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  1. I had already sent 2WDW emailed videos and we have exchanged multiple texts discussing my question of servo control. They have been very quick to respond. They say their FTECU software doesn't have any option for them to modify any throttle interlocks or any other parameter that controls throttle opening while the bike isn't running. They only have control over the fuel mapping per cylinder (by gear), ignition mapping per cylinder (by gear), throttle-by-wire mapping per rider mode (by gear), the diagnostic code manager, fan temperature control, and closed loop operation control. I cannot explain it, but now, after flash with ignition on & engine off, ECU can command servo to open/close throttle plates with the twist of a wrist! For the life of me, I do not remember this happening with my stock OE ECU. Bottom line is 2WDW flash greatly improves engine roll on/off. It is smooth and powerful/predictable now in start-up A Mode. I highly recommend. When ECU is permitted to control servo motor is still a mystery to me.
  2. I don't know, Skip...Tonight I removed Airbox to inspect wiring and TPS. With airbox off I connected my new 2WDW flashed ECU and turned ignition on. Without engine running I can hear the servo motor high pitch humming all the way across the garage, (but this is with gas tank, airbox and bodywork off bike). BUT with the ignition keyed on without engine running, I can twist my throttle and hear the Servo motor move and watch the butterfly Throttle Plates Rotate. As I turn throttle, and watch plates rotate, the Servo humming changes pitch. I think betoney agrees with what you say. He hears no servo or butterfly plates moving, no change in sound, when he turns his throttle with key on and engine off. I can only guess that when 2WDW flashed my OE ECU, their new program does not need to have starter turning or engine running to have servo motor respond to APS signal. The bike started and ran great with flashed ECU. It is just that I had never heard this engine off servo motor dry grinding sound or changing pitch before because of running engine noise. Friday I am going to contact 2WDW again and ask about the starter/running engine interlock. 2WDW had already told me they had never heard of this noise before and if bike was running fine with no ill effect, to just ignore it. But I would like the peace of mind knowing I am not going to have to replace a servo motor in near future. Thanks.
  3. Thanks again, betony. Ever since I owned this bike, from day one, I have had a high pitch electronic wining sound come on with ignition switch. It was not obnoxious, overwhelming. Just thought it was normal for the bike's electronics. But now it is much louder. I have body work/tank off to check APS and wiring, so throttle/servo dry grinding and this variable pitch wine are much more pronounced. I am going to check TPS connector and then re-assemble bike and ride it again. Looks like I will be making a Covid19 era appointment with Yamaha dealer to investigate. Something is not right.
  4. Thanks for checking, betony. When you turn your ignition on, after initial bike self-diagnostic check, do you get the high pitch electronic wining sound? When I twist the throttle now, besides the servo dry grinding noise, this electronic wining sound also changes pitch and is even intermittent on throttle roll off. But engine ran great on hour ride after ECU flash. Surprising these noises started right after flash. I contacted 2WDW. They said they have never heard of this happening before. Not to worry about it unless it actually causes rideability issue. Maybe I have an ailing APS. 2016 model year manufactured in August 2105 with only 3,351 miles. A left over dealer demo bike bought with full warranty.
  5. I have a 2016 FJ09 with less than 4,000 miles. Bike is in great condition, but I needed to do something about that classic Yamaha jerky roll on/off throttle response. Took advantage of 2WDW recent deal and had a full ECU flash done with my OE exhaust. Communication was great. Turnaround was great. I reassembled bike and the ride was better than great! Totally satisfied. Smooth and powerful/predictable now in A Mode. Highly recommend 2WDW! One question though. After the reinstall of the flashed ECU, I had ignition switched on with engine off to verify turn signals, fuel gauge etc. Dash lit right up and went to Mode A. Great, no problem. But, my question is, after the flash with ignition on and engine off, when I rotate the throttle, I get a dry grinding sound from the servo. I turn ignition off and rotation of the throttle is silky smooth. When I turn the ignition on and power system up, is only time I get a noisy dry sound from servo motor. Has anyone else experienced this? To be honest it may have made a different noise before the ECU flash, but now it is very noticeable. Can some one out there without a flash tell me if their stock ECU servo makes different noises when turning the throttle with/without the with ignition on? Also can someone with a 2WDW flash tell me if they get the same noisy results? I love the results of flash, I am just concerned I might be damaging servo.
  6. I have a 2016 Raven Black FJ-09 that I wanted to add a little color to. Back in 2018 on eBay I found "Bespoke Design Service" in UK that sold a nice simple understated Black, White & Red FJR1300 rim decal. I contacted them and asked if they could make me a similar set of black, white and red FJ-09 decals. Attached is photo of what www.classicstickers.co.uk sent me me back in August of 2018, delivered to North Carolina USA for $13.35 USD. They sent me a set of 12 decals. I placed two on each side of each wheel rim. Do not know if they are still in business, but they were great to work with. Got the exact understated look I was wanted.
  7. I know it has been over 8 months since your post, but did you find your set of OE saddle bags? I have a nearly virgin set with 3 locks, two keys and the OE lower bag support kit off of my 2016 FJ-09. Located in SE USA.
  8. I got tired of looking at that unfinished ugly hole in rear hugger. I found a clean solution to plug the hole. I purchased a Horseshoe Rubber Grommet, Rubber Plug 1" Diameter p.n. 927-2846 off eBay sold by Aeclsouth in lot of quantity of 10, but they sold me quantity of 1 for $2 + $2 S&H. Attached photos shows how I trimmed Rubber Horseshoe Grommet to fit. I folded bottom flap back under hugger. Photos show both inside and outside of hugger with rubber grommet on my 2016 FJ-09.