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  1. I hadn't purchased a bike in 30 years, so I felt a little more comfortable buying the extended warranty. The dash had moisture inside and was replaced under warranty. Simple process. Service Manager took care of everything. So far so good. Dan
  2. Valve Adj, TBS, plugs and air filter - $475.00 performed at a Yamaha dealer Also had the clutch cable replaced. I think that was another $100.00. Didn't feel comfortable trying to do valve adj. While they're in there they may as well do it all.
  3. I'm a little late. Didn't realize you had sold the Tracer. Bummer. When you get yourself right you have room for that Guzzi!
  4. You'd get a pretty exhilarating ride! I had a 20 minute test ride a few months ago. I was leaning forward more than on my FJ. I couldn't ride it for an extended period of time. I probably could until the adrenaline rush was over. The power was crazy. I was disappointed. I wanted it.
  5. fr8dog

    BMW F900XR

    I like this too. Yesterday I was reading on the ADV forum about the new "Travel" model. My only issue is the closest dealer is over 400 miles away.
  6. Great. Ktech piston kit and springs.
  7. Is this bike in Sacramento? Had my forks done at BHP. The mechanic who worked on my bike has a bike fitting this description and two other bikes you mentioned. That Tracer has the rims, tires, exhaust, Ohlins, steering stabilizer and probably left out several other things.
  8. I have a Nitron shock set up for my weight. We'll be in the Boise area. Maybe settle down in Kuna. That's good to hear about Idaho. Kind of spoiled here in Nor Cal.
  9. Finally gonna get my front end sorted out. Local independent shop ordered Ktech piston kit and springs today. Can't wait. They'll get it done before we leave for Idaho the 5th. Went back and forth for months on several options. Springs only Andreani Cartridges Ktech Cartridges Stoltech Moto drop in cartridge Pattonme Racetech gold valves
  10. I test rode one about a month ago. Really comfortable and a smooth ride. The engine isn't for me. For that bike the engine is probably great. I like my triple.
  11. Dave Moss was at Cycle Gear in Sacramento last Saturday. Had him tune my suspension. I have a Nitron shock and stock forks. The shock was set up pretty close. He adjusted the rebound. Front end needs help. He adjusted preload and rebound. Said take it for a ride and come back. Came back and he made a few adjustments. Went for a ride and came back. Had him adjust back to the first settings he did. Well worth $40.00. So now I'm ready to do something with the front end. Not sure which way to go. Looking for a little more forgiveness on surface streets with same handling I have now on the twisties. Oh, and he said he rides a Tracer!!
  12. You're a former local guy. Rider lost his life last weekend on Salmon Falls Road. I was a few minutes behind. When I rode by there were several sport bikes and somebody administering CPR. Shook me up for a while. Came into a corner too hot, crashed and hit his head on the guard rail. It's a popular road that people treat as their racetrack, but lots of houses, bikes and rafting vans make it unsafe when traveling at high speeds.
  13. Making time for this one! Looks like the weather will cooperate. Thanks
  14. We'll probably end up in Kuna. Don't know what the roads are like up there. I saw a lot dirt roads from the highways going into the hills. May be time for that dual sport.
  15. That's one area I haven't ridden. No excuse really since I'm near Sacramento. I have 3 weeks to get up there. Moving to the Boise area.