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  1. July 15/16 and 22/23 are monday/tuesday. Assuming you mean the weekend before that? Selfishly, I'm unavailable those weekends.. but also wanted to provide plenty of heads up. Mono Mills is pretty much the same as Orangeville. Just figured Orangeville would be easier as its a good launching point for the nice roads (Forks and Hockley) and it has Highway 10 running to it, so easier to get to generally.
  2. How about we aim for July 27th (Sat) and use August 24th as our backup in case the weather doesn't cooperate? @gv550I hear you! Fair enough. We can find a spot that's more suitable for going for a ride after we hang out. I'm thinking Orangeville (Forks, Hockley, Mono etc)... or perhaps Milton I know a few sideroads + escarpment (down towards Hamilton if we want). Speak now or forever hold your peace! Orangeville, Milton or another suggestion.
  3. Hey gang, Just thought it would be fun if we could try to arrange a meetup in the GTA to chat about FJ09/Tracer900 and maybe take a couple pics! I'm thinking 2-ish months from now so everyone has lots of time to block their calendar. Proposed days July 27 (sat) or 28 (sun) August 10 (sat) or 11 (sun) August 24 (Sat) or 25 (sun) Also looking to crowdsource location ideas, but I'm thinking something along the 401, maybe near the airport? No shame; I'm tagging those of you who I know live nearby based on the member map! @piotrek @hammer @josh @darkstar77 @fURYOS @gv550 @tinkerfreak @Torbeach @rsorensen @daboys19 @stumpy @getpetey @baytower
  4. @piotrekmight need to meet up with you to listen to it.. I'm thinking of getting one myself. Found this website ( SCORPION Serket Taper Slip-On Exhaust | Kimpex Canada Kimpex Canada | Slip-on Exhausts > Serket Taper Slip-On Exhaust... ) so I sent them an email to see if they have a fitting slip-on for the FJ. Fingers crossed, prices look great. EDIT: They are all sold out. They said they no longer sell them and they shouldn't be on the website anymore 😕
  5. Not really.. I've been running a shorty for almost 2 years now because the rest just push all the wind into my forehead. FJ owner nearby might be selling his parabellum screen, 26 in tall, and I'll try that out if he's willing to part with it.
  6. Interesting... might have to check this one out! Have you found buffeting to be an issue with smaller screens as well?
  7. @texscottydyeah I think Im in the exact same boat as you... that's why I run my shorty for touring (and 99% of other situations). My previous bike was the naked SV650 so I'll take a lots of clean, laminar air even over a small bit of turbulent air. I also ride with earplugs (surefire ep4s) but definitely found the buffeting actually pushed my head around, giving me a headache more than being just loud. Its too bad because the yamaha touring screen would be perfect if I was maybe and inch or two shorter. When I crouch down, you'd swear you were in a convertible... so nice and quiet!
  8. I bought my bike in Summer 2017 and the previous owner was gracious enough to include 3 windscreens with the bike... the OEM windscreen, the taller/wider Ermax windscreen and the Yamaha Touring Screen. We all know the OEM one is terrible, so I decided to chop it down a few inches and tint it a bit darker... this is the result (with hard cases and tail bag for touring). I have 2 tall windscreens, so why the hell am I running that tiny windscreen for touring you ask? Well, both the Ermax and the Touring windscreen have unbearable buffeting and turbulence. The Ermax is the worst at about 90 km/hr but not any better at 110-120 (highway cruising). The Touring windscreen completely sucks after 110 km/hr. They both seem to throw all the turbulent air at my eyebrow. Therefore, I'm reaching out to you tall guys in the community. What do you use? I think the answer here is 'suck it up, you're tall, no windscreen will help with touring' but I'm hoping someone can be my saving grace! I'd probably sell both windscreens and buy something that actually fits me considering they both sit on a shelf.
  9. Going to be down at the tail this summer.. last week of June. If this is still for sale I'll take it off your hands! Frees me up to chop my stock exhaust for a slip-on
  10. Thanks Cruizin! Sorry for the duplicate thread. I'll read up on some of the older posts.
  11. $75.99 for 4 liters... Welcome to Canada lol. Looks like it is JASO MA rated - Shell Rotella T - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  12. Hey gang, Wanted to pick your brain a bit. Im in a sport riding group and they are doing a group buy for Rotella T6 oil. Its diesel engine oil, but apparently a bunch of track guys go on and on about it and how good it is. Buying 19L at a time ($7.50/liter) Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, 18.9-L | Canadian Tire WWW.CANADIANTIRE.CA Rotella T6 Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil provides protection in three critical areas Acid control — helps protect against corrosion from acids formed as fuel burn Even better, Shell has a $25 mail-in rebate on it for 2019 (https://www.shell.ca/en_ca/business-customers/lubricants-for-business/save-five-dollar-per-litre-back-by-mail/better-fuel-economy.html#iframe=L0RJWS90NXQ2L2NhLw). Brings price down to $6.26/liter Anyways, just wondering what people think about running 5W-40 Synthetic diesel engine oil in their bikes... crazy or genius? I usually buy Motul 7100 which is $75 for 4 L ($18.75/liter). Thanks!
  13. Ontario owners, make sure you add yourself to the Member Map here: Hopefully we can get a meetup going for this upcoming summer!
  14. Yeah some of the feedback is making me re-think the configuration. I think I will be moving it to point to the side, slightly downward to help with clearing water. I don't ride in the rain, but still good for when washing the bike. Thanks!