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  1. The OEM settings only provide 3 levels of heat regardless of the number of levels shown in the menu. I know because I took the measurements. I am positive that the OEM grips are great, but I didn’t care for the cost or the lack of choice in grips. Doing aftermarket heated elements means I can us whatever grips I want.
  2. I’ve actually read about someone doing that very thing and it worked just fine. That’s part of how I came up with my idea. Unfortunately you would only have the same heat level for your jacket and gloves. This is why I run my grips on the factory menus.
  3. Im glad things worked out. As for the thanks, I’m just returning one of the many favors I’ve received over the years. It feels good to be able to do that.
  4. I’m sorry for not responding sooner, but hunting season is upon us so I’ve been busy elsewhere. As stated earlier, you can reuse your grips if you’re careful. I did. I took the measurements at idle. Since we’re dealing with PWM, the heat output will not change. The heat output would only change if you changed one of the variables in Ohm’s Law. The resistance is fixed, the voltage is fixed, so the current and subsequently the wattage are fixed. As for my the uneven heat between the grips, I did put heat shrink on the left grip when I installed it, but there simply isn’t room to put more. My only viable option is to wrap the bar end in heat shrink or electrical tape during cold weather riding. The other option is to remove them in cold weather, but I don’t like that option.
  5. Mine is a 2015 too, but while I can alter the setting for each of the three levels, when I measure the actual output of each setting only levels 3, 4, and 5 are different. 1 & 2 are off. 6 thru 10 are 51.5% duty cycle. I can only presume that yours are the same if you measure them with a meter that shows PWM duty cycle.
  6. I’ve most recently bought from Pro Caliber, but I usually start by looking on eBay and Amazon.
  7. That’s exactly what I do. Works like a champ every time.
  8. Thanks for posting that. You confirmed my suspicions that Yamaha only allows 3 heat levels, even with the factory grips. Interesting that they offer 10 levels of adjustment with most being the exact same pulse width.
  9. Because it’s there, and you only live once. Having said that, I only hope that I get the opportunity one day. If I don’t, I won’t lose any sleep over it. I guess I just like the idea of riding in remote places.
  10. I hear the fan run practically every day. It typically kicks on as the temp nears 200 degrees. I would check the connector to make sure its securely connected. I’d also check to make sure the fan spins freely. I’ve ridden two up in hot weather and had no problem with overheating. I hope your problem has an easy fix. Duke
  11. The only part of my gear that isn’t waterproof (Goretex) are my gloves. If I’m going to ride for a long time in rain, I put on my Aerostich triple digit rain covers. Otherwise I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about rain gear.
  12. Riding home yesterday I got to educate a cager on proper merging. I was cruising along in the left lane in the interstate with a semi in the center lane a couple of car lengths ahead of me. I was gaining on the truck, but not flying past him because we were coming into a heavily patrolled section of road. Cars were merging from an on-ramp, and a minivan decided to merge immediately into my lane without looking. Fortunately I saw that this was likely to happen, so I was already decelerating. When she blindly merged into my lane I gave her a couple short taps from my horn, which is definitely not stock. She immediately thought she had cut off someone in an old Buick, not a motorcycle. When she glanced over her shoulder and saw me she clearly mouthed “Oh $h!t” and proceeded to swerve back and forth like a fool. It was pretty apparent by her behavior that she has been on a motorcycle and knew that she had done something incredibly stupid. Hopefully she learned a lesson to look, not just listen for motorcycles. Loud pipes don’t save lives, conscious and considerate driving does.
  13. I finally had an opportunity to take some measurements of the PWM duty cycle for each of the 10 levels available on the menu, and what I found surprised me. 10=51.5% 9=51.5% 8=51.5% 7=51.5% 6=51.5% 5=51.5% 4=31.5% 3=21.4% 2=0% 1=0% So basically there are only 3 levels of adjustment. I would be extremely interested in taking the same measurements with factory heated grips to see if the percentages are different. Also, I figured out why my left grip doesn’t get nearly as warm as my right grip. Can anyone say, “Massive heatsink?”
  14. I used the clutch side heat shrink too, but I am still surprised at how much difference there is between the two grips. It's not a huge issue, but I suppose it's worth mentioning.