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  1. Id like to buy a rear seat from someone who may have upgraded and isn't using the OEM seat. I recently had some issue with my luggage rack and Would like to try and retro fit a plate to the rear seat for when I ride solo. Please let me know if any one has one they aren't using. Thanks
  2. @fddriver2 thats what im talking about. way to get out there. Ill see what type of historic or roadside attraction I can find this weekend. Im going to try and get a little run out in the next few days if the weather works in my favor.
  3. Its been a week, I picked the Guitar since it was previously mentioned. Any one live near a hard rock? They have a huge neon guitar at most locations. I don't want to get 2 in a row, but I can get to the Hard Rock if someone else can't get this done by the end of the weekend.
  4. If you don't want to count the performers in the Bars from @bigorangecntry07, I have it covered. The Photo is really bad since I had to take it in a rush. But in the background under the stop lights are 3 kids. 2 playing drums and one dresses as Elmo in the street playing for money. Everyone is facing looking at them, In the photo you can only see the 1 kid with the large base drum and the top of Elmos head. Ive tried to link a Video also. Neon Guitar Sign is a good next target.
  5. @limpy88 thats a killer shot with a drone. nice work
  6. I haven't had much time on the bike but I was stuck in traffic on my way home yesterday and I figured i could snap a quick photo. This is Independence Hall (you may recognize this from the back of the $100 bill) and in the building to the left holds the Liberty Bell. Its kinda fitting for 4th of July The Next Target is your FJ-09 in a Harley Davidson Dealership lot or with the HD Dealership sign. Whats more American that Harley, right? Hope everyone has a fun safe holiday and gets some time on 2 wheels.
  7. Missed the Flag but got the BMW. I ended up parked briefly next to two BMWs last night - a 4 wheel BMW (owner unknown) and a 2 wheel BMW (GS1150 that my buddy owns) I took a quick photo with my phone. and I had a better photo from a ride last week with a buddy who also has a BMW, but didn't want to use it unless I got a photo after the target was posted. Next target your FJ-09 in a photo with construction equipment larger than the bike
  8. @texscottyd I have the perfect one to fill the stars and stripes quota if I can get down by it tomorrow on the way to work or home from work
  9. Did a drive by on the fire department this morning. It was overcast and sprinkling so they were packed away, but you can see 4 of them in the garage. Next up Your FJ09 with a water tower in the background Glad to see the post getting some love now that the weather is breaking.
  10. I have a 660 with lifetime maps. I do not use it for the blue tooth into my helmet, even tho you can if you would like. As many said before it’s waterproof which was key for me. I use HD Ride planner to build routes and upload them to the gps. One of the nice things about the Garmin is you can load many points into a route and pick which roads you want to ride. It’s not a point a to point b (unless that’s what you want) You can build a loop or nice twisty roads to your destination. It also comes with a mount and the proper stuff to wire it right to the bike. I’ve had mine for 2-3 years and also have a handful of other rider friends that use the 660 as well.
  11. This past week I had an interesting event on the FJ09. I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Parts and Accessory or in the Known Issues and Solutions section. I was on my way home from work, exiting off the highway for my house and I felt something hit my back. I immediately reached around and it was my entire top box had come loose. I pulled over and the adapter plate was still attached to the box but was completely detached form the rack. I took a look and the quick locks had broken. there is a photo below of what they look like and what they should look like. I had less than a mile home, so took it slow and managed to make it home with out dropping the top box off the bike at all. I have the SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK with the and a TraX EVO 38-Liter Top Case currently on the bike. I don't think that all 3 of the quick locks snapped at the same time, I think that they have slowly been breaking, But i have never checked them. (my top case was nearly empty, I had a pair of spring gloves and rain gear. 5Lbs max) Since I purchased the bike used with the racks and cases already installed I did not reach out to SW-Motech or Twisted Throttle since the warranty in non transferable. The replacement quick locks are $9.95 each plus shipping. I opted to replace them with <$4.00 worth of Stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts from the local hardware store. I don't need the quick release, I can't think of a time that I wouldn't be at home when I needed to remove the adapter plate. I have looked around on the web and on this forum and found one other guy with a similar issue on a VFR Forum. If you have the SW-Motech Alu rack and adapter plate for your bike you may want to take a second to check the quick release pins every so offten. Thankfully the box didn't come off at speed or on a busy road, it could have been very messy. Any one else on here have a similar set up and experienced anything like this?
  12. @alexpa like @betoney posted. I just googled OPM parts for the 16 and found the decals. I used blue painters tape to mark the outline of the old decals and took a heat gun to take them off. I put the new decals on and removed the paint tape. I cleaned the area with light soapy water before i removed the decals and hit the space for the decal with some rubbing alcohol before I installed the new ones. Not many will notice the change but I see it every time I walk up to my bike and I think it just looks a little cleaner with the black and grey vs the red.
  13. @bigorangecntry07 what ram mount did you use? Do you think it will be able to stay in place if you ever put the stock screen back on?
  14. Ive just moved from a 13' Ninja 650 to a 16' FJ-09 and I wouldn't go back. The FJ has plenty of power compared to the Twin and its only a few lbs heavier. 464lb for the FJ and 455lbs for the Ninja 650. If you can take one for a spin you will drop the Kawasaki in a heart beat. Every aspect of this bike is better than the Kawasaki in my opinion. The seat position, the power, the wind protection, the overall comfort. I felt the ninja 650 and the Versy 650 are both good bikes, they can do anything that you want. They do not do anything excellent but can do almost anything alright. Every category that the Kawasaki is OK in the FJ is great in (if not great, better) I was between a Versy 1000 and the FJ when it was time for a new bike and the FJ won for me. Good luck with the search.
  15. @clint , @redfjniner , @betoney Thank you guys for the concern and heads up. The thought has crossed my mind, and you are not the 1st one to mention this to me. I ride with a great group of guys most of the time and will ask their opinions when we ride together next. If they confirm the suspicion the Stock signals will go back on until I find the proper solution. That being said - anyone have any suggestions for smaller blinkers that are visible? @hawkeye have you had anyone you ride with mention your turn signals? I noticed you have the same ones I have installed.