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  1. I think there are a few Internet forums where you can work on that one... cb
  2. Welcome and good to have you. You will find that the Tracer GT is MADE for Route 7 north of New Milford, plus a ton of other roads in Litch county. Rail on, cb
  3. Not sure if addl lighting would help. In most of the incidents you are in their blind spot when they make their move. They just didn't bother to look for you. Brainless driving 101. cb
  4. Good for you for no going postal on these cage pilots. I am trying to not take it personally when I get cut off. If possible, I will try to have a chat with the driver at the next light to the effect: "Gee, you almost killed me back there. Please be more careful and watch out for motorcycles." Usually they are relieved I'm not dumping a ration of sh^t on them and apologize profusely. We all make mistakes... (Male pickup truck drivers seem the most defensive!) cb
  5. Yamilube makes a semi-synth that the dealer service guy recommended to me for the 3k mile change. After that change he suggested I use full syth Yamilube. I do usually one change per year every 5-7k miles. Most of us really baby these engines and I think they can take a lot more punishment than we are capable of giving! cb
  6. I ride solo most of he time and use a tail bag across the pillion seat when touring these days. Keeps the load over or ahead of rear wheel center and gives me a backrest too, which is nice. On a recent ride the bag sagged over the tail light and my riding buddy alerted me to the fact that my brake light was covered up. Not Good! My profile pic to the upper left shows the bag I use. It's not waterproof unfortunately, and everything in it got soaked during one rain-infested ride last fall. I'm thinking of trying one of these , but the capacity seems rather small at 12" by 28" given the price. cb
  7. And all the extra farkles really don't add to a bike's overall value. Mileage is nice and low however. I bought my stock 2016 a year ago for $7,500 here in NH. It had about 3500 miles on it. BUT -- Today I'd rather spend of few grand more and get a 2019 Tracer GT. Remind the seller that his FJ is now a discontinued model, replaced by the nicer GT, which further depresses the value of all FJs! cb
  8. Wow, that is a BIG top case!! Here's my question (for all you folks running top cases....) Given the FJ is by nature already light in the front end and speed restricted as a result, why make the situation worse by adding a top case waaay back behind the rear wheel where its effect will be amplified? Seems like that's asking for trouble in the form of head-shake and increased instability at speed. Correct? cb
  9. Installed a BlasterX tail light ($139) to replace the stock unit on my 2016 09. Also used a pair of CustomLED's Y-cables to activate tail light turn signals in unison with pumpkin signals. Nice option and no relay change required as long as pumpkins are in the circuit. Then programed brake flash pattern to non-default setting. Install was all plug-n-play and very easy. Programming a snap. Would like to see a more robust sheath around wires where they exit Blaster tail light module. Definitely not as rugged as OEM Yami sheath. We'll see how the wire bundle survives the coming miles. cb
  10. Maybe it's an age thing.... At 70+ I ain't doing a 6k mile tour on an FJ or a supermoto! Unless of course Ive had a few of @wordsmith cocktails mixed to his specification above. cb
  11. I have an FJ and can tell you that cruising at 70+ mph on an Interstate for long periods of time is not its forte. I would not take mine across the U.S. These small and light Yamis are a lot more sport than tour. cb
  12. Say, Has anyone ever tried to "run and bump" jump start an FJ with a dead batt? I've done that frequently with dirt bike bikes and my old Norton, but never with a contemporary bike. Oh wait, I Just had another thought... I might be too old to try it now!! cb
  13. Hey @chesterburnet, Which Blaster did you buy? The 2014-2016 FZ 09 version? I did not see a listing for an FJ 09. cb
  14. I came to the FJ from an ST 1300 and was used to a BIG screen that offered lots of protection. When I first rode the FJ at highway speeds (70 mph +) with the stock screen I was surprised how hard I had to hang on! The wind blast was unacceptable for me. I knew then I wanted a tall and protective screen to replace the stock fly screen . The Parabellum was attractive cause no hand guard mods were required. Got 4k miles on it so far I'm a happy camper. Top of screen at eye level, air over top of my helmet, calm air at my chest. Works for me!! cb