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  1. I do like it that the adjs match the rims. I'll give ya points for that!!!!
  2. I'd be lubing it on each ride if I did it that often. Now if you ride about 200 miles a week to work and back yes. Or were you being sarcastic?????
  3. Yup, a plumber told me to buy the 6 year water heater. It has the same tank as the 12 year. It doesn't pay enough to have 2 different tanks. Batteries are pretty much lead plates and acid in a plastic container. Whatever battery you get it should be fine. I like others use a Battery Tender. The Jr model.
  4. This is what I run in my bikes, scooters, lawn equipment. YTZ10S-BS High Performance - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for... I have used this company for years with good results. I also use a Battery Tender on all my equipment. Even my Tacoma truck. I have a company car so my truck gets cranked every 2 weekends and run for 12 minutes and then every 2 months I drive it the 48 miles around the lake to keep things moving that need to be moving. But both my bikes, my lawn tractor and my Tacoma have battery tenders on them. I change out my batteries every 4 years whether they need it or not.
  5. I used Federated Freight. and was pleased. Cost from Penn to Louisiana 469.00. Probably 6-7 years ago. Bought bike on Ebay. Federal Motorcycle Transport | East Peoria, IL | Chicago, IL Federal Motorcycle Transport | East Peoria, IL | Chicago...
  6. Yamaha FJ09/FZ09/MT09 Tracer Slipper Clutch Upgrade and cable update My 2015 FJ09 had a traditional clutch. The 2017 and newer... Here it is Stew
  7. The parts from Yamaha are just over 200 bucks, 203 I think, last I looked. Will keep me from sliding the rear tire as much in the tight twisties.
  8. I know what you mean Stew. I wish it had that Ducati Dry Clutch sound instead of a wounded animal sound, LOL! I got it with just over 3,000 miles and this motor has lots of sounds. Clutch works perfectly. Do want to do a slipper but for some reason 2020 has just been a really strange year. Always something coming up, central air went out, dog got health problems, over 2,000 bucks at this point on the dog and it might be 150.00 a month from now on to keep her alive. Her immune system is killing off her red blood cells. Steroids 2 times a day and another pill once a day. Plus a blood test to see if the steroids have kicked the immune system in the head. If the steriods stop it we will be back to normal but we haven't gotten there in 3 months. Just between the A/C and the dog I could have gotten a second killer bike......
  9. Man I love me the smell of some Castor Bean Oil! I have a 2 stroke ZUMA 50 cc Yamaha scooter. Because you know.....scooters are like fat chicks. They are both fun to ride till your friends catch you on them, LOL!
  10. 🤣🤣😂😂😝😝😵😵🧐🧐
  11. Great idea Stew. Hadn't thought of that. Does get a bit cruddy down there.
  12. Electric = instant torque!!!!! Yes I love the sound of different motors tho in my middle age, 60's, I now keep my bikes with a stock exhaust. I wear ear plugs and am not into the noise. Just get it to where I get 400 to 500 miles on a charge and I'm there!I I'm an old VMax owner, had 3. I used to say when I got to old to hold it up I was going to trike it and put a blower on it. Yes they do make a blower kit with a 4 barrel carb sitting on top. That way it will still smoke the tires, LOL! Yeah I can't wait for electric to mature.