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  1. Last year I met two guys at the parking lot next to the Valero in Foresthill. They had just finished their third run that day on MRR. I think they blew by me on the way back up on run number three. That's crazy. I've ridden it a couple of times. I like Wentworth better.
  2. My clutch lever wouldn't return all the way. It was dirty at the pivot point. Removed cable at the lever and took apart the lever and cleaned it. Works like new now.
  3. fr8dog

    Exploring Idaho

    Looking forward to it. This is close to 400 miles. I've done 325 and my arse was on fire. Stock seat. Seat Concepts is local here. Probably gonna try one of theirs.
  4. fr8dog

    Exploring Idaho

    This is looking like a ride for this Sunday.
  5. I changed the alignment (adjusting one side) so both were close. Slack wasn't off much. After adjusting one side it was good.
  6. So I was reading where guys are taking measurements on the swingarm for chain alignment with a digital caliper. I did mine yesterday. I don't have the numbers, but it was off by at least a 1/16 and and an 1/8. I measured like 20 times. The hash marks seemed okay by my eyes, but obviously off. Anyway, vibration was reduced dramatically. I had grip puppies for a few months. Didn't help. Next will be an undamped counter shaft sprocket when needed. Never ends.
  7. Nice!! What a great ride. I stopped in Markleeville for a burger and gas. Wasn't sure I had enough gas to make it to Arnold. I didn't realize Ebbett's Pass was like a lane and a half wide either. There's hot springs in Markleeville, if you're into that. I didn't know until I was there.
  8. They ordered. Gave me 3 different options and price points. You could probably schedule an appointment and get it done same day. I did the shock myself. I went nitron r1. Would probably do Penske double clicker if a do over. Aaron used to work at a Yamaha dealer.
  9. If you're near Sac, contact Aaron at bhp motorsports. They installed ktech valves, pistons and springs for my weight. There's a mechanic there that has a fj-09, fz-09 and a xsr. I guess he likes the engine.
  10. While you're at it, try Wentworth Springs Rd. out of Georgetown between 80 and 50. @koth442 can vouch for it. He's from that area. Lots of great roads in that area. Wentworth and Emigrant Trail were two of my favorites. They're not open all year due to snow.
  11. Last year I rode 50, 88, 89, 4, 49 and 16 home. In between 50 and 88 I took Emigrant Trail (paved) from Sly Park Rd off of 50 and it takes you to 88 a few miles from Kirkwood. One of the best roads in the area.
  12. What did you think about the Multistrada? My son had a 950. I liked it. More comfortable. About the same power. I think my FJ handled better. Multi is a little top heavy. Beautiful bike. No dealer here. Bummer.
  13. The pivot mount was dirty. Looked like gummed up old grease. I think the difference in pull was gradual so I didn't notice until it was really bad. Lever snaps right back into place after pulling. I didn't apply any grease to it. Should I? Also have to be careful to not over tighten the nuts for the lever.. That will affect it also. I guess that's why there are two nuts. No pun intended. One to secure the lever just to enough for it to operate smoothly and one to secure that nut. If that makes sense.
  14. Thanks @BBB! Took apart and cleaned. Works like new again. Doesn't take much to gum it up.
  15. I had a little too much play at the lever so I adjusted that by turning the knob by the lever. On the ride home from work it seems that the lever won't return back all the way. I had to nudge it a bit to keep it from still being engaged. Will adjustment on the cable by the motor take care of this? About 35k on the bike. 9k on new clutch cable. Thanks in advance for the help. Dan