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  1. Got the brake calipers off the front wheel and checked for sway (lateral and front/back) also checked for friction and axel or wheel bend. All went fine until checking the rims and brake rotors for unevenness. So is it possible for such little variation to be noticeable while riding??
  2. Thank you so much for your empathy. Yes, it feels terrible trying to figure out what's gone wrong. I'll get to working on the bike this weekend again and keep this thread posted on what I discover. Hope you all ride safe and enjoy your rides, cheers!
  3. I couldn't find the denso sensor in any of the auto parts store, so I'll have to go to my bike's showroom that's at the other end of the map to get one. In the meantime, I just cleaned this one up and it works fine (for now). After spending a lot of time looking at the engine it dawned on me to check the front wheels. I tried the hand rotation tests and I'm definitely getting some friction. I'll try to post a video of it sometime later today, but looks like a bent wheel axel or the bearings are worn out.
  4. Thanks, racing and he threw his hat in, took a turn and I continued onwards, I was off the throttle by then and so the bike was lower in RPM than some moments ago, it kinda unloaded the suspension, 1 corner later I was off the road.
  5. Yea, thought of replacing it. Couldn't find it on any of the autoparts store online. I'll probably drop by with and check with them in person, thanks for the advice.
  6. Does it matter that the check engine light isn't illuminated? Just pulled out the O2 sensor. Looks beaten up, but nothing extraordinary.
  7. I was riding in one of the country roads back home instead of taking the freeway and had a friendly duel with a guy in an Audi S5 and was within his sight but at a safe distance. The bike was exceptional with the torque kicking in like the ip-man punch mid battle and with the suspension under load the maneuverability was like a wraith chasing it's target. Unfortunately the guy decided to give in during the battle and took a turn and I was carrying a bit of speed around the corner but the bike wasn't under the same load as before and so it decided to go off the road on a tangent. I let go of the throttle and tried to brake, but I saw the grass on the side of the road and in the blink of an eye was in it. I though okay, at least I didn't fall and just thought I could ride it off and get back on the road, but then I hit a ditch and that lifted the bike's rear wheel off the ground a good two feet or more, incredibly I didn't fly off over the handle bar. Luckily I was able to hold on to the bike and recover to get back on the road and I need to thank my guardian angels for that, but the bike wasn't the same after that. I parked it to the side of the road thinking the exhaust or worse the engine cover was damaged, but the grass and mud combo had cushioned the blow. Had some mud around the oxygen sensor and main stand but nothing else. The rear wheel and the swing are fine. Coasted on neutral and it was riding freely. But when I gave it gas, at around 4,000-5,000 rpm the power seems to dip and the torque in the power band is low, it also feels like there's some starvation. I came back home and gave it a good power-wash and looked for signs of damage and couldn't see anything. No leaks of any fluids or things bent out of shape either. Tried to tug the exhaust to see if it was lose or damaged and no sign of that either. So this morning decided to take it out again and I'm definitely noticing the loss of power, so I suspect the throttle body is out of sync or the cam chain timing is off or the exhaust is blocked and the back pressure is the cause for this loss, it could also be the oxygen sensor is damaged. If anyone has experienced this type of a loss in torque and power, please let me know what's the culprit. I'll post pics tomorrow if needed. Thanks for sticking around to read this long message.
  8. I use the HJC IS-17, it's a full-face polycarbonate with an integrated sunshield and here's the best part, rated by SHARP, UK at 5 stars. The rating is higher than some of the other more expensive makes with an integrated sunshield. Here's the link to the safety rating - HJC IS-17 - SHARP SHARP.DFT.GOV.UK They also released a cool Iron Man themed scheme.
  9. Saw your post today! Congrats on the new bike, it's a superb purchase for sure. I was also initially interested in getting the Tiger, but some youtube suggestion videos led me to this three headed beast and it's been fun since I picked it up in 2017. Hit me up if you want to ride, there's a nice stretch on Route 91.
  10. HI, I also used them and had a small oil leak. The screws and spacers does not work well for our bikes so I had to ask and find others. Finally, I removed the sliders the next year and installed givi engine guard which are much better. I would recommand you to do so. Watch what happens when people go down with that sliders and you will decide after that Umm, did you tighten them to spec? Or it might be that you could've put the bolts with the wrong sizes in, I did that and noticed a leak, swapped it out and it's fine now. Also do you have pics of what happened to folks with these sliders on or if Givi "offers" that much more protection, as in - someone slid with the installed givi's and they picked up the bike and were merrily on their way again. I can tell you with the givi as well, if there's a slide; it'll grate the engine covers off. It might protect the frame and the upper part of the engine, but the lower parts are vulnerable. Here's are a few pics from the amazon review section, seems like they've worked for this guy: https://s8.postimg.cc/o0zmlhtn9/Screen_Shot_2018-07-20_at_9.33.40_AM.png' alt='Screen_Shot_2018-07-20_at_9.33.40_AM.png'>
  11. About the engine sliders. Was there any problems during installation, supplied screw lengths were OK? Any oil leaks while installing? - Good question, I had to struggle with it a bit because if you looked at the reviews on Amazon for the engine sliders - they don't ship it with instructions. You just receive the parts and you're on your own to figure it out. Some comments did provide information about how to go about installing it and that's what I followed. So, the oil pump side is fairly straight forward; the bolts are all the same size and you just need to remove the 3 OEM ones and install the new bolts with the slider (You can look up the owner's manual for the torque specs if you own or rent a tool that you can do that with, but with a hex key, use your best judgement when you tighten it). If you're having leaks, chances are you're probably not tight enough or used the wrong combination if bolts i.e. different lengths. On the stator cover side, the bolts are all different sizes lengthwise, but you only have to worry about removing the ones on the edges, where the longest one installs in the rear hole with the short spacer. The shorter long bolt goes in the front hole with the longer spacer. The two equal sized ones just install over the OME bolts, hope this helps.
  12. Congrats on the purchase! Welcome to the forum and just to comment on what you said, I think it'll be one and a half times the bike compared to the competition once you get all the stuff you ordered fitted on the bike, good luck! I had considered S1000XR, Multistradas or KTM's but considering those bikes go for $14k+ USD up here, this bike is less than half the cost. If I can throw some mods on and make it halfway as good as those bikes, I'll be thrilled. Thanks for reading!
  13. Hello fellow Fj-09/MT-09 Tracerians! It's been a while since I posted on this forum, but over the winter (and not just today) I've focused on getting the "Scrambler" (Batman/Dark Knight reference) some armor. I thought of going for the givi crashbars, but to be honest the crashbars makes the bike bulky and seems more like an adv bike taking away the street/track characteristics and not to mention the dead weight ~11 lbs/5.0 kgs. So I decided to go take an alternate approach and hoped to conceal the armor in strategic positions. I considered the benefits and drawbacks of sliders and still thought of going down this route. I installed frame, swingarm (in hindsight a bit of an overkill for the FJ09) and case sliders on the bike and it costed around the same as the givi crashbar. I'll paste the links to the parts that I purchased on amazon. Keep in mind the frame and swingarm sliders delivers quickly, the engine slider protector takes a couple of weeks because it ships directly from China. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N2YU2G8/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?pd_rd_i=B00N2YU2G8&pd_rd_wg=KMIN2&pd_rd_r=58JF1PXMWVQS4EHHQS66&pd_rd_w=bBb2X&smid=A2PBSV3DBW6OF9&th=1 https://www.amazon.com/2014-2017-Yamaha-2016-2018-2015-2017-Swingarm/dp/B00N2YTEOE/ref=pd_bxgy_263_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00N2YTEOE&pd_rd_r=TFNWNP5NGYV6NV91N2R7&pd_rd_w=2cgcE&pd_rd_wg=GLULn&psc=1&refRID=TFNWNP5NGYV6NV91N2R7 https://www.amazon.com/KEMIMOTO-Engine-Slider-Protector-Yamaha/dp/B077JGBSQ7/ref=sr_1_4?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1525108274&sr=1-4&keywords=fj09+case+sliders And here's what it looks like: The swingarm overkill reference picture here: The pillion rider footpegs should offer decent protection already, although you never know if it'll snap off on impact.
  14. Yea, do it only if you're not at a disadvantage from a stance and balance point of view.
  15. Yes, they did cheap out on the seat with the current version, I couldn't believe they were offering this as a standard on a touring bike! Yamaha seems to have taken notice of this issue and is offering a new set of seats on the 2018 MT 09 Tracer, I'm going to use the stock till I can replace it with this version (hopefully the new seats are backward compatible). I hope the new seats are genuinely comfortable and affordable to replace. Should we write to Yamaha Corp and make them ship the new version out to us for free or at a discounted price?