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  1. Send them a message and see what happens..
  2. Just get it from the Manufacturer, save a lot of hassles I think. Yamaha MT09 Tracer (2015-) Luggage Carrier/Top Box Rack in Black | Renntec ...
  3. From my understanding that is what happens. My Rego Office is in a shopping centre and has desk staff only.
  4. Well look what has turned up on Gumtree. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/madeley/motorcycle-scooter-parts/yamaha-mt09-parts/1254238124
  5. Most of the Facebook forums for the local brissy area seem to go with the footpeg removal, even to the extent of not being enforced by the Police. Your choice I suppose. If anyone gets flustered, just remove the rear seat and ride home. Done a run to Lesley Dam and Leyburn today, bloody freezing, but very fast.
  6. Most locals just do the footpegs and leave the seat alone. The paperwork is all you have to show at the rego office.
  7. Same here, I bought a Sony RX100 to fit in my pocket. 1" sensor and a good zoom rang plus RAW format.
  8. To fit the Duct Tape in a smaller area, wrap a couple of feet off the roll around a pencil, fits a lot better.
  9. I found, and a few others, that the pipe is a tad restrictive at high rpm's. I drilled a few extra holes in the baffle to fix this problem.
  10. I am going to get rid of the Tracer for that reason, when on it, I go from age 66 to 22 . Seriously looking at a Guzzi adventure sled.
  11. I ordered the smoke one and got a clear one, complained, got it for free as the supplier couldn't guarantee that I could get a smoke one .
  12. I have the two mount version and it works extremely well on a larger screen. FYI, if you get one of these, you have to glue the adjusters after finding the right angle.
  13. @betoney, both actually. Looking for something that might not kill me, 66 going on 22 on the Tracer.