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  1. It's a Japanese motorcycle... Some rust is OK.
  2. Remains of an old cast iron factory.
  3. Today on cold and a bit rainy sunday I decided to fix rattling peace of (sh..) plastic under wind screen adjusting bolt. I squeezed with a screwdriver, a little rubber O-ring between bolt flange and that plastic piece. Also I fixed loosening of adjusting bolt with counter nut.
  4. https://touratech-usa.com/store/Storage-Bag-Under-Tail-Light-Yamaha-MT-09
  5. No offset, no warnings on sprocket, or workshop manual. I'm thinking the same, that rubber ring and the chain are not yet seated. Old one have quite deep grooves.
  6. Chain I replaced was not over streched. I replaced it, because few x-rings cracked, and chain became stiff. And yes, I tried with new chain and old front sprocket.
  7. Hi I recently replaced factory chain and front sprocket (rear shows no wear). Sprocket is damped, and is Yamaha genuine part, and chain is EK 525 ZVX3. I'm hearing a clicking sound coming from front sprocket under acceleration. It's definitely from front sprocket, because I have tried the old OEM sprocket, and the sound was gone. Is it possible that chain and sprocket needs to break in? Rear wheel is aligned, chain free play on center stand is 30-35mm.
  8. Chains on FJ's have X-rings, not O-rings, and this thing sticking out of your chain is part of that X, if you know what I mean.
  9. Removable bracket for Yamaha MT-09 Tracer/Tracer 900GT - SW-MOTECH SW-MOTECH.COM Vibration damped GPS mount, flexible adjustable, removable within seconds through QUICK-LOCK function, by SW-MOTECH for Yamaha MT-09...