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  1. Which Highsider mirrors did you get? Pics? Thanks
  2. Hmmmmmm...... dealer told me i needed part # b1j-83980-00-00 which is $67.65 USD on Partzilla. By the time it got here, it would've been somwewhat close to what i paid from dealer in Canadian dollars anyways.. It doesn't plug in the same way as the part # you showed, it's all one complete assembly. Am i missing something here?
  3. Just replaced mine, would be nice to get my $225.00 back!
  4. Looks like you got it figured out. It ended up costing $253.26,which included shipping. It did take about a month and a half to get them though!
  5. I have the Heed bars as well, although i just purchased the lower ones. The bonus that came with the lower bars, was that i can stretch my legs out,resting on top of the bars!
  6. I got the same bag, and love it. I do agree with the minor changes you suggest. I added one of the two risers it comes with, and it lifts the bag enough so it doesn't touch the plastic on the rear of the tank.
  7. The leg rest isn't perfect of course, but it's good enough for a couple of minutes to give the legs a stretch
  8. Lower crash bars for Yamaha MT-09 / MT-09 Tracer 900 / GT. At the time(May 2020) they ended up costing me $253.26 Canadian, which also included shipping.
  9. I have the Heed crash bars and love them, plus I can rest my legs on them when I need a stretch!
  10. Thanks for this 09ing, would you mind sending me the ling to the part you ordered? thanks
  11. Thanks Jerry, i figured that out, when my brain kicked in, and i remembered playing with my suspension over the winter, and realized i probably put something out of whack! All fixed now!
  12. Happens to me as well fairly often. Sometimes the power cycle trick works, sometimes not. My research on an FZ10 forum, where the same problem exists, some people have said that it's the switch assembly in the front brake.
  13. Thanks Wintersdark, got mine the other day, got it installed, but now my handlebars are a bit "misaligned". When going straight, the handlebars are a bit off to the left. I can notice it a little bit while driving. Then I look down, then it drives me crazy, then I notice it more. I took it apart a few times, too see if I went wrong somewhere. Did you happen to experience this?