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  1. Hey it really looks like riding on your back road's are waiting for me. JT has for sure been that way. A young lass promised me those roads may bring a dream or two that way too,,D Wishing you a lucky day.
  2. My feet are covered with Jersey Shore sand here in Bradley Beach. Ride some north to upstate but mostly west and south 1 day or less distance. Geared for to 35 + degree weather 2017 white FJ-09,
  3. I would sell you my 17 model for 2K more(8.5K), just saying. 2600 miles, or about. ogryder
  4. Could be reading instant avg. Best I've done has been a avg of 52mpg for a mixed trip.
  5. Great patience on your part. Almost two years after your original post about getting a FJ! Well done, I couldn't have waited that long. The exhaust seems a little low on that Triumph compared to the tires that you mounted? Hope your enjoying both bike's and good luck.
  6. Try to find a independent calibration business near you and save some money. I got charged a C-note when asking the Snap-on rep to do it. Storing wrench with some silicate, and cycling through the adjustment range once in a while helps extend the calibration. :|
  7. Spacer's are the answer. Just mounted up a Givi screen and it has four spacer that mount the screen to the mounting bracket. They are about 3/8th". What that does is create a bit more airflow below the screen and helps with the buffeting. Also with clearance for the hand guards being the Givi is a lot wider the OEM. So yea mix and match the plastic spacer length to desired angle. The trick is as (1moreroad) alluded to is being able to find the longer screws, make or source the spacer and tighten the screws behind the screen mount.
  8. FJ-09 sold as a sport-tourer. Built from a naked sport bike. Other manufactures have a different ways of defining their bikes as sport-touring, such as: gearing like constant mesh spur and or helical. Then engine selection and type, comforts like cruise control, seat location/type, wind/weather protection. Yamaha has it seems allowed us to buy a SPORT-tourer. Which IMO means if you want more of a touring bike buy accessories. Or if you want more of a sport-bike buy accessories. But most of all have fun! 8-)
  9. No offense but is this a hijacked post? Maybe in the maintenance section?
  10. Summer blended gas here in the good old USA.
  11. Summer blended gas here in the good old USA.
  12. New bike? About 19-20hg. I question the value of doing a sync on a cable controlled TB. Back in the day when carb sync was regularly perform because of air cooled engines and mechanical wear of the connecting rods to the carburetors, on the multi cylinder bikes. But when you got them right. Hell yea! 8-) Oh and inefficient F/A mixture. The feeling of a "rough idle" maybe it's just that a feeling? In that is a result of the precise metering map of today's monitoring/metering, adjustments that are ECU regulated thousand's of times a second. Not to say it isn't fun for anyone to work on their own bike and try things out. Then it makes me wonder when the dealership service mngr. stated the valves adjustment probably don't need to be touched till 50K miles.
  13. adjuster: Is that PC adding lead to a imported motorcycle?
  14. New on the forum, and new owner of a FJ-09. It's a bit sad to find out here that, Yamaha could allow a Typo to cause so much damage. After riding my new bike home and getting good look at her in my garage. Notice chain seemed tight then looking at the owners manual spec me self that can't be right. Earlier today went for a 50 mile ride and notice a loud whine coming from trans when under load in 6th gear, and vibration through the handle bars at 4k-4.6k. (See post about vibrations). Just thinking this has been built into these bikes for over 2 years now. My bike being built this past January.