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  1. When I had the FJ09 in for some service or other I had the shop install the Yamaha lowering links and lower the forks. When people install the lowering links I hear advice they have to compress the suspension. When pulling the lowering links and replacing them with the stock links, is it an easier job or about the same? Two specification questions. 1) Torque value for link bolts? 2) At what height should I lower the forks/raise the triple clamps?
  2. I like the comfort of the Sargent seat but I don't like the width. It is too wide and I find this is what makes the seat feel higher. I would prefer to have the seat narrowed. Not sure if they will do that. I will inquire.
  3. Are you talking about me? I did not install the akrapovic exhaust, but, I was seriously considering it, or possibly, the Hindle... but I chose the Yoshimura because it has is what I believe is the best combination of lightweight, power and sound all the while retaining an exhaust catalyst. It continues to be a great choice.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how much do you weigh? I don't find the stock kick stand has changed that badly but I could adjust it.
  5. Fair enough. Well, I guess the more important thing to protect on this bike is the underside for now. Anybody know if this SW Motech skid plate fits with the Yoshimura exhaust? http://www.twistedthrottle.ca/sw-motech-aluminum-engine-guard-skid-plate-for-yamaha-xsr900-16
  6. The heck with it...lol. Somebody else can inquire...and they are possibly just as expensive. I ordered the MT-09 Adventure pegs from the UK. Hopefully I don't pay too much duties or taxes.
  7. Any idea's if the mounting hardware that would come with these pegs would work ok? They are sold as Adventure pegs for the SCR950 here in Canada. https://www.yamaha-motor.ca/eshop/detail.php?sectionId=AC&groupId=19&subGroupId=10&categoryId=17&itemId=6344&unitId=4809&unitName=2017+SCR950&unitGroup=MC&unitYear=2017 Even if the hardware was not correct, would it just be a matter of finding a proper length (or one of those variable length) clevis' ...or are the springs difficult to make work if they are not the ones for the MT09?
  8. So I noticed this puppy sticks out quite a bit and should I go down on the right side, the muffler is going to meet the road. Anybody bother with some sort of guard or protection for the muffler? Is there anything that protects the muffler without looking really odd?
  9. Further... They SHOULD be designed as close to concentric as possible, otherwise the chain will go from slack to very tight depending on when and where in the travel the two points differ in height.
  10. Can you adjust the brightness of the Highspeedtech Photons down a little bit? I think the solution I am going to go with is this: 1) Yamaha LED rear turn signals on my custom semi-tail tidy which I am hoping works with my side cases AND also use the turn-signal functionality of my Custom LED rear tail-light. 2) Photon or similar side LED blinkers flush mount on the fairing. 3) Stock oem, Acerbis or Bark Buster Hand Guards with LED's turn signals. Hand guard turn signals will allow better visibility from the front. Photon flush mount signals will allow better visibility from the side given my side cases. Overall hoping to come up with a custom solution that works for me.
  11. I tried the MRA only and it works ok. I may sell the Ermax.
  12. If anything, I think chain tension issues are often the result of the countershaft sprocket and swingarm pivot orientation. It's an issue when they are not close to one another. The closer they are, the less change you will get in chain tension as a result of suspension/swingarm travel.
  13. I had my mechanic loosen up the chain a bit so it feels like it isn't tight right off the bat. It was in for a recall and he did the adjustment for free so what the heck. I think I heard a slap after hitting a bump on the ride home but again, checking it with my hand on the center stand after the adjustment he made it felt the way I think it should have.
  14. Got it. So if it feels tight just beginning to press on the chain from the get go, odds are it is probably too tight. thanks