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  1. I have the same liners and they work very well and make unloading and loading the bike at the motel a breeze.
  2. You have a great new bike @superfist - I had a 14 S1000rr that I loved. I traded it in for the 900GT, after having 12 plates put in my neck. I could no longer ride and enjoy her in the way she needs to be ridden. For sure the one of the saddest day in my life. ENJOY!
  3. Looks like you had a great day @phpaul, thanks for the pictures 👍
  4. Welcome @Crossplane Pilot glade to hear you like your new GT. I have 6000mi on mine and am still in love with it. Enjoy the ride!
  5. That O2 senser looks like it took a good hit if you didn't do that damage taking it off. I would replace it, you have the Denso part number you might be able to buy it at an auto part store cheaper than the Yamaha dealership
  6. Check to see if the bike is showing any codes.
  7. I hope Yamaha picks another color for the U.S. market. I'm not really I fan of the color of my 19 GT ( I don't like black bikes) but it sure looks better than that.
  8. I avoid the Dunlop Wobbel & Weave by putting on Michelin tires. This has worked with every new bike, I have owned that came with oem Dunlop tires.
  9. @pfa230 I used the Yamaha rear rack for the same reason you want one, not that ugly. I used the Givi E251 universal monokey top case mounting.
  10. The new Goldwings are very nice bikes and much more nimble than the old generation. I do miss my 2010 wing and I might get a new generation one day but the 900 GT will stay in my the herd!
  11. Wait a little while used seats will show up on Ebay.
  12. Rocky mountain ATV and Motorcycle has the EBC Sineterd H H pads. sorry to stupid to post a link.
  13. I wish Michelin would run a rebate on the PR5s, or just lowering the price.
  14. Hello bugie Did you have any clearance problems ( front fender on full compression) with Denali Soundbomb mini? Could you post a picture of what it looks like mounted.... Thanks!