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  1. enx

    BMW F900XR

    Engine is made by Loncin, China.
  2. enx

    BMW F900XR

    Yesterday I saw f900xr, and I'm not impressed at all. Chinese engine, crappy foot pegs, wierd windscreen adjusting mechanism, totally unadjustable front suspension... I was expecting more from BMW.
  3. I see this is quite a challenge. Should I change it?
  4. If my pic count, next target is pic of your bike next to a sign that shows 2500m above sea level, or higher.
  5. I have 5 years old Nolan N86. Soon will be time for new one.
  6. Dude, that blue tracer looks exactly like mine.
  7. Yesterday on Grossglockner hochalpenstrasse
  8. It's a Japanese motorcycle... Some rust is OK.
  9. Remains of an old cast iron factory.