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  1. @scopie85, I can ride a tank and a half without discomfort, plus I can slide back and forth when needed. I don't know what foam the French are using, but it works very well.
  2. @Rex_4321 As luck would have it, this locally available screen https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313059507031 will fit the 2015/2016 model with very minor modification to the mounting plate (bottom 2 holes of the new screen align, top 2 have to be moved higher up to where the 'metal prongs' are, remove the rubber plugs from them and drill out with a 9mm bit). This comes from China I also got hold of a similar gps phone holder bracket locally at a great price https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283877887195 it looks like a replica of the one you showed me. It's very decent quality and quite sturdy, made out of steel. I had to use a little bit of fine wet and dry sandpaper in between the ball (not made of rubber) and the phone holder clamp to help it grip. This is the one that vibrates your phone, early prototype. This is the phone holder I went for as I don't have a quad lock syste, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-X-Grip-Motorcycle-Motorbike-Phone-Holder-Mount-Clamp-USB-Fast-Charge/323934055755. it's fairly decent quality for the money and very sturdy. The arms on this one will press the phone buttons,if the phone is centred. Good luck with your ongoing project.
  3. If your bike is 15 model, ecu wont take the factory quickshifter, but aftermarket will cover it.
  4. I tried with mine, but the screens are separate and I couldn't figure out the process to do the smaller one. The smaller one also has wire ribbon into its side, seems very fragile. I gave up on doing any of it, although if you wanted to do the main screen it should work the same as the 09.
  5. jdavis

    BMW F900XR

    If Yamaha bought out an electronics package like the current Kwakas or BM's I would be happy. Suspension upgrades would be nice, saves doing it all later. They have the engine and frame, but, everything else could be upgraded. I was talking to a GT owner the other day and his bike still looked like my 15, just different colours, and he spent 4k before it left the showroom on suspension and exhaust. That upgrade to his put it in the same price range of the top line FX.
  6. jdavis

    BMW F900XR

    The BMW XR will most likely be my next bike unless Yamaha can bring the GT into the 21st century.
  7. @Rex_4321, Where are you located? Suspension setup properly, I had mine done in Brisbane by Ride Dynamics. I have a GIVI Screen from Webike in japan. KAPPA : PARABREZZA YAMAHA MT-09 TRACER Screen [KD2122S] Bracket to hold the quadlock phone adaptor from Italy. Original Yamaha FJ-09 MT-09 Tracer 900 2015 2016 2017 GPS Phone Holder Top Sellerie Seat from France. YAMAHA MT-09 TRACER [2015-2017] - Deluxe seats, petrol tank covers, tank bags [Rates for: FRANCE] Engine ECU Flash from Kev Hope in Brisbane. kevtx@outlook.com Driving lights come DRL's from China , controlled with a Skene controller from the US. 2 PCS 50W Motorcycle LED Headlight 6000LM U3 Motorbike LED Driving Spotlight Moto Fog Spot Head Light Lamp|led headlight|led fog lampheadlight lamp - AliExpress Skene Lights Online Store Brake light Modulator from TST industries in the US. TST Industries | Brake Light Modulator for Yamaha OEM Tail Lights KTM handguards. Bar Risers from Turkey. Yamaha MT03 Motorcycle Handlebar Risers 30mm up, 20mm Bar Back Gray (A) Crash Bars from China. Crash Bar Engine Guard Protector for 2015-2019 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 900 GT FJ-09 ... And you should end up with something like this.
  8. I go to the 'Ruptured Budgee' Rally each year. and every time there is a 'Hit a kangaroo' story and a trophy for same. Its between Tenterfield and Texas.
  9. New 'HH' pads fitted to the Tracer today, bloody stops now.
  10. Helping out Mitch with his 'L's'. Learners must be supervised here in Australia.
  11. Fitted one of these brake flashers today (also found out my rear brake switch needed adjustment). Set to several flashes before full light. Plug and Play, about 10 minutes, with a drink. TST Industries | Brake Light Modulator for Yamaha OEM Tail Lights
  12. I tried a direct link, but it wouldnt work, so this is it.
  13. We have been let out for a run in COVID-19 times. Went to one of the local bike runs and spent a few hours taking pics. Still managed about 350 k's for my own bike time. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=ms.c.eJxFWElyBCEM~_1EK7~%3Bj~%3BH0u1hTyVE4HGmySb6bBrYidOHG~%3B76299Uq9du~_1vfVJKSi~%3BW2tbXrh~_pt186~_3LfOs73fZ~%3BEWrTmPu237zHnPd59x~_e~_UKxvx6xT3r7k51~_dems1rA~%3Bt~_9x~%3B9a177N~_k~%3BRj71bRvZ~_wnv8~%3B67otI3tez9hfvvfadd9q~%3BF~%3B4Y~%3Beme~_5r~_6uxn83zVxFPN82MvNd9~_Iv5W5kOQD~_anHed77599O9yffOSu79TLzquflH9rka2HTH4sXrxfhNdaX~%3B3E7uDhvn1xnJfY~_kz877zeRnzRXCvqR7wE~%3BE~%3B6f~_B~%3B0F~%3BBeea7ffw1f~%3BnpHG~%3B74VNbBj9Wix~%3BgJRYvBXzw~_xr~%3B~_~%3BI88N3Et2gA~%3B5f~_Nvxl~%3BQt4L9a7AvcJ~_VHgB~%3B3Dfbn32R1~%3Bie82m~%3BuUfEM1bvF7b8TPeBzxiSxeJj7muwvxXMZjiOduPMPvfPebyPsPz4fOqhiPgO9F~%3Bic8bPIDfO7FYw5ecvEK~_0n7t8DXV2~_z~_9Uv~_~%3BD8hf9rL~_b7SPp~%3BkY9D~%3B4BvPawP~_FuxfAI~%3B4~_mTJKJNoz~%3BInxOvF~%3BjN1acLfWK9AvmnfXHkQ2jvgr~%3BF87Cfa3~%3BY90XAeoH~%3BD99mYZMP4~%3Bkw1OPlS3Vu~_PmX0E8lfwX8tdVf~_G~%3B054JPq8cHenBZz2PA7~%3BoLvvvej~%3B3ivmF~%3B7R~%3BU~%3B~_mDKepziC~_9k28z~_t~%3BQ69z8Ak~_rz~_BPNOPpxHnqtc19cZv1QH85u0Z8zO9xQT3fvo7eWj69tajBY9H~%3BY~_BzLD~%3BBF2M8Nv6UEs9ZUz~%3ByWWrq78589XzvSr719MvD~_PQMvg~%3B1RHr0oB5ezX3shdCeD1~_V51WR71y~_XvTDd7~_fwZPSX5cPH3kfXk1Hf62c~%3Bh0FPt73BoVivzI5qA~%3B7vYUDv29fwV97~%3BLW4478RzwZFUuqv~_tSjZOsx~_~_wHptAToz869aqzeOuJp1lPr5z4hN~%3BHRb35fQ9~_M9~%3B3oWfqv3yL2a~_nT~%3BYJ6md~%3B82~%3BQr1j7wFMyn8Br5sbriPfhL6LHnr362eQ7m~%3BEd9K9cvj61Xv1OgZ4p18NP0WJ~_pp7JfnDqYp5ZfPfwjfPbJygTH9eIPzf~_M~%3BxK8qeQr2C~_JBv2F7~%3Bgx8YPPMb9zYfzt~%3BFc4O28~%3BQzg5fy~_n~%3Bwx3xYJvDnrN~%3BunuT~%3BzyJdm9hvwxckXxOsbL~%3BK9~_mgtgx~%3BWSwX5Jj514q~_zeJEAf3i~%3BYN6k3vk9wOP2P~_D1EK8H~%3BGZ~%3BLJn6KPtBgB9r3y705hj9cfCf~%3BHP4x~%3BvkzFp619AHJz8xr56mvTP1EeqZg69CvnqMP0H~%3BRaDnzvxc5JN6YJgXOL~_aQu~_T~_bXpb9nsb477Yu9Dvyn2G60L~%3BlMv0P8P53cDvpP1VayL64KeqW6~_LvhOfXD4X0k9MvSH5Rf0dvUlFXr36h~_w98OXC~%3BRaaV9h34k~%3B6BP7t2Ier53HE~%3BPDr7~_gntRzvXO~%3BMV9ZM8127HnwU8hPvGfkbH864Cv1Bnq9ehjoF7X9Any01b9srJmPg3rtviL~%3Bq08H~%3BYbn7eB75jMw7xvfo5HD92K~_Avk8zKf54HfnEyvkO7hf0IMi3maet~_B5h1459aqgx6tXJQ69e~%3BlJ7HO~_tfSYfBfPf~%3BOQd7M~%3B5cyXX5qe~%3B3g~%3BHdb3m4S~%3B80a~_NfrDe0~_aA~%3B9B~%3BJc69IH4R~%3B~%3BbeSahVz9~_6KyFfA3c57wvLLAmfmE~%3BaT~_R~%3B9z8S~_A~_6gfei4fvxYzRu~%3BRDf9DPOQ~_mIn~_58SviF~_Yb~_Wc~_E3plvmv0B~_pbQl9Ttn7oT9S7gH4d6ld~_7~_XPHs8r7J~_NF~%3BXg~%3BJWF~_q79eU9n8j2deE~%3BuPJMx80HyfZ1fB~%3Bfe~_SQV~_aVepBrW1CcRxL~%3BzQoEPzfvGnv34APwy~%3BkD~%3B9LNrx7yR1J~_E~%3BjB~%3B7sAv~_~%3BtBvJzvEnq280Ek8Em8FPC075E01Gu~%3Bv6j39veLeKk~%3B1uCv7hrzEvtFAt~_x~_Uvkl~%3BYc8zt~%3Bn~%3BheB7P2nXfR~%3B6l~%3Bjv6m1NNozH9n8Qp88fu4iJf4cIc9zlOJ95Jx7dAnuTvPFvoH~_Y15KjhPxbwfzaivGcgX~_0Eq~_J0bf0Pf2Y~%3BBL76HPyKPf9tPFfMF8e6YwIT66vPeyRv73sD~_5Tpw384zgfOrV3hfS~%3B7W2Kc91Gvfi473sfB97IXv1~%3B78npiX~_PELvSp~_j98P7vmt53vb85hXOB964~%3B6fvmKeYj7jDN5EWI~_DejH~_EODjbj9EfVdfHf3Rd43~_T3wXfj9TiX~_X9GE2.bps.a.953828608384096&type=1&__xts__[0]=68.ARDFVgYtAhBWv1g5NMuWeZOKi1YTGgmt8po2B8pk4vP9c8oLEWESRfC_ZVH9yshKKbQYZci7FV1IXbf6YhGG_FVs3fULH3WJqtiGZo8qUDtvQw1CAGkd_fIYk_Mg8dRSBsgUyweWWcnDXTWz95E00pYZBTIyKOgm_7TzI-VbCRoGH-bGhidL4Qoip1X_4pgIdBnc0HrPagy5fcisTHaNxGM5-WqIyhP1Ar0Eb23DC6sRRm41BZ35bq35FI4nkI8FCt1ouRLaWyPPV_qm4xtABv4HZsrft1JNHWhAeR8OZHP9twtpF-x3JdcDkVYS58WgWqBFFZ9UM1oL2kAURwfCAN329gjhHhaY6I6gldBJhNZLjV-xpFaqEfOfUXK0L00epdnW69lMDMB6TsXuQoBP-RqvF7Aqy0hT0ZIdpUAu6YMMkS9WxxeMa1N_9n7Vi3MhICfd7IWHvQEWio_ZTQ&__tn__=HH-R
  14. Best bit of riding weather we will have in a long time on the weekend.