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  1. Rode two-up on the FJ for the first time. Took wifey for a short toot down the NH coast and we all survived. She reported the passenger foot pegs are too high and the little FJ "rattles" a lot. (My ST 1300 spoiled her.) We won't be touring two-up, but the occasional short ride is good for the relationship!! Stock suspension was up to the task approaching the GVW limit and bike felt fine with a passenger. But I was hyper alert for speed bumps, pot holes and other low-end nastys as that oil pan drain skimmed mere mm above the road surface!
  2. Can these Blizzards fit over the stock hand guards or must the hand guards be removed? Also I see you did not cut holes for the mirrors. Do they fit easily around the mirror stalks? Thanks, cb
  3. A bit late but... Evans Notch in Northern NH
  4. Ride New England! Just did a three-day 500 mile tour through NH and VT at peak of fall foliage. Bike ran flawlessly and I did OK too!
  5. Fine craftsmanship indeed. And you do need a bit more volume that stock cases offer to carry a full camping kit. I'm still trying to determine where to lash my collapsable camping chair on the rig! (I don't seen any comfy chairs in you nice picture.) cb
  6. I'd get a bomb-proof skid plate before taking an FJ off road. Theres not much ground clearance and low slung oil pan takes the first hit. Folks on this forum have hit the pan on speed bumps!!
  7. And then there's this commercial option that I'm considering... From Touratech
  8. Wow, lucky you!! We don't often hear of a deer strike where the rider powers through like an 18-wheeler. Another benefit of cruise control? I also worry about meat strikes here in Northern New England. Our critter of threat is the moose: Best option there is to try to ride under them:)! Glad you and the bike survived in good form.
  9. For me, part of the problem of touring on an 09 is the two-up issue: With a 400 pound load carrying capacity there is now way wifey and I, plus our stuff can go for a ride. And, even with stock suspension cranked up to the max, the oil pan is still perilously to the mother earth. Does the Tracer 900 have a higher load capacity?
  10. Thanks. I'd like to ride a 1000 for comparison re weight vs comfort. It's 100 lbs more than my FJ but that might be offset by a better / quieter ride. cb
  11. Hey @candave650, That's a whole lotta bikes since 2016! Question... Did a Versus 1000 ever tempt you? Looks a bit more solid than the FJ but smaller than a KTM. If not, how come? cb
  12. Better than a shift light and just what you need for turning those hot laps Wordy! Yee HAA!
  13. Hey, the OEM crush washer for the oil drain plug is $4.75!! cb
  14. Here is a link to a source for clip on weights. I prefer them cause the FJ's rims are to beautiful to foul up with stick on weights and yucky glue. BALANCER, WHEEL (10G) 5MT-25398-00-00