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  1. I hate those dam things! You have to get them off you paint quickly before they do permanent damage to the paint. I learned the hard way, when I lived in the state of straight roads and ninety degree corners.
  2. Looks good Larz. I might do the pannier lids on my bike in flat black, to keep the paint from getting scratched up.
  3. One of the reasons I installed the Lighttech chain adjuster kits. Expensive but work really well.
  4. The Grip puppies will let the heat pass thru with no problem.
  5. I thought the filter was paper, have not had mine out yet. I have K&N filters on a couple of me bikes and I don't think the quality of the filters are what they use to be. Post up what you think of the BMC if you go that route.
  6. I would blow it of with compressed air and run it till the next oil change.
  7. Glad to see you picked up your GT Wordsmith, she is looking good! I like the matt black case lids better than the gloss black ones on mine. Looking forward to seeing how you farkel out your GT. Enjoy!
  8. SailorBill I had a 2010 Goldwing and loved the bike, but I sold it in 2016. I had planned on getting a 17 BMW RT ( more sport touring than the wing) but in the mean time I had my neck fused. The weigh of the Wing and the RT didn't bother me it was parking and getting the land yachts moved around in the garage with out banging them in to the other bikes ( I can't turn my head more than a few degrees). I picked the Tracer GT because of the cruise control and riding position. I don't miss the on board entertainment system the Wing had, but I sure miss how quiet the Wing was. I have tried a bunch of different wind screens on the GT, but I have not found one that has worked to quiet the wind noise (my only real complaint). So the GT has pretty much meet my needs and is a hell of a lot more fun to ride than the Wing. My longest time in the saddle on the GT was 7 hours of twisty back roads. I would recommend doing a lot of test rides and find one that fits your needs. Happy hunting!
  9. Your nephew will never forget that experience you gave him, good job👍
  10. Congratulations on your new GT Wordsmith, Ride safe!
  11. Wordsmith, I think you hit the nail on the head on the weight increase. Don't worry about the 17kg weight increase, your wallets loss of weight will more than make up for it. Go for it, you only live once and the GT is worth it.
  12. welcome to the forum, you got a lot of quality after market upgrades👍 Enjoy !
  13. Any Chinese LED signals bought on Amazon or eBay are a waste of money Spend the money once and buy quality.
  14. Run it off of your batter tender plug most bike compressors come with an adapter for the plug. The tenders have a 7.5amp fuse and are hooked directly to the battery.