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  1. 2016 stock. My first oil change (1000 miles) was 2.8 liters measured with a graduated cylinder and was over the slight glass. The second change was 2.6 (4000 miles) and still over the sight glass. My last change (9000 miles I used exactly 2.4 liters with a Hi-flo filter change and it is spot on in-between the slight glass marks cold. The engine case has a mark of 2400 cm3 underneath the filler cap. You can never completely empty all the oil out of an engine during a change, so I figure the .3 liters from the manual telling us all the 2.7L capacity makes sense. So from now on its 2.4 liters for each change for me. Assuming I continue using the same capacity oil filter.
  2. 2.4 with a filter and mine is full. I don't believe the manual. Each time I've added the 2.7 it covers the sight glass completely.
  3. Changed out my stock handlebars for some Rizoma bars. Shorter, more pullback. I'll see how they feel after a week of riding and report back.
  4. Great roads Nice day for a good ride!
  5. I've got two cans of lube to use up then I'm done with it. Going to use a heavy weight 80/95 gear oil after a good cleaning. Time to experiment.
  6. The worst was the old Concours C10. Absolutely the most miserable design on earth. My FJ09 is a breeze. I just made it more comfortable that's all.
  7. Made a comfortable center stand pull out of 3/4" ID heater hose on the left passenger foot peg boss. I removed the bracket (boss) used a 4" die grinder to smooth out the inside only of the upper radius of the bend, cleaned the edges with a file, then cut the hose to length, cut it down the middle and used electrical tape to secure it in place. Just a prototype for now. But sooo much more comfortable on your hand when you lift the bike onto the center stand.
  8. After I picked up a nail in my stocker rear tire and after 6000 miles I replaced both with the Michelin PR5's. I ride everyday, rain or shine. I've had no issues whatsoever with the tires. After almost 4000 miles they still look great and ride the same. I've had Michelin PR4's and PR3's on other bikes and love the series. I still remember the old Macadam 100X and the 89X. All great tires. Michelin makes a superior product.
  9. Added a 8" LED strip light for added running and brake lights. Changed the oil with Rotella T6. Cleaned and lubed the chain with DuPont wax based "Chain Saver". The LED strip is mounted on my Shad top case mount and is viewed with the running light on. The Brake light is about three times as intense. And added a Madstad 20" Light tinted shield about a week ago.
  10. Just buy the Tracer. ABS and traction control will be a huge benefit for a new(er) rider, The weight difference is nil. I owned a 650 Versys and now a FJ09. Both about 460 lbs. But the main reason is what you already said in your opening comments. If the Tracer is more comfortable, buy the Tracer. Regrets suck. GO FOR IT! My versys had ABS, but with 74 hp and the FJ with 114 hp it was a no brainer. Be Safe and Have Fun!
  11. Three weeks ago my GIVI shield took a major hit in the bottom left and broke off. A large rock or something in traffic on I-5. It would have sucked if it was right in the middle as the shield was no match for the flying object. Anyway. I bought a used Madstad from the for sale section here. A 20" I think (how to measure these things anyway?) The Madstad is stable at higher speeds and having the adjustments is novel, but I figure once I find the position I like it'll never move. The GIVI definitely had better wind and rain coverage, however the Madstad seems, so far, to be more stable at higher speeds (not that I move fast or anything ). And I did remove the fronts from my hand guards. Easy, but you have to use SS washers instead of the lincoln hat style spacers from the factory. Easy enough though.
  12. Bi Mart doesn't sell the T6 synthetic at any of its Eugene stores, Walmart does in the 4 gallon size. Just bought some as I am close to my oil change.
  13. Where is this deal? I'll take it if it is close.