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  1. I used these guys on a BMW front wheel that looked exactly like yours. Perfect job, you couldn't tell it had ever had any damage. I' don't know how they straighten wheels without damaging the paint but it must be possible. Their website sucks and it was over a decade ago but might be worth a call. Motorcycle Wheel Repair, Before and After Pictures + Video
  2. I’m solidly into the wear bars on the stock A41s at 3,100 miles but haven’t mounted the Pilot Road 4s I have sitting here yet. Sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll report impressions after I get some miles on them. I also ordered a set of 90 degree valve stems. Planning on just changing the rear as the fronts are pretty easy to get to from the inside. I went with Moto D brand. They should be here in a day or two.
  3. Sorry, I never answered your question. Here's what I got with the bike as spelled out in an email from a dealer I was working with at the time of purchase. I have only used the jack stand so far. Yamaha sent us 3 tools on the essential tool program. This is what they send out to dealers when new models come out and special tools are needed to service them. Here is what we received, Jack Stand #90890-01596 $233.99 Wheel alignment toe gauge #90890-01595 $540.99 Steering nut wrench # 90890-01598 $106.99
  4. Don't have a real good reason for posting, just rarely get a good picture of me on the bike. Rolled over 3,000 miles this past weekend and still love it.
  5. How can this be? I’ve purchased three full sets of levers, two for different BMWs and the set I’m running on my Niken and have never gotten so much as an extra sticker, not to mention anything else. Apparently I don’t have your celebrity status. 😎😉😄 They are very nice levers.
  6. I'm sure there's some truth in what you're saying. Road surface also makes a difference. I ride mostly higher speeds, staying out of town as much as I can. I also ride a lot of county highways which are mostly chip seal and hard on tires. Interesting comments on the suspension. I too have very little preload dialed in, only 4 clicks from full soft as there's very little static sag with the bike unladen but have gone the other direction with damping. Currently only 1/4 turn from full hard. The only damping adjustment in the rear is rebound and I felt like the back was kicking me too hard over our rough Illinois roads. To me the ride improved the more rebound damping I added. Can't say what that's doing to tire life though. The rear suspension feels like a classic case of over sprung under damped to me. Just for reference I'm also 210lbs and have so far ridden only solo with no bags. I'll be interested to see as people get more miles on these bikes what the favorite tire choices are. I bought a set of Michelin Pilot Road 4s because I could get a matching set and wanted a sport touring tire. I have also read that without having tires that run inline tire matching is not important Don't know if that also holds true for running a mix of radials and bias ply tires. There are a few motorcycles that come that way. If that's not a problem it would open up more tire options. I noticed that bias ply 15 inch tires were more common when I was shopping tires.
  7. I'm running Mode 1 and TCS 1. Tried all modes on my test ride and again on my first good ride of the new bike. These setting have been used ever since. I'm not yet convinced there's a tire wear issue other than the stock tires just aren't that great. I've heard that sometimes the OEM factory tire isn't the same quality as the same brand and model sold aftermarket. Lower quality compound or shallower tread or both. Maybe that's the case here. I am surprised that as hard as the A41s are they haven't lasted longer. That said I'm not changing the way I ride or the settings I use to try and extend tire life. To me that's just the cost of doing business. This is the rear on my Niken at 2,700 miles.
  8. Finally got the chance to try out my factory front stand. I picked up a scissor jack the other day just for this purpose. Slip both sides of the stand into the frame, slide the bottom bar in to place and tighten the thumb screws. Pop the bike up on the center-stand, slide the jack under the bottom bar and you're good to go. Simple and very stable. I've noticed my handling deteriorating lately and wanted to check the front and make sure everything was OK. Once the front wheels are off the ground it's easy to push, pull, twist, turn, shake etc. Happy to report everything seems fine, tight with no play but easy to move with no binding through full travel in all directions. I'm putting the handling degradation down to worn tires. I'm almost into the wear bars at the back and not much better off in the front at only 2,700 miles. I'll be surprised if the OEM tires make it to 5,000 miles. Pilot Road 4s sitting here ready to install.
  9. Read that the hand guards on this Niken are from a Honda Africa Twin. No idea what's required to make them work but it's not impossible.
  10. I have the Yamaha Service Manual. Pretty handy if you plan on doing your own service or mods and not terribly expensive. I think it was around $90. Part number LIT-11616-32-54.
  11. Here's what's listed in the GT service manual. I don't know if they are all blade type but I would think most are.
  12. Pulled over three times over the years. No tickets so far.
  13. I have now seen this as well. First ride of the season a few weeks ago on a 2019 Niken. Literally 2 miles into the ride and accelerating up to highway speed the first time and the oil warning light comes on. The last thing I did before winter storage was change the oil so I'm thinking I left the filter or drain plug loose. I pull over, no oil on my boot, no oil on the bike, and no trail of oil down the road behind me. Engine sounds fine and by the time I do a quick U turn the light is out. Still rode back to the garage to check the level and it's just below the max mark. I did not add any oil and have done over a 1,000 miles since and not seen it again. I'm chocking it up to cold oil on a cold day. Finding this thread did make me feel better about it. Good information to know.
  14. 425 miles on the screen since it was installed. Very nice, quite an improvement over the diminutive stock screen. Takes all the wind off your chest and leaves just your upper outer arm, shoulders, and helmet in the breeze. Wind hits my helmet at the chin bar and is smooth with no buffeting. This really works well for me. I've ridden sport-touring bikes with similar wind protection for a long time and this reminds me very much of those bikes. Much better for the higher speed riding I do. Not as protective as the stock GT that I test rode but a nice middle ground. Sure helps riding into the wind on the blustery spring days we've had lately. Screen is also rock solid at indicated speeds well in excess of the posted limit. 😉 I'd recommend it.