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  1. I think they have a subframe arrangement on them, I would make my own if I had a better pic of the mounts.
  2. The police in Australia are using these. I enquired today about the rear bars and was quoted AU$2500 for the bits. Have to be shipped from Japan as they are a Police Special. I dont need them that bad.
  3. The Police in Perth, Western Australia, have tracers as unmarked bikes and they have a set of rear bars on them. Trying to find out how they got them.
  4. Made my own mount which bolts under the screen and has a neck that protrudes upwards. I bolted the bracket to this.
  5. Ebay one for me, workes real well for the Samsung Note 5. New Universal Motorcycle Bike Bicycle Phone Mount Holder for Cellphone GPS ...
  6. Fitted today about two hrs work. Sounds great. Problems: Trying to fit the muffler nut and bolt, couldn't get enough angle to allow a Hex Key to be used. Changed to normal nut and bolt.
  7. Serket slip on fitted today, about two hours from courier to startup.
  8. I contacted Motostorm and they only had the std seat and wanted $30 for delivery.
  9. @andreej,From eBay chromeburner on eBay Part of my message from the seller after I took a screen shot of a custom seat I designed from the maker. Maker seat designer..... Bagster Configurateur de selle Reply from eBay seller of my seat......Hello, A seat in that configuration will cost exactly the same as the one in this eBay listing Best regards,Kevin
  10. The floating Cafe at Grantham, Queensland, Australia.It was washed away in the floods and put back when the water subsided.
  11. Had the same 'no response' as @Duke, all fixed with an email to the owner, its on its way tomorrow hopefully.
  12. Cant get them in red anymore without a special order. Plenty of grey/silver ones ready made.
  13. jdavis


    I use my phone (Note 5) with Waze around town and Google for trips. Spotify in the background.