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  1. FJ 09s with stock ECUs are limited in speed to 110 mph due to instability at high speeds caused by short wheel base and steep fork geometry. This limitation can be eliminated by a reflash of the ECU. @chesterburnet, where do you do your speed runs? Rt 3 south toward the Cape?
  2. Hey @Hyena welcome aboard. Our forum has a very underutilized BLOG section that is a great place for some creative writing. Check it out and start a blog of your own to entertain and educate the rest of us! And remember... Maint"e"nance is t"e"dious
  3. Yep, I put a few miles on today here in NH. We had real gulley washer rains last night so roads were nice n clean today once things dried out. I too adjusted my chain, waxed it up and headed for the hills. Did about 40 miles before losing my hands to the cold. Bike thermometer got up to a balmy 51 at one point with engine running around 160 all the way. Life (and Winter) is good!
  4. Here's a weird oil story... On my most recent change I pulled the plug and let her drain away. Then I pulled the filter. Then I let the bike sit and drain for a several hours. I installed the new filter and spun the plug in temporarily until I could get a new crush washer. A few days later I had the washer and was ready to finish the job. I spun the drain plug out to install the washer and about 3 oz of oil gushed onto the floor! Where did all that oil come from? Apparently full synth takes a loooong time to drain completely.
  5. Question: Has anyone run a non-flashed, stock ECU, FJ 09 through the quarter mile? If so did the 110 mph speed limiter kick in before the end of the run? Seems like a stock FJ should turn about 11.5 and 125 mph but I don't see how it can with the speed limiter.
  6. Another vote for R&G. It is the longest I could find. Nicely finished and easy to install with plastic rivets. Very solid. (NOTE: The lowest header pipe will still be in front wheel spray field.)
  7. There is a school of thought that believes, in a pinch, that you can flip the washer 180 deg and reuse a second time. Why a dealer would do that when he can over charge you for a new washer seems strange.
  8. And it is often a snug fit. I occasionally must thread my washer off the plug after lifting it with a small screwdriver. Consider using a low-profile Mazda drain plug and washer. (Yamaha washer = $4.50 USD, Mazda washer $0.75 USD!)
  9. Hummm, interesting. I had not thought of that issue as a reason to spin the plugs loose every 4k. If in fact that is the rationale it seems like a problem that might be better solved by using some type of high temp lube on plug threads rather than pulling the bike apart every few months.
  10. One thing nice about this bike is that an oil / filter change could not be made any easier. The drain plus is right there and the filter is super accessible also. As opposed to spark plug changes, which require disassembly of most of the motorcycle every 4K miles to check the gap! Ridiculous!
  11. Mirror extenders are key and cheap. Don't hesitate!
  12. SEASON GREETINGS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS.... FROM OUR MOTORCYCLE TO YOURS --------------------------------------------------------- @chesterburnet -- This would be much cooler than a pic of some miserable kids, a cat, or freakin golden retriever! Next year brother.
  13. With the clutch awash in engine oil the situation is a bit different than with a car's engine. I mean, who knows what friction-nasties sluff off the clutch plates now and again and get carried throughout by the circulating oil. YUCK!! As has been said, a 5K oil change is cheap insurance and a great way to show the love to your ride.
  14. I thrashed my 09 a bit doing a speedy a 50-mile lap in +60 degree weather. Had a big rain event last night so roads were salt-free, clean and dry. Seemed like old times (way back in September). Anyhoo, the batt's charged, tires warmed up and oil pushed into every nook and cranny of that naughty C3 motor. I am really glad I have the bike as an alternative to bitching about the lousy skiing. Kept an eye our for a guy on a farkled brandy new M10 but @chesterburnet was no where to be seen:).