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  1. fr8dog


    For me, year round riding isn't realistic. Could be different for you since you're in Oregon. I don't ride in the rain, unless caught in a shower or something. I can ride in sub 40 temps, but good riding requires heading to higher elevations, which are colder. I worry about ice when heading higher up. I haven't ventured into Oregon from here yet. Supposed to be some good roads. Just takes a while to get to the good stuff. I think this area is ideal for a dual sport. I've thought about a T7. We moved here from NorCal. Winters are mild. I was 20 minutes away from 49 and good roads any way you went. I rode daily. The downside was no rain at all, bad water policies, water rationing, home prices, high taxes and a bad political environment. Boise home prices are skyrocketing. Not a big deal if you have equity in the one you're selling. The bike sat for 2 weeks recently. I can see more time on the tender until March. I ride when I can, even if it's to work or a quick ride around town. Hope this helps, Dan.
  2. fr8dog


    Terry is very good at responding to questions and has a wealth of knowledge. I'm pretty close to being dialed in.
  3. fr8dog


    Bike has been on a tender for close to two weeks. I know, stop whining. Some of you put the bikes away for months. I'm used to riding daily. Went for a spin up to Idaho City. Temps were mid 40's starting out. Down in the 30's once I was closer to IC. Roads were in great shape. Snow was plowed and roads were dry. Had a sandwich at the Sinclair in IC and filled up with non ethanol gas. I'm still amazed how good the rebuilt OEM shock is from Terry at Norwest. Gonna send my forks up to him to fix my lack of rebound adjustment problem. He'll check to see if anything else was assembled incorrectly. Maybe new seals too. No pics. Not much of a picture taker. The views were stunning. Crystal clear day and some snow on the peaks.
  4. Thanks for the help. Bernzomatic it is!
  5. Science Biker has some good videos. Used to be on here quite a bit.
  6. I have the Pitbull stand. Just did a bunch of work. Stand under the front, rear wheel off on centerstand the bike was stable.
  7. I have a new rotor and bolts on order. Won't be here for a few weeks. I had the rear tire off doing other stuff and tried to remove one of the bolts just to see how tight they were. The bolts are on there pretty good. I couldn't loosen it up. Didn't want to risk stripping it. Any ideas? Impact driver?
  8. Went for a ride today. Had to try out the new rubber, brake pads and the OEM shock I had rebuilt by Terry at Norwest. I had bought a Nitron shock a while back. Never could get it dialed in. Figured out (not on my own)I kept turning the rebound adjuster the wrong way. So I got that sorted and still didn't like the feel. Anyway, I was curious about the OEM shock cause I was probably turning the screw the wrong way on that one too. The ride today was a little chilly. The roads were a little damp in some places. Tires are great. A lot better than the budget Roadsmart 2's. The shock feels good too. I like it better than the Nitron.
  9. Removed both wheels, swingarm and shock. Need tires so I figured I'd do some other stuff since we're gonna get a little weather. The first time I removed the swingarm the long bolt had a lot of crud on it. This time it's pretty clean. Sending the shock in for service. Thinking of selling it. It's a Nitron R1 with a 600 lb. spring. I had the OEM shock rebuilt a couple of years ago. Curious to see how it feels again compared to Nitron. I'll probably change the brake pads. I've had some new ones for a while waiting to be installed. I'm getting Michelin Pilot Power 2C tires. Big step for me. I've had Shinkos and Roadsmart 2's. The Dunlops were borderline dangerous. Sketchy in the twisties. No grip. Props to Pitbull stands. The triple tree stand is great. I removed both wheels and it's stable.
  10. I have the same problem. Only 4 clicks of rebound instead of 11. Will fix it when the snow comes. Definitely reassembled incorrectly. If you have a manual, it will state the measurements needed for reassembly. I didn't do the work, but understand what went wrong. The shop will fix, but I've moved 500 miles away. Local dealer will fix for 90.00 if I bring in the fork. Looks like @betoney is down the street from you. He may have done some of his own fork work and can explain better.
  11. The Tuono would be good. Couple of years ago I was heading down to Foresthill for a short ride. 17 miles of twisties. Has passing lanes too. I was at the light a few cars back and a guy lane splits to get to the front. Couldn't tell what kind of bike he had. Figured it was a younger guy wanting to get a jump on everyone heading down there. I pull into the bank next to the Valero. All the bikes park there. It's next to Mosquito Ridge Road. I see the guy. He was chilling by the time I arrived. I'm shocked. He's my age or older on a Tuono. Beautiful bike. We talked for a while. He ripped it up pretty good on the way down there. No dealer here in Boise. I think the closest is Salt Lake, Seattle or Reno.
  12. I can see one of these along side the FJ. I turned 60 this year. Bad back and knees, but I could ride this. Ha! Thought this type of bike was behind me. Nice!
  13. Last year I met two guys at the parking lot next to the Valero in Foresthill. They had just finished their third run that day on MRR. I think they blew by me on the way back up on run number three. That's crazy. I've ridden it a couple of times. I like Wentworth better.
  14. My clutch lever wouldn't return all the way. It was dirty at the pivot point. Removed cable at the lever and took apart the lever and cleaned it. Works like new now.
  15. fr8dog

    Exploring Idaho

    Looking forward to it. This is close to 400 miles. I've done 325 and my arse was on fire. Stock seat. Seat Concepts is local here. Probably gonna try one of theirs.