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  1. Had my dealer do some work at a little over 26000 miles. Valve adjustment, throttle body synch, spark plugs, air filter and clutch cable. Intake were good, exhaust were tight. Runs great.
  2. Dropped the bike off for valve check throttle body synch plugs and air filter.oh and clutch cable. Runs like it did say one. 26000 miles plus.
  3. fr8dog

    Off the grid

    I find my fair share of these roads.
  4. fr8dog

    Off the grid

    Interesting day exploring. Saw a guy and his wife on a Vincent. Maybe 60's era. Guy looked 90. Kick started it, wife hopped on and away they went. Cool. Wanted to try out North Bloomfield Road out of Nevada City. I ended up near Bloomfield out in the middle of nowhere. Pavement ends and as usual I keep going. Probably about 10 miles of sketchy dirt/rock/gravel and some light rain. I was puckered up pretty good. GPS stops working. I have no idea where I'm at and how to get out of there. I find pavement and keep turning on paved roads and made it out of there. 20 degrees difference due to the elevation change. It was fun. Oh and my son brought over his new to him Harley. I put a leg over it (I'm in shorts) and burn my leg on the exhaust. Brutal. First time on a Harley. Probably my last.
  5. Been using gear oil since this thread was startted. Coincided with new chain and sprockets. I like it. Nothing sticks to it. Looks good all of the time. The longer I leave it on before riding the less it flings off. Even then not much fling. I used chain wax on the oem chain. Lasted 20k miles. Everything sticks to it, but 20k is a lot miles. I tried some chain lube from the dealer. What a sticky mess. Threw it out after one use. I have enough gear oil sitting around I doubt I'll have to buy any ever again.
  6. Not sure how you guys commute in that crap. Went to sf last week for my sons graduation from sf state. Almost hit twice. Took over an hour to go 2.7 miles from the wharf to Oracle field. Brutal. I commute on mine in Sacramento. That's aggravating enough.
  7. I currently have Shinko Ravens on front and rear. I guess I'm pretty easy on tires. OEM lasted a good 15000 miles and changed out at 17000. No cords showing or anything like that. I found the stock tires sufficient. Not the best in rain, but I avoid that anyway. Gave Shinko a shot. Currently at 9000 miles. Probably have another good 2000 or more left on them. Kind of the same feel as stock. Not that good in the rain. Good in cold weather. Great in the twisties. No issues at all riding spirited. Not sure what I'll get next time. The price is right. I'll probably try a more popular brand next time. Curious about the feel and if they would last longer.
  8. fr8dog

    Berryessa GP

    With seat in the high position the air flow is better. However, it feels like I'm sitting on top instead of in the bike. Didn't like the feel. The screen is fine. I like the look and it performs better than stock.
  9. fr8dog

    Berryessa GP

    80 is brutal. I have a calsci tinted shorty windscreen that isnt much good on the interstate.
  10. I like that FTR1200. I'm leaning towards something in the Multistrada lineup. I've ridden my son's 950. Nice. Mine handles better, but his is more comfortable. Also want to test ride BMW 1000 XR. Seems like an FJ-09 on steroids.
  11. That's my routine. Site glass is full when I'm done. Light will come on if sight glass is like at half full.
  12. fr8dog

    Berryessa GP

    Rode this today. One of my favorites. Takes about an hour to get to the good stuff in the wine country. Last time I rode that way I kept going and ended up on the coast.
  13. fr8dog


    Temp was 60 when I left and got down to 42 at about 3000 feet. Crazy weather for May. A little drizzle here and there.
  14. Not sure how much snow was dumped in the last week or so. Crazy weather for us in May. Two of my favorite roads have been snowed in for a while. Wentworth Springs Rd and Emigrant Trail. Last time I rode 26 it was closed between Mokelumne Hill and West Point. Some type of road work maybe a bridge. That was a month or so ago. Mokelumne Hill down to Valley Springs is a nice 15 mile or so stretch and then cross over Pardee and Comanche and back up 88 to 49.