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  1. I've definitely considered that. Also considered a gold vinyl wrap on just the matte panel below the tank. Nothing firm right now, just rolling ideas around. I would be interested to see pictures of that concept if available.
  2. Bump. I'm interested in this too. Unfortunately no opinion to add though.
  3. I'm looking to do something similar, but I've got the matte black/gray color scheme. The problem is that this means the world is my oyster and most color combinations will work. The trick is deciding what color(s) I want to use, or if I should leave it the way it is. I really do like the way the red ones look with that additional stripe.
  4. dingophil

    Member YouTube channels?

    Perfect. Thanks.
  5. There is so much great advice, reviews, links, and how-to's on this forum that I cannot help but wonder if any of our members post their knowledge and adventures on YouTube. If so, here is the place to tell the forum about your YouTube channel! Just post the link or user name below with a little info about it. If you have found a specific channel extremely helpful or informative, I think this thread would also be appropriate for sharing that with forum members. Motorcycle-specific, please.
  6. dingophil

    Report "false likes" here.

    Just posted in the Premium Saloon, and immediately got 2 likes, but only one view (mine?). Screen shot:
  7. dingophil

    tapatalk integration

    Search has done that to me on occasion since the migration. I just thought I was moving too fast.
  8. I'm a Texas native myself, living in the Phoenix area (Hook 'em). Ironically, the surrounding mountains here have some snow and sub freezing temps right now, meaning I'll need to come up with some "errands" and putter around the city's grid today if I want to ride.
  9. dingophil

    Phoenix area

    Awesome! There's some great riding right at your doorstep. Very jealous of your location, haha.
  10. dingophil

    Phoenix area

    Bumping this page a bit. Hopefully there are some FJ owners in the greater Phoenix area. Reply below!
  11. I'm considering trying my hand at a DIY seat mod using high density upholstery foam, memory foam and maybe a Marine grade cover. Looking for a cast-off driver's seat with original foam (preferred) or seat pan to build on so I don't ruin mine when I inevitably screw this up. Located in the US. Not sure what these are worth so just shooting in the dark here.
  12. dingophil

    Suspension paint chipped

    Thanks for checking!
  13. dingophil

    Dingophil's FJ-09

    Just some pics of my 2015 FJ-09. As I did more and add more farkles, I will update the gallery.
  14. dingophil

    Suspension paint chipped

    @Wordsmith - Do you know how well the gold pinstripe tape matches the front forks? I checked out the 3M Scotchcal High Performance Striping Tape Color and Pattern Guide (PDF) and it didn't look that close. I ask because I trust a real person's eyeballs more than a PDF. Thanks! Link is to the 3M pdf download. If this is not allowed please remove.