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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to retrofit a the longer 900 GT swing arm on an FJ 09? I think that would be a mod as valuable as a suspension upgrade. cb
  2. nhchris

    Stabilizing Your Fuel

    Well guys, Climate is one consideration, but I'd REALLY like to live in a place where they sell non-Ethanol fuel! cb
  3. Tis the season of the blinking battery maintainer here in New England. And for those of us who run our bikes partially on corn juice, the season of stabilized fuel. Just curious what brew folks are using in their bikes this season. I've tried Seafoam, Stabil and a few others. Is one brand more effective for you than another in your FJ or Tracer? cb
  4. nhchris

    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    In this Age of the Internet, where the buying process has changed so radically, I am amazed we all still put up with the bulls*#t that surrounds vehicle purchases. What is it about cars and motorcycles that keeps me from going to Amazon and ordering up a Tracer 900? Then picking it up at my local dealer who'll make $$ on my service bills. cb
  5. Scotty, May the Bird of Paradise lay an egg on your breakfast tacos. Chris in New Hampshire
  6. nhchris

    FJ 09 Issue Advice for Newbies

    Jesus, I hope that wasn't a Yamaha dealer! Here in New England we have a few really large generic motorcycle dealers/distributors. They seem to source their sales staff from the car dealerships. Gotta watch our back when dealing with these places. cb
  7. Hummmm. My question is... at what point do you just say "screw it" and decide to buy a different motorcycle?! cb
  8. nhchris

    Laser XTREM remodeling

    That's a great look. Duals! cb
  9. nhchris

    suspension fur UK 'b' roads

    Check out this video for a good tutorial on how to set sag. cb
  10. nhchris

    What this form can do for you

    I'm in. After six months here I'm convinced this forum is worth 10 time the cost of a Clymer manual! Looking forward to the changes and the chance to pony up. cb
  11. nhchris

    Tire Pressure

    I think part of the issue is also the wide spectrum of use the FJ fulfills. For some it's an out-n-out canyon carver, for others a commuter platform, for others a distance touring bike. Designing to completely meet all these specific end cases is really impossible. So design tradeoffs are made and owners do what they can to compensate. I believe the longer swing arm is an attempt to optimize the design for touring. We'll see how the hooligan set feels about the GT's handling as time goes on. On an ST or Concourse there is no confusion about how the bike will be ridden and used. With the flexible FJ platform.... all bets are off. Pity the poor engineer designing for that scenario! cb
  12. nhchris

    Calaveras and Amador

    Wow, you must be leaning that scoot waaaaaay over! cb
  13. nhchris

    Coldest engine temp?

    148 deg F at 48 deg F ambient in rain. cb
  14. nhchris

    FJ09 Reliability

    A percentage of users on any bike forum are, shall we say, a bit obsessive compulsive about their rides. Which is fine. These folks are usually on the cutting edge of performance and farkling. Just don't take their postings as gospel. If you take to heart everything you read here, you'll be convinced you immediately need: new front and rear suspension, an ECU flash, after market exhaust system, R1 brakes, different seats, a new windscreen, different hand guards (or none), a cut down oil pan, crash bars, a manual timing chain tensioner and, that your FJ might be making strange sounds or smells! It's all good and for some riders the case. But the truth is the little FJ is a pretty good performer for most of us straight out of the box, and gets it done on a daily basis mile after mile. It has few recalls (compared to Ducati, BMW, etc.) and is a blast to ride. I learn from our more demanding FJ brothers, and respect their skills. But I don't necessarily believe I need to heavily modify my 2016 to make it more fun to ride. It already can scare me in stock trim. Ride on in peace! cb
  15. nhchris

    Windscreen comparo. MRA vs Ermax!

    I have not. Maybe I should remove my screen and give it a try. I did feel with the stock screen in low position I was hanging on for dear life in the wind blast above 75 mph. The upright riding position and wide bars seemed to make me a wind catcher. (I'M 6'2') cb