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  1. Hi Not sure if this is the correct place for this question but I have a Schuberth C4 Helmet with the SC1 integrated comms. Sena have released a V2 firmware upgrade for the SC1 but I'm struggling to figure out the changes! It does sound louder, and there is a specific pairing option for a GPS. The phone app has several new options, but it's not clear what they all do. Has anyone installed this update and could they enlighten me :) Vic
  2. Thanks Mike. Confirms what I thought. Vic
  3. Hi Mike. Do you know the part number for your tank ring? Vic
  4. I have the Evo Engage with the 110 tank ring and it fits perfectly on my GT. Just ordered a Yamaha Tour bag for longer trips and hoping that will fit too. Should be ok based on great info found on this site.
  5. Thanks Kmev, that's helpful. I have the Engage bag which I like but it's rather small. I need something bigger for longer trips and the Yamaha Tour bag looks good. Vic
  6. Hi Does anyone know if the Yamaha Branded Tour Tank Bag uses the same tank ring as the SW-Motech Evo tank ring. Also, does the bag fit the Tracer GT tank without too large a gap. Thanks for any info. Vic Tank Bag - Tour - YME-FTBAG-TR-01 - Yamaha Motor WWW.YAMAHA-MOTOR.EU Tank Bag - Tour - For your Yamaha Model Name
  7. Hi. seems to be some confusion here. The link you’ve included is for the 2016/2018 MT09. If you look at the image in my previous post, it shows the part number for the Tracer 2019, which was the question I was responding to. No need to discuss this further. The correct ring for the 2019 Tracer is the one I referenced, it doesn’t require any padding and fits perfectly. You're wrong, and I shan’t reply further to this thread, but best not confuse other members. Vic
  8. Erm.... yes it is. I spoke to the distributor who confirmed the correct part number. The older and cheaper ring fits the 2019 Tracer. I bought one and it and the bag fit perfectly. Vic
  9. Hi. It’s the 110 ring part number TRT.00.640.11001/B I have one on my Tracer GT with the Evo Engage bag. Very nice fit and follows the lines of the tank without a big gap. Bag is quite small but perfect for essentials that you want to hand. vic
  10. Am I the only one who can’t see the original post ?? showing as white lettering on a light background. Vic
  11. Probably 14 days. I’d like to go for longer but some of my mates have to back to work!
  12. Hi Done the B500 a few times and the Harz region last year. Both great areas, but the B500 has a lot of speed limits now. Riding in the Harz region inspired us to go further east next year. Vic