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  1. I had a set of guards that I used on my 900 GT that were not huge. That did a good enough job that I could ride in the low30's with my spring-summer gloves and grip heaters. They played real nice the stock hand guards to. I will have to look for them and send them down the road, not much calling for them in Florida.
  2. Is there a chance you might have damaged a wheel speed sensor and that is causing your problem?
  3. I would thought, the T7 could do better than 55-75 mph for long distance slab running. I can do that all day long with my KLR650, just have to remember to have a quart of 20w-50 in the tail bag🙂
  4. Good review Wintersdark! Remember Yamaha does not know how to make a comfortable seat be it stock or accessory. One really nice thing is you will have a huge selection of aftermarket accessories for your T7 enjoy.
  5. Very nicely done j-bone👍 I thought about doing something very similar for my phone not long ago. Even went as far as looking up what the cost of the parts would be if I screwed up. I better get off my ass and do it.
  6. Congratulation's, Wintersdark looking forward to your review.
  7. I don't understand why people would try to turn the FJ or Tracers into a ADV bike. there are just o many bikes out there that are made to do the job and excel at it.
  8. I had every intention of buying one when I had to sell my 14 S1000rr because of my neck. I test rode a 2017 and a 2018 and I could not take the vibration (nerve damage). So I bought my 900GT and didn't look back.
  9. Welcome to the forum @hardrivnlots of very knowledgeable people here that are more than willing to help you melt your credit card. The bike looks show room enjoy.
  10. If the wife gave you the go ahead to buy the T7 go ahead and get it, that is a no-brainer for sure. Figure in suspension work and crash bars and skid plate. I thought real hard about buying the T7 before I got the Pan America and I might pick one up down the road, one thing for sure is I don't want the headache of a KTM. Let us know how you like it🙂
  11. The 900GT or 9GT is a hard bike not to love. Great sport tourer, commuter platform and she really shines on twisty roads. The only thing I won't do with mine is take her off road. I Hope you are able to get your 9GT quickly.
  12. If you plan on doing a bunch of road and highway riding to get to your dirt roads, I would go with the KLR. Not the fastest or the lightest but will get you through most any terrain and it's hard to kill. I have a 15 it was my dirt road, fire trail ,motor home and winter bike up north. It is extremely reliable and easy to work on, look for a gen2 2015 model year and up till they stopped production for the Gen3. Better suspension and seat than the 14 and earlier bikes. Should be able to find a very nice used one with some addons for around $5000 US.
  13. Ok I will lay my cards on the table, I would give up all my bikes for a 2023 fuel Injected Yamaha RD/RZ500 or A RD/RZ750, Nothing like the aroma of 2 stroke smoke. They wouldn't have to be stupid fast🙄 just weight in about 350lb and have a nice hitting 4000rpm power band power band. Also I would need a body about 40 years younger and not filled with metal!!
  14. I do love the bike and I also love the 900GT, there is just some thing about V-Twins and Triples. I have to say the fit and finish on the PA is much better than the GT and the suspension is neat. HD did the guy who is looking for performance up grades a solid, the heads and cylinders can come off with the engine in the frame from what I have been told. I'm still waiting for the Bronx with the 1250cc engine in it, I bet they can get that to come in around 450Lbs.
  15. You are correct, I just went with them because I had a part number for a ring that would work for the XR. They were great bags until the zippers bit the dust and pretty near water proof with in reason. I have the full catalog of SW Motech stuff on my KLR that has held up great and the HD factory accessory stuff for my Pan America is all made by SW Motech so that will be a no brainer.