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  1. I can share dxf file and 3D model if you want. I've sent this to a guy who operates laser cutting machine and he made it basically from "left overs".
  2. Didn't do it myself. My friend does this kind of stuff and he is more skilled than I am. My comfort zone ends at rim stickers :)
  3. Third service done at 20.008 km. Changed spark plus, air and oil filter, engine oil, brake fluid ... 220€
  4. I'm considering mushroom type plug which is mounted from the inside out.
  5. Today I changed tires. Had a puncture on Michelin Power RS last week. I wasn't mad, they have been worn out, good for maybe 500km more. So I've ordered some new rubber. Conti Sport Attack 4. Put them on today, went for a short ride to warm them up for the first time and to remove the not so sticky upper layer. and after just 52km this happened. 🤬
  6. A bit more black for this season ... Silver side panels wrapped...
  7. thanks, it was my first try at so called "stop motion" and I now see what I missed there. first thing is the light. I should have used only lights in my garage not the sunlight outside. second is some of the photos should have longer duration, some shorter, like TDM nodding for example. I'll learn
  8. I actually did this on Saturday but hey, it took almost four hours http://youtu.be/mBALc1eIk5g
  9. But it does. Unless Swiss petrol station didn't rip me off. I've managed to fill with more than 19 liters, almost 19.5l.
  10. @texscottyd I don't know. I guess I left them on just to have a felling about lean angle when they start scraping telling it's time to chill a bit. They're almost gone now. As for center stand I removed an original rubber and replaced it with very thin one. Just enough that it sits on rubber.
  11. These particularly one's are Mitas Sport Force +. I'm currently running Michelin Power RS+.
  12. Any more than this and you go to the nearby bush. Center stand is raised, the next thing to scrape on tarmac is side stand.
  13. One from yesterday... not sure where to put it though...