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  1. Welcome to the forum @pavanchavdaI would say buy the 900GT, but then I have one. To me there are enough upgrades in the GT to make it worth it. I'm not saying you can't do up a 900 Tracer to GT levels, but If you have to pay somebody to do it that can get expensive. Happy hunting!
  2. I would have no problem putting on used rotors if I knew where they came from and could look at them before i bought them. But I could not find any locally, so I bought new. I didn't want the hassle of getting a set of rotors off E-bay and installing, then find out they are warped. Then having to do it all the work over again and probably costing more money and time in the end.
  3. @bugie The crush washer is on the drain plug. Take a small flat head screwdriver and separate it from the base of the drain plug.
  4. @MartyP I would keep the battery on a tender when not riding to keep it at full charge. Heated gear and other electric accessories can drain the battery in stop and go low rpm riding. The stator puts out more power as rpm increase.
  5. My GT has the same mileage as yours @bugie I have not had any oil consumption problems. But the sight glass readings seem to be very sensitive to how level the bike is when you look at the sight glass. Pick a level spot and top of your oil and check it in the same spot every time.Check your oil when the engine is hot, wait a couple of minutes and take your reading.
  6. Try webike Japan they might have them. Lots of neat stuff.
  7. Crap my bike looked like that last week before I washed it. The only thing it wasn't snow it was F#@*ing rock salt, 4 hours of my life I will never get back.
  8. Welcome to the forum @Hyena- Be careful leaving your bike at trail heads, two of my friends bikes were stolen doing that. Don't worry about paying off those student loans, what are they going to do come and repossess your degree😉
  9. @Velvetyour going to love your new GT. Put a couple of hundred miles on the bike and get your suspension set up for your weight and riding style, the stock suspension is not that bad. But remember the biggest bang for the buck is the suspension work and braided brake lines👍
  10. I just put mine GT away yesterday for the winter, spent 4 hours trying to wash the salt and brine off it.
  11. @trevinatorCongratulations on your new FJ. She doesn't look to happy with the white stuff on the ground😢
  12. @olddawgThat is some impressive mileage 👍 I'm assuming Yamaha factory oil filter and oil (synthetic or Dino) as the Dealer did the servicing?
  13. @ilanr1Are you sure the knocking sound is not coming from the floating brake rotors?