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  1. The GT bike comes with a fully adjustable suspension and for factory is pretty good. I have no intentions to upgrade mine. The seat slope still sucks.
  2. I reckon as far as Texas goes that may be a high vantage point. Since I received three inches of snow today, I say move forward with the next challenge. I'm probably out unless it involves something snow related.
  3. For factory it's a good seat, but damn the slope is killer. I used two washers under the tank and rubber washers I had for the seat. The metal washers were just a bit over 2 16ths and the rubber washers just under 4 16ths When I first took the bike out, I was thinking, well this kinda sucks, there is no change. But it's a subtle change. After a longer ride, I realized there was no discomfort. And as others have state, it also allows you to sit further back on the seat. I'm running out of riding for this year, so I think I'll try it next year and then decide on getting an Terry Adcox seta.
  4. I changed mine because blinker pumpkins are that ugly. Second only to the cancerous tumor that hangs off the back of every new bike, they were the first to go.
  5. The number one question I'm asked about my Tracer is "how many apples can you get in that 39L top case". Turns out the answer is a heaping bushel along with two pears. Cortland Apples from Bayfield WI. The Cortland Apple is known for it's crisp, juicy, sweet-tart flavor.
  6. I have both the grip puppies and larger pegs. I just like a bigger grip and the Grip Puppies are an easy and economical way to do it, plus you get the added benefit of reduced vibration, which is not really an issue on this bike. For pegs, I went with the Super Tenre pegs (and blinkers). There are cheaper options if you look around here. Like the grips, vibration wasn't an issue, but I like the feeling of the larger peg.
  7. Transformed the bike from Sport Tourer to Ghetto Blaster. Using my Fiio X3ii DAP (not pictured), I could really blast the tunes, much to everyone's delight I'm sure.
  8. Next photo challenge A picture from a high vantage point, overlooking a body of water. Bonus points given for fall colors. Duluth, MN.
  9. Ol' Number 225. At it's retirement in 1961, #225 had hauled 44 million tons of iron ore from the Iron Range of Northern MN, traveling almost 800,000 miles. I hope you all appreciate this picture, because when I left this morning the temp was 38F. However temps quickly warmed up to a balmy 45F, so I did a little ride around town to take in some of the fall colors. This leads to the next challenge. Number 225 Steam powered Locomotive. Proctor MN.
  10. I've had mine mounted for a few weeks now and don't notice a difference either in air flow or noise level.
  11. Installed the RAM Mount to the Madstad Screen. Well I was at it, I bought a separate base plate for the boat and a handle bar mount for the pedal bike or to use on the Tracer when not using the touring screen.
  12. I had a nice ride last weekend with the electronic cruise set at 60 mph for most of the ride. I got 55 mpg on that trip, riding 2-up.
  13. Their Fire Hose pants are also my go to for motorcycling (and everyday use). Super comfortable and wears like iron.
  14. I'm curious. To achieve this total quiet nirvana, are you looking through the windshield or just over? I also have a Madstad. At full height, I look several inches above and get just a small amount of turbulence on top of my helmet. I suppose I could go with then next larger screen but then I'd be looking through it, which I don't prefer.
  15. Another nice feature of the Yamaha rack is that you can swap back to the stock grab rails in about 15 minutes. I like to run the bike with no bags and rear passenger pegs when I'm not hosting a passenger or hauling groceries or growlers of beer, because it looks so badass.