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  1. Welcome, Stealth! Being a wee bit shorter than you, I can't personally testify to a screen that'll meet your needs, but maybe check out this link to another thread here on the forum, and you might at least get some ideas for tall screens that may work for you. I do know that National Cycle V-Streams can now be had in a Touring model, and California Scientific makes a tall Touring screen for the GT as well; several riders here use'em and have good things to say about'em. Best of luck!
  2. Hiya, Vince. Only my 2 cents... 1. I don't think it's linked to a specific trip meter. 2. I have to reset to zero. 3. I use Trip 1 for tank mileage and Trip 2 for chain lube intervals. No impact to the "fuel consumed" counter. I believe fuel consumption is an average since last reset. Again, these are just my observations. Hopefully someone will roger up with definitive input.
  3. I sure miss Big Sky Country. Born in Houston, raised in SE New Mexico and left when I joined Uncle Sam's Navy. Living on the East Coast just ain't the same as being in the wide-open spaces. One day . . .
  4. Very informative thread, folks! My thanks to everyone! 👍
  5. Welcome, Vince! Glad you like the GT; there's a lot to like. And you're right . . . Romney has outstanding prices and customer service. Bought 2 bikes, including my GT, from them. Great place all around. I think my GT was the first one they ever received back in July 2018. Enjoy the ride!
  6. +1 here. I removed'em and went mostly anonymous (still kept the round Yamaha badges). I get occasional double-takes from passers-by...
  7. Recently completed a trip to Pristina, Kosovo for Uncle Sam and and saw a Niken roll past me and then take a left-hand sweeper. I watched it as long as possible and it appeared to handle the sweeper nice and smooth. Wish I'd had my camera in hand; it looked pretty competent. 👍
  8. I wasn't around when you and your family experienced the loss of your wife, rockinsv. Your descriptions of shared interests, love and compassion is something which a lot of folks can only dream of experiencing in a lifetime. Sincerest condolences to you and yours.
  9. Interesting...haven't noticed any whistling from my GT. I run an MRA shield in the summer and a Cal-Sci shield in the winter. It sure seems logical that it's wind blowing through/around voids in the fairing/triple-tree area. 'Course, that's just a SWAG on my part. Good luck with tracking down the source.
  10. +1 on what texscottyd said. I got my lights and brackets from RigidIndustries.com. Also spanned the two brackets with an aluminum flat bar and mounted the light in the center. They're not inexpensive, but I've used Rigid LEDs on my other bikes and my ATV and have a lotta faith in their performance under adverse conditions. As with anything, YMMV.
  11. FWIW, I also use the MRA screen, and I didn't bother with the piping. Works just fine for me, Edgar.
  12. Same here. On a trip, I take a spray can with me and lube the chain every 400 miles or so while the chain's warm. Easy peasy.
  13. What he said. Rotella has been my go-to in all my 2 and 4-wheeled rides. It's always worked for me. 👍
  14. Couldn't agree more. I keep wishing they'd be born with reflective striping or fluorescent dots, but you know how that wishing game goes...