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  1. blackhawkgeo

    Helibars Handlebar Risers

    Had these on the bike for about 2000 miles. Still in like new condition. Raises the bars up 1" and back 1". $50.00 shipped within CONUS. Paypal preferred. Located in Branson, MO. Thanks!
  2. blackhawkgeo

    Out and about early

    Beautiful pictures!
  3. blackhawkgeo

    Riding position

    I have the Helibars risers and it really made a big difference in my riding position.
  4. blackhawkgeo

    Shell Rotella T6 Oil in FJ09

    I used it in my Concours as well. No issues in 82000 miles.
  5. blackhawkgeo

    Best heated gear

    I've been running Warm-N-Safe jacket liner and gloves for about 5 years. It has never let me down and I've always been warm.
  6. blackhawkgeo

    What Helmet do you ride in?

    I've always had Arai helmets in the past, but recently picked up a Schuberth C4 when they went to half price on Revzilla. Great helmet but a bit heavier than what I'm used to. The thing that I don't care for is that they only have two shell sizes. My size medium looks huge on me! Other than that, it's a good helmet. I'll probably go back to Arai.
  7. blackhawkgeo

    Rubber smell coming off engine

    I have the same issue. It usually happens when it's cold out or there is a lot of condensation. Nothing seems to be wrong so I just keep on riding!
  8. Agree. I really like the yellow!
  9. blackhawkgeo

    FJ-09 Photo Thread

    Love this bike!
  10. I have the OEM side cases and I think that they are just the right size for the bike. The windscreen, however, I had to change out. Too much buffeting. I went to a 20" Madstad and it's the best improvement that I have made to the bike!
  11. blackhawkgeo

    Riding with eyeglasses

    That's what I do. I put on my glasses and helmet inside the house. That, along with Ziess lens wipes, usually keeps my glasses fog free.
  12. blackhawkgeo

    Greetings from NYC

    Welcome! I grew up in New Jersey. There are a lot of great roads to ride; especially along the shore!
  13. blackhawkgeo

    visor cleaner

    I also use Plexus on my visor and windscreen. Been using it for years and it works great!
  14. blackhawkgeo

    Late Afternoon Sun

    I used to use black electrical tape, but now I have a Schuberth with a drop down visor.
  15. Too cold to ride. Feels like temp was 11 degrees this morning. I have a heated jacket liner, but damn, that's just COLD!