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  1. Control the wrist, control the bike. Between the tracer (850cc) and a 650 IMO there isn't THAT much of a difference in power to warrant a massive concern. I can't imagine most would think going with a non-ABS 650 over an ABS 850 is the right compromise, I think the opposite personally. I'd be way more concerned about an inexperienced rider locking up their brakes in a panic situation. The inexperienced getting into accidents because the bike is too fast are not from lack of experience but from lack of respect for how quickly they'll be killed on a bike. Step 1 should be to find a motorcycle safety foundation program and ride the course. Yes, you have a scooter already but even riding for years I'll occasionally retake the class or an advanced class be we inevitably build bad habits and it can help to greatly reduce those habits or at least be aware of them. Step 2 get a bike that's comfortable and has some form of traction control as a new rider, I've venture to guess more riders (who are older and aren't playing Joe rocket with the throttle) are hurt by panic stops or slick stops over goosing the throttle in a curve. I'd say go with whatever has more safety features and has a reduced power mode to work with for a while, that and remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
  2. I'm curious on this too, I'd like to see what the differences is on the sargent vs. a corbin before I pull the trigger.
  3. Well I can tell you it didn't happen to me today and I turned my bike on and off a few times
  4. First bath of the season. Also shows off the nice LED lights I added last year.
  5. Did they remove the pushing forward tilt feel with the Corbin over stock? I'm looking to purchase soon but that's really the deciding factor for me.
  6. Oddly enough I can comment on a lot of these posts and recommendations. I had a 14 FJR, it was great for touring but when we got to the destination it was much heavier and less flickable in corners which took away some of the fun from riding. I always felt like I had to muscle the bike everywhere and I'm about 190lbs / 5"11. The FJR was comfortable and convenient, about as comfy as it gets for a sport tourer IMO. It was also a bit hot to ride in the summer compared to the tracer. I bought a 2019 Tracer and it's a fun bike but isn't as comfortable as the FJR but I'm hoping that improves with a different seat. The windscreen is "OK" with a CALSCI but overall there is a lot more buffeting on the GT over the touring FJR windshield. The buffeting is minimal on the stock windscreen but the noise is unbelievable. The angle of the FJR seat along with the material seemed to be perfect for my butt. The Tracer, not so much. I really liked the hassle free maintenance of driveshaft that the FJR has but pretty much every other maintenance item is a bitch to do in comparison to the GT. I did TB sync, rear swing arm, drive shaft lube, spark plug replacements and coolant flush on the FJR and the amount of work to take off the plastics typically far exceeds the actual work needing to be done outside of that. The Tracer everything is pretty much right there to get into and replace in comparison. Electronics seem to be dollar for dollar in comparison but I liked the layout of the controls on the FJR better. Of course one button was for a windscreen that was mapped to ECU controls on the tracer but to me the layout on the FJR just makes a lot more sense. I also think the Tracer windscreen brackets are cheap and probably won't hold up over time the longer I use it with the CALSCI shield. My brother bought an 18 Ninja 1000 last year that I ended up putting some serious miles on myself. I like the bike, it's definitely a lot of fun. I don't see it being as comfy as the Tracer but it is likely just as much fun. Think supermoto (Tracer stance) vs sportbike. I prefer a more upright ride over the hunched over feeling of the Ninja. The electronics on the Ninja are incredible and are top notch for feature set. The area hurt biggest on the Ninja is in the cruise control department, I just can't get why Kawasaki couldn't get their act together there. My 2010 concours was a beast of a bike but always reliable in the 40K I put on that so I tend to trust the reliability of the brand.
  7. It's these: You have to trim them a little to make them fit but it's not too terrible and they look bright as can be. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073M2YWGR/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I actually replaced them with something a little bigger over the summer. I didn't think they were all that noticeable in the daylight.
  9. Is it possible you're looking at the wrong plug on the bike? I think there is a couple of them under the seat that aren't plugged in.
  10. The site looks good! I used to do web programming for PHP and know what kind of a pain and how much work these transitions are. Looks like you did a great job!


    1. DavidS


      I agree, also a computer programmer, and this migration was executed flawlessly, great job to all that were involved......

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      Great to hear that thank you!   Fiy, click anyone's profile cover pic to make it full size! 

      Also, turn browser notifications on for profile update mentions and such. 

      Most all of your settings are in "account settings", check both right and left of page for important settings there. 

  11. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kawasaki completely updated their Versys 1000 for 2019, it is now equal in price and (most) features to the FJR-ES. I like it a lot. Having ridden both many times and enjoyed each bike immensely, I could own either one but I have to say - its hard to match an FJR. The FJR is heavier and has heavier steering than the Versys, but that 1300cc freight train motor, electric windshield and shaft drive really complete the overall package. Until you have to back it up a hill .... I came from a 14" FJR and there certainly some creator comforts that I miss on the FJR over the GT. One of them being the seat. Everyone said the stock seat on the FJR was bad but they must never have sat on a GT. The Kawasaki Versys looks good but I think the price is going to kill it for them. The electronics they are putting on the bike are really far out there. It has me wondering what they are going to do with the Concours now that the Versys has all that tech and is still a "sport touring" machine. I predict it'll either go away or get the same tech and a heavily upgraded price tag to go along with it. The GT is reasonably priced for what we're getting with it. If nothing more I'm just glad Kawi finally got with the program and added a cruise control on their "sport touring" bikes. Looking at the layout of the controls of the Versys makes me jealous. https://www.kawasaki.eu/en/products/Dual_Purpose/2019/Versys_1000/top-features?Uid=0943Cg5fCV0MUQ4KWAsLXFBfCQleWlhQWQsLWwleDFpdWQk#Electronic_Cruise_Control
  12. I have the tinted shorty AND the largest one they make for the GT. Works very well for me. I was out all day with the GT using the large shield in 37 degree weather, no electric gear and my torso was very warm. It really keeps the wind off of you and it does a great job with buffeting. Overall very happy and they are a great company to work with. I too bought the Yamaha touring and was not content with it at all.
  13. wow, 18K? That's some serious chump change. I saw a brand new 18 concours on sale for 12.5 OTD and was ready to jump on it but decided to do the tracer instead due to weight and cruise control. That's a pretty steep price for a chain driven sport tourer. Wonder what they'll do with the conny moving forward...
  14. Not to throw too much crazy into the mix but has anyone seen the new Versys 1000 for 2019? Might be another candidate. As for me I'm loving my GT...just wish the seat were a little less angled.
  15. It doesn't look like it will end well if one of those bags let loose.....