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  1. Thanks redfjniner, I have been lifting my foot over the seat, but I have scuffed up the seat a bit, not getting my boot up high enough! Sounds like I need to work on my Yoga. Never thought of turning the handlebars to the right, i'll have to try that! Standing on the pegs was the first thing I tried..... in my garage, but the bike seemed to want to tip over. Trial and error...i'll find what works best for me sooner or later! Thanks for the tips
  2. LOL..... then get someone to put the tailbag back on.....
  3. Love the tailbag on the passenger seat, but what's the trick to getting on the bike?
  4. reiny

    GT in Saskatchewan

    I am in Saskatoon as well, hope to see you out riding!
  5. Hi Guys, I pick up my 2019 Tracer 900 GT next week, and can hardly wait! I come from , and still have a Vstrom 650, which has been an awesome bike, but it's time to upgrade. I already have a Rad guard coming for it. Any other suggestions for some farkles to add?
  6. reiny

    GT in Saskatchewan

    Whereabouts in sask are you?
  7. reiny

    GT in Saskatchewan

    Awesome! It took me a week or so to decide, but I ordered mine from Tru North RV in Prince Albert. It arrived a few days ago, but the bags did not! Hoping to pick it up later next week.