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  1. I've got the Road 5s on mine, rear is almost done at 6400 miles.... IDK what kind of riding these people who get 15K miles out of them do, but they can't be having any fun with this bike.... Even still, I can get the Road 5 rear for roughly 60-80USD more than a standard sport bike tire (Bridgestone Battleaxe for example) and double the mileage. Might still be a winner in my book. I have ZERO complaints about the tire other than figuring out the longevity of them. I've crossed rivers, ran through countless miles of mud and gravel with them, and put them into a hell of a lot of good curves with no issues.
  2. Just got back from the dragon last night! 350 is mile day yesterday... Saw a handful of FJs on the Cherohala, Dragon, and down into Suches Saturday and Sunday!
  3. Headed out to ride the smokeys this weekend. Staying just east of Tellico at a friends house! Hope to spot some FJs! 

    1. Cruizin


      Have fun and ride safe! Come back and post some pics!

  4. Welcome! You'll love this bike, and especially in your area! I'm a bit west over in Nashville but riding out to Tellico this weekend to wear out my tires 😂
  5. These lights are BIG TIME with the BMW GS guys/gals, they don't shut up about them! A good set of lights are definitely worth the money if you do a lot of night time riding, especially on dark back roads! I've got some Cyclops spot/floods I need to get mounted and wired up still but looking forward to the dimmer I have with them as well. Low beams are adjustable from 0-100% and high beams go 100%... should change them game!
  6. Yes!! Old 85 is one of my all time favorite hidden roads! We need to meet up and ride together sometime! Standing Stone is really awesome to ride to. Here's just below the damn on 136!
  7. You'll wanna get one of these: Southern Appalachia G1 Map 2nd Edition (AL, TN, NC, SC, GA) – Butler Motorcycle Maps WWW.BUTLERMAPS.COM And Look for one of these maps, they should be free all over...
  8. Glad to be of assistance! They are seriously good roads! Where are you located? Moved to Knoxville? Cool man, I'm a little jealous at the easy access you've got to excellent roads now! I'll be out that way next weekend if the weather is good! Got a friend with a place in Tellico Plains! You'll also want to get out a loop called the Devil's triangle, if you haven't heard of it. TN-116, 330, 62 through Frozen Head State park near the old Brushy Mountain State Prison
  9. Oh nice, I ride down that way every now and then with some of my riding buddies!
  10. Also if you are zooming into to the Leg 2 map and wondering why in the hell did he go around maybe the best switch backs in the country on TN-85... we got a lot of rain in February this year and the roads have washed out so bad that they're closed for repairs until November! 😢 Edit: The detour wasn't so bad though... a long gravel road that led to a pretty cool road was a nice discovery!
  11. Thanks! I really like the look of the clear powder coated steel! I also spent a lot of time staring at maps all round my parents land to discover awesome roads and how in the hell to loop them all together, and boy they do not disappoint!!