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  1. Question. Did everyone reuse the rotor bolts? My titanium caliper bolts arrive tomorrow meaning time to make the swap. I know heat on the removal, but are the bolts reusable? Thanks in advance
  2. There's where our logic parts ways - my wife hates me. lol. But you are correct.
  3. You can’t be cheap when it comes to the single most important function on your bike. If you going through the process of upgrading (not like there’s anything wrong with stock) you see the value. Why skimp on finances at that point? Factor in the bolts you will need. I have a set of brand new R1 rotors sitting on my floor as we speak. Just waiting for my Titanium bolts to arrive from my favorite place, China. Should have them this week. Where did you get the spacers May I ask?
  4. Don't fill up your tank beyond the bottom plate in the fill hole - there is a breather hose in there and if you plug it with gas, bike no start
  5. Indeed. Also makes for removal and reinstall of the box, 1 PITA step less.
  6. New breather hose showed up today. Original on the left. Glad I ordered a new one. Mine was never fully crimped, but also never fully breathing. This is a focus point when reinstalling the air box. Oddly, the new hose feel sturdier for some reason. Guessing heat takes its toll on rubber.
  7. Ride with GPS is a cycling app I believe - MyRide is what @texscottydwas showing above. I just loaded it myself, but have to wait till spring to give it a try
  8. I must be cursed because my FJ has next to no vibrations. At all. I often ponder at various speeds wondering what everyone else feel who do experience issues.
  9. I tried to tell y’all. Glad we have proof. Yes the originals are expensive, but well worth it and they add a nice bling-factor.
  10. My riding buddy is on his 33rd bike. He claims to this day the FJ-09 was one of his top 3 or 4 bikes. I tend to agree
  11. Ivan was in NY, but moved to NC I believe over the spring. I have his flash. They are all good. I’m tempted to buy the used ECU on eBay for my bike and have 2WDW flash it. Then I can swap between the two and give a good report. Maybe if I reach out to 2WDW and tell them what I’m doing, they’ll give me a break on the flash in return for a proper Ivan / 2WDW review.