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  1. Thanks to all. Switched the RED with the BLUE and all working now. Woo Hoo!
  2. I looked at the instructions included in the box. You are right. the online documentation is different. I will try it this afternoon. Thanks.
  3. I used this as my connections: 5 wire harness to motorcycle; BLUE to +12V (switched) (Blue in tail light harness) RED to Brake Light Wire (Yellow in tail light harness) GREEN to Right Turn Signal (Green) YELLOW to Left Turn Signal (Brown) BLACK to ground (Black in the tail light harness)
  4. thanks for responding. The instructions are worthless. I am figuring the wiring as i go. I don’t think I have the right wires tapped. I have the yellow wire from the bunch that goes to the brake light tapped right. I have the ground wire that I tapped correct. Just need to figure out the running light and the turn signals. These are the wires I have tapped
  5. I just received the kit. I have brake lights working. The running lights flash momentarily when I turn the key on but don't stay on. the turn signals are not working at all. I need help. Thanks for any feedback
  6. Ordered the Admore brake light kit for my givi v46 topbox.
  7. Unfortunately, the dealer doesn't have 1 in stock so I am down for 2 days at least.😭 Again, thanks for the help.
  8. I checked the 50A fuse near the battery and yes, it was blown. thanks. Now I have to find a replacement.
  9. I just installed the connections for a trickle charger. I got the leads installed directly to the battery terminals. Buttoned it all up and now it won't start. I turn the key to on and nothing, no lights, TFT screen is blank. nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Yes, we have met. I am the BigBrownsFan on the ST-Owners site. I will be attending the OH-STOC.
  11. I am finally picking up my new bike this Thursday. I was tying to sell my current bike, but no offers came thru. Then winter happened. I was not getting any bites, so I decided to almost give it to the dealer in trade.
  12. I am a new member that is going to replace my ST1300 with the 2019 Tracer 900 GT whenever a local dealer can get one. The last one I contacted mentioned a production slow down. They have several on order but have not received a shipping date. I look forward to many discussions on this forum. Also, is there a way to change the color of the forum. I find the black background is difficult for me to read.