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  1. Yes they are...... being a "biker" is a life style, bring on "SOA" with leathers, Harley's etc. where motorcyclists are pretty much normal folks who like to ride motorcycles. Websters dictionary needs an update for sure. As always YMMV.
  2. Motorcyclists are different than bikers. I had to school them on it at work too.
  3. LMAO over here on that 1 betoney. Just begging.........begging........🤣😈🤣
  4. I used to have 3. Well 2.5 a ZRX1100 and a ZX11 plus a ZUMA scooter. In DC I had a 1999 VMax and a 1999 ZRX1100. In Louisiana before going to DC in 2002 I had 1994 and a 1995 VMax. Was going to have 1 VMax bored to a 1500 with flat sides. Approx. 175 RWHP and roasts the rear tire while pulling up the front wheel with roll ons in 2nd. Then I went to a VMOA meet where there were 5 of them. The guys were out a couple of hours early in front of the motel with barometers, humidity, altitude gauges. I asked them and they had come from different altitudes and the barometric pressure and humidity factored into how the bike would run so they were setting it up to ride for the day. Well that was it for me, too much sugar for a dime as my Mom would say. That's when I learned how forgiving CV carbs are, LOL! So I traded the 1995 VMax for a 1995 ZX11. That's when I fell in love with ZX1100s. So then I had a 1995 VMax and ZX11 till I left for DC. So I'm guessing 2 or 1.5 is it. A FJ09 as my main bike and a ZUMA scooter for riding to neighbors houses out here at the lake is the right number for me.
  5. Mine looked like that till I put OEM heated grips on my 2015. I had it work out perfect with the OEM heated grips.
  6. Go for the suspension if you want a difference you can feel.
  7. wordsmith, I had mine fly off my face years ago on a trip from California to Louisiana back to California. Back then, mid 70's I was 17, no helmet with a bandanna on my head. Me and a buddy were on my 1976 CB400F. Happened on the way back around sweetwater, TX. Went back and found the left lens on the side of the road. Rich had to drive from then on. My vision is 20/240, in other words I see at 20 feet what most people see at 240 feet. Layed on cement tables at the rest stop before El Paso, TX with 1 eye closed and holding the lens in front of my left eye to look at the stars. Out in west Texas the sky is big with lots of stars. What do they say, it's not the destination it's the ride. That was definitely an adventure, Yes Sir!!!
  8. Here are the last 2 bikes since 2004, a ZRX1100 Eddie Lawson Kawi, a 1996 ZX11 Ninja, notice the handle bars, old man crotch rocket and a 1999 VMax carbon fiber. All from a long list. The list gets pretty long when your in your 60s!
  9. Plus if it's binding like that just think how hot the disk gets going down the road.
  10. One of the first things that left my FJ when I got it. I added weight with a rear rack and SHAD40 liter top case to go with the Hebco-Becker side cases. I took off the rear rider pegs and the bark busters too. I figure you add weight and you take it away. Try, try, try to keep the weight down. I've had a thing for Turono's my whole life......well since I learned Aprilla had them, LOL! Just wish my mechanics didn't have to be Italians to own 1.
  11. They have 1 it seems in the used parts section


    He may still have it. It was down to 350.00 front and rear section!

    1. scopie85


      Thanks for the info, i did see it when searching the forum for seat information but im in the UK and his ad says only posting to mainland US. Plus i have just been quoted $343 for a new seat direct from Top Sellerie. But thanks for the pointer. Nice to see friendly help.

      Ride safe 👍

  12. So after the removal of the bushings the light fits correctly and looks factory? 😎
  13. How about the fit betoney? I was thinking about the Blaster-X and not getting this; TST Industries | Brake Light Modulator for Yamaha OEM Tail Lights Upgrade your Yamaha OEM tail light with improved safety, style... Now I'm back to getting the brake light modulator with the disappointment with fit and brightness.
  14. And now I know not to waste my money on expensive plugs on the FJ. She apparently isn't high maintenance. 😍