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  1. Took a little spin up the mountain here in Santa Barbara. This is East Camino Ceilo. The area behind the bike is Montecito, then Santa Barbara Channel, Santa Cruz Island, and finally The Pacific Ocean. (Looking South) Here is another shot looking Northwest into the Los Padres National Forest. It was yet another beautiful day here in SoCal.
  2. Ok, not to rub it in too much for those of you in the cold, Just got back from a 90 mile ride from Santa Barbara CA to Ojai and back. Low temp on the ride was 68 and a high of 82 back in the valley. Warm regards....
  3. Well technically I did the work yesterday but tested it today. Installed the slipper clutch in my 2016. The job was really pretty easy. Only challenge was removing the dimples on the nut before breaking it loose. This is a great addition for me. I have old and tired hands the reduction in clutch lever pull is fantastic. I also feel like the friction zone on the clutch level is longer and smoother. I banged it down from 4th gear at about 50 into second gear and the rear wheel behaved itself great. Love this upgrade!
  4. Last week, I decided to put a set of RS III on since they had such a good rebate. I have ~6000 miles on the bike and the rear OEM tires likely would have last another 500 to 1000 miles. (Fronts would have lasted a lot longer but wanted matched set.) One thing I noticed about the RS III is that in the rear tire in the deepest tread you can actually see the cords. Has anyone else noticed that? I have ridden about 200 miles on the new tires and really like them, but have not pushed them on any canyon runs yet. Definitely looking forward to it.
  5. Hi all, I have been reading through this thread and thinking about slack. My chain has tight and loose areas. I can measure as tight as 0.5" and loose as 1.25" by rotating the rear wheel 1/8 to 1/4 turns. My bike is just one year out of the shop and has 5,000 miles on it. I have not ridden too hard. I have kept it clean and oiled its whole life, no visible defects are seen. This seems like a lot of variability. MY guess is the rear sprocket is out of round or installed incorrectly, off center. Having good and bad sections in the chain does not make any sense to me since you measure the slack with the bike in neutral so both front and rear sprockets can turn freely. Would be interested in other's thoughts.
  6. As stated above There have been other threads about an error code 019 that have similar symptoms to what you are describing. If I remember correctly the solution/problem was the key was not turned fully in the ignition. I had the error 19 just twice and turning it off and on solved it for me.
  7. What part of Central CA? Any where near Santa Barbara? Might see you riding some time.
  8. Well, yesterday, I did my 4000 mile service (at 3600). Took me about 4 hours with being as careful as I could. Most things went really smoothly. Here are some observations. Plugs looked great, its a pain to have to remove all the hoses, but since I was in there for TB sync it wasn't much more. TB were dead nuts on. Engine oil was pretty dark, glad I changed it. The amount of grit that rinsed out of the chain was a lot more than I expected, glad I did that too. Only thing I didn't really know how to check and the service manual was less than useful was "checking the swingarm operation." I tried to manipulate it side to side, it was solid. So later today, I will try to take it for a good ride.
  9. Skip, I will mention that the bike ran great for thousands of miles after I did the sync, cold or warmed up. It only recently started running poorly. As a matter of checking my work, I rotated the gauge inputs between tb's to see if I got the same readings and I did. I also checked the gauge by connecting all inputs to make certain each read the same values. If I had just worked on the bike in some way you are correct that it could be the cause.
  10. Thanks for the replies. betony, I mean when you just start it and take off riding. Not ambient temperature. piotrek, I can check this again. I did do it at the initial service interval as directed. One intake was slightly off and the adjustment took it to the limit. The job of checking the sync was terrible for the ability to access the vacuum port on the leftmost intake, if I remember correctly. Also taking the entire top structures off is a pain. I will mention that it idles just fine, the problem occurs when I put the bike under mild to moderate acceleration. Any other suggestions out there?
  11. So my 2016 bike has about 3,400 miles on it now. I have not done any engine, ecu, or exhaust modifications. Lately, it has been running poorly when it is cold. Sometimes it coughs, sputters, drops power, or one time it seem to backfire. Once it has warmed up, it runs great. I did not have this problem before. No check engine light. I don't think it is the fuel, it has happened with 3 different tanks of gas. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on what might be the cause? Thanks in advance.
  12. Another suggestion, Uhaul has Motorcycle specific trailers for something like $15 per day. I have used them several times. They are on the heavy side even empty, but do the job. Advantages for me, never have to check the tire pressure, fix broken lights, store it, lube the bearings, etc... Just a thought.
  13. Very good to know! Thank you so much. I received my kit in the mail today, but on the fence about installing. Do you have any issues with clearance now that the bike is lower? Like on speed bumps and such, does exhaust and oil pan ever rub? I have not had an issue with bottoming on anything. clearance seems fine.
  14. Hi Marashka, I raised them about 3/4". I did not notice any difference in handling, but I am not the most experienced rider that might notice anyway. I can say I have read on this board that some people experience a high speed wobble on the FJ-09, but I have not had that happen at all. Very stable and nimble in my opinion.