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  1. Thank you. I orderd one and we'll see!
  2. Hello, I have removed a bit of paint on the black frame with a tool this afternoon (FJ 2015) and I am looking for paint color in order to do a little touchup. What would you recommend? I was looking on www.colorrite.com as Yahama advice but could't find color code for black in the search with 2015 model. I also did a quick check on this forum but did not find the informaiton either.
  3. I was wondering if we should get the Metzeler Roadtec 01 HWM (Heavy Weight Motorcycles) or the standard. Anybody knows?
  4. I'll be there around the 20th of May.
  5. Do you think this GPS bracket would fit on 2015? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stand-Holder-Mobile-Phone-GPS-Plate-Bracket-For-Yamaha-MT-09-Tracer-FJ-09-16-17/153319147116
  6. I don't understand where the foam is exactly? I've never removed the tank, yet. Someone has a picture?
  7. I started doing this by mistake and like you I was wondering if it was made that way on purpose. It felt so right and easy that now I do it when I want some fun.
  8. It's funny that you say that because same thing is hapening to me: it hurts real bad after 2 hours. Sometimes I have to open it (it's modular) in order to release the pressure. Did you get the Shoei on sale? Price is not even close...
  9. I am looking for comfort pegs for my passenger that I can close when I am running alone. What would you recommand?
  10. From which website would you buy them now?
  11. HI, I also used them and had a small oil leak. The screws and spacers does not work well for our bikes so I had to ask and find others. Finally, I removed the sliders the next year and installed givi engine guard which are much better. I would recommand you to do so. Watch what happens when people go down with that sliders and you will decide after that
  12. I ordered them from Fortnine (Canada) and there was some pieces missing in the top box. Now I am trying to get them... Except that, I like the cases very much.
  13. Welcome ! I watched your video before buying the shad cases. It was helpful! Keep going with the new GT, mate
  14. Brackets: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/182011878799 Footpegs: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/372198863429 Turns out that it was only about $30 total now that I look at it again. For what it's worth both items feel very solid and high quality. I just needed to get some slightly shorter (M8x25) bolts and they worked out beautifully. I wil wait until your test in order to know if the footpegs move or if they stay at the right place ^^
  15. Any news on ecu reflash in Canada? If only it was close to the province of Quebec!