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  1. It will carry 3 dozen ears of corn, though.
  2. I have the Yamaha 50 liter and love it. It will *maybe* fit two helmets - depending on the size. If you and your other have smaller heads it will work. If you have larger heads, it won't. I cannot fit an X-Large Schuberth and an Large HJC into my 50L at the same time.
  3. I got mine on closeout, too. They are nice helmets, but not worth $800. I agree they are hot, and the ventilation is not great. But, I guess that is always a trade off for quiet. The one thing that I hate about the helmet is that for what it costs, you think they would make a visor that will stay up when you want it to - that is my one complaint about Schuberth.
  4. Earplugs are essential for serious long-distance riding no matter what helmet you're wearing. Besides protecting hearing, it really cuts down on fatigue - listening to wind blast droning on for hours is fatiguing. I have about 50,000 miles on a Schubert C3 Pro. It is a quite helmet in some wind/windshield conditions, but it can also throw a lot of noise with the chin vent open and a cross wind. Do a 700 mile day without earplugs, and then one with - you will notice a big difference. I always ran cheap helmets before the C3 Pro, thinking cheap helmets were just as good. Boy, was I wrong. Spend a bit more on a good helmet that fits and is comfortable - especially if you plan long distance riding.
  5. Mine is the same after this summer's trip. I thought it was because of the Dempster Highway and an anomaly, but it seems not. I'm running a SW Motech skid plate - do have anything under the oil pan? My plan was to give it a wipe with oil whenever I lubed the chain to keep it from rusting too badly. I think the best solution would be to have the cross bar professionally coated in a truck bed liner like Line-X. You could try using bicycle handlebar wrap - comes in black, easy to apply, and cushions the impacts.
  6. That's terrible. I got more than that on my OEM Dunlop.
  7. I told the tire guy to do whatever he wanted with them - preferably give them to someone else to finish off. I had 1,900 miles on them, and I estimate they were about half finished. I don't ride any dirt back home, and they were weren't worth the hassle to haul back nor the expense to ship.
  8. That is the SW-Motech skid plate that I am running. I also ground the rib off the oil pan and am using a flat, allen head drain plug. The skid plate will bend if you ground the bike hard, but on more than one occasion I heard a rock banging off of it. When I removed it to change the oil when I got home I was impressed by the number of rock gouges the skid plate sustained and my oil pan / headers did not. It did it's job. To change the oil you just remove six allen head screws and pull the plate off the mounts. I add a dab of blue thread locker when I replace it. Very easy. The seat is a Terry Adcox, which I learned about here and gets great reviews. I had a Sergeant seat but hated it. This seat did it's job as well as any seat could have averaging 700 miles a day for 11 days. It felt almost as good as the Russell Daylong I had on my BMW K75. I love the Aerostich Roadcrafter one-piece - this is my second. I also love their Combat Touring Lite boots. They don't come cheap, but like their advertising states, you WILL ride more.
  9. I'll second yocracing.com. I have the same problem with my local dealer, so for the last two years I have ordered all my Yamaha parts through Cucamonga - I get my parts faster and cheaper (shipping included) than my local dealer.
  10. Just returned from an excellent ride from southern Wisconsin to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada, on the Arctic Ocean and back. I wasn't planning on doing the round trip in 11 days, but I was enjoying the ride and found it hard to stop. I later learned that it if I had taken longer on the Dempster Highway I would have been stuck in snow and mud. I spent a total of three nights on the Dempster. The FJ-09 is the perfect compromise between an BMW GS and a FJR1300 - it can eat miles for day after day, yet perform in the dirt with the best of them. The bike was phenomenal on this ride. I tented it the whole way. The trip was unseasonably cold - temps from below freezing to low 50s Fahrenheit every day. Lots of rain, but no all-day-long downpours that I often encounter on my trips. The cold temps did keep the mosquitoes at bay. I installed TKC80s in Whitehorse, Yukon, and swapped them back to my Dunlop Roadsmart 3s for the return home. Both tires where flawless. Yamaha's traction control saved my ass on the ALCAN. I was running 70 mph when I hit a storm and it started hailing marble-sized hail. All of a sudden there was a LOT of hail and before I knew it I was running 70 mph into 1.5 inches of marble-sized hail covering the roadway. My rear wheel suddenly slid out from under me, but before I could even react the traction control engaged, the bike uprighted itself, and I ran neutral throttle the rest of the way through the ice. If I had been on my K75 I would have crashed. Thank you Yamaha. After that random collection of thoughts, here's some random photos:
  11. I had a Sargent, but it dug into my legs and became unbearable on a multi-day trip. After six days and 3,600 miles I was literally limping. I sold that and purchased a Terry Adcox seat. I have not yet been able to test it for more than a few hundred miles at a time, but that will change come Friday. It feels just like the Russell Daylong I had on my K75 and loved, so I am hopeful. I will know be early next week.
  12. I've never tried to put my Roadcrafter in a side case, but it fits in my Yamaha 50L top box. I wear a lined Classic size 44 with hip and back armor. I don't think it will fit unless you're really short and don't use the armor in the suit. I've never seen the newer unlined Roadcrafter, but that should roll up a bit smaller. I put one of my Aerostich Combat Lite boots in each side case, the suit in the top case, and the helmet on a Yamaha helmet hanger installed in the left side.
  13. There is a cable retainer attached by the top radiator mounting bolt. I found it helpful to loosen the bolt and rotate the retainer out of the way. Not 100% necessary, though.
  14. I don't know know the diameter of UK fuel pump nozzles, but here in the US the pump nozzle will fit through the hole under the gas cap. I only splash fuel on the tank when I'm not paying attention and I lift the nozzle above that hole. If it doesn't fit through the hole you will just have to pump very slowly or figure out a way to remove that pan with the holes in it.