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  1. Yes I took it for out for 180 mile ride and it was definitely louder. I rode with and without ear plugs as a test and sounded louder for sure. The bike did seem to run smoother in the higher rpms and was a little more peppy at higher speeds. I’ll probably just fill one or two holes at time till I feel like I can find the balance of peppy and not stupid loud.
  2. Well I drilled 10 3/16 size holes in my baffle and it definitely is louder. So my question is would JB weld hold up to the heat if I wanted to fill a few holes?
  3. Me too. I just installed a set of givi crash bars for highway pegs but not sure what people are running.
  4. I drilled out my baffle and it seemed to smooth out the throttle as well.
  5. Plus 1 for the scorpion as well, I love mine.
  6. Not motorcycle related but I like to watch Cleetus McFarland on the YouTube, he actually just bought a abandoned race track in Florida and will be producing some really awesome content this year. Old Cleetus is kinda a goofball but his Chanel is always super positive. He made his name and channel with his twin turbo corvette named Leroy and his love of all things Dale Earnhardt. I also like FTA (forty times around) adventures, this dude quit his job sold all his stuff and is full time traveling on his motorcycle. The channel cover gear reviews, camping gear, apps related free camping and some really cool riding and scenery type stuff. two wheel obsession is good as well, lots of great maintenance info on his channel.
  7. If you had to guess, what size drill bit do you think you used?
  8. I have the carbon version and yes it’s deeper, not louder that’s what I liked about this exhaust. Looks like I will be drilling out my baffle as well and see what I notice.
  9. Did you notice any change in the way your bike sounds? Did it get louder?
  10. I work at a chemical company and this is by far the scariest chemical we have, and we have some gnarly chemicals. Kingfisher put it mildly, this shit will eat your skin all the way down to your bone and then eat your bones it seeks the calcium in your bones. We have a special cream fortified with with calcium that we are supposed to apply in case of accidental contact it’s supposed to pull the hydrofluoric towards the cream and hopefully you’ll be under a safety shower by that time rinsing yourself off till the ambulance gets there but your still F’d at that point. Pretty sure this is what the stew maker who worked for the cartels in Mexico used to dissolve all the body’s in.
  11. I kinda feel like you should let us know the name of the shop, so at the very least if someone does go there for service or whatever at least they will have a heads up to thoroughly inspect their bike before leaving.
  12. I bought that same rack, was great and very stout. I never mounted a top case to it, I used as an extension of my pillion seat to hold my dry bag and sleeping pad.
  13. No I only have experience on the main roads. I’m thinking I’m gonna go back first week June and spend a few days riding out of Quincy.
  14. Yes the roads thru you planned route are amazing! Last year I rode the 36 from the coast all the way into Westwood where I got a Airbnb. The next day I road the 147 next to Lake Almanor to the 89 to 70 back to the 89 all the way down thru Truckee and down around Lake Tahoe to the 395 down to Bishop. The roads were damn near perfect, smooth as glass and grippy like riding on Velcro. My route took me thru Quincy and a few other small towns. Amazing is all I can say, definitely going back this summer or late spring. If I could figure out how to post pictures I would because some of the meadows you pop out in were breathtaking. Childs meadow in Mill Creek is just so dang beautiful I pulled over at the one convenience store got a Red Bull and just sat on a rock for a bit and just took it all in.
  15. The first section of hwy 36 from red bluff is like a paved motor cross track! I tried to get a pic in front of the famous sign but there was literally a line of bikers lol