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  1. Tourmaster Over Pants that are water resistant and use 500 and 105O denier. Also in lode CE 2 armor at the knees. Price is good.
  2. I don't plan to do throttle body syncing unless the bike starts to run rough. Doing it every 4000 miles is nonsense.
  3. I live in Rohnert Park and take rides out to the cost almost every weekend. Send me a PM so that I can give you my contact info.
  4. After being in two crashes, I have no problem spending money on premium gloves. I ride with Held gloves. Held makes high quality gloves with strong materials such as kangaroo leather and Kevlar.
  5. Normal. The right side of the instrument panel on my 2017 is slightly darker
  6. Installed Pazzo levers. Love the feel and ease of adjustability that can be done even while riding. High quality build..
  7. I purchased the Shad SH48 top box. Does not affect the handling of the bike and has plenty of room for my helmet, jacket, gloves, and a few other items. I would not think qbout getting anything smaller. The top box came with a back pad for pillion rider. Looke great on the bike
  8. Welcome to the site. I reduced the buzz significantly by upgrading the handguards to Barkbusters. These Handguards come with bar end weights. And, I replaced the grips with Progrip 714 gel grips http://www.motorcyclecloseouts.com/extras/sport+&+tour+accessories/progrip_714+dual+sport+grips?gclid=CjwKCAjwiurXBRAnEiwAk2GFZgYIifSP0ONgYLsUf_olZoZt8gbRWJWF31TqXqnoWKoI2AXPB0XyCBoC0m4QAvD_BwE
  9. How much of that cost is government taxes? The cost of crude oil does not change for different countries. Also, BP manages to sell petrol much cheaper in the USA
  10. If you have a 2017 model, then it is not worth it as Yamaha has smoothed out the throttle response. For previous years it is probably worth it.
  11. The ability to make this adjustment on the 2017+ was disabled by Yamaha. I find A-mode to be very smooth.
  12. Now that the weather is warmer I removed the handguards and then installed Puig bar ends. The bar ends are made for the FZ09 but fit perfectly on the FJ-09. The bar ends come with 5 different color rings. I chose gold to match my forks