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  1. In that case, no one can give you an answer as to what tires will fit. My suggestion is to straighten the fender mount. A large adjustable wrench works great for straightening bent things.
  2. Several people on this forum run TKC80s in the stock sizes without problems. I currently have a set waiting for me in Whitehorse, Yukon, that I will be installing in a few weeks to ride the Dempster. I'm leaving Wisconsin on Dunlop Roadsmart 3s on June 7th.
  3. You're obviously not using the bike properly. 😁
  4. I can get over 50 mpg all day long (according to the dash readout) as long as I'm cruising at 60 mph. I've found however, that only happens with this bike if I'm stuck behind traffic. I have pushed my share of bikes after running out of gas, too. It was mostly a Sportster with the 2-gallon tank I rode in the 1990s
  5. Range varies depending on your speed, headwinds, etc. I have made it 200 miles on one tank, but this morning I had the fuel warning flashing at 130 miles after running close to 90 mph into a headwind.
  6. Tork X-Pro helmet speakers with volume control on the cord. Test installed for one short ride, but that was enough to tell me that helmet speakers (like ear buds) are not compatible with my tinnitus. I also purchased a 3-foot extension cable so I could plug into my GPS's MP3 player, or keep my phone in my tank bag - cable is included in sale. Velcro is unused, as the speakers fit perfectly into the pockets on my Schuberth. I paid $75 - your price is (reduced) $40 shipped within North America.
  7. FJR and Tracer/FJ lids are interchangeable. See attached post for options on how to swap.
  8. There are two ways to do it. The more difficult way is to drill out the rivet heads on the lid and then re-rivet the hinge plate into place. The easier way is to bend over the tab that holds the pivot pin in the hinge, slide out the pins, and remove the lid. If you are having it professionally painted, your painter will probably want the hinge plate removed, thus require drilling the rivet heads. It is not difficult, but can be a bit fiddly getting the rivets back into place with the backing plate that is inside the lid. I used 5/32 diameter x 3/8 length rivets, but found the rivets were a bit too long and ended up cutting down each rivet length by an 1/8 inch. Drill off the rivet head, and then use a punch to push the rivet through into the lid. You can flex the lid cover enough to get the old rivets out. The backing plate will probably come out with the rivets. Reassemble in reverse order taking great care not to scratch the fresh paint in the process. I used a small washer wedged in above the backing plate to hold it in place while I re-riveted - this worked very well, but make sure you put the washer on the correct side of the backing plate or you'll be drilling more rivets to remove that washer.
  9. My Revzilla receipt didn't have all the required info, either. I still received the rebate. It was annoying that I was unable to use the rebate card at fuel pumps.
  10. The bolt direction doesn't matter. Are you installing this on the newer GT with the narrower bars - putting the clamp closer to the riser mount on the larger part of the tapered bar? I did not need longer bolts on my 2015.
  11. You will have to move the cable zip ties and fit it under the clutch cable, but it will go. You may have to put the bolt in from the front, as the bolt head was smaller than the nut. It took a bit of fiddling before I got mine on, and it is on the bend of the bar which is not ideal, but it works just fine.
  12. Here is a pic of mine. Its a tight fit there, you just have to find the right spot.
  13. Hold up....I just checked the part number on the guards that are currently installed on my bike, and it is the same as what you showed (despite being different from the Amazon listing I bought them from). So they should work just fine. If that gap is your concern, push the mount onto the bar - those guards are flexible.
  14. We're going to need more info/pics. When I run your part number it comes back as a windshield washer fluid reservoir. Your part number is definitely different from the ones I ordered and installed (and linked to, above).
  15. I never noticed a whine until I read this thread. Now when I ride that's all I can hear is that whine. Thanks a lot. Of course, it could also be due to that Madstad windshield I just installed!