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  1. Big +1 on this stuff. Been using it on all my chain-driven bikes for about 160,000 of my 182,000 total miles so far. Have had nothing but great results. Will keep using it till the end.
  2. You'll be fine, Dude. Had an '08 1250 Bandit a couple of bikes ago. No issues with hot boots, hot smells, etc. If you do take the 900GT plunge, you might find you'll be grinning yourself silly in very short order. My Bandit was a massive torque and wheelie monster and would pull down redwood trees for fun. I still miss that beast something fierce, but I also get major happy-times from my 900GT. Get one...you know you want to . . .
  3. +1. Did this to mine, as well. Just ground down the circumference of a 10mm socket a little on a bench grinder; a Dremel or the like would work fine, too. The modded socket worked like a champ. Then got the urge for something different entirely and installed some Puig mirrors. 😉
  4. Yep, me too. I've heard "Are you outta your f'n mind?!?!" to "Right on, Dude...keep on movin'!" and everything in between. We humans did this to ourselves...we made motorcycles so damned much FUN.
  5. +1 on Blaster X's tail lights. Excellent product...my opinion only.
  6. Got this in an email from Motosport. Sounds like a pretty good deal, if you're in the market. Motosport ad for Michelin tires
  7. Yeah, those rear axle nuts are ridiculously tight. Do a forum search; you'll find some very impassioned postings...
  8. Yep, who knows what can happen during a tinkering session over the winter months, right? 😁
  9. Was poking around in the garage and found my OEM screen. Just for S&G, I decided to chop it down to a shorty/fly screen (I currently run the MRA sport screen in the hot months and a CalSci medium in the winter months). The MRA is an amazing screen that produces very smooth and quiet wind, but that's just my uneducated 2 cents. Measured up from the bottom center 11 1/2", cut straight across with a jig saw, and mitered the corners. Scratched up the inside surface with some 120 grit and then painted it flat black. Took it out for a shakedown ride afterward. First thing I noticed was the increased breeze, AND it was nice and smooth. Liked that a lot. Noticed that in the Low setting, the wind hit me at the chin/throat; the little screen kept the wind off my chest with room to spare. Very tolerable and enjoyable, especially in this Southern MD heat. In the High setting, the wind hit me at eye level with a tiny bit more noise, but still very smooth and no buffeting. I wear plugs, so the slight noise increase was of no consequence to me. Wind management was still great. If I could do it again, I'd make it about 1" taller. Aside from that little adjustment, I'm happy as a clam. I'll likely continue with the "OEM" flyscreen for the hottest months now, switch back to the MRA Sport in the fall, and use the bigger CalSci in the coldest months. Here's a few pics... Low position... Another Low position... A High position... Another High position... Lastly, a cockpit view in the High position.
  10. I used fork clamps w/lightbar below the triple tree and some basic fork brackets w/driving lights lower on the forks. Works well for me.
  11. Just placed an order for a radiator guard, Richard. Thanks very much for the discount!
  12. But it comes in that bitchin' new color... Congrats, Shizzle!