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  1. Yosh fender eliminator. It was on the bike for 7,000 miles. It is missing the four bolts that hold the turn signal brackets to the license plate frame (two 6mm x 16mm, and two 6mm x 14mm - or any 1/4 inch bolts will work). The turn signal light brackets and license plate frame were not mounted to the bike and sat in the box. $75 shipped to lower 48. You can find the instructions to see how all the brackets go together here: https://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/product_images/product_pdf/Yoshimura-070BG139900.pdf
  2. Disassemble the case lock, insert your ignition key into lock barrel, grind down any protruding tumblers while the key remains in the lock, reassemble lock, toss the case key in the trash.
  3. I just ordered a Madstad windshield after all the great reviews here. I was surprised at all the varying sizes that folks prefer, but I decided to go with the Madstad-recommended 22" for six-foot. If you're on the fence and a 15% discount would make a difference, just place your desired screen in your cart and wait several hours - Madstad will send you a 15% discount code. I was undecided and added the screen to my cart to see what shipping would be. A few hours later I received the discount code. It worked - I ordered the screen.
  4. ..which I why I gave it a shot, and it worked for me! 😀
  5. Or it puts just enough added weight on the front end.
  6. I have this shock and while I agree setting the preload sucks, it sucks less than trying to crank up the OEM shock - and the ride is SOOO much better. The OEM shock delivered such a jarring impact over the frost heaves that occur every ten feet in Wisconsin that it made the bike unridable. This shock solved that problem. I adjusted the shock to be 5mm longer than stock, and combined with removing the OEM handgards, it eliminated the high speed wobble/oscillation this bike is prone to - even when passing semi-trucks on the interstate.
  7. I bought this one when they offered it during their holiday sale for $35 this winter. I haven't used it yet but its pretty small and comes with a variety of power connections. Looking around the internet, it seems that a few other places sell the same compressor. I don't think you will find much smaller than this unless you use one of the manual bicycle pumps that are meant to be carried on a bicycle frame (and would probably take all day to air a tire). Aerostich Mini Compressor - Pumps & Air Compressors - Tire Repair - Tools - A to B :: Aerostich Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear WWW.AEROSTICH.COM <p class="indent">This is the smallest, lightest compressor we carry and one of the most efficient you’ll find for its size. This stripped-down mini fits in the palm of your hand and will inflate any motorcycle tire in a couple minutes...
  8. kmev

    Riding suit

    I have the Combat Lites and really like them. They were perfect for commuting, as they were on or off in seconds. I once used them to hike a glacier - I will never do that again and now take them off for any length of walking. But for riding I have no complaints. I heard they are not making them anymore and I see old pairs going to what I consider ridiculous prices. I like Aerostich's elk gloves in short and long versions. I just got their "Vulcan Paws" for my trip this summer, so we'll see how they work. I've never tried their boot covers, but I was eyeing them. In my experience, if you're going to be riding all day in a rain on a bike that doesn't have enormous wind protection you eventually get wet no matter what you're wearing and there is not much you can do about it. My approach is to hope for a sunny day the next so everything dries out. I went straight from a cheap HJC to a Schuberth C3Pro when they were on closeout with Revzilla. I could not believe the difference. I wouldn't pay full price for it, but I do like the helmet.
  9. My understanding is that yes, it is the SW-Motech Evo tank ring, as the Yamaha City and Touring bags are simply rebranded Motech bags. I ended up with an Evo Engage bag, but I was seriously considering the Yamaha City or Touring and everything that I saw indicated they used the Motech tank ring. This post here by a member states it is the same:
  10. $40 rebate for purchasing a pair of the following tires 01 March - 30 April 2019: SPORTMAX ROADSMART III TRAILSMART AMERICAN ELITE ELITE 4 SPORTMAX Q3+ SPORTMAX Q4 D401 D402 D401T https://www.dunlopmotorcycletires.com/experience/promotions/
  11. You can also load a tube of silicone in a caulk gun and fill the bars with that. Just make sure you have the opposite side of the bars open to vent air. If you're going the tiny ball route, a package of BB's works well and is easier to find than shot. They are harder to clean off the floor than a dab of silicone however, and you don't have to remove the bars from the bike to fill them with silicone. I'm not sure how you would fill the bars with BBs or shot unless they are off the bike and vertical. The only problem with silicone is that you are never getting that stuff out if you later feel the need to.
  12. All I need is a jack, or block of wood, or something to hold up one end of the bike while on the centerstand so I can remove a wheel for the tire swap. Is something like that available? I read lots of horror stories about price gouging on tires and that you should bring or ship your own. I couldn't ship tires there myself for less than what they quoted me.