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  1. Saw your post a day late, we had bad weather yesterday so it may not have mattered. I'll try to keep up on the posts in the future. Stan
  2. Yes Tulsa is a great town. As a rider I wish I was closer to that part of Oklahoma instead of the flatlands. Here in the central part of the state it's a longer ride to the better roads . S.S. 56
  3. I was surprised when doing my first oil change after the dealer did the initial change that the filter I removed was a Hi-Flo. I was expecting it to be an oem Yamaha filter. I didn't feel so bad using the Wix that i installed. S.S. 56
  4. Thanks for the responses and pics. It doesn't look as tall as I thought it would. I really like the Givi and will be ordering the mount system for the Yamaha. SS56
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the Givi mount ? I have a Givi plate and top box that has been through 2 bikes and is a good set up. It looks like the plate will be higher on the Tracer 900 GT than my last 2 rides and I was hoping someone would have tried this combination so I could find out before buying. Thanks, S.S.56
  6. #1 - The position of the key, with gloves on I have bent the key once! I now start the bike before I put the gloves on. #2 - The fuel gauge reading. This is something I'll eventually adjust to but it's strange to travel 100 miles before it moves. Other than those minor complaints I'm tickled with the machine especially the motor. Stan
  7. Thanks for the responses, it just looked odd to see the pouch with so little inside. Perhaps you are correct bowlin01 it is to instill the confidence that nothing will go wrong, SS56
  8. What was included in the tool kit for the Tracer 900 GT ? After returning to the dealer to get the owners manual after my initial purchase and removing the passenger seat to inspect the tool kit, I found one open end wrench and the cable for a helmet lock. What am I missing ? It seems odd that Yamaha would call this a tool kit. Being a new model I do not know if I am being hosed by the dealer or of this is indeed what is considered a tool kit. SS56