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  1. Hey guys, yep, I loved my ST. I had a 2003 early one and put about 50k miles on it over ten tears. Longest ride was a 3.5k mile round trip to the Dragon in TN, where I earned a very expensive ticket for doing 60 in a 25 zone. The bike was a Honda. It ran flawlessly, required very little maintenance and never let me down in ten years. It was fast, handled great with Angel GTs, was very comfortable for looong days, and was a ball to ride. I called it the Harley eater. But, as the years went by, it seemed to get heavier and heavier. Not when moving, but in the garage, parking lots, stop n go traffic, etc. And god-forbid you found yourself on dirt!! I dropped it three times horsing it around my garage and once in a gravel parking lot. It had a tipping point that was very unforgiving. If you went beyond it, that high COG and 750 lbs was hard to pull back. I miss its smoothness and quiet, plush ride, but find my little FJ so much easier to manage. Honda seemed to walk away from sport touring. They never really replaced the ST with a new model, nor did they do much to make the VFR 1200 into a touring bike. Odd. In the meantime they focused on auto transmissions and stripped down Goldwings. I never felt my ST was bland. But I did get a rude awakening one day when a rider I met referred to it as the "living room couch!" He was on an MV Agusta F4. I would not hesitate to ride cross country on that ST. That ain't gonna happen on my FJ! BTW -- The user here called @mellow was the moderator of the most popular ST forum for many years.
  2. I think a lot of folks come to the CP3 motor from bikes that are not as revvy. V twins, V4s, etc. I had to get friendly with higher RPMs coming from an ST 1300 that rarely saw 6 grand.
  3. I think part of the issue is the close ratios in the transmission. You can avoid hard engine braking if you keep revs up when dropping gears. i often down shift without moving the throttle / wrist at all and then make small throttle adjustments. i once read that smooth is fast!
  4. Seems like a rather poor fastener for such an important function. A nut with a nylon collar would seem to be a logical replacement. Does the nut tighten in the direction of shaft rotation (reverse thread)? That would make sense also, no?
  5. I’m about to do some sprocket swapping on my FJ just for fun. Question: is the front sprocket nut and washer reusable, and by how much. OEM nut n washer is over $20 and I hope not to incur that expense each time I change a sprocket. Thanks for your insight and expertise folks,
  6. I have, thanks. Fun to change ratios and see the effects in real time. Cool. The 17 will be a small and subtile change, but I am curious to see how it will feel. No mfg makes a damped 17, so I'll also get to experience undamped operation. In my pandemic boredom any project is a good distraction. BTW @betoney That GOLD VX3 chain is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. I shouda bought extra to make a bracelet!
  7. New VX3 chain on today and I really notice a difference. Drive train is quieter and ride smoother. next project is to swap in a 17 tooth front (on order) and see how that feels.
  8. I was wondering if some of you road dogs could take a look at the photos below and give me your opinion of these sprockets. Should I replacement them with only 12k miles on the bike or just go for a new chain??? Thanks
  9. I think the Kawi turbo puts out over 200hp as does the Aprilla for a lot less $ / HP. But what the hell, you really ride the torque
  10. Yep, my chain tension situation is exactly the same @betoney. In addition, I can hear rotational noise related to the drive train when riding without ear plugs. Sort of a "whrr whrr, whrr" that tracks with the speed of the bike. Faster speed more whrrs per minute! Unfortunately sprocket center is out of stock on damped 17-tooth front at this time. What chain do you guys recommend? And is it safe to use a clip link rather than a rivet master? I don't have a chain tool but would bring bike to shop for a riveting.
  11. So here is a photo of what I am seeing on my stock chain. I have three or four locations on the chain where this red dust is visible. (I first thought it was just a bit of rust.) Chain has 12,500 miles on it. @captainscarlet and @betoney, is this what you see and is it cause for immediate chain replacement? Thanks guys.
  12. I just turned 12k miles and also have red rust and some stiff links around the length of the chain. Interesting! Like you I am very good about chain cleaning and wax maintenance. I bought my FJ with 3k miles on it so who knows how the chain was treated by previous owner. Thanks for your post.
  13. Front fender extender from R&G Racing (and you won't need a radiator guard) Mirror extenders Rubber top foot pegs Small Tank bag with port for phone charging cable and USB charger Touring windshield Blaster bright LED tail light with flash modes
  14. I use the bag mount bar to pull up on to the center stand. Good leverage point.
  15. I have a friend who owns an FJ and an R1200RT. When it's cold he rides the BMW and complains about its weight, usually removing the heavy hard bags. When it's warm he's on the FJ grinning ear-to-ear.