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  1. Welcome to the forum @sabre85 The one thing I would look at is the chain adjustment it always seems to tight from the factory. Also no need to torque the rear axel nut as tight as the owners manual calls for, ENJOY!
  2. I would love to have a street legal CR500 SuperMoto, but then again I think a TZ750 would be the perfect bike to ride to church on Sunday😁
  3. Welcome to the forum! what part of NY are you in? I grew up in Westchester County. I will also recommend a trip down to Washington Cycle Works, They have done over half a dozen bikes for me. They set up the stock suspension on my GT and I'm very happy with the results. Enjoy!
  4. Welcome to the fold and congratulations on your new FJ, you got the best color the bike ever came in!
  5. After spending a month in the new hell that I'm living in called Florida, I'm happy to report that the Pirates aren't falling over in the T- SHIRT dealer parking lots that much anymore because they are all commanding Tricycles.
  6. I would also think about replacing the pads. you never know what the previous owner sprayed on them. I'm very happy with the EBC HH sintered pads I put on.
  7. Welcome to the forum and congratulation on your new GT. Just a little warning, hanging around this place can get expensive!
  8. I'm officially a Floridian again. I haven't had a chance to find the motorcycles in the garage yet, it's wall to wall boxes. When I do we will have to meet up for a ride and you can show me these 11 turns you have found🤣
  9. @lospsi I think one of the members put on a knock off SW-Motec skid plates on his bike and it failed pretty bad. you might want to look up the post.
  10. @wordsmith I'm glad to see you are back with us full time🙂The paint on the SP tank sure puts the GT to shame. Looking forward to seeing what you do to her in the future, Enjoy👍
  11. If you like covered bridges do some riding around Lancaster and Bucks County in Pennsylvania. You will see so many, you start to take them for granted.
  12. . You well be much better off having a good Welder shorten your stock side stand.
  13. I will be living in North Port, about abeam Venice and 15mi inland. We will have to get together and go for a ride. You can take the XR1200 out for a spin with the full hammer build, she puts down 108hp at 91ftpds at the rear wheel. Looking at the picture your showing and how high the water was, check you rear brake reservoir for contamination.