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  1. Countersteer, with help from a buddy we just put it on the centerstand and put them on. The instructions like you said are lacking.
  2. I've only recently become forum friends with rockinsv but we live within a half hour or so near each other. I sure hope we get to ride together and soon. I am emotionally drained after reading this. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.
  3. I bought a Givi shield for my FJ09. After I got it, and obviously before I took it off, I went for a ride with the stock shield in the lower position. If I had done that before I may not have gotten an aftermarket shield. It took the wind roar off my helmet and wasn't uncomfortable anywhere. But I like the Givi too.
  4. Just to be clear, maybe the turbo itself spins up to the speed it would take to break the sound barrier, but I don't think there is a chance the bike itself would break the sound barrier. Over 600 mph doesn't sound doable. I'd sure like to ride a turbo 09 though.
  5. fjray

    Coping with Winter

    My job driving a semi truck daily improves my riding skills . My riding improves my truck driving habits. Riding is way more fun but the truck driving pays better. Read, pays for the bikes .
  6. Anyone else feel the need for mirror extenders? I got some coming and a radiator guard. Added a Givi frame protection kit first thing and a larger Givi windshield. I had the front seat worked on ( more foam ) and I think I made it worse. I could of course put it back the way it was but I think I may just get a Corbin for it. Then maybe some suspension work and then I think it'd be the perfect bike. Love the motor!
  7. I am a much better rider than I am a computer user. I couldn't find the sign in page so I could click on forgot password. I also donated an annual premium membership. Thanks for any help you can give me. fjray