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  1. Brosh got some good reviews about their riding pants and summer jackets .take a look the spcial discont is still on code FJ9 . take a look at the web www.brosh.com
  2. Have a look at this video and see why our gear protect you better https://youtu.be/m7oOc2Z08fU
  3. Its recomended have a look at Broshat Brosh "Optimal " jacket with Drt Fit and Kevlar they are at the supporting vendor section
  4. HI Everyone, Chaim here, owner of Brosh. I’m happy to announce that Brosh is a new supporting vendor on this forum. Brosh specializes in a unique riding gear that combines two great technologies: Kevlar and Dry Fit. Kevlar is world renowned for its abrasion resistance and Dry Fit for sweat evaporation properties. To celebrate our joining the forum we are offering a special 10 % discount on Brosh products. The offer is valid until July 31 2018 .Please use coupon code "fj91" Our most popular products are Optimal summer jacket https://www.brosh.com/jackets and our Kevlar riding pants https://www.brosh.com/pants We hope you’ll give them a try and let us know what you think. We are open to any question, feedback, suggestions so please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.brosh mail brosh@brosh.com web: www brosh.com
  5. Agree with sterlinggold post abouve. I also use Brosh Optimal summer jacket with Dry Fit and Kevlar its great in hot summer days wwwbrosh.com