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  1. Yoshi full exhaust works great - and sounds even better
  2. I always get excited with I see a 2015 with lots of miles. I have just over 8,000 on mine = many more to come
  3. I got my from Walmart of all places (online order) - factory manual for $35 2 years ago..
  4. WATCH: Suspects steal motorcycles from showroom floor, drive out of dealership Four suspects in Kokomo, Indiana, were caught on video stealing...
  5. I love mine - for my behind it was may more comfortable that my Sargent.
  6. Welcome - and I can tell you it's easy to double the cost of this bike with goodies - I believe I have done just that
  7. My Bagster dogs my old Sargent. However, it really a person preference and depends on where you sit-bone lie. Like stereo speakers. What sounds excellent to one, sounds like ass (no pun intended) to another.. Went numb all the time on the Sargent, never once this season on the new Bagster.
  8. coachluciano

    Spring, Where Art Thou

    88 Days since my last lunch date. Was floored at how this thing started for sitting in the cold garage for almost 90 days. Stated like I ran it yesterday. Not even a 1/4 second on the start button.... Gonna be 25F again next week, but today was 60 at lunch. Could not resist
  9. Did someone say "Spend Money??" @texscottyd I was in the shower and my pockets started tingling..
  10. passenger you say?? What pray-tell is that?? Rubbish I say..
  11. Just realized said rear - I was referring to front on the Brembo comments. Personally, I hardly use the rear brakes unless I'm stopped on a hill.
  12. 320mm rotor conversion and Brembo Corsa Corta Master Cylinder - the mechanics and adjust-ability on that lever are awesome - same used on all the MotoGP bikes. - Steel line of course and the upgraded pads -
  13. @Arsenaldeb I have had a slight obsession with accessories. More like improvements, but anything in my signature you want to know about, reach out. Yes I doubled the cost of the bike - but I also doubled the pleasure.
  14. I was literally giggling in my helmet yesterday. 3rd gear around 95, this bike has spunk. Lots of it. Just amazes me every time I roll the throttle and the bike just wants to go.
  15. Have not had a single high speed wobble since dumping the stock hand guards. I’ve hit 133 with zero issues. In fact I hit triple digits whenever the opportunity arises. Have not had one aero issues since.