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  1. @Clegg78Could you take your the SW- Motec guard to a metal fab shop and just have him copy it out of steel. Or is it to screwed up?
  2. This is all being done to please the wife, remember happy wife happy life or something like that. I was told the lot behind the house might be going up for sale and if so, I will buy it and build a proper garage and replace all the stuff I had to sell and give away. I keep telling my self Richard Pollack of Mule motorcycles, works out of a two car garage.🙂
  3. Congratulations on your new your new bike and getting back in the saddle. I wouldn't worry about keeping up with your pal, the Tracer is more than up to the task. Also welcome to the forum and remember the best money spent on your bike will be on the suspension. Enjoy!
  4. @PhotoAl I ran the Pilot power on the front and Pilot road on the back on my BMW S1000rr with great results. Much better than the Dunlops that came with the bike, with 2000mi the front was cupping really bad. I'm currently running that combination on my HD XR1200 which eats rear tires and I can get a almost 5000mi out of the rear. Also running that combination on my 900GT, I only have about 3000mi on them and the rear is holding up very well.
  5. Looks like I got lucky, I have found a moving company that will put the bikes in the truck. I still have to wait for the guy to come out and give me a quote and find out how they secure the bikes. All I care about is getting the bike and my tools down there safely. This really sucks, going from a house with a three car garage and basement to a two a car and no basement. 😟
  6. How about the family jewels roasting over a V-Twin!
  7. The bike was fresh out of the crate when I took delivery of the bike. The TPS light came on as I left the dealer and I turned around and they put air in the front and then the saga started. If the tire didn't fix the situation they were going to order a new rim. It never lost air pressure when I was riding it only when the bike sat, the longer it sat the more it lost. The bike was assembled Friday night and I picked it up Saturday morning, the guy who put air in the tire was the one who assembled the bike. He swore that he put air in the tire and I watched him replace the schrader valve when he put air in it. I was very impressed with how sensitive the TPS was on the bike.
  8. I had the same problem with the front tire (Dunlop) on my new 2010 Goldwing from the day I took it home. Some nights it would lose 2psi other nights 6psi or more. The dealer tanked the the tire, removed and remounted the tire and finally replaced the valve stem which included the tire pressure monitor if I remember correctly. They could not find any leaks but they knew the tire leaked by the pressure drop the tire had over night when they had it ( I trust and have a very good relationship with them). Then they replaced the front and rear tire at no charge (Dunlop would not warranty it). They put on Michelins front and back so the tires matched and that solved the problem, it also solved the handle bar shake I would get going over steel grated bridges. . Another reason I hate Dunlop tires and cant wait to get them of my bikes.
  9. Take a look at Wall Mart I bet they have a battery for your FJ that was made in the U.S.
  10. Between the neck, aftermarket knee and plates in my legs. I always get special treatment 🙂
  11. I went to school in Florida and raced in the AAMRR series back in the day. Unfortunately with 36 pieces of metal in my neck and nerve damage my track days are over. The neck is a result of a few high sides back when I was indestructible!
  12. Unfortunately I will be leaving Eastern Pennsylvania and all the great twisty roads that I love, for south Western Florida😢 I'm looking to have 5 bikes shipped down, do any of you have any recommendations, advice or companies to avoid? Thanks
  13. Welcome to the forum @Roxysdad and congratulations on the new Tracer. You should have bought a 2020 900GT the color would have matched that sweet truck in you garage😉Enjoy!
  14. I had the same experience when I put the Givi hand guards @fj09viking, as I noted earlier in this thread it really surprised me.
  15. I have a friend that just bought a 900 Rally Pro and he is in live with it. I think you picked a winner enjoy!