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  1. Guess I'll have to make more trips out to the mountains!
  2. Just got these for Chrsitmas... Haven't had the time yet to install them but very excited to get them on. They come with an inline voltage dimmer so that you can program the lights using the headlight switch to be any brightness from 0% to 100% in 10% increments while on low beams and then 100% when high beams are engaged! Now I need to figure out where I want to mount them and what brackets to use.
  3. Figured if I dropped it in the river the hard cases would help keep it breathing above water.. and the PR5 works surprisingly well off road thanks to the deeper lugs in the tires. Still have the dunlop front on though and it did fine other than the mud, turned into a ski.
  4. [video src=https://youtu.be/61Af_mtMMlw] [video src=https://youtu.be/yMW6pHkkkSw] [video src=https://youtu.be/hUVfde-LP2s] [video src=https://youtu.be/o6726CZEAzY]
  5. The FJ is very capable offroad as long as you have a good skid plate! Took mine off roading this past weekend and definitely bounced it off some rocks while fording rivers, but the higdonion trail cage did its job! (Even on street tires) Suspension was noticeably lacking though off road.
  6. Same... roughly 200ish miles Saturday with 40 being dirt, gravel, mud, and river fording! Good times...
  7. HA! Yes of course! They are now on a Tennessee whiskey trail that started up just a year or two ago. But I've been to most in the Middle Tennessee area: Jack Daniels, George D, Greenbrier, H Clark, Lieper's Fork, Short Mountain, Corsair... but yes Lynchburg / Tullahoma area has some nice riding!
  8. Did you order the Yam ones or find aftermarket bars that have the similar specs?
  9. I own a v twin Honda 600 and the FJ and by far the FJ is smoother (obviously following the smoothness to # of cylinders ratio above haha). All bikes to me are a little buzzy after riding for a long time, just chalk that up to normal riding. I'll probably follow suit with the BB's in the bars at some point but in no way does this detract me from wanting to own or ride this bike!
  10. Need to do that to mine... recent road trip in the rain left her quite dirty but well ridden! Rode it 120 miles yesterday to vote though (US General Elections)...
  11. It's always a great time! Weather could've been better but we made the most of it regardless!
  12. Here's a quick recap of my recent ride through KY from Nashville hitting a few bourbon distilleries along the way.... And just to preface this, the group of guys I ride with a lot of the time have organized this 3 times in the last 4 years, and I've been on every one. So some of the ones we went to this time around may not always be the top of the list of places to go to if you're going for the first time. Bikes on the trip included my FJ-09, a Super T, Triumph Bonneville, BMW K1200t, a rented Harley something or other, and a Honda Shadow 750 aero! Places we hit this trip: Evan Williams in DT Louisville, KY; Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg, KY; Town Branch in DT Lexington, KY; and Castle & Key just south of Frankfort, KY. Previous years: Barton 1792, Heaven Hill, Willet, Jim Beam, Stitzel-Weller, Kentucky Artisans Distillery, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Woodford, and Makers Mark! We covered roughly 650-700 miles from Friday-Sunday on this ROUTE . Friday was straight rain for 200 miles (tons of fun), Saturday was a bit colder but pleasant after a day full of rain, and Sunday was spotty showers with A LOT of wind... Some photo highlights: