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  1. Meter was disconnected and bike was running, checked voltage on all wires and none had voltage when the HB switch was activated ( yes, and the HB came on). The Yellow wire had voltage unactivated, and dropped when activated. I don't understand the wiring of the Tracer, but I got it to work anyway. Both the owner and retailer have not yet replied to my messages about the flicker on startup. I can't manually set the output of the DRL function as I can't see the lights blink on ignition. I have not connected the yellow wire and the lights are supposed to be 20%, which I think is OK, as no one has flashed me day or night.
  2. I thought that too, but playing with the multimeter and the meter plug, it definitely lost power when the indicator light came on. Tracer might be different to the FJ wiring, but I doubt it.
  3. This conversation is about lights being operative, bike running is a given.
  4. Yes, the yellow and black wire from the hb side of the bike controller. The Skene white wire switches the controller when hb is selected, but it needs pwr and the bike does not supply power from the hb, so the relay is the way around it.
  5. I wired in the Skene controller as per the single wire model (I have three wire lights). There is no power to the bike when HB is switched, even through the indicator light on the dash. I wired as per the diagram shown earlier, but to get the HB to switch, I had to run the bike HB wire from the LED controller under the headlight, to power, through a relay, and then double the power back through the relay to the white wire.
  6. Cables on eBay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HelmetLok-Cable-GEN-II-Jacket-Anti-Theft-Helmet-Cable-Security-Secure/193106503315?hash=item2cf60b6693:g:rEMAAOSw1DtXH6Bv
  7. I have a 60ltr duffle bag that holds all my camping gear. Tent, cooker, personal gear, under blanket, ground sheet and a pile of other stuff, held on with 25mm ROK Straps. Works well for me.
  8. The white wire is getting a signal as it works the spotlights now, just not when the controller is wired in. The signal wire does work from the ECM, currently use it for the spotlights. The manufacturer said it works on the FJ. The only thing I can conclude is the dimmer system in the spots isnt compatible with the controller.
  9. regulates power to the lights to be on all the time at low power,and,go to full power on high beam.
  10. @skipperT,The HB signal comes from the wire out of the led controller,it works the spots atm. The power and ground comes from one of the aux plugs under the screen. Wired it up three times to check, still no go. Thanks for your input. I'm thinking my lights aren't compatible with the controller .
  11. Wired my spotlights to a Skene controller and I cant get them to work with it. The lights are a dimmable version from China (very good lights BTW). Anyone tried these with the controller?
  12. @3sum, The 50 w spots draw 3.8 amps, plenty of space in the charging system. I rang the dealer today and he checked the service manual, nothing about how many amps are left to play with. The Tracer has 4 aux plugs at 2 amps each, so 8 amps is OK by me.
  13. You should try it with glasses, always leads to stop and clean.