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  1. Thanks guys. Sorted!
  2. Am I the only one who can’t see the original post ?? showing as white lettering on a light background. Vic
  3. Probably 14 days. I’d like to go for longer but some of my mates have to back to work!
  4. Hi Done the B500 a few times and the Harz region last year. Both great areas, but the B500 has a lot of speed limits now. Riding in the Harz region inspired us to go further east next year. Vic
  5. Hi I’m planning a bike trip next summer to east Europe with a couple of mates. Setting off from the UK we’re planning to head to Germany/Czech Republic/Slovakia/Hungary and then return via Austria. Anyone got any suggestions for routes and/or good places to stay. Should be fun on the Tracer GT 🤓 Vic
  6. Hi Cruizin. Is there an equivalent to recent posts/threads on the new site? Vic
  7. Here in the UK Helmet City (http://www.helmetcity.co.uk/schuberth-c4/) currently have the Schuberth C4 on sale for as little as £299 for some colours and the SC1 comms for £132 (standard) or £199 advanced if you buy with the helmet. I just bought a C4 Legacy Yellow with the SC1 Standard for £492 vs the £850 normal retail price. Pricey but not too bad compared to the normal price and it's a great helmet. I'm replacing my C3 Pro which is now demoted to my commuting and shopping helmet The SC10U from my C3 Pro is going on ebay soon if anyone in the UK is interested. Vic
  8. I think that bikes without quickshift you need to drop revs slightly and apply slight upward pressure to the gear pedal to upshift without the clutch. This worked well on my old FZ1. With the QS I have found that you need to maintain the revs for a smooth upshift. If you you drop the revs its very clunky!
  9. Hi Steve, Just saw this, but have already made plans for today. Enjoy your ride. It’s chilly out there! Vic
  10. vic

    Garmin GPS Kits

    Hi Thats possible but some have had issues with the connector at the end of the harness that fits into the gps mount and the two contact points that connect to the back of the Zumo. It’s a flimsy connection and if the harness isn’t seated properly in the mount or the contacts aren’t clean you may get intermittent power losses as you describe. Worth checking Vic
  11. vic

    Another UK newbie.

    Hi Kenny, What crash bars do you have on the GT? Vic
  12. vic

    Garmin GPS Kits

    Hi GVV550 I connected the Zumo 395 power lead to the 12v accessory plug behind the windscreen using an MT090 connector. The Zumo lead includes an inline 12v/5v converter box. I fixed the converter box and excess cable out of sight behind the screen. good luck! Vic
  13. vic

    Garmin GPS Kits

    Hi Here's a "rider's eye" view of my Garmin 395 mounted with a RAM mount fixed to the centre of the handlebar. As you can see, there is a clear view of the Garmin without obstructing the TFT display. Here's a pic of the back showing the mount and cabling. The power cable follows the other cables to the rear of the TFT display where there is a spare 12V accessory socket which connects with a MT090 connector. This is described elsewhere on the site with some excellent pictures showing how to remove the screen, the screen height adjuster and a metal plate to access the accessory socket. The install is very neat without any exposed cables. I think your problem is that the Garmin power cable includes a 12V/5V converter so needs to be connected to a 12V supply. It looks as if you connected it to a USB 5V supply so will not be adequate. Hope this helps, Vic
  14. vic

    Wheel Switch problems

    Hi Steve, Hope all is well. I don’t think the fuel used resets automatically. You select it with the wheel and then press the wheel until fuel used shows — . I do this every time I fill up. I also show trip 2 on the same screen and reset this when I fill and generally show this screen as the fuel gauge is useless! would be good for another UK breakfast meet some time. Best Vic PS Was riding in the Lake District last week.