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  1. Makes sense but... The moment arm of the loading will be straight up on the rear mounting point. This will pull directly against any fasteners used to bolt the rack to the bike. Can the bike's mounting points take that kind of constant load over time? Worse still in your example is the unloading of the front wheel with a 120 lb momentary load from the rack. Given a bike with an already light front end, is this addl load sufficient to fly the front wheel enough to significantly reduce contact? I'd rent a bicycle when I got there rather than use this rack on my FJ!
  2. RE top photo... That's WILD!! Whatever FJ bits that rack mounts too will get a BIG torsional load from that setup. If the bicycle center of gravity is around its bottom bracket, that places it about a TWO feet behind the FJ's rear tire and mounting point. That gives a 30 pound bike a lot of lever to work with, especially on a bumpy road. And in addition there is loading from leaning in corners. I'd need to talk with someone who has ridden a motorcycle with this rack in real world condx before buying one. That's for sure!
  3. The first right-had turn when the bicycle forks drag will be an adventure!! I'd think long and hard before attempting this setup. I'm trying to figure out how to carry my 10' surfboard on the FJ.
  4. I don't notice much tire noise with my new 5s, despite the deep tread pattern.
  5. I'm surprise at how chewed up that sidewall is. Looks like a race tire. Must be pretty soft rubber in those sidewalls.
  6. What's strange is I filled it to just below the top of the glass, ran it, and then it was over the top of the glass. The opposite should have happened as the new oil filter drew some oil out of the crankcase. Whatever, it runs like a basstaaaad and is not breathing oil or blowing smoke!
  7. @betoney do you have the old or new oil (side drain) pan? BTW: My Miata drain plug looked pristine after a year in the hole.
  8. So I just did my 8k mile oil and filter change and here's what I'm seeing... I dumped 2 quarts (32oz) of Spectro full synth 10-40 into the little hole and then added an additional 24 oz from the third quart. To me that represents 2.75 U.S. quarts. The online manual PDF claims a capacity of 2.85 U.S. quarts with a filter change. But, at 2.75 Qs the sight glass is full to overflowing! I ran the bike for about 10 miles post-change and sight glass is still full. (And yes I let old oil drain for an hour before replugging the drain hole.) Bike has old style oil pan w drain on bottom. Any ideas on why this discrepancy between my world and the Yami manual?
  9. No worries Wordy. At 72 I've got more hair than money. Which is OK by me. These young pups need to know how we suffered to ride in the OLD DAYs. Speaking of kick start, I've not-so-good memories of running my pal's BSA 500 single through many times before it stared. You just prayed to the gods it did't kick back!
  10. Possibly. My FJ usually starts quickly, but occasionally will require cranking for a few extra seconds. No biggie. And is good we don't have to tickle carbs and get fuel on our fingers every time we start. (You younger members can look that procedure up in Wikipedia or ask @wordsmith about it.)
  11. Intereting @norcal616. I wonder if using the red button for shut off will keep the fuel system energized until the key shuts it down. This might improve fueling for the next start cycle over the short term. Just a theory...
  12. I just rolled past 8,000 miles and am checking the maintenance table in the manual. What's strange to me is that my FJ manual gives the same replacement interval for spark plugs and oil filter: 8k miles. That's awfully short for NGK plugs and seems really long for oil. I mean, who goes 8k before an oil change? And who changes the oil without changing the filter? Is it me or them that's a bit batty?
  13. No one has mentioned front wheel balance. Do you know for a fact that the wheel--tire combo is in good balance? With the FJ's light steering it doesn't take much imbalance to induce shake.
  14. Will everyone who has bent the ignition key by bumping into it while it is in the seat lock please raise their hand.
  15. Genius!! I just did the same here. Now a thief will have to pick the entire bike up and put in his pickup truck to steal it. HA! For you unlucky owners whose bike did not come equipped with the state-of-the-art feature, it looks like this.......