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  1. I hope this feature doesn’t interfere with the remote starter I’ve installed for this winter morning riding!
  2. I switch to “Mo” gas this time of the year. Ethanol free. Buy it at local airport. I will still see a mileage reduction due to colder temps with bike temp running around 160 degrees.
  3. What did the dyno reveal about hp and torque?
  4. Nice badging on the swing arm. Wish I could get that. Enjoy the ride. My 2016 FJ 09 is a royal hoot!
  5. I find it helpful to remind myself that I ride for fun and enjoyment. When it transitions to an ordeal I’ve lost the point of the whole thing. In midlife I was a avid hiker and climber and my body never let me down no matter how hard I pushed it. Now in my 70s I can’t get away with that any longer. What once was a day hike is now a overnighter. I read rescue stories regularly about guys sixty and up who bonk out or keel over on the trail and need to be hauled out by SARS folks. Im glad I can still hike and ride as well as I do, But I also respect where I am on the life continuum. If some young buck gives me sh#t about something I usually say: “Call me when you’re 74 and tell me all about it punk!” A man has got to know his limitations.
  6. Nice ride! As Clint Eastwood said so long ago: “A man has got to know his limitations.” And 500 km is a good one to know. For me, the mental laps that begin occurring after 250 miles are disturbing and potentially lethal. Pilots call it “get homeitis” and it’s real as you age.
  7. I’ve also stayed at the Fontana Lodge. Fancier and more expensive than the Resort, but nice pool, beautiful setting and good food. Plus they offer a discount to “Dragon Slayers!”
  8. I would call it a rattle like a bag of bolts or metal being shaken in a bag. My FJ 09 does it all the time.
  9. I’ve stayed at Deals Gap “Resort.” It was basic and going rate now is $70 per night. Nice scene w lots of crazy Dragon pilots and a bike wash and maintenance area and tall-tale fire pit. Fun. Most rooms have a view of the Tree of Shame.
  10. Here in NH most Advanced Auto Parts stores will lend tools if needed. And good luck on you big tour. The Keys are great. Just take the Saw Grass around Miami!
  11. No one has mentioned mirror extenders. I find them really helpful in getting the mirrors useful. And cheap too!!
  12. How many teeth on rear sprocket? Maybe that is not stock? Swing arm stock? All I can tell you is with 110 links my 17 fit my 2016 FJ no problem. Your chain seems suspect to me. Gotta have a master link someplace! Wish I could help more... Solution might be to order new (110 link) DID chain along w sprockets.
  13. That' strange. On my 2016 I swapped a 17-tooth in with no problems using the stock 110-link chain. I did need to remove the rear tire to get the sprocket installed, but once the chain was seated on both sprockets there was plenty of adjustment on the swing arm. I like the RPM reduction the larger sprocket provides. Now pulling 5K RPM at 80 MPH.