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  1. I didn't ride today as I had to cut the grass but it was a beautiful day to ride, temperature was mid 30s C and bright sunshine, the same is forecast for the rest of the weekend so maybe tomorrow or Sunday. Happy new year from the southern hemisphere summer!
  2. I love that matt blue, I've never seen one that colour before. Me want!!!
  3. One of my friends had a Honda ATC 250R back in the day, it was huge fun to ride but ready to bite you at the slightest chance. If you got your balance right you could do monster crossed-up slides on sand but if you flipped it you usually ended up under it.
  4. Not all the fuses are mini type, the fuel injection 20A fuse is 15mm wide compared to the 10mm mini fuses used elsewhere on the bike. You can see it under the white cover in the photo below. The main 50A fuse is a completely different type, see below.
  5. Why does a year-old bike need new seals? My Fazer was 16 years old when I sold it, original seals and no leaks.
  6. My bad, what I meant was that I rarely parked the bike on the centre stand, of course I used it to lube the chain. I have a paddock stand for the Tracer.
  7. My Fazer had a centre stand and I used it maybe a dozen times in 16 years,
  8. no centre stand I'm afraid. I think I will take the bike for a service and ask the dealer to set the preload.
  9. How do you get in to adjust the preload on the stock shock? I can't figure it out with that stupid C tool.
  10. According to Ron Ayers website the Tracer decal is $18.47 and the 900 decal is $2.89
  11. Welcome to the forum! I didn't realise there were so many options out there! I have the third one in the video, the Akrapovic Carbon and I love the sound as well as the look.
  12. I like: The instruments The running lights The repositioned front indicators The front end look I don't like: The exhaust 🤮 The panniers, but I wouldn't buy a GT anyway I probably won't like: The price
  13. I'm sure I recently read a new rider introduction from a female rider who is 5'2" and she had lowered her bike, I can't remember the name now (or maybe it was the other forum I am on).
  14. My Fazer 600 was deep purplish blue metallic and it was a much darker blue.