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  1. I have an aftermarket Stebel LOUD horn I'd like to install on my FJ. But... The Yami OEM horn has two connection wires and the Stebel horn has only one. I assume Stebel horn makes ground connection through the mount. Anybody have advice on how to wire in the Stebel using only one connection wire from the FJ? Thanks!
  2. Not a bad deal at $90 / day out of Vegas. Only 4 hours to Grand Canyon. cb
  3. I use this inexpensive alignment tool and it works quite well (with bike on center stand)... Amazon.com: Motion Pro 08-0048 Chain Alignment Tool: Automotive Buy Motion Pro 08-0048 Chain Alignment Tool: Wheel Alignment &... Not sure it's available in U.K. cb
  4. Thanks guys. I ran 37/34 yesterday on a 230 mile scrub in ride and they felt fine. I'll up pressure a bit and see how they go. Very predictable at good lean and solid in high speed sweepers. But, they seem a bit noisy compared to the OEMs I replaced. Maybe all those sipes? cb
  5. For those of you running Michelin Road 5s, what pressures do you run front and rear? (I am about 250 pounds kitted out.) Thanks!
  6. That's a good strategy @betoney. I am spoiled by my old ST 1300's 7.2 gal tank and 45 mpg. I could do 300 miles before refueling. I usually had to piss well before I need gas!
  7. I was just guessing that in the chain of causality if ECU had been flashed the fan setting might have inadvertently been turned off or set too high. Thus no fan operation even if fuse is good and fan motor / wiring is good.
  8. Has the ECU on the bike been flashed? If so, the fan on/off temp ranges might be fouled up. The FJ has a BIG radiator and when the fan hits it pulls the temp down very quickly. Engine temp should not get above 225f before fan fires.
  9. Wheels back on sporting new Road 5s. I had my local KTM shop mount and bal the tires ($55 each) and the rims look perfect. All went well and ABS light went out after a short roll. Thanks for the advice and suggestions. BTW: I bought the Road 5s on Amazon even cheaper than Cycle Gear had them. $200 for the rear and $145 for the front w free Prime shipping.
  10. @betoney At a given speed, what RPM change is caused by a 1 tooth change on the primary? For example, my 09 turns about 5200 RPM (indicated) at 70 MPH. If go 1-tooth larger primary sprocket what will the resulting RPM be at 70 mph? (Is a spedo error introduced in the process also?) nhc
  11. I stand the bike up once the pump triggers off and sloooowly fill to slightly above the baffle. Helps insure I get 200 miles on the tank. cb
  12. And I wanna start the car with the foot switch. Now that's OLD!
  13. You can always work the race to get an insider's view of it. There is a story about doing that in my blog, if you have not seen it. Two weeks of amazing experiences plus a great party at the Marshal's dinner!
  14. As a former technical writer of (computer) manuals that no one ever read, I say RTFM !
  15. The chain of causality is at work here... If the batt was installed correctly from the git-go, he would not have had needed to futz with it and induce the short. I mean, we are talking about a Yamaha DEALER after all. Shortly after buying my bike from its orig owner rolled into my local Yami dealer for an oil filter. Some salesman came out to look at my 2016 09. They had never seen one in the flesh before! I was astounded and then became uneasy with getting service done there. It's not good to be "the first!"