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  1. Yes I bought it about three weeks ago; Nope first time; No that is why I was a bit freaked out. We got up to speed and I maintained it; I was slouched more upright; no luggage of cases. Stock suspension; fork caps down to two threads above flush; rebound needs to be adjusted. We were on a Hwy in the left lane very little traffic at 12:40am. Chain is new and about 40-60 miles before tension adjustment is needed. Like I said it was bought 3 weeks ago and I have not curbed it or bounced it off something to take the alignment or balance out. Thank you all!
  2. A buddy and I were riding home together on Hwy 820 on Thursday and I noticed a wobble at 105mph. I rolled off the throttle and it smoothed back out, but rolled into 103-105 and it began again. Anyone know why?
  3. Hi All you North FW FJ riders! Anyone up for a ride this weekend I am in Saginaw/Lake Worth area? Cheers! Keep the rubber side down and the sunny side up!