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  1. I gotta be doing something wrong. My mpg is still really good after 7,800 miles or so. My last tank gave me 53.9 mpg; >258 miles per tank. I usually average around 51-52 mpg. My commuting speeds are all over the map; the commute in this morning averaged 80 mph in the fast lane. Weird... I still fill up around 200 miles on Trip 1, though. I like having that buffer.
  2. I think you'll like it, Runnerhiker. To echo Larz...it takes the turbulence right out of the wind. Nice and clean and bobble-free.
  3. Aw, Man...that smokes my Givi V46!
  4. To my simple mind, that is definitely spot on, Betoney.
  5. Lemon Pledge, Coop. It just works. Use one microfiber cloth for cleaning, another one for buffing. Plastics, paint, windscreens, face shields, cold chrome...it works (and you don't have to take out a loan equal to the Gross Domestic Product of a small country to finance the purchase of a can - not even a big one).
  6. +1. Used this exact method, materials and tiedown points when I picked mine up in Romney, WV and hauled it home to Southern MD in July 2018. Curvy roads, lots of bumps, occasional braking for stupid people, etc. Trailered just fine.
  7. Don't know if others do this, but after adjusting the slack and before I tighten the axle nut, I jam a rolled up old t-shirt or a couple of cloth shop rags between the bottom chain and the sprocket, then tighten the axle nut. Don't know how it works, only that it works. The sprocket will move a tiny bit into the rolled t-shirt and then stop. Doesn't hurt the chain or sprocket and still maintains the slack that I've adjusted. Been doing this for all my past and current chain-driven bikes. Works very well for me.
  8. Nice job, Larz! So . . . how many coats are necessary to achieve that "bounce factor" you mentioned in an earlier post? Just curious... 😁
  9. Do it, Tex! What about "Narrow Winding Highway - Grip It and Rip It"?
  10. Congats on the new ride, Nevada, and welcome to the forum! The folks in this forum are aces and are always there to provide solid tech support, sound advice, and maybe one or two bad jokes/snarky comebacks/hilarious observations as well. You'll have a blast on the bike and on this forum! Enjoy your new wheels! 👍
  11. I'm stuck in old-school on some things, 2&3. A pleasant carry-over from when I carried a service rifle and other interesting kit...
  12. I save myself the headache and just use Trip 1 as a tank mileage meter and fill up around 200 miles or so. So far, I'm getting 52 mpg per tank for my commuting mileage. That gives me about 240+ total miles per tank, give or take a few. The 40-mile buffer helps with finding a gas station without much worry. I use Trip 2 as a chain lube meter and do that gig every 300-400 miles or so. Now, if I could hardwire a LAAW rocket platform to the GT for the idiot cagers on the road in my area, I'd be golden . . .
  13. Nope, I'm not about to do that . . .