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  1. 21" Clear. I have a light tinted 18" as well. Bought the 18" used then added the 21" for winter riding as the 18" even in the highest and straightest position wasn't enough coverage in the lousy PNW winter riding.. I'll go back to the 18" probably later this month. BTW I love the MadStad. Better than the GIVI and the Stock windscreen. Had both....Madstad is better.
  2. New shoes front and rear. Road Smarts this time. They definitely seem "harder" than my PR5's. But they had 10,000 miles on them, so we'll see. Also Custom saddle from Mr. Ed's Moto (Don Weber) in Albany, OR. Faux Vinyl "Carbon fiber" sides with dbl red stitching. Fit to my butt. Only about 200 miles rode on it so far. Not cheap, but what is!
  3. Oil and filter change, installed a K&N Air filter, Sync'd the throttle bodies and changed the plugs.
  4. 63 going on 21. Well I think that way.... The body doesn't function as well, but the alternative is far worse. I wouldn't worry about the forum being boring. Oh shit its almost time for my early bird senior dinner! Got to run!
  5. Yes the gloves are great! I've owned three pairs and currently are riding with a pair of "steves' right now. Well not riding right now, typing right now! HA!
  6. 22" MadStad clear replacement shield for winter riding in the great Pacific Northwet!
  7. Made and installed a "homemade" bar mount in-between my MadStad windshield frame mount for another RAM ball mount. This time for the GoPro. I found some 1" black thin wall steel tubing, cut it to size, capped it with plastic cap ends then using 1/4" all thread and a couple of SS washers and nuts frilled through the end caps and mounted the bar to the Madstad mount. Then using a left over RAM mount and arm I mounted the GoPro. I'll give it a road try in the next hour or so to see if it works
  8. I don't know it they can fit over the stockers as I replaced the stock handlebars with rizoma bars. But I don't think they can. As to the mirrors the Blizzards have a strap that secures them to the handlebars just near the mirror mounts and you do get two different length bar end spacers that help with the placement of the inside ends of the blizzards. So yes the mirrors are not in the way.
  9. Anticipating the winter ride I took off the pathetic Yamaha hand guards and installed Barkbuster Blizzards. Only a couple rises so far. We'll see.
  10. I've been told I am a "A" personality type. Therefore A for me. I like the quicker throttle response and as soon as I find the time to not ride the bike for a couple days I'll send in my ECu to be re-flashed. Probably when I replace the plugs and filter and maybe adjust the valves and sync the air intakes etc.....
  11. 2linby


    Tell me about the Saddle. I live in Eugene and loathe the idea of spending $500 on a seat mod, but can't handle the stock seat much more. I'm just pissed it costs so much to modify a small saddle like ours. So is it really worth it?
  12. I have about 6k on my PR5's and they still look like new. Love the tire. Value? I think so for a number of reasons. 1) mileage has always been better with the PR series. 2) I ride in the rain. These are exceptional. 3) Peace of mind. I've played with Sinko's, Dunlops, Bridgestones, Pirellies, Continentals, Metzelers and the Michelins have always been a premium tire. My old Connie with over 168k on it would eat all other tires up. But the old Michelin 89X 100X and the PR series have been superior to all others. I just followed suit with the FJ09. Yes they cost bucks, but again, you pay for what you get. And IMHO peace of mind is the number one reason. They've never let me down.
  13. I replaced the worn out OEM tires with only 5800 miles on them with Michelin PR5's. 6500 miles later they still have more tread on them then the damn OEM's did new! I ride everyday rain or shine in Oregon, so I need a good long lasting rain proven tire. The Michelin series from the old 88's and 100X to the newer PR2, 3, 4 and now 5's have been on all my bikes since 2001. That's close to 200,000 miles on the four bikes I've owned since then.
  14. 2016 stock. My first oil change (1000 miles) was 2.8 liters measured with a graduated cylinder and was over the slight glass. The second change was 2.6 (4000 miles) and still over the sight glass. My last change (9000 miles I used exactly 2.4 liters with a Hi-flo filter change and it is spot on in-between the slight glass marks cold. The engine case has a mark of 2400 cm3 underneath the filler cap. You can never completely empty all the oil out of an engine during a change, so I figure the .3 liters from the manual telling us all the 2.7L capacity makes sense. So from now on its 2.4 liters for each change for me. Assuming I continue using the same capacity oil filter.