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  1. I traded it in on this. Going to play in the Dirt now, nothing too serious though. Thanks for the hospitality, its been a great stay.
  2. Brand new front (3) braided brake lines (for 15) for sale, $250 in Australia.
  3. Maroon Dam, South East Queensland, Australia.
  4. I fitted KTM hand guards to mine. Larger and easy fit. https://aomc.mx/6030217910030.html
  5. 46 OK? https://www.metalgear.com.au/part-finder/yamaha/2015/mt-09-abs/?rf=va&va=20 47 local. https://www.linkint.com.au/motorcycle-product/32-192-47_item.html
  6. @Dobbo Close up of my beak on the 15 Tracer.
  7. @Dobbo, beak fitted without spacers.
  8. @Dobbo I would ditch the two front spacers, mine didnt come with them and it attaches flush with the light cowl.
  9. Roads are generally excellent, heavily policed on weekends. The runs up and down near Toowoomba are good, but can be a bit of gravel on the corners. Gregors Creek is great as is Esk/Hampton Rd.
  10. First month of Spring and its already hot, not looking forward to Summer this year.
  11. Nice little 500K run today around South East Queensland, Australia. Pic at Gregors Creek.
  12. Half throttle and keep on cranking, mine has done that before and it was flooded.
  13. About 100% in my case, several days in the saddle is not a problem.