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  1. Back in the day we didn't have center stands. Dirt bikes and such we sat on the bike and set it from that. There were only side stands till you got to bigger bikes. Now my 50 cc ZUMA scooter has a center stand but no side stand, WTH? Then my ZRX1100 only had a side stand.
  2. And I check mine sitting on the bike reaching down with my left hand. Been doing it that way since I was a kid. It was nice those 15 years or so when i owned VMaxes. Shaft drive and all. Change the rear end gear oil once a year, oh that's tuff! 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 when it's on the center stand might work out to 1 to 1 1/2 when sitting on the bike. That's how you're measuring the slack correct? Sitting on the bike? Seems like you won't get the correct slack on the center stand. That's been the chain slack I've used on all my bikes since i was a kid. 1 to 1 1/2 inches. More like 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches. Pretty standard I think.
  3. Me too! Dang this thing sits high for a 31 or so inseam....... I'm 6'2" but all torso, no leg.
  4. This is my 1st fuel injected bike. All others were carbs. i have adjusted how I ride it and have sometimes even gone to "B" mode on tight twisties to smooth the throttle even more. It was annoying at 1st but as a human I have adapted, resistance is futile....
  5. It's $196.95 now and special order. I'm guessing they sold the ones they had.
  6. Was over that way a week or so ago. Not too many leaves fslling yet and the temps were great.
  7. I buy Yamaha filters on ebay. OEM filters I think it was a 3 pack, good price, about 12 bucks each. Ah, here ya go..... Oil Filter for Yamaha Genuine Engine OEM Replacement 1WD/2MB/5JW/5GH-13440-00-50 Application for Yamaha 2000-2016 Yamaha YZF-R1. 2015...
  8. Have you set the tightness on your headset bearings? With the bike on the center stand. Have someone sit back on the bike or on the pillion to get the front tire in the air. Grab the bottom of the forks and lift up and down and see if there is any looseness or clunk. There are also threads on here where people have put different style bearings in the front end. I don't think it's necessary to go that far but repacking the bearings and setting them will probably fix it. Did it to many a VMax with head shake.
  9. Was there last week with old friends. Yes upper Hwy 28, "Moonshiners'" as it's known is excellent with tight corners down to a posted 10 mph on up to the high speed sweepers at 80-90 mph. Lots of nice shady areas on the ride kept it cool. One of my faves too!
  10. Yeah, what texscottyd said......and again, 110K is impressive.
  11. Well that sux. Sorry to hear that but going through a ditch might have bent something. Do stuff like take the calipers off let them hang and spin the front tire. Loosen the axle and see how it does. then on to checking the axle, then the rim. Not sure how you check forks. I'm sure someone will chime in. Good luck, I know it would be driving me crazy. It's my bike man, an extension of me......and it's hurting.
  12. So have you tried another O2 sensor? Did you take it to the dealer or are you profecent in using tools? Enquiring minds have to know.......
  13. You made a good choice. I sold my ZX11 Ninja and ZRX1100 and bought my single owner '15 with 2,348 miles for 7 grand cash. Have almost 11,000 miles on it now a year and 3 months later. Very pleased with my purchase. Welcome to the forum, "Search" is your friend. We've talked about A LOT of topics on this bike so search for it and you'll get quick answers and not have to wait for someone to comment. A categories, like windshields. We've reviewed every windshield there is out there even on the Chinese eBay. Even customizing your stock windshield and clip on tops on aftermarket windshields and OEM windshields. same with the next category. Lots of good info, and remember. The best thing you can do to your bike is to go out and ride it.
  14. 2015 Yamaha Fj09 Speedo Tach Gauges Display Cluster Speedometer Tachometer This gauge is in good condition with normal wear. It is from a...
  15. Heck if you have the time over the weekend. Take the body work off around the speedo unit and track the wire bundles to their plugs. Unplug and re-plug the connectors. Disconnect the battery 1st!!! Once you've re-plugged tthe connectors, hook the battery up and see if it comes back on. You might save yourself a half day and easy 150.00 to 250.00 for a quick find by the service tech. I work on copiers and we re-plug lots of times for weird connection problems. Might save a buck!