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  1. I mean now that I’ve had the FJ and also an MT10 to keep it company, I don’t really miss the 07 much (if at all). I have plenty of torque on the FJ. I’m not a wheelie guy but the front wheel always wants to kiss the sky. What I miss most about the 07 is the lightness of the bike, the growl of the engine and super light clutch (FJ09 is great on the clutch though, MT10 is heavy as hell). Oddly enough I’m thinking of trading in my 10 for an 09, nothing beats the triple motor for urban riding. I’ll never get rid of my FJ, ever. Best all around bike I’ve ever had. Unless it’s for a new TRACER GT....
  2. I use one from the Hondo Garage for my IPHONE XR. It’s expensive (100$- ish) but After losing a phone to a cheap eBay mount, I’ll never take the cheap route again. I’ve done thousands of miles with it, held rock solid. Only works for horizontal orientation though. I moonlighted as an event paramedic and used it on my ATV for outdoor events and never had an issue. The perfect squeeze bar mount. 10/10 for me. Perfect Squeeze Bar-Clamp Bundle Comes with everything you need: (1)...
  3. West side for me, magnolia/Ballard area of Seattle!
  4. What a switch! You'll have to come back and give us the 6 month review of your 390 and if you miss the FJ. Cheers! Nice color on the 390!
  5. I've never been a fan of full systems. I put on an M4 slip on as supplied by 2 Wheel Dyno Works. The little puppy rips and sounds amazing with the Fjs motor.
  6. Seattle, Washington. Right in the middle of the big little city.
  7. You. are. going. to. love. it. I live close by, we can take a ride and you can see what an FJ09 tuned up by 2WDW feels like if your hesitant about letting those gents fix her up.
  8. I recently sold a 2018 Thruxton R for an 2019 MT10. I loved the Thruxton but it always seemed so...caged up and refined. Definitely the prettiest motorbike I ever owned. When I'm rich and live the good life (never), id be open to owning another Triumph. Never had any problems with her in 5k miles. One of the few brands I wouldn't think twice about dropping thousands on.
  9. I lane split on my '17 FJ09, at stop lights. it does get close at times but so far so good. I don't find the bike cumbersome at all in stop and go traffic which is a majority of what I ride in. Like what everyone says up above though, your SV is gonna be hard to compete with in terms of that kind of commuting. Overall fun factor, which I think is priority number 1 for any and all motorbikes, will increase dramatically. I always found the SV to be... underpowered which is a shame because its super nimble.
  10. I’ve seen this brought up multiple times, has there been a big issue with sensors and errors being thrown up on the FJ09s?
  11. I sold my 2013 FJR to get a 2017 FJ09 and don't regret it for a second. I don't do much freeway traveling though. If I was trying to do cross country trips I might have kept the FJR. I'm right with you on the seat height for the Africa Twin and I think its eye sore. I'll have to see the new GTs in person before I pass total judgment, as for now I think it looks a little too flashy like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
  12. Welcome to the forum from Seattle! I love Oregon, like the other riders said, beautiful riding down there! Great color on the bike!
  13. I've only heard great things about them, especially on this forum! Their customer service is outstanding! I'm very excited to get the bike in there next month and feel the transformation!
  14. Hey all, meet Rogue! I didn't get a screaming deal on it but I am more than satisfied. Next up is a tune by the local 2 Wheel Dyno works! This is the first bike I've owned that I don't feel the need to immediately throw mods and add-ons at! Waiting on delivery of the Perfect Squeeze phone mount. I decided on the FJ09 over the new XSR700 (great bike though). I suffer from 2BS pretty severely (two bike syndrome) but I think Rogue here will keep my symptoms in check for a good while all by herself.
  15. Hey David, I went to test ride a new 2017 FJ09 and it was good, but i don't think it was great. The throttle seemed fairly jerky and the bike felt choked up. It was however much lighter than i anticipated which lent itself to fun cornering. I had my FZ07 dyno tuned and flashed and it really made a huge difference, the bike felt totally new. I've been cruising the forums and it seems like the ecu flash and dyno on the FJ are a great mod. I was wondering if you have done these to your FJ09? My wife and I are moving back into Seattle and I would like to only have one bike to worry about and maintain. But i do love my FJR and FZ. The lightness and stability of the FJR are appealing especially for those all city riding days. I also was wondering how the FJ suits you on the freeways? Sorry to blow you up, I just don't know any other FJ owners. Plenty of FZs and FJRs around! I could not send you an PM as it kept showing an error.