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  1. jdavis

    Rain x

    Used to use it on military aircraft windscreens a long time ago, when I was in the forces.
  2. All my aux plugs are in the one boot under the screen.
  3. On my 15 model, those two and the AUX 1 & 2 are in the same rubber boot behind the screen. Items 101,102,103 and 104 all 2 amp switched
  4. @wordsmith I have had mine flashed by Kev Hope in Brisbane 0403707565 or Kevxtx@outlook.com . He also made the 'o2 sensor' removal plug ages ago and sold world wide. He is about 20 mins from your place and the tune takes about an hour, ride in, ride out. Smooth throttle, lower temp for fan, Speed limiter gone and some other stuff.
  5. A lot of fires around us, a lot of my favorite roads are in repair due to the fires. Went for a ride around the Gold Coast Hinterland today and a lot of bush is burnt out. It will be summer soon too, not looking good for us as no rain is forecast. Even the dam levels are down to half, water restrictions will be here soon too.
  6. Went to join a ride group this morning, seems that it leaves next month, DUH. Ended up just going for a nice 600k journey around the local countryside. Google Maps ...
  7. 2019 Yamaha TRACER 900 GT (MTT9GTKB) Windshield | Babbitts Yamaha Partshouse ...
  8. @dazzler24. Std panniers, professionally paint matched and painted. I only had the centres done because I manage to kick them a lot when getting on/off.
  9. I use a wax spry and a rag most of the time and its good. Wash time, I use Truck Wash, spray on and let dry, then rinse. Blow dry with a compressor. All pretty easy.
  10. Up at 2am and off to Warwick, but the fires closed the Hwy, so left through Boonah to Nerang for a drink for me and the bike. Off up the hwy to Mt Coot-tha and then to Esk via Mt Glorious, still need more so I go up through Hampton to Goombungee for Breakfast. That will do and now off home via Murphy's Creek. New seat works a treat. Bike says a bit over 600K's. https://goo.gl/maps/kQBzgM8BiKjYGVUw5
  11. Went back this morning and he adjusted the ride position to the rear for me, and added a bit of height. I am happy now, even done another 350k's to be sure It was 42 by the bike air temp guage most of the ride and bush fires everywhere in the Border Ranges near home, plus very high wind gusts. The joys of riding
  12. Re-upholstered seat finished today, 300K's and I am happy, bit of chafing on the inner thighs, but the seat should settle down after 1k or so. If not I will just duck back and have it shaped again.
  13. Had mine remade this week, now is the break-in period.
  14. I was looking into a BMW S1000XR, but I don't fit. The rumor mill has an 850 XR coming soon, could be interesting.