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  1. Thanks for this 09ing, would you mind sending me the ling to the part you ordered? thanks
  2. Thanks Jerry, i figured that out, when my brain kicked in, and i remembered playing with my suspension over the winter, and realized i probably put something out of whack! All fixed now!
  3. Happens to me as well fairly often. Sometimes the power cycle trick works, sometimes not. My research on an FZ10 forum, where the same problem exists, some people have said that it's the switch assembly in the front brake.
  4. Thanks Wintersdark, got mine the other day, got it installed, but now my handlebars are a bit "misaligned". When going straight, the handlebars are a bit off to the left. I can notice it a little bit while driving. Then I look down, then it drives me crazy, then I notice it more. I took it apart a few times, too see if I went wrong somewhere. Did you happen to experience this?
  5. Hi, did you have to pay any duties getting them over the border? How much if you don't mind me asking. thanks
  6. got a link to these risers?
  7. Which tail tidy do you have? Do the bags fit with it ?
  8. What made you decide on the MRA windscreen vs all the others?
  9. Same problem here... you can get the panniers on, just bends the signal light up a bit. Evotech's website shows pics with the tail tidy, and panniers on with no issues. Also, the Yamaha LED signal lights are actually shorter than the stock signals, so that won't work either! I may just leave as is, as I don't use my panniers very often, unless there is a fix? I like the X-arc signals, but I would like them to match the front, which would mean replacing all 4 signal lights.
  10. Thanks redfjniner, I have been lifting my foot over the seat, but I have scuffed up the seat a bit, not getting my boot up high enough! Sounds like I need to work on my Yoga. Never thought of turning the handlebars to the right, i'll have to try that! Standing on the pegs was the first thing I tried..... in my garage, but the bike seemed to want to tip over. Trial and error...i'll find what works best for me sooner or later! Thanks for the tips
  11. LOL..... then get someone to put the tailbag back on.....
  12. Love the tailbag on the passenger seat, but what's the trick to getting on the bike?