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  1. Beautiful fall day here in Minnesota. In the land of 10,000 lakes most trips include a stop at some body of water. Took the opportunity to snap a picture of my two beauties.
  2. I went with the Yamaha MT-09 adventure pegs and love them. Plug and play.
  3. Fall is in the air here in northern Minnesota, so tonight I put on the big Madstad screen. Also gave the chain a good cleaning and installed an Evotech radiator guard. I was surprised how much damage the radiator has taken over a two year span. Nothing serious but it's taken some pretty good blows.
  4. With the shorts and flip flops and no helmet wouldn't you be more at home on a big litre sport bike? Love the t-shirt.
  5. I always acknowledge a wave. When I initiate a wave, I get about a 85% response rate. Kids on the side of the road get a honk.
  6. In my opinion, there is no one screen that will do it all. I use a Puig shorty screen for the summer and a Madstad touring screen for longer trips and colder weather. This is my first Madstad and it's by far the best touring screen I've ever used. Sport or short screens are just a matter of looks and what looks best to you.
  7. I've only been on one week long trip on my Tracer. This was a trip with all necessary camping and cooking supplies. I loaded it up with the side bags, 39L top case, and a large Tourmaster sissy bar bag that doubled as a back rest. I just kept it in power mode B and traction control 2 and drove it like I had a fully loaded bike. No issues.
  8. Love Grip Puppies. I love a bigger grip, whether it be a mechanical pencil, tennis racket, or motorcycle grip.
  9. I've owned my Suzuki DR250 since '95 and sold my Yamaha Vmax that I've owned since '00. I like to look at and ride different bikes but seldom do something different when I find a bike I enjoy. I like my Tracer GT and so at age 52, it will probably be the last bike I own.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I ended up just going for it and yes you are correct, one can swap out screens in less than 30 minutes. I have a Puig sport screen that I use mostly in the summer months, but switch back to Madstad for the longer rides.
  11. Thanks for the reply and concern. It was a slow speed drop so both my passenger and I bailed without harm. Making a tight u-turn, on a hill, with a passenger. The biked started going over and with the extra weight and top heaviness of the passenger I couldn't stop the momentum. It was all rather slow motion with a no no no No No No NO NO NO ... drop I picked up a can of flat black Plastidip at the hardware store but have yet to apply it.
  12. What paint did you use for the engine case? I dropped my bike a few weeks ago making a slow speed U-turn and ended up with identical damage to the case.
  13. Coming off a Yamaha Vmax which only had A+ mode, I find it nice to have options and use them all depending on the circumstances and how I'm feeling that particular day.
  14. You put your bike through a windtunnel to know all that? I'm sure @Warchild was being facetious in their response. The honking case looks like ass on the bike. Please spare your engineering and form over function lecture. It's ok for someone to have a different opinion than you.