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  1. 17 and up have 2 modes and off, and like dbeau said I can pull the front end up in TCS 1
  2. What size tire did you go with for the rear? 170/60/R17?
  3. Honestly, the weekend I went was not bad at all. Hit it about noon on a Sunday and it was pretty open surprisingly
  4. I believe the cause of this is oil not up to operating temps yet.
  5. I went with the Givi touring screen. It's great for killing the wind noise and in the winter keeping the wind off of your body!
  6. Honestly surprised you didn't see more. When I was out there last month, I saw 3 wrecks on a Sunday, one sport bike on the Cherohala, and two full dresser harleys (we all know they can't turn) one on 28 near Fontana Dam and another on Tail of the Dragon, 129.... All in corners, don't think any were seriously injured but first responders were already on scene for all wrecks.
  7. Head out to the dragon any given weekend. I saw at least 5-7 last run.
  8. Ah there it is, First segmented concrete arch bridge in the US. Not sure if y'all read the section about "Suicide Bridge", I wasn't aware that was a problem until about a year ago... There only been one survivor. Big push to add taller railings on it.
  9. Natchez Trace bridge, I believe it’s like the tallest or longest concrete span in the US
  10. Going there after work today. I worked 77 hours last week so I didn't get anytime to run over there!