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  1. Thanks @koth442! You nailed it. M5 x 0.8 x 20mm. I previously went with brass screws and washers (in the wrong size) for a tiny bit of bling. Suck with the washers, in addition to the OEM plastic ones. They don't show up too well in the photo, but they're there!
  2. @micah2074 or @koth442 any measurements on those windshield screws? I went with #10 24 x 3/4" machine screws, and they are just barely too big I think. Looked an exact match when I was in the hardware store. I'm afraid to torque too much more since the nut/receptacle portion of the windscreen mount is plastic. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Installed HeliBars handlebar risers, specifically for the FJ-09. I was going to do a "how to", but the instructions were so clear and easy to follow, that I don't think it's necessary. Took the bike for a spin, and the difference was immediately felt. No more reaching, a much more comfortable riding position, and it felt like I was in even better control than before. HeliBars Handlebar Risers Yamaha FJ-09 2015-2017 WWW.REVZILLA.COM Move your bars up and closer to you with a machined aluminum bar...
  4. Re-rotated the handlebars back. I rolled them forward as a failed experiment in comfort, but looks like I'll invest in some bar risers at some point. Installed KTM handguards. As many have said, it was incredibly simple. Had to adjust some zip ties, but that's about it.
  5. Don't let your "need to ride" overcome common sense and safety. I'd ensure that they are sending a replacement, send your defective unit in, and wait. Why play with fire?
  6. Reviving an old thread... There have been several company's vying for the smart helmet market within the last few years. It's getting closer to being an actual thing. The latest I've seen is Crosshelmet. Apparently they're actually going to produce and ship "by June of 19". Personally, I'm into waiting through a few iterations while kinks are worked out. Thoughts? CrossHelmet WWW.CROSSHELMET.COM The world's smartest motorcycle helmet, featuring 360° vision, noise...
  7. Looks like a bracket of some sort. Any idea what it is holding? The clutch cable still goes through the cut out just beyond it, like the FJ. Thanks for the pic, I feel better knowing someone it putting it to good use, lol.
  8. Order placed. Barkbusters is apparently out of the FJ-09 variant, so I needed an alternative. Does anyone have a link to bar end weights that work with both the bike and handguard? The most promising links early in the thread are old and no longer link to anything. Thanks for the help!
  9. Would the pulsing be the ABS kicking in?
  10. Installed Grip Puppies and rotated the handlebar forward to alleviate right wrist awkwardness and hand numbness after about 45 minutes of riding. This put my levers in an extremely awkward position and made the OEM hand guards even more useless. Removed the hand guards and rotated my levers upwards making sure there was adequate clearance, then ordered Barkbusters Storms. Hopefully there won't be a problem on install with the angle of the handlebars.
  11. Ah thanks, was worried I'd have to buy something, lol.
  12. Pictured: unused threaded hole just forward of where the forks rest in the triple tree and to the left (and right of the ignition). Just curious if it's like that for everyone or if I'm missing out on a potential farkle. Thanks!
  13. I'll be in Wichita Falls throughout the month of may. Considering bringing the bike, but not sure since the weather there turns nasty in about 10 seconds.
  14. Thanks for the excellent write up! Does anyone know if they also allow bar-end weights or sliders to be installed?