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  1. I see a lot of Q's asked on MC FB groups and the answers are usually rubbish, so far, as to be dangerous should the asker not have a clue. The three FB groups for the MT's are a bit better than the ride groups. Im 66 and try to help rather than hinder.
  2. I have a sheepskin pad for long days. Aussies have been using them In cars and on bikes for ever.
  3. Im ex military with a few carry over problems, I find when the night turns to shit, a ride usually fixes it.
  4. It rained today. Weekly Breakfast Run with about 9 bikes today. Bout 100k's missing from the map, started at the meeting cafe, not home.
  5. @dazzler24 have you not had the ECU flashed by Kevin Hope?
  6. @dundeeMost of the old pics went with the site upgrade a while back. Dont think the poster is still current either.
  7. @mingo, I removed my LED on the forks because oncoming traffic couldn't see it. Got spots mounted to the crash bars now.
  8. I loaded and used ESL the other day and it was a waste of time. Tracked well, no lean angles and said I had done over 1k klm's when I did 440 klm. Also said there was no such bike as a Tracer and wouldn't register a bike.
  9. 36c out, but a good day for a ride.
  10. Here's a 15 for ya @builderbob
  11. I used this manufacturer for my 15 model, he now does the GT version. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-MT09-Tracer-900-GT-Motorcycle-Handlebar-Bar-Riser-30mm-up-Gray-A/184074212968?hash=item2adbad9668:g:y~wAAOSw63td7FYg
  12. Ride with the young fella, stopped at the Pitstop Cafe for a drink. He just finished painting his SP1.
  13. When I had my lightbar, I used these. 2x 2"in 25mm-50mm Mount Bracket Clamp For LED Light Bull Bar HID Holder Mounting ...