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  1. gerdawg

    Heated seat woes.

    Is it possible you're looking at the wrong plug on the bike? I think there is a couple of them under the seat that aren't plugged in.
  2. gerdawg

    Niken sightings?

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kawasaki completely updated their Versys 1000 for 2019, it is now equal in price and (most) features to the FJR-ES. I like it a lot. Having ridden both many times and enjoyed each bike immensely, I could own either one but I have to say - its hard to match an FJR. The FJR is heavier and has heavier steering than the Versys, but that 1300cc freight train motor, electric windshield and shaft drive really complete the overall package. Until you have to back it up a hill .... I came from a 14" FJR and there certainly some creator comforts that I miss on the FJR over the GT. One of them being the seat. Everyone said the stock seat on the FJR was bad but they must never have sat on a GT. The Kawasaki Versys looks good but I think the price is going to kill it for them. The electronics they are putting on the bike are really far out there. It has me wondering what they are going to do with the Concours now that the Versys has all that tech and is still a "sport touring" machine. I predict it'll either go away or get the same tech and a heavily upgraded price tag to go along with it. The GT is reasonably priced for what we're getting with it. If nothing more I'm just glad Kawi finally got with the program and added a cruise control on their "sport touring" bikes. Looking at the layout of the controls of the Versys makes me jealous. https://www.kawasaki.eu/en/products/Dual_Purpose/2019/Versys_1000/top-features?Uid=0943Cg5fCV0MUQ4KWAsLXFBfCQleWlhQWQsLWwleDFpdWQk#Electronic_Cruise_Control
  3. I have the tinted shorty AND the largest one they make for the GT. Works very well for me. I was out all day with the GT using the large shield in 37 degree weather, no electric gear and my torso was very warm. It really keeps the wind off of you and it does a great job with buffeting. Overall very happy and they are a great company to work with. I too bought the Yamaha touring and was not content with it at all.
  4. gerdawg

    GT niggles?

    wow, 18K? That's some serious chump change. I saw a brand new 18 concours on sale for 12.5 OTD and was ready to jump on it but decided to do the tracer instead due to weight and cruise control. That's a pretty steep price for a chain driven sport tourer. Wonder what they'll do with the conny moving forward...
  5. gerdawg

    GT niggles?

    Not to throw too much crazy into the mix but has anyone seen the new Versys 1000 for 2019? Might be another candidate. As for me I'm loving my GT...just wish the seat were a little less angled.
  6. gerdawg

    Most suitable panniers

    It doesn't look like it will end well if one of those bags let loose.....
  7. gerdawg

    Cam chain tensioner or something worse?

    This is the EXACT reason I stopped using dealers for anything and the exact same reason they continue to go out of business. I turned the key on, hit the start button, the bike didn't start....hand over the money. It's far cheaper and more reliable to invest in your own set of tools and do the work. At least then you'll learn something while at the same time knowing what was actually done to the bike. In either event good luck with getting it back together. If it were me and the compression check failed, it probably makes more fiscal sense to buy an ebay engine or source a spare at a junk yard for around a grand.
  8. I'm in NEPA and I'll ride into December, long as it's not snowing. I really thin I need to invest in heated gear and have started looking.
  9. In Canada, we don't get the red color for the Tracer GT, but they decided to spring a red regular Tracer on us, complete with red front fender. It looks like they forgot to paint the rest of it.....:/
  10. I saw that before, I wonder if that would work on a tracer? I do like how the lights are higher up in the other picture as well.
  11. zapf001 - Where's the other side of that lightbar mount? I'm looking to put some fog lights on my tracer and I'm not looking to spend the ridiculous amount of money that Yamaha wants on the PIAA lights, even if I "can" somehow get them here in the states. I'm looking for ideas!!!
  12. gerdawg

    Windshield for new 900 GT 2018

    I'm up for it, hopefully before the winter hits.
  13. gerdawg

    Windshield for new 900 GT 2018

    Road would you like to try my CALSCi? I've had the tall on now for a few weeks with the cooler weather and I'm really liking it. The first time I ride with it I thought it was choppy but I'm thinking it might have just been a really windy day. It's pretty good for the price.
  14. gerdawg

    windscreen discussions...

    As the weather get's colder and colder, I'm liking my CalSCI more and more .