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  1. A little competition might drive the Tracer 9 GT price down!
  2. Have any of you tested an Africa Twin? I tested the BMW and found it ok but uninspiring mostly due to the motor. ive not tried an AT but hear good things all around. A tourer built on that base might be interesting .
  3. Maybe. But you can't call them innovators either. Old technology seems to be part of the allure of these brands. Water cooling is touted as an innovation! Look at KTM (1290s to 350s), BMWs 1800, the new Multistrada and and other bikes and you see design and technology innovation. Other than the eBike Harley is basically same-old-same-old. One would assume that they would have improved quality after building basically the same product for 30 years. I wish them well and hope they survive, but they need to join the rest of us in the twenty-first century IMHO.
  4. Ummmm, sort of I guess. I am always amazed at how far some of our really skilled wrenches on this board will go to eke out a tiny bit more HP from our noble steeds. I had never heard of indexing but after watching a few YouTube videos am now in the know. Thanks for that educational moment!! (You can buy copper washers of different thickness to rotate the plug a fixed amount. Amazing!) I've got my hands full managing my FJ's non-indexed HP. One percent more might put me over the top! Keep those great snd informative posts coming! Always something new to learn.
  5. nhchris

    Multistrada V4

    I just have two simple questions: Who can use 170 hp off road? I spend $25k and side bags are extra?
  6. Hey @betoney, nice work. But don’t forget to index those spark plugs!
  7. This bit from the press release hints at a broader approach to the market than they previously took: Buell Motorcycle upcoming models will include variants for dirt, dual-sport, touring, and cruisers while expanding the line up to include medium and small displacement motors. Let's hope!
  8. From the press release... "Buell will be present at Daytona Bike Week 2021 at J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Mega Store. " Anyone going to Daytona in March?
  9. I'd say you met the seller more than half way!! Did you roll the 500 in a single push?
  10. Really?? Do you have any pics of the bike showing the plugs with the radiator dropped? Maybe I WILL change the plugs this winter! Thanks
  11. For this occasional mechanic... Changing spark plugs on the FJ is another maintenance ordeal requiring disassembly of much of the upper part of the engine as one digs down to the level of the plugs and then wrestles the coil packs off to get a socket on the little devils. A project not to be taken lightly or done on a whim!
  12. Local Home Depot sells TRUFUEL. I've used it in lawn equipment and it runs great. Have not tried it the FJ and not sure I would. Anybody ever try running your bike on TRUFEUL???