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  1. Hi Must be a brexit thing 😊 In the UK we know the bike as a Tracer, and the MT09 is the naked sportier version. Best to check with Givi if unsure. Vic
  2. I don’t think so All Givi accessories for the Tracer 900/GT 2018/2019 end 2139 For the earlier model they end 2122 . I have the TN2139 crash bars for my Tracer GT. and they fit well and look good. Vic
  3. I’ll be on Euro tunnel on June 15 en route to the Czech Republic 😎
  4. Because here in the Uk people will sometimes “clone” vehicles so they can break traffic laws or worse with impunity. Vic PS I see the numbers are now masked.
  5. You may want to mask those reg plates! vic
  6. Hi Is it possible to add images to a PM? I've uploaded pics to a gallery, but can't seem to find the URL to reference the image in a PM. Vic
  7. vic

    Vic's Tracer

  8. Hi My Tracer GT is one year old at the end of this month, and I'm off on a European trip in the June. The bike's been super reliable but I don't like going overseas without breakdown cover. Can anyone suggest a reliable breakdown service for UK and Europe.I've had some poor experiences with the AA but nervous about using the small companies although I hope to never call them! I'll probably go for annual cover. Thanks Vic
  9. No. There wasn’t any before, and it didn’t seem necessary. I checked the bolts after a 150 mile ride, and all seemed ok. vic
  10. Since updating the SC1A to 2.0 firmware I had my first long ride with a mate this weekend. Audio multitasking seemed to work well. I could still hear the intercom while my Garmin was giving navigation guidance. Phone connection via the Garmin still seemed a bit hit and miss. I’ve never really managed to sort it, although I’m fairly certain it’s set up correctly. Vic
  11. @bowlin01 I bought them from motostorm .Was best price including delivery. Vic
  12. I had no issues with the Givi bars on my GT. I think it applied to earlier shipments but seems to be sorted now. Vic
  13. Hi Steve, Hope this helps. I really like them, but hope I don’t get to test them in anger! Looking forward to another ride. Vic
  14. Hi By coincidence I’ve just fitted the same crash bars with no issues. I agree the instructions aren’t great but other posts on this site helped. I did measure each bolt to ensure I was using the right one in each place. The instructions give the size of each bolt and spacer. Looking at your picture, it could be the angle of the photo, but the bolt doesn’t look square to the hole. Could you possibly have cross threaded it? Vic