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  1. fr8dog

    BMW s 1000 XR

    That color looks good. What are your thoughts on chain vs shaft?
  2. fr8dog

    BMW s 1000 XR

    I hadn't considered the RS. Nice looking bike. Looks like another trip to the dealer to check it out. Another thing about the horsepower. I ride the FJ in STD mode 99% of the time. I'm probably in the minority there. "A" mode is like a new bike for me! I tried telling my son about the XR. He dismissed it because of the blue paint scheme. He ended up buying a 950 Multistrada. Now he wants to ride the XR. The dealer had one in triple black. Very nice!
  3. fr8dog

    BMW s 1000 XR

    The local bmw dealer has test rides every Saturday. I try to stay away. They're also a ducati and triumph dealer so lots to choose from. I dont need the power. I guess it's a want vs need. Ha. After riding the mt-10 the power thing is cool.
  4. fr8dog

    BMW s 1000 XR

    For that kind of cash, I would expect stellar. I wondered about the vibration issues. I thought I read somewhere, where they had it sorted out on later models. I guess not.
  5. fr8dog

    BMW s 1000 XR

    I read somewhere there were vibration issues on early models. I haven't sat on one. The price is also a deterrent. I'm sure maintenance costs are up there too.
  6. When I purchased my bike it was in the tray under the passenger seat. Stumbled on where it went by the shape of it. I had the bike serviced recently. A week later I removed the seat to access the pigtail. The rubber piece was missing. Long story short it was in the tray again.
  7. fr8dog

    BMW s 1000 XR

    Anybody ridden or own this bike? What are your thoughts. Looks like an FJ-09 on steroids. Looks like twice the money too.
  8. I test rode a Super T Friday. Very comfortable, but boring. Not for me. The engine in the FJ-09 is special. You'll probably have to spend some cash on a seat, windscreen and suspension if you want comfort like the Super T. But the engine!!
  9. Guess I wasn't clear. Talkin about something like a Ducati or BMW.
  10. I rode in Mode 2. I think that's the default. Throttle wasn't snatchy. Mine on the FJ was bad, but smoothed out after adjusting the values on the APS. Maybe the same could be done on the MT-10. Doesn't matter, the bike isn't for me. I'm 59, and can't see myself riding in that position very long. The more bikes I ride the more I realize what a gem the FJ is. You have to spend a lot more cash to get an improvement and then that's just the beginning. Maintenance costs on those bikes will be a lot more if you can't do the work yourself. Most of the forum members know this already. I'm just looking to add something different. Haven't found it yet.
  11. Demo days at the dealer here in Rocklin. Rode the Super Tenere and MT-10. Super T was comfortable and had a smooth ride. Not into the motor. The MT-10 was a lot of fun. Lots of power. You lean forward more than the FJ, so not as comfortable. But the power!!
  12. 49 north out of Auburn has too much traffic. Only venture that way if going to Crooked Lane Brewery. 49 south is where all the good stuff is. Leave early and might have it to yourself all the way to Jackson. Lots of good roads off of 49. I only take 49 out of Auburn if going to Wentworth Springs road. I can zig zag the back way through Folsom and catch 49 south off of Salmon Falls or Shingle Springs Road. This year I'll venture up th Red Bluff and east and west. Dread the slab. I can head up through Quincy and go west. Maybe a 2 day trip. Lots of good riding . Oh and Tahoe. One of the guys in the Bay area was talking about riding on the Eastern side of the Sierras. That looked fun too. Lake Berryessa is fun. An hour of slab to get there.
  13. Going on 2 years after a 30 year break. Last bike was an 86 Yamaha FZ600. I'm always looking. I'd like something with a little more forgiving suspension. To "upgrade" would be more than double the cost of the FJ. And that's just the beginning. Thinking BMW XR1000 and Ducati Multistrada. I've ridden a few different bikes. I like the FJ. The engine has a lot of fun power. Had some service done at the dealer and the price was reasonable. It's a keeper.
  14. Had my dealer do some work at a little over 26000 miles. Valve adjustment, throttle body synch, spark plugs, air filter and clutch cable. Intake were good, exhaust were tight. Runs great.
  15. Dropped the bike off for valve check throttle body synch plugs and air filter.oh and clutch cable. Runs like it did say one. 26000 miles plus.