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  1. I used to be a die hard GoPro guy but I recently picked up a Rylo 360 and I’m thrilled with it. It’s a 360 degree camera records in all the popular modes 1080,4k, 5.8k etc waterproof and records 360 degrees or only 180 degrees. The magic is in the editing and it’s really very easy to do from your phone or iPad.
  2. I use the quadlock and really like the quickness of attaching and detaching, you have to use their case but I don’t find it any more cumbersome than a regular case.
  3. I just stepped up from a cheapo Joe Rocket helmet to a Bell Star DLX. Huge difference in wind noise,I don’t need the ear plugs anymore and I can hear my Sena now. The DLX part of the helmet signifies that it comes with a transition shield in the box and it’s amazing, no more carrying two shields. The shield is very thick and doesn’t bend or distort at speed and seals very tightly against the helmet. The helmet was $549 but that included the transition shield, the regular Bell Star is $499 so your saving a $100 right off the bat as the bell shield is $150 separately. The Shoei rf1200 transition shield is $200 on top of the helmet. The negatives are it doesn’t vent as well as my old cheapo does but that’s just because air was coming in from everywhere my eyes would constantly being tearing up from the wind. The face shield on the Bell is either open all the way or closed there’s no in between unless you don’t snap it closed but then it’s just noisy. Anyways hope this helps.
  4. Check out dipyourcar.com They have made some real progress in the last few years, also have come out with a lot of new colors and finishes. Like you I’ve dipped my cars a few times and my friends cars as well, it’s an awesome product if applied correctly. I think it would sick to the side cases no problem.
  5. This. I’ve been researching better speakers for my Sena20s as well and I’ve been reading really good reviews about the iASUS brand of helmet speakers. Plug and play with the sena just like you do now with your ear buds only the speakers stay in the helmet obviously.
  6. Plus the 99 is one big giant speed trap, lots of places for the 5.0 to hide. At least on the 5 if you pay attention you can see them a little ways off.
  7. It's like warm sweaty humid cow crap and ammonia all mixed together lol
  8. You will never and I mean never forget the smell of coalinga ca. Harris ranch has what smells like 9 million cows there. The smell will burn your eyes and your lungs and scar you for life!! I used to run the Bay Area from LA a lot and I would start rolling up my windows and closing all the vents in my truck about 10 miles out from there, not joking it's that bad. Other than that it sounds like an amazing trip, I went to the first motogp race at COTA and it was a blast!
  9. Another good knobby tire would be the Maxxis desert IT, it was another tire that wore like steel and has a really stiff sidewall so if you ever did want to air it down to 8psi it would take it no problem.
  10. I had the pirelli mt43 on the back of mt KTM dual sport and it was really like cheating, I would walk up trails like i was riding on Velcro. I had the ultra heavy duty tube and would go down the 6psi, never had a problem and the tire wore like steel. Mud it sucked in and going down steep hills was like riding on ice lol but man it was a hell of a dual sport tire. I ended up getting rid of it because it gripped so well on the fire roads in between trails that it would cause my front tire (which was a knobby ) to push thru the turns and not let me really slide they the turns.
  11. If you don't like the Corbin seat hit me up and I'll give you a $150 for it and my stock seats off my 2017 in perfect condition.
  12. Interested in this too.as I'm looking at the Givi bars for my bike.
  13. i went with the integrated tail light and fender eliminator kit and front signals from moto dynamic. The signals and resistors are plug and play, I'm not into electrical stuff at all and I had everything done in about and hour. The fender eliminator is now all one piece and very strong imo, I think I read somewhere on here that the old fender eliminator kit used to be a puzzle to figure out but they fixed that.
  14. Phpaul, thanks man! Yea I'm going to be selling my XS as soon as I replace the fork seals, I don't see myself riding it much now that I got my FJ. The XS is super fun for around town but not much more than that.
  15. Thanks Roadrash83. Yes I did put a 750 tank on her and a new set of Mikuni carbs otherwise she is bone stock in the engine dept. I've thought about going the 750cc's route but I just can't justify the expense of it. I'm in it about $3500 dollars so far and that's about all I'm willing to do, these bikes out here in SoCal don't go for very much more than that.