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  1. I am in the Buford/Sugar Hill area. I don't get out and ride near as much for pleasure as I would like.
  2. I haven't owned a bike in quite a while so figured I would buy myself some time learning how to work on the bike with the maintenance package and extended warranty. Yes I know they are overpriced, and went in knowing that but negotiated what I felt was an acceptable price. Now, unfortunately, I am looking at selling my FJ and wanted to know from others who have sold/bought used bikes the value that can be placed on extended/maintenance warranties in the price of the bike you are selling. yes I know I will have to sell locally to my area, and appreciate any advice you guys can give me. you are the experts here.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I don't care for lane splitting, but filtering at lights would be awesome. I don't do it simply because I don't want a ticket, but I do pull to one side or the other of the car in front of me so if someone comes from behind, they don't hit me full on, maybe(hopefully) just a graze, or they miss me all together.
  4. surprisingly my commute was pretty quiet yesterday. was on 285 loop in Atlanta at 3pm and didn't have any serious issues. my issue came Sunday evening returning for the parts store, and a little silver honda merged over into my lane. Silver lining, the guy saw me last minute, swerved back into his lane, and immediately started waiving apologies...so there are some decent human being left, just not many... I had to have been in his blind spot moving up as he wasn't on his phone that I could tell.
  5. @bowlin01, that is pretty good video for $24 dollars. Thanks for the other replies as well, checking them out.
  6. fj09newbie

    Rpha 70?

    I will look into that, and looking into a touring screen as well, for the longer trips.
  7. fj09newbie

    Rpha 70?

    so I am late to this topic. I have the 70ST and love it. I thought it was very loud when I first got it(at same time as FJ), but after this forum, and doing some test figured out quickly it is the buffeting coming from the stock wind screen. looking for a new screen now...
  8. Pretty much this but mine is the givi 47L hard case, tech edition. my laptop back(filled with laptop, shoes, cables, etc, and my lunch will fit in that thing. I rarely take that off my bike.
  9. not sure if this should go here or in the pics/videos section so feel free to move. I did search and didn't find a thread like this, so if I am duplicating I do apologize. I am looking for alternatives(less expensive) than gopro. I am hoping some of you use no name action cameras and like them enough to share them here.
  10. wish I had seen this before buying the motul, but I guess it was in the top 3 so I will use it and go to gear oil next time.
  11. HJC RPHA 70 ST, with Pinlock. only thing I have with the pinlock is cleaning it. and not having fuzz on it. Pinlock doesn't fog at all
  12. Agree with @superfist, awesome post @jdude I use the Davinci software a bit as well so good to know it supports 360. I am definitely going to be looking into this camera.
  13. what software do you edit with? does it come with the camera or can you use a 3rd party editor? This interests me greatly...