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  1. Hey, I'm a rail fan also. Here's a pic I took last week at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln NH. It is the Flying Yankee awaiting restoration. We were on a 300-mile fall foliage ride on a blue bird day and I just couldn't resist stopping to stage this shot. I call it: "Fast and Faster" Another view...
  2. I washed my FJ today and got it all sparkly clean. Then I grabbed the wrong can off the workbench, shook it up, and sprayed Chain Wax all over my spotless windscreen. Question: Is it time for me to stop riding due to senility?
  3. In reality we should all do a quick pre flight check of the bike every time we ride. The old “TCLOCKS” check as recall from my MSF course. Plus a few other items for good measure.
  4. Try wearing a pair of padded bicycling shorts under your riding pants. Makes a real difference for me and I have Comfort Seat. Won't add too much height to your overall situation.
  5. It's likely the toe of you boot is keeping a tiny bit of up force on the shift lever. Happens on my FJ if I get lazy and don't return fully after each upshift.
  6. I took advantage of Demo Day at the local BMW dealer and hopped on a 2020 F 900 R last week. I thought some of you might be interested in what I found. Note that I am comparing it to my 2016 FJ 09, which I love,. Tracer 900 GT owners might have a different response to the F 900 than I. Engine and Trans The 900 twin is a very nice power plant. It revs freely to redline around 8,500 RPM and produces a flat torque curve from around 3,500 RPM to redline. It’s got plenty of power (for me) and that power is accessible anytime on demand. It seemed less snatchy than my (un-flashed) FJ and slightly less thrilling than the CP3 motor’s response to wide open throttle. But, the intake roar is wonderful to hear and is a lot louder than the exhaust note. There are three ride modes: Road, Rain and Dynamic. I used Road and Dynamic and am not sure what the difference was/is. Both produced big acceleration and good power. The six-speed trans seemed quite refined and easy to up-and down-shift. No false Neutrals and a positive feel. Clutch-less upshifts were easy and engine braking on downshifts was about the same as my FJ. But, overall drive train noise was significantly less than the FJ. In fact, when I rode home from the demo my FJ sounded like a bucket of bolts in comparison! The demo bike was low mileage, granted, but it had been ridden hard. The Batlax OEM tires had NO chicken strips and were worn right to the edge of the usage surface. It also showed evidence of as low-side on the expansive muffler. All right, let’s flog that demo! Handling and Braking Our squired ride did not allow much hooliganism, sad to say. Saturday traffic and a sedate ride leader kept us well with speed limits. But I was able to rubber-band a bit and got some good lean angles going once the group got ahead and out of sight around shaper curves. The little F 900 was stable and predictable in corners and turned in quickly. It did require more counter steer force than the FJ but that might be due to the narrow bars. The F 900 sports a pair of Brembo mono block calipers up from and they work. They produce a ton of braking force and a nicely predictable feel when paired with the BMW master cylinder. But, rubber brake lines seem out of place in a brake system of this caliber. The rear brake worked OK too. The F 900 has been criticized for its non-adjustable front forks. I’m not sure how you set sag for your weigh, but you will not be doing any doing twiddling up front. On my ride I did notice fork dive under heavy braking, What to do??? The rear shock provides preset and damping via external cartridge. Ergos The F 900 R I rode did not even have a fly screen. (The XR model i believe does provide one.) It also did not have a center stand (WTF BMW?) which makes chain adjustment a PIA. The plastic was minimal and would provide no protection from any nasty weather. It also had the “low” seat option which had my knees near my elbows with my feet on its high pegs. VERY uncomfortable for this six footer. Oddly, the reach to ground was not much different than my FJ. So I’m not sure what the lower seat buys you. The seat padding was minimal compared to my Comfort Seat and after 30 minutes mybutt hurt. Summary The F 900 will make a great platform for a mid-weight touring bike to compete with the Tracer GT. But it ain’t there yet. It needs more protective plastic, hard bags, better ergos, better seat and a price reduction to compete with the Tracer GT. Now, if I could get that BMW sales guy to STOP EMAILING ME! Bare Naked but Not Ready to Tour Colors are Cool
  7. Now that'a a Bob's Your Uncle if ever I heard one! Here's some more info about the event. In the Colonies we expect the virus to disappear any day now.
  8. Hey Andy, Great to see you here. You'll luv that Tracer to bits I'm sure. BTW -- I got an email from the Isle of Man TT organization stating that they are planning a TT-like event at the Isle of Wight for the fall of 2021. Sounds like a Tracer GT Meetup if you ask me! Best and be well
  9. I ordered a pair from Kemoto in China made for FJ 09 hard bags. They were about $35 and fit perfectly. Took a month to ship to U.S however. Here's a pic...
  10. In the 112 link analysis above why is the small sprocket wear status red? Be sure at 112 links that you have enough swing arm capacity to accommodate inevitable chain stretch.
  11. It is a bruiser for sure. I wonder how much of that 750 lbs the head assemblies account for. They are MASSIVE! Upside... low center of gravity! (as long as they don't touchdown before the foot pegs.
  12. I went to a BMW demo day today and was shocked! The Germans have become the EU Harley maker! There were giant 1800cc cruisers in the line up with seats a mere 20 inches off the ground. Another new model looked like a knock off of Honda's Harley knock off, the FB6. What is going on here? Don't they know Harley is in a death spiral? I wanted to ride the F900 there was only one in the truck and it was spoken for. By the way, it is knock off of wonderful FJ / Tracer 900. The huge finned heads on that 1800cc monster will touch down well before the foot pegs! Motorad? Motorbad!
  13. Where the FJ / Tracer's are concerned, "petite" is good. Maybe even essential on the stock suspension.
  14. I am waiting for KTM to debut a touring version of the new 890 Duke R. Add a pair of hard bags to those Brembos and a slightly bigger gas tank ---- and I'm IN!!