. Nope, that's where I have my GoPro mounted. Looks good in some pics, not so sure in others. Not seeing the actual benefit, don't wanna move my GoPro, prob not gonna happen for me.
  13. 9/12 *UPDATE* The bags finally arrived (had 'em shipped to work), and they're in a box marked FRAGILE and the box is all banged up. Contents appear to be ok, guess we'll find out when I try to install them this evening. Bags appear to be pretty high quality, I will say. Hope I'm happy with them later on tonight.
  14. I am having the worst experience with Shad. I ordered my E-48s a week and a half ago, and they still haven't shipped. My card has been charged, though. Repeated emails and calls went unanswered all last week until Friday afternoon, when a man told me that UPS 'doesn't come to pick up their packages as often anymore' (even though the package has a tracking number? Hard to believe) but he'd check with the warehouse and get back to me by COB. That didn't happen either. It's been sitting in 'Ready for UPS' since last Tuesday. I asked if he even had them in stock, he said yes, plenty, but it's UPS' fault and UPS is making Shad look bad. They even sent me an email saying my order has shipped, but UPS is saying that only a label has been printed. So hey, just called UPS while writing this, and they told me that ShadUSA's UPS account has been suspended, and that's why no drivers have been stopping by to pick up packages. I could pay an additional $15 to get a driver to go over there and get it (no WAY am I paying more, and because the account is suspended, UPS won't just charge it to Shad) or just hope they happen to see a driver passing by and ask them to pick up their outgoing stuff. Or, you know... cancel the order and try to find them elsewhere. 9/6 *UPDATE* Shad emailed me just now to say the reason they haven't sent them yet is because they just got a big shipment in from manufacturing, and they spent all last week unpacking that shipment and hope to ship my bags today. I let him know that UPS is telling a different story (see above), but I would give them the benefit of the doubt and expect a shipping notification today. We shall see.
  15. My iPhone + LifeProof case + UClear intercom = waterproof GPS/music/phone system. Doesn't get too hot because air is circulating around it, and it's a 'one stop shop' for any digital needs I might have. I have gloves with the touchscreen threads, and for the ones that don't, I have the touchscreen 'goo' that works amazingly well on my fingertips.