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  1. Nothing wrong with dimples in smiles or on exhaust pipes; they're totally complimentary in both cases!
  2. Very shameful that your local dealer doesn't represent Yamaha in a more positive light. Glad to hear your bike's back in service, though...there's lots to enjoy about it!
  3. Yup, you got the fever, Larz! Welcome to the family!
  4. Very interesting, indeed...
  5. Hopefully Sargent will have the 900/900 GT seats in production before too much longer; they're still in development at the moment.
  6. 'Fraid I've heard the very same thing from some of my local riding buddies, Rich. Terrible after-sale service, borderline incompetence, etc. Sad, indeed. Hope your wobble gets sorted out in good time.
  7. Best of everything to you and your family, Gerdawg!!
  8. LOL! Things happen FAST, don't they, Coop? 😁
  9. I gotta hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and the West VA mountains more often. My 52 mpg is way too high during my long-ass commuting...
  10. Yep, sounds all too familiar. Happens quite a bit here in the metro DC area. Glad it didn't get worse for you.
  11. Now THAT is one happy dude!! Congrats, Larz! 😎
  12. Haha!! Get some, Coop!! 😂 Larz, it sounds like you have the riding experience. Only my opinion, but if you're physically able to reach it and comfortable enough in the GT's saddle, everything else is CAKE. Send us a pic once you pull the trigger on a new one, eh?