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  1. The pivot mount was dirty. Looked like gummed up old grease. I think the difference in pull was gradual so I didn't notice until it was really bad. Lever snaps right back into place after pulling. I didn't apply any grease to it. Should I? Also have to be careful to not over tighten the nuts for the lever.. That will affect it also. I guess that's why there are two nuts. No pun intended. One to secure the lever just to enough for it to operate smoothly and one to secure that nut. If that makes sense.
  2. Thanks @BBB! Took apart and cleaned. Works like new again. Doesn't take much to gum it up.
  3. I had a little too much play at the lever so I adjusted that by turning the knob by the lever. On the ride home from work it seems that the lever won't return back all the way. I had to nudge it a bit to keep it from still being engaged. Will adjustment on the cable by the motor take care of this? About 35k on the bike. 9k on new clutch cable. Thanks in advance for the help. Dan
  4. The reliability from Yamaha is probably a given. Shaft drive would be good. Read a lot on the Super T forum also I'm leaning towards more comfort. Something easier on the knees. I've been on the ergo website comparing bikes. BMW's have the best numbers. Also the highest price numbers. Went to the BMW dealer Tuesday. I don't think I could bring myself to spend that kind of money. Also checked out a Vstrom 1000. Had a thing for those before I bought the FJ. Glad I didn't buy one. The new 1000 looks good in pics, but in person just doesn't do it for me. The most bikes at one time I've had is two. Didn't ride either one much. Lost interest due to a crash and the kids started popping out. Not sure about two bikes here. Riding time has been cut by a few months.
  5. I used to think about a ride there. I've read a lot of ride reports. Time is slipping away. Last year In my quest to find an additional bike (something different), I test rode a Super T and a MT-10. Super T was really comfortable. Suspension was good. Engine doesn't have much pop, but not what it's made for. Don't think I'd have to do much to it to start traveling. It's a large bike, but would be stable on the open road.
  6. fr8dog

    Exploring Idaho

    Thanks! Looks like several great roads in those areas.
  7. fr8dog

    Exploring Idaho

    Looks like a good ride. Over 400 miles of goodness! I've been as far north as Cascade on 55. The road from Idaho City to Lowman is in bad shape. Half of it anyway. Needs to be repaved. Cracks coming up and potholes. You can be in a turn, hit a bump and get squirrely fast. It's good to find some great roads. Thanks for the tip.
  8. fr8dog

    Exploring Idaho

    Headed out yesterday to ride the "Lowman Loop". The road between Idaho City and Lowman is kind of rough. Made it to Lowman and continued on 21 instead of "The Loop". My son is visiting in a couple of weeks so I wanted to explore some places I haven't been to. He's bringing his bike. Should be fun. I noticed a mountain range on the right that looked familiar from pictures. There was a turnout so I pulled over and snapped a few pics. I've never seen them in person, but it looked like the Sawtooth Mountains. About 30 minutes later I'm a few miles out of Stanley. The views were incredible. The Sawtooth Mountains to the right. Took a break at the BP. The mountains were like in the backyard. The pictures don't do them justice. Time to head back and finish "The Loop". Lots of smiles. A ride for another day will be to continue on and take the long way back through Sawtooth Nat'l Forest.
  9. Could be. If serious about one, I would ride a new one. I've ridden a couple of beemers. The suspension stood out the most. Very plush and comfortable ride. Can't get past the engine. Most bikes I've test ridden have better suspensions than our stock FJ's. Our engine has lots of character.
  10. Ordered a Pit Bull Headlift stand this morning. Have to get into one of the forks. Had piston, valves and springs installed. Shop put it back together wrong. I have only four clicks of rebound. I'm 500 miles away, so taking it back isn't practical. Watched the Dave Moss video posted by @captainscarlet. I'm ready to go. Also went for 150 mile ride.
  11. @betoney - What cartridges are you considering?
  12. I miss the smell, the sound and the crazy powerband. Brakes have come a long way. Looked for an H2, but never had the cash back then. Spent some time at Laguna Seca in the 80's. Wanted a RG500 Gamma. Cannery Row in Pacific Grove Shut down the street at night for bikes only parking during Superbike Races. Saw a row of 10 Gammas. Most people had moved on to the 4 strokes by then.
  13. I think I went with 1.00 kg springs. I did the shock first. Seemed to be more of an issue. Went with a Nitron R1. If I did again I would go with K-Tech cartridges and springs. I'm happy with the current set up, but always looking for better performance.
  14. I did number 2. Night and day difference. I'm 225#, so it helped out a lot. Wanted to go the pattonme route but didn't seem to be an option. I looked at Andreani cartridges, but read they were set up more for racing. The cost is good. After my positive experience with K-Tech, option 3 could be in my future. Stoltec has some nice stuff too.
  15. All stock photos except for the FJ. Colors are the same. The 2 Hondas had Kerker pipes and the H1 had expansion chambers. Learned to ride on one of those Honda step throughs in the orchards by my Grandfather's house. .1. 71 Suzuki TS90 - First bike. I was 12. 2. 72 BSA 650 Lightning - Dad gave it to me when I turned 16. He stripped it down to the frame and painted. Loved that bike. I beat it up pretty good. Two speeding tickets the first 6 months. Mom wasn't too happy. I was on her insurance. 3. 76 Honda 750 SS - Hit by a car. I was fine, bike totalled. 4. 78 Honda 750 SS - Kept for a couple of years. Sold when I went into the Air Force. 5. 72 Kawasaki H1 500 - Fast and fun going straight. Sketchy in the twisties. Sold to a friend. He was high and crashed. 6. 78 Suzuki GS 750 - Should of bought one of these instead of the second Honda. Bought from a friend. He repo'd it from another friend of ours. Crashed. Daydreaming on Hwy 49 Mokolumne Hill Presidents Day 1985. Laid it down in gravel and hit siderail. Repaired and repainted. 7. 86 Yamaha FZ600 - Loved that bike. Had it and the GS at the same time. Didn't ride either very much. Kids starting popping out and the second crash was still on my mind. 8. 16 Yamaha FJ-09 - Love this bike. After a 30 year break I'm back at it. 34k plus miles. Making up for lost time.