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  1. That's the route I always take! 30 in and out of Spencer and Pikeville are a BLAST!
  2. Excellent! Well if y'all are back this way on Sunday and want to ride give me a shout!
  3. When are you in the boro and when are y'all headed east? What's wtt?? Nice taste in trucks too, I've got a 16 ecoboost haha!
  4. I haven't had the time since making this post originally to check on the power sources yet, but in my instance the trigger wire is sent to the dimming module before any type of relay so it may have less impact in my set up. I don't really know but I hope to tackle this soon and report back! I do have the wiring diagram though so I'll see if I can find or get to the indicator light wiring.
  5. Just don't get caught speeding, its a National park and park rangers love to make the government money out there. I've never had a problem there but others I know have. Sucks for them hahaha
  6. Also on my list of upgrades... Hows that rear extended fender working? I've been thinking about getting that as well or making my own...
  7. I'm in that group but haven't ridden with any of them yet. They had what looked like a great rally not that long ago.
  8. Yup that was me at one time, back when I lived in FL.... I wore gloves at least but always riding in a T-shirt and jeans, maybe only a few times in shorts, but definitely never flops.
  9. I hear that one isn't a whole lot better, movement wise.
  10. Spent a few bucks more form something with some style... but this is definitely on my agenda! Great idea with the al-u-mini-um (for our British friends) spacers! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K3PQ2T0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I tend to not ride during extreme heat, really mid 90's is just not fun. But when I do, my favorite thing to do is stop at a gas station or super market and stand in the beer cooler for about 10 minutes 👌
  12. Yes the road 5 does have softer compounds on the sides