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  1. whistler

    Chain Maintenance question....

    Same here. On a trip, I take a spray can with me and lube the chain every 400 miles or so while the chain's warm. Easy peasy.
  2. What he said. Rotella has been my go-to in all my 2 and 4-wheeled rides. It's always worked for me. 👍
  3. Couldn't agree more. I keep wishing they'd be born with reflective striping or fluorescent dots, but you know how that wishing game goes...
  4. Damn...so cold I saw a coyote trying to push-start a jackrabbit.
  5. whistler

    Riding with eyeglasses

    Had to go back to specs after 12 years of being spec-free thanks to Lasik surgery. But, Lasik doesn't slow down aging... When I finally had to go back to permanent specs, my only constraint was that traditional curved eyeglass temples produced pressure points behind my ears after only a short time. So, I invested in frames with straight, flat temples (Oakley) for my single-vision glasses that I only wear when riding. The flat temples make these glasses much easier to slip on or off after donning my modular helmet. No hot spots or pressure points to deal with, either. Fogging is not an issue for me in cool or cold weather. I don't have a Pinlock anti-fog liner ,so I just crack my visor to the first notch if I start to fog up, as necessary. Once I get to my destination, I switch back to my old-man progressive-lens glasses with the aforementioned curved temples. It's a total drag, but it's about my only option now that I'm a full-time eyeglass wearer again. Hope this info helps you out, Young Man.
  6. whistler

    Late Afternoon Sun

    Used to use electrical tape. Now I've upgraded to a strip and a half of 1" blue painter's tape. Low adhesive, very little residue to clean off (Lemon Pledge takes it right off, if needed) and looks totally cool. Seriously, though...the tape method has always worked very well for me for a lotta years, especially since I had to start wearing old-man glasses again and had to forego using my internal tinted visor. It ain't sexy, but it works like a champ. Have ridden into many a sunset and sunrise with no problems at all; a tiny little chin tuck works like magic. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Sounds good to me! I'm in! 👍 Update 06 Feb: Order's in the pipeline. Thx, Cruizin and RACreative!
  8. For those interested. BTW, I think Nat'l Cycle has their product descriptions reversed (relative to windshield height, type, etc). You'll see what I mean when you get there. Update 06 Feb '19: They fixed their mismatched labels between the Sport and Touring models. http://www.nationalcycle.com/index.php/catalog/category/view/id/6598
  9. whistler

    GT Corbin Seat are coming!

    This. Is. Encouraging. Could be my first ever Corbin seat (had Sargent seats on all but one of my previous bikes, but they don't seem to be too anxious to supply the GT crowd at the moment). Glad to hear your backside feedback is favorable.
  10. Major fan of this stuff, too. Works really, really well. No mess and nothing sticks to it. I use it every 300-400 miles on top of the previous application. Got amazing life out of my 1st V-Strom and my Bandit chains; using it on my current V-Strom and my GT. Damned good stuff. Just my 2 cents.
  11. whistler

    False likes are fixed!

    Got a bunch of false likes on my recent "New Banner" response. They were dated July 1, 2018. 🤔
  12. Great job! Made me misspell my username the first time! 😎
  13. Just saw this and almost launched my coffee all over my laptop... 😂
  14. Connectorised...that sounds like a bona fide moto term. 👍