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  1. nice. I am not a huge fan of the beak, but if you like it, go for it! I've done a bunch of mods to my GT as well, and there is nothing better than personalizing it to make it yours I think I am up to 22-ish mods/changes so far
  2. do you have a picture of how it looks with the bar ends? is there a weird/unnatural gap between the grip and the bar end? I was planning on taking mine off when it warmed up this spring/summer
  3. bummer about the rally, but I would say it is definitely worth checking and hopefully they can give some good news about tweaking it. I drove in from central utah to their factory, twice (once to drop off, and then again to pick up). Worked out great, and I got to go on my first ride with my dad in the Fresno area up through the mountains to break the seat in
  4. yeah, I dont feel like i am pushed into the tank with my corbin. it buckets your butt well further back. If they are close enough for you, RandyN, it may be worth having them customize it so it is lower or shaving the sides by the tank so you can get better footing. I'm 5'10" and liked the seat in the high position before I got the corbin, so it worked perfect for me and I had them leave it as it was. I could get the balls of both feet down together, but not flat foot. My Mom got the mt07 and a custom corbin seat and she likes to flat foot the ground so she had them lower the top padding a little, scooted her butt forward cause she likes to be closer to the tank, and shaved the sides of the front so it was not as wide. we are both very pleased with how they came out and hardly ride with the back rests connected, but it's nice to have
  5. good choice! I love my corbin seat. If you are not too far from Hollister, CA it might be worth calling Corbin if you wanted something done about the red piping or shaving the seat. I did 4000 miles on my stock seat last year, and switched over the winter and it has been awesome and the heated seat helps with some of my colder weather riding. I would say that was well worth it and a good find IMO.
  6. is this a new start or has it always done that? it sounds like the ABS is kicking in, or it is the twitchy throttle. maybe check the ABS sensor at the front wheel to make sure it is on properly? maybe would just needing a flash if it was the twitchy throttle or engine braking
  7. anyone have a link of where to get the connector plug? I saw that there was the clip there when I took the windshield off my GT, but was not sure what clip to get
  8. if I were to get it back, I think it would look good in blue to match the rims. or you could get tank pads and leave the panels clean?
  9. I took mine off to get it painted black, and think it looks cleaner. but I do have it as goo GT on the tank pads
  10. You could try changing the bar's angle or at least the angle of the clutch and break levers. Sometimes if those are set too high it can mess with your circulation giving you this kind of feeling
  11. what were the other seats you tried? I already got and love my corbin, but im curious since a lot of people dont get to try so many. I tried and was not a huge fan of the yamaha comfort, and stock on my GT also needed an upgrade but I find the corbin very comfortable and the heat works well and is awesome for those cold days in Utah
  12. I had the choice of a used 2016 FJ 09 at $7,000 and have wanted this bike since 2016. before the GT was announced I knew I wanted heated grips and a quickshifter and side bags and all the goodies the gt ended up having. I added up and between what I could do and wanted and it was more worth it to get the GT and I do not regret waiting and getting it. There are also several things I would not have upgraded from the FJ but am glad I have it (swingarm, TCS, cruise, tft dash). Between the better upgrades and what I was going to upgrade, and the time it would have taken to upgrade, I decided it was a better deal to go for the GT. Also, while the gt seat is better, I still got a corbin seat for more comfort.
  13. I would recommend putting someone on the other side in case you are nervous. Dont let them help you, lift it, but just there in case it goes over (it shouldnt go over). I put my foot on the center stand to hold it to the ground, and hold it up with my hands. I use the grab rail on this bike, (on my old bike, I would grab it by the frame under the seat to lift/balance) and most of it is in the foot pressing down. You hold the handle bar with the left hand and the grab rail with the right. While keeping your right foot on the center stand, find the balance point for the other side to touch the ground (it shouldnt fall over if you keep your right foot on the stand). Once you feel both sides touching you push down on the center stand and it will naturally want to lift up the rear. Having it in neutral will help it roll a little backwards and not have to fight as hard if the wheel locks for half an inch. lift up by the grab rail while still pushing down on the centerstand and it's up
  14. haha, awesome! We have a bill that has two more steps to be a law here in utah to allow lane splitting/filtering. I realllllly hope it passes. between my exhaust and Denali sound bomb, it is going to be fun sneaking up on people on their phones. haha. thanks! it's fun to change it to make it "yours" I have done about 25 mods to mine so far and the seat was definitely a great choice!
  15. yeah, I think it goes well with the bike. I am 5' 10"