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  1. Any chance you still have this? Might take it off your hands
  2. New bike? or do you just mean renew? I havent seen an ontario policy that doesn't cover the full 12 months... ?
  3. Honestly, there isnt much that I miss about the SV over the FJ... The FJ is almost my perfect bike. At my height, its way more comfortable, obviously has more power and just overall does most things better for me (touring, sport riding, gravel etc.) The one thing I miss about the naked SV is the styling for sure. I think the FJ looks good, but its definitely not 'pretty'. Really, the SV is just a bit more maneuverable, but I think in 99/100 situations, I'm picking the FJ.
  4. Hey 👋 I upgraded from an 09 SV650A (naked with ABS) to my 2015 FJ09. Definitely more options for cold riding (integrated heated grips, windscreens etc), tons more power for 2 up. I have wide bars on my FJ, and I can still split, but its no-where near as narrow/nimble as the SV650. I'm 6'3" and I always felt like the SV was small for me, but the FJ fits me great. Some people look at the FJ and think it looks big, especially when they sit on it (pretty tall of course). Personally, once you get used to the bike, its very nimble/flickable, but still not as small as the SV (physical dimensions). I didnt upgrade from my SV due to lack of power, but riding on the FJ for the last 3 years, I think 100 hp is pretty much perfect for a motorcycle. I think your wife would be much happier on the back of the FJ than the SV650. The seat size and position is no contest.
  5. Are you telling me you didnt go out today? Shame on you!
  6. Thanks @betoney. I waited patiently for a Candy Red FJ to become available in my area in the used market in 2017. Love the red with the gold forks. It was especially clean as I gave her a good scrub right before that road trip I've added a beak and a full delkevic system since... over the moon with her now!
  7. Hey yeah definitely, this is what it looks like in touring mode. Since that picture I wrapped the screen in black vinyl instead (it used to be frosted black). Just took the stock screen, which was garbage, and used a string + grease pencil to mark the height in a constant radius. I then taped it up, used a jig to cut away most of it, then a rotary grinder to bring it down to final size and smooth it out!
  8. Thanks for checking in... and at least it confirms my suspicion I'm starting to think there's no way I get clean air on this bike... Maybe I need to switch to a goldwing or something
  9. @Maverick302 Some good reading in here (https://www.tracer900.net/topic/6975-screen-for-tall-rider/#comments) where I've posted before, but to answer your question, I have the Yamaha Touring Screen (24"?) and the Ermax 20" screen... both are terrible for wind buffeting at highway speed. Popular option is the Madstad 26" - https://madstad.com/products/yamaha-tracer-900-2019?variant=19992266670193 I did have someone mention to me that the Parabellum is the tallest/biggest you can find (http://parabellum.com/FJ-09-Replacement-Touring-Windshield-P124.aspx) also at 26", but I haven't gambled on it as I'm up in Canada. The only people I've chatted with personally who used the above 2 are all shorter than me, so it doesn't really help :P
  10. I'm 6'3" with a 36" inseam. I have the sw-motech crash bars and they serve as perfect leg-resters on those highway trips. I also have cruise control through my ECU... using that in combination with a pillion bag means I can set the CC, put my legs up and actually lean back a bit onto my bag. Very comfy. The one issue is I have not found a windshield that gives me clean air; it all ends in buffeting. I got fed up, made my own little fly shield and pretty much ride the bike naked. Its a bit tiring, but I came from a naked bike so I'm kind of used to it. I can do 2-3 hours on the bike pretty easily without needing to stop.
  11. Previous owner did the mod where they emptied the cat, then had it flashed by this guy (https://www.tracer900.net/forum/37-ecu-flashing-by-2wheeldynoworks/). I recently swapped the exhaust from the original (modified) to an aftermarket full delkevic system. I figured that the air flow would be similar considering the fact that he did the mod, and my suspicions seem confirmed as the bike is still running very smoothly. I would recommend doing the ECU flash. Previous owner said it really helped to smooth out the throttle mapping.
  12. Congrats and welcome to the clan! I ride a 2015 as well... fell in love with the red + gold forks and couldn't be convinced otherwise. 33k kms and climbing. Get ready for a permanent smile
  13. Pretty normal sounding offer from a dealer... Even with cars they generally give you about 60-70% (tops) of what its worth privately. They have rent and employees to pay, so they need to make a buck of course. The upside is 'hassle-free', but also that the $4600 lowers the purchase price of your AT, so you'd save about $600 in taxes (13% Ontario) on the trade in, meaning the real offer is actually about $5200. Still, if you sell privately, you should easily get $7-8k for what you listed, but as someone who bought a used FJ09, let me tell you, I saw those bikes posted for a LONG time before selling. Most people don't even know this bike exists so its not on their radar.
  14. 7 degrees, no recent snow, dry roads... I had to get out there today! Pretty chilly I'll admit, but I don't see anytime in the next 2-3 weeks that the weather will let me out on the bike. Hopefully in the next couple weeks, spring starts to creep up on us... We're almost there!
  15. I mean, I'm 28 so I guess I'm supposed to bring the energy right? lol