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  1. Thanks to Warchild and Piotek. Proceeding cautiously. On reflection, I'll just take the tank off (ordered service manual) and run a 16ga wire from my fuseblock under the seat.
  2. Thank you. The draw on the vest is 3.3 amps. I have both of the accessory ports installed so I think I'll try a 5amp fuse on the left port (easiest reach with the coiled cord and the cigarette lighter plug) and see if that works. Leave the 2amp for the right port for GPS/Phone charging. Probably hard wire the GPS to the third plug behind the dash, as I think about it.
  3. A question if I may: I'd like to be able to run my Aerostitch heated vest from the accessory port to the left of the dash on my 2017 FJ-09. Problem is that it's only a 2amp fused circuit (found out the hard way, duh). Is there a way, or does anyone know, how to determine the gauge of the wire for that circuit? I'm thinking if it's sufficient (research says 16G, then I could install a 10 amp fuse and I'd be set with a switched outlet that I can plug the vest into. Tom
  4. I have a 2017 FJ-09 and I'm shopping for crash guards and am torn between SW-Motech and Givi. I found your comment and would love to know more about your choice to replace SWM with Givi? Tom Pittsburgh, PA, USA