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  1. I think I saw you on University near the hospital. I did a double-take, thinking "someone stole my bike!"
  2. I'll take the chain adjusters if they are not spoken for.
  3. When I wanted to install a BMW-type socket in the same location at my K75S, fabricating a bracket was the best solution:
  4. I guess it depends on where you work. For my job, I take the one-piece suit off with 1.5 zippers at the bike, slip my Combat Lite boots off in 1.2 seconds, and walk into work in shorts and flip-flops as cool and unsweaty as anything you could imagine exactly 2.7 seconds after setting the kickstand. Honestly - you can't go wrong with any of the Aerostich line. Try both on if you can to see what works for you. You won't be disappointed with either.
  5. That is the perfect color if you ride to your deer stand here in the north! Or love Creamsicles, as mentioned. I replaced a 20-year-old classic one piece with a new classic one piece three years ago. The old one made you look like you pissed your pants if you rode in any rainfall (even after pulling up the crotch folds). My new classic, with the new zipper, doesn't let any water through. I have had to replace one or two zipper pulls already. I like the lining on the classic - in Wisconsin it is more often cold than hot when riding, and it is harder to stay warm than to keep cool. I absolutely love the one piece. I considered a two piece as the replacement, but the one piece is so fast and easy - especially important as a commuter suit, IMO. I would never ride with just a top or just a bottom.
  6. Found a pic of when I was working on the lids - I guess it was purple and silver (not blue). I taped off all the trim and reflectors - I did not remove anything. I sanded the chrome trim and sprayed it. It's holding up well, and if it doesn't, its just a cheap and quick respray. These bags are big - you will hit and scuff them, so this is a great alternative to a $$$ paint jobs that would get dinged or scratched eventually.
  7. Sure...One lid was purple, the other blue.
  8. Welcome from Madison! I bought crashed FJR lids off Ebay. I sanded, filled scratches, and sprayed with Rustoleum spray can bed liner. Turned out great and the finish and texture is pretty darn close to the OEM Yamaha cases.
  9. The funny thing is that I had 21 days to do that trip, but I was enjoying the riding and the seat wasn't holding me back like the Sargent had previously, so I just kept on riding. Everybody's seat preference is a bit different, but if you're planning a lot of long days I think Terry's seat is better than the other options. If you're constantly dragging knees through sweepers you'll probably want something narrower.
  10. My butt was sore for a few days after riding my new seat from Terry - but it was 7,775 miles in 11 days. I had a Sargent prior to that, and I walked with a limp after riding 3,000 miles in five days. Terry's seats are like Russell Day-Longs but at a lower cost. Highly recommended.
  11. I have 16,000 miles with one, and I did not know about the long press. Thanks!
  12. I installed an EK screw link with a new chain before I rode from Wisconsin to the Arctic Ocean last summer. Install was super easy and haven't had a problem - including on the Dempster Highway. I'll buy it again.
  13. My 2015 does the same thing. It always had a rather loud chatter since new, but last summer when I was headed for the Dempster it became noticeable at speed, so much that I could feel it through the handlebars. It is louder when cold. I am at just over 16,000 miles. When I changed the oil, I didn't see any unusual debris in the oil. I was going to take it it, but figured the dealer would say "that's normal" like they did when it was new. I have the extended warranty until 2023, so figured I had some time. Maybe I'll take it in this summer to see if they will address it.
  14. I put a couple thousand miles on TKC 80s on the ALCAN and Dempster Highways. I really liked them. They vibrate and howl on asphalt, but I had no concerns even at speeds to 85 mph. They got the job done in dirt and light mud, and I didn't crash when hitting deep, loose gravel at too high of a speed - although I came close a few times. I would expect about 4,000 miles out them based on my experience.