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  1. I have these ready to put on the bike for that reason, Two Point Mount - Barkbusters Moto I will likely leave the plastic off in the summer for more air on the hands, but should make a noticeable difference in the winter and rain.
  2. The plastic high / low adjuster did not work with my Corbin seat, I had to completely remove it from the bike to get the seat to fit properly. May want to try removing it altogether as well, you might have an easier time getting it on there
  3. Maybe consider having someone make you a new leg out of steel so it won't flex.
  4. Looks awesome! My sister lives just outside of Denver in Westminster.... I go there a bit to visit and ski in the winter but I really want to get my bike out there and ride the mountains!
  5. Jesus, way to make it complicated hahaha
  6. Can you tell me how you've got it wired? I have this as well and tapped into the back of the light controller and I can't get it to function properly. The lights are working right now but dim when I hit the high beams.
  7. I was the one that just texted you. Apparently I messed up the number on the first one I sent last week and just noticed it... 😕
  8. Yeah man, I'm close to downtown! My buddy in West Nash bought one and my dad as well!
  9. I plan to stick it under the seat, shouldn't ride with it on, I wouldn't think. Or keep it in a tank bag.
  10. Can you do a quote to 32711 for shipping? Very interested!
  11. It's a straight cut gear I believe. There's nothing you can do for it.
  12. I bought a pair to upgrade my front signals, however, am I the only one that has issues with them sitting flush?? The housing of the light is too large to sit down in the recess of the panel and if it were to sit flush on top of the panel the mounting stud wouldn't be long enough to secure it. So to those that have installed them, did you add some sort of plastic spacer or adapter plate behind them? That's what I get for thinking this would be an quick and easy install.