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  1. I have 5 years old Nolan N86. Soon will be time for new one.
  2. Dude, that blue tracer looks exactly like mine.
  3. Yesterday on Grossglockner hochalpenstrasse
  4. It's a Japanese motorcycle... Some rust is OK.
  5. Remains of an old cast iron factory.
  6. Today on cold and a bit rainy sunday I decided to fix rattling peace of (sh..) plastic under wind screen adjusting bolt. I squeezed with a screwdriver, a little rubber O-ring between bolt flange and that plastic piece. Also I fixed loosening of adjusting bolt with counter nut.
  7. https://touratech-usa.com/store/Storage-Bag-Under-Tail-Light-Yamaha-MT-09
  8. No offset, no warnings on sprocket, or workshop manual. I'm thinking the same, that rubber ring and the chain are not yet seated. Old one have quite deep grooves.
  9. Chain I replaced was not over streched. I replaced it, because few x-rings cracked, and chain became stiff. And yes, I tried with new chain and old front sprocket.