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  1. Already posted in the GT forum.
  2. Ebay has used ones, I have found.
  3. Found this elsewhere www.yamahapubs.com%2Febook%2FLIT-11616-32-10%2FLIT-11616-32-10.html%23p%3D1
  4. KTM handguards fitted today, waiting for a ride day to test them out. They look good though. Second hand off a demonstrator bike.
  5. Chased a Spotlight problem the other day, stopped working completely. Pulled the front to pieces and checked direct power, all OK. Pulled inline fuse, looks good, no breaks. Power to the fuse, OK. Circuit across the fuse OK. Turns out the leg of the fuse had dislodged from the fuse wire inside. Never tried the fuse for continuity, just looked. Lesson learnt
  6. Had an Angel GT 2 fitted not long ago, seems a very good tyre.
  7. I use one of these for camping, takes a lot of gear. Kokoda 65L Gear Bag ...
  8. Cooya. Its the old Servo across from the Pub. Cooya is between Yarraman and Crowsnest on the New England Hwy.
  9. If you remember 125 GP Rider from Australia, Garry McCoy, this is his Cafe in South East Queensland.
  10. Sunrise in South East Queensland, Australia.
  11. YAMAHA MT09 TRACER 900 FZ09 HANDLEBAR BAR RISERS BARBACK ... These are the one I have on my 15 Tracer, all you have to do is take off the front brake holder on the lower triple tree.
  12. Australia Our sunburnt countryside in Queensland. Google Maps