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  10. Brosh Introducing revolutionary strap for a safe and convenient carrying. carrying strip at Brosh Keep your hands free and your helmet with you all the time without worry about theft etc. The EZ-GO strap securely fastens to your helmet’s ratchet chin strap, or through the double-D rings or through the chin bar so you won’t drop and dames your helmet The strap is adjustable and has padded 3D mesh to sit comfortably on your shoulder and wick away sweat. EZ-GO straps come in a variety of colors and stylish patterns. Strap weight only 91 grams (3.2 onc.) Great gift idea for yourself and friends Strap weight only 91 grams Great gift idea for yourself and friends
  11. Because: 1-It has Kevlar fabric protection in between the shoulder and arm armors 2-It made of Dry Fit sweat evaporating fabric -as appose to nylon mesh jacket which traps the sweat inside 3-it's our second year supporting this forum and we got great reviews Take a look at our link Brosh Kevlar jacket Motorcycle jackets containing Kevlar® WWW.BROSH.COM Most rider jackets and pants sold today are equipped only with hard armor in the joint areas (shoulders, elbows, knees) and even that offers limited protection. In many cases, the armor absorbs the impact when a rider skids...
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