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  1. Video link above shows before/after, and quick install guide (extremely easy). There was no improvement in actual horn volume, but the Soundbomb Mini is definitely lower and seems louder. Happy with it and will be messing around with the configurations in the next little while!
  2. Husqy

    Ontario owners??

    Hey Cruizin, Sounds awesome man! Looking forward to seeing those improvements!
  3. Husqy

    Ontario owners??

    Hey Husqy Do you by any chance live in Waterloo? I often see a red FJ ride past my office which is located at Erb & Westmount Road. Seeing that bike ride by definitely helped push me in the direction of the Tracer! Cheers, Rob Hey Rob, That is almost definitely me Live in Kitchener but work right beside Uptown Waterloo. When I do ride, I go right by Erb & Westmount to get to the office Happy to hear I helped bring you on-board! Maybe we can grab a coffee if we get a break from the winter. She's stored in the garage, but I break her out if I get a dry, +5C day on the weekend. You would actually be the third person I influenced into getting a Yamaha triple. Two buddies of mine picked up the MT09 and the XSR900 because they fell in love with my FJ motor! Cheers.