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  1. 20k good miles on oem chain using wax. Replaced at 23k. Maybe 40k using gear oil? Ha!
  2. Heading south on 49 saw a couple of bikes going north. One looked like a new Tracer. We were going to San Andreas for lunch and then Mtn Ranch road to Railroad Flat Road back down to Mokulumne Hill. Perfect weather, good food and a day with the good son. No pics. We just ride.
  3. Thanks guys. No track. Commuting and weekend twisties. No passenger or bags. Just want to get it set and ride. Will double check sag.
  4. Built to spec. One knob controls rebound and adjustment.
  5. Installed Nitron shock yesterday then out for a test ride. Better than the oem shock I had rebuilt. Still harsh in town, but great on nice curvy roads. Nitron manual says - on the Rebound/Comprerssion. I'll try that today. Am I expecting too much from this suspension? Would like the shock to absorb road imperfections a little better. I've ridden a couple of bikes that soak up those kind of roads. They have 3 inches more travel though.
  6. I purchased the "lightweight" sprockets and DID chain from Sprocket Center. Couldn't tell a difference in weight. I had about 23000 miles on them. I probably got a solid 20000 good miles out of it. After 20k I had to adjust more often and more of the chain was tightening. I used a few different ways to clean. Now after washing the bike I use WD-40, a soft nylon brush and rag. I then spray chain wax on it.
  7. Saturday I installed new chain and sprockets from The Sprocket Center. I compared the old sprocket to new. There wasn't a whole lot of difference. I'm sure there was, but to the naked eye the teeth looked identical. So my question is - Do you change them together every time, or sometimes do you just replace the chain?
  8. Installed chain and sprockets on Saturday. Easier to do than expected. The Motion Pro tool is great. I also purchased a digital caliper to measure the width as I went along. Still waiting on the Nitron shock. Tired of waiting. Bike has been down for two weeks. Put everything back together and went for a ride yesterday. Low 70's here. Perfect.
  9. I purchased mine at cycle gear. Takes less than 5 minutes to install.
  10. I installed a pigtail directly to the battery that can be used to power a compressor, battery tender or accessories. I've used the cig lighter just for charging my phone.
  11. While waiting for parts and my new shock I removed the swingarm. Cleaned and greased everything. Removed the old shock. Weather is perfect for riding. Hopefully everything arrives before the weekend.
  12. fr8dog

    Loon Lake

    Wanted to head that way a few weeks ago, but still too much snow. Maybe another month or so.
  13. Ordered a shock from Nitron today. Also have chain and sprockets to install. Gonna take the swing arm off while I'm at it. Chain and sprockets should have been installed, but I hit a snag. While loosening the axle nut I didn't pay attention. The other side where it sits next to the chain adjuster thing backed out and turned a couple of times putting a nice groove where it should be 90 degrees. While waiting for those parts I just kept thinking about the suspension. May as well do it while it's all apart.
  14. Thought the same thing after the install and bike idling in the garage. Take it for a spin with the grips in that high setting. I've used high once for a few minutes. Too hot. Installed grip puppies over the weekend and had to turn up the settings a notch. Heated grips work great with the grip puppies.
  15. I have this one too. Installed but didn't have the mount for the phone until today. Taking it a step at a time to see/hear what works best. I have my own issues. I'll start another thread.