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  1. I used a vango sigma 3 man. Reason being, that if it’s pissing down, you’ve got loads room to get changed and sit upright (on floor) Heavy at 4.5kg and packed is pretty big. However it’s rock solid in wind. You Can pitch all in one keeping fly attached, saving time, another reason why I used this one. With a lot of tents, you pitch inner with poles, then have to put fly over the top and peg out. A pain in the arse, and if it’s raining, the inner gets wet ! Other than that, if you want lighter weight and smaller pack size I’ve used a vango banshee pro 2 man, but it’s very snug ! I’m in uk, Vango just happen to make very good Waterproof budget tents.
  2. Keithu, how do you find pulling away in first now ?
  3. I now use the larger chair. A bit more bulk but a lot more comfort, kinder on my back after a day on bike. Mine’s a vango, no plastic joints and cheaper than others in the uk. With that and an exped ul9 Mat, I’m sorted for comfort.
  4. Yes, mines a 2017 and no panniers, and No locks.
  5. Anyone in uk wanting a pair, I have a s/hand left and brand new right in gloss black no locks.
  6. Remember Lorenzo being lifted off bike after finishing 4th at Chinese GP ? A later scan showed he'd broken both ankles in Friday warm up.
  7. I'm in the uk. See you about 12.00 tomorrow? I'll put the kettle on.
  8. ‘The MT07 doesn't accelerate faster than the FJ/Tracer, not at all, but it sure as hell feels a lot faster.’ I know where your coming from. I ride a 250 2stroke, hitting the power band feels like I’m doing a land speed record. Twitchy Small bike, brakes that are there just as a token gesture, tyres that are about the same size as my mountain bike, and a manic rattling noise. All adds up to a visceral ride, but in reality not that fast at all. Thing is, it puts a grin on my face every time, which is why I love some bikes, and not others (gs”s. )
  9. Well, of you don't like quirks and you can wheelie a Goldwing, get a Goldwing ! Haha. When I get off the tracer and back onto my 20 yr old CBR, you wonder where progress has been made. Silky smooth throttle, gear change you can't even feel, no jarring over small bumps, a comfortable seat and way less wind noise. However, the Tracer is an addictive ride, and I forgo the quirks to get that fix.
  10. Bearings are £30.00. Well worth the fun to be had.
  11. Yup, and It's a 250 in 400 colours. I ride it loads but no long distances. They drink fuel to say the least. The price of the 400's are ridiculous, and overrated, but most are restored to better than showroom and hardly ridden just in case they get a bit of dust on them. Shame. Anything from that era is going up, the lc's included. The price of nostalgia ! Try looking up the price of a restored Yamaha Fs1e 50cc if you want a real laugh. I need to build a time machine ! I did see an mt09 dressed with a lc looking kit, very nice.
  12. Variety is the spice etc.