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  1. Congratulations on your new GT @Shizzle I think you will find you picked a great bike👍
  2. @StewI think you will be very happy with the sound bomb. It takes a little bit of messing around with the mounting position to make sure have clearance with the fender on full fork compression.
  3. Great pic's, I love sailing ships with painted on gun ports to scare away the pirates!
  4. The simple answer is if you plan on keeping the bike, spend the money once and due it right. Nothing like a bike with a good set of suspenders!
  5. I purchased a bad set of tires that were either Dunlops or Metzlers from my local bike shop a few years ago.They mounted and balanced the tires for me and I put them on the bike. I didn't get around the block before you could tell their was a problem.I took the bike up to the shop and I let them ride the bike. No questions asked the next day they put on a new set of tires, which happened to be a set of Michelin's that they recommended for my Goldwing and were also more expensive at no extra cost. From then on I stopped mail ordering tires, no way in hell would it have been a good outcome if I had to deal with the tire distributor or manufacture. I'm also a big believer in purchasing stuff from my local dealer and bike shop in the end it has always paid off.
  6. @TheBigG You might be able to buy the paint already mixed from www.colorrite.com. you might have to figure what other Yamaha's used that color white as the main color.
  7. Welcome to the forum @Obicor If you have any mechanical skills you certainly turn the Tracer in to a GT. But the thing to consider is the Tracer is not going to hold it's value like the GT will. With the dealers discounting the Tracers you will take a big hit on all the up grades you do trying to turn the bike into the GT at sale time. Just something to consider, for what it's worth I love my 19 GT.
  8. I had my spacers made by Billet Proof Designs. They have a few extra sets and are willing to make more. Real nice people to deal with and they can custom make any thing you can come up with. You can contact them at Sales@billetproofdesigns.com Phone #(484) 652-8010 Tell them you want the spacers that they made for Rick Greene that fit the 09 Yamaha's I hope I put this in the right area.
  9. @ozn3 I have one more set of 11mm spacers left but the shipping to the Philippines would be cost prohibited.
  10. I'm down to five bikes now 2019 Tracer 900GT, 2009 HD XR1200, 2015 KLR650, 1980 XS650 Street Tracker and a 2004 WR450 Supermoto. I would love to add the new 700 Tennere to the mix. But that will have to wait as I'm getting ready to move to 😠to please the wife.
  11. Welcome to the forum @GazC Hanging around this place is not healthy for your wallet. Enjoy your new Tracer GT!
  12. @nhchris I have used master links on my race bikes and street bikes for years and never had a problem. If I did remove the master link I always replaced the locking clip and used master link pliers for install and removal. The most power full bike I used a master link on was a BMW S1000rr.
  13. Welcome to the forum, an questions just ask.
  14. @ozn3 I had some spacers made up and changed out the rotors and changed over to the Spiegler brake lines. I feel the biggest improvement was the line change. The bolts that I used are M10x1.25x90mm.
  15. The 2017 R1250RT was going to be my next bike to replace my GL1800. That was until Yamaha showed up with their demo truck and the FJ09. I really liked the FJ09 for the reasons we all know. I told the Yamaha guy, that I liked the FJ but I needed cruise control. He told me about the 19 GT that was going to be released next year. For once in my life I waited and I'm glad I did.