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  1. +1 in the DC Metro/Northern VA area. Definitely comes in handy.
  2. Big Congrats, Wintersdark! Here's to many thousands of miles and smiles on your GT!! 😁
  3. Greetings from Southern MD, JDenkevitz! Pretty sure you'll be groovin' on your Tracer. Welcome to the club!
  4. No worries, Dude. If it turns out you do need it, the offer stands.
  5. If you do send out your OEM seat, JohnMark, let me know and I'll loan you my OEM seat and pillion to use while you get your's customized. You'll need to keep your OEM rider seat bracket, though, as mine is installed on my Sargent. If you don't mind paying for shipping from Maryland, you're welcome to use it. Lemme know...
  6. Just got back from taking the Sargent out for a shakedown ride. Within the first 100 yards of street and before I cleared my neighborhood, I knew I was going to keep it. After the first few miles, I definitely knew it was gonna stay. The nutcracking crown in the seat is gone. The lack of that upswept nose on the OEM seat and removing the crown all the way back to the back edge did the trick. The slightly wider pan at the rear is also a big plus, as is the rounded and narrower front edges; even though the seat is in the High setting, I'm almost flat-footing it on level asphalt (I have a 30" inseam and wear standard-soled Sidi boots). There is no longer a hotspot where the crown used to be; now my hips are resting on a wider and more level surface with no crunching involved. That alone is extremely gratifying. Hard braking affected only the bike and didn't rock me forward into that upswept OEM nose. What a relief! This is a very comfortable seat now; nice and stable with no sliding involved. After thinking on this some more, I'm now wondering if the design intent all along was to make this seat fit the High position only. As I understand things, the Corbin 1-piece seat is also installed in the GT's High position, which could imply that maybe Corbin never intended to make the seat height-adjustable. If that was Sargent's intent, I would think they should advertise the seat as such, since this seat's fitment in the Low position is less than what most riders would reasonably accept. I doubt we'll ever know the why's and wherefore's . . . Anyway, this Sargent seat, at least on my GT, is an easy 9 out of 10. The only negative I can think of is that a rider with a 29" or 28" inseam might find it challenging if they're used to flat-footing a bike. However, if they're used to standing on the balls of their feet when at a complete stop, they might well be quite comfortable with the height of the seat in the High position. Don't know if my seat-of-the-pants review will help anyone out, but if it does, then that's a good thing, I guess. These are just my simple, uneducated perceptions, so please keep that in mind. Now that I've ridden on it, I'm happy with my Sargent. Stay safe out there.
  7. Received my Sargent seat today and wanted to post a couple of pics. Been following the seat threads for the GT and wasn't feeling too warm and fuzzy about the Sargent's arrival, but now that it's installed, it just might be okay. Will ride it tomorrow and post up my seat-of-the-pants comments afterward. First and foremost, I don't believe the Sargent was designed for installing in the OEM Low position. Have no idea why this is, but that's just my opinion. There's excessive gap at the nose of the seat, as if the pan's length is just too short - period. The fit is definitely not up to the standards that I've experienced with all my previous Sargents on previous bikes. Again, just my opinion. The below 2 pics are of the rider seat in the Low position. Then, I moved the adjustment bracket to the High position, and the result was a much better fit i.e., no gap between seat nose and tank. Then I installed the pillion seat, the fit of which is VERY snug. It took some mild profanities to get it done, but it did finally fit. Just like the rider's seat, the pillion is a bit wider and slightly flatter than the OEM's contour. Seems like the bearing surface is better configured. Here's a pic... Took 2 pics from the side to hopefully show how the nose of the Sargent is not swept up like the OEM seat, and also to show how the seat has been flattened, or dished out a bit, at its rear. This is a noticeable difference from the OEM's contour, which inclines upward at the rear of the seat. Definitely explains why I and many others constantly feel a forward decline into the upswept nose of the OEM seat, which crunches the jewels just a bit too much. You can see how the Sargent's nose is fairly level at the nose and slightly dished at the rear from the below pics. Bottom line . . . this seat, at least on my GT, and in my opinion only, is made for the High position. The nose is also tapered on the sides, allowing my feet to easily touch the ground, even though the seat's in the High setting. Will see how it all feels on the road tomorrow and report back. We shall see...
  8. Welcome to the family, Donk! We all drank the KoolAid and are now totally hooked on our FJs and GTs!
  9. Wow! You can see into the future with those babies! 😎
  10. Your GT is normal, JRubicon. Lo beam is on the left; Hi beam is on the right.
  11. LOL!! Oops . . . sorry, Scotty. Lost myself there; gotta Ctrl+Y and Re-Do.
  12. +1. I've had fork-mounted LEDs on my last several bikes for tens of thousands of miles. Aimed them all 3 degrees down from horizontal; have never had an issue with useful coverage nor blinding oncoming traffic. They work.
  13. I gotta be doing something wrong. My mpg is still really good after 7,800 miles or so. My last tank gave me 53.9 mpg; >258 miles per tank. I usually average around 51-52 mpg. My commuting speeds are all over the map; the commute in this morning averaged 80 mph in the fast lane. Weird... I still fill up around 200 miles on Trip 1, though. I like having that buffer.
  14. I think you'll like it, Runnerhiker. To echo Larz...it takes the turbulence right out of the wind. Nice and clean and bobble-free.