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  1. Are you saying the bike was pressure washed? Or just speculation? Living in Oregon I ride in the rain all the time, so I doubt this is the case with your troubles. Certainly could be someone did use a pressure washer. (Psst...never pressure wash your bike! HA!)
  2. It's a great bike. IMHO its shortcomings far under weigh (joke there) all of the other options. Although a larger fuel tank to allow 250 miles between fills would be nice.
  3. GT air. Shoei has always fit me well. Started with a T2? then a RF200, 700, 900, 2 ea X-11, Synchro-tech, Multi-tech and now the GT air. Yes I'm that old......
  4. Nice write up! Great places indeed and yeah the FJ09 looks tiny compared to the wings etc.... I'll have to ear mark this for next year (if it runs) I haven't done a rally in several years and this appears to be a good one on roads I am very familiar with. Thanks!
  5. I got almost 20,000 miles on the stock chain. Changed to a Gold DID X ring and new sprockets from Sprocket Center. The new chain made the bike smoother. Before the change it felt like I was riding on marbles.
  6. Flair is perfect! I love the gold chain. But how do you ride the bike upside down? 🤣
  7. Cheap 10w DRL below always on. Above Denali S4 lights switched with factory supplied switch. Mounted on GIVI highway bars.Finished a BBG1500 last month. No issues seeing everything at night. The Denali S4 while smaller than their monster cousins are superb and a bit less costly. But hey, not seeing objects on the road at night can be more costly! This winter I will install a lighted switch so I know when they are on in the daytime.
  8. I've been using the Harbor Freight cheap for years. Have the mojo lever and blocks. Bull snot or Ru-glide is your best friend when it comes to both removing and remounting the tire. A good high volume compressor really helps and a large 3"-4" ratchet strap can help in setting the bead if required. Pre-warming your tires up really helps as well. The No-Mar, if you have the money, is a better option.
  9. I've have my bike a 2016 FJ09 since 2018 and never until recently experienced the heat of which you speak of. did a Iron Butt Bun Burner Gold ride 1500 miles in less than 24 hours and rode through 105 temps. During this time I actually burned my left calk severely through my R3 Aerostich Roadcrafter riding suit. I just wrapped the catalytic convertor with a heatshield product. The link below has enough to cut in half and partially wrap the side and top. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/HSP-177101 It is designed for the intense heat from a cat. I only have about a 30% wrap. I have yet to take the bike out for an extended ride to see the results. But I will report back. It's by no means the ideal solution, but it may be a stop gap. A new aftermarket exhaust will cost you upwards of a grand to reduce the heat you are experiencing. I'll also post a couple fo pictures with my "prototype idea". It's ugly, but if it works then I can live with it. I never look at the cat when riding anyway! HA!
  10. Just added new foot pegs to my highway bars. The Denali S4's are relatively new and the 10watt DRL's have been on the bike since 2018. The pegs are from Amazon, $32.00 cheapies. The Denali's aren't cheap, but extremely bright for their size. The two lower LED's are wide beam fixed and the two top LED's on each unit are long range spot. You have to adjust them to find the sweet spot. For another $300.00 the next Denali light allows you to adjust all of the four LED's independently. I can live the the already high price of about $300.00 for the pair, not including the mounts. Or you can swing for the seven LED versions and light up a football field! But they're running about $700.00 a pair and are huge! The cheap pegs fold up and out of the way. Although they are pretty small to begin with so I don't think they'll be in the way down all the time. They're only for leg position relief on long trips. Not necessarily to proping up for huge lengths of road, but we'll see on that too!
  11. I did the same but with a 17 front and 43 rear to gain better MPG's, lower Highway RPM's. Easier on the bike and me while cruising at or near 70'ish all day long. I believe the chain is the same length to go back to the 16/45 stock set up if I decide the bike is too "frumpy".
  12. The roads to and from Mary's Peak are fantastic too! Nice pictures!
  13. Love the Lava Tubes! But Damn! you'd better rent the damn hard hats! Ouch!
  14. The funny thing is my Aerostich R3 is fine and no burns or heat damage to my boots. No issues with the bike running hot as the temp gauge ran no hotter than 195 and ambient air temps no higher than 105. It was like a blast of hot air directed straight and sustained at the middle of my inner calf as my riding suit was pressed tight against my calf with zero air flow between the inner suit liner and my bare skin. I didn't have long pants on under the suit. Opting to wear bike shorts for comfort on this long ride. Yes this is very unusual as I now have over 21,000 on the bike and no issues like this before the ride. I tired holding my left foot out and away as much as possible, but my highway lights are mounted exactly where I tried resting my foot and that just didn't work very well. I just ordered a set of highway pegs to mount on the engine guards to see if they will allow me to hold a different position during long rides.