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  1. Curious to see how these work on my stock rotors. Only 3k miles. Everything I have read about them say they are an improvement. Let everyone know after they are installed. Buy the looks of the weather in NY I’ll have plenty of days to install. Spring is late to arrive here.
  2. Tell me you opinion on the healtech QSer? I've been eyeing them for a while as they do not require any ECU connectivity. I have an Ivans flashed ECU and he no allow for a QS/ECU integration.
  3. Anyone here running a quickshifter on a 2015? If yes, please report your setup. I have 2015 with Ivan’s flash which I love and one of the last changes on the list is a QSer. Ivan’s does not program his ECU to enable any of the aftermarket QSers that utilize the ECU. That leaves some options. Looking for specific recommendations from anyone with the same-ish bike config. As always, thanks in advance.
  4. Let me know how that works at speeds above 110mph assuming you entertain those speeds. I’m a huge believer of aerodynamics and have always been cautious of adding anything to my bike that will have an aero effect at high speeds. In fact on my ‘15 I’ve been removing anything that I believe has caused unwanted aerodynamics at high speed. I have found the formula. if that nose provides actual downforce at speed, that is that is a huge win.
  5. It’s really hard to show the original handlebar vs the Rizoma. Every time I try I realize it does not provide a true representation of how different the two are. Hopefully these pictures will help. Way better for me and my riding style. Add to that, not unexplained shakes over 90 since I dropped the bar ends, bar, and mirrors. All really good things to wreak havoc at high speeds.
  6. I actually did hear back from them. They are going to replace it. Just waiting on the new one to arrive as they are on back order. I'll update this post as soon as I have the new header installed
  7. I just ordered on myself yesterday. Should have it Wednesday. After all the money I have spent bringing this bike up to my standards, this purchase was a no-brain-er.
  8. When you meet your want, I’m driving to Texas for a lesson on that baby.
  9. Mine started after 98 days in a very cold garage in a microsecond. Best cold start ever. All I had to do was blip the start button and she started up instantly.
  10. @texscottyd @maximosure. Give me a day or so to take some pictures to best describe why this is a no brained swap. Lol.
  11. Baffel on the FJ specic Yoshi pipe is not meant to be removed. You’ll have to drill. However, there’s no need. That pipe hums regardless and it’s plenty loud with a great growel. However make sure you really inspect the welds on the header. I have one (purchased in October 2018) and it’s headed back for warranty. Search my previous posts for what I’m talkin about. I’m sure the issue is “isolated “ to me, but make sure you have a proper weld. Also, when you first fire the bike up with new exhaust.... here me our here.... douse it in rubbing alcohol (the header) and make sure you clean every possible oil mark left behind. And that includes your fingerprints. Dry off and wait a bit. The colors on the header after the first heat break in are awesome. Any oil left on pipe before this step will bake in forever and look like monkey arse.
  12. coachluciano

    Spring, Where Art Thou

    88 Days since my last lunch date. Was floored at how this thing started for sitting in the cold garage for almost 90 days. Stated like I ran it yesterday. Not even a 1/4 second on the start button.... Gonna be 25F again next week, but today was 60 at lunch. Could not resist
  13. Ok, now you got me worried and I too sorta wondered the same thing. You just confirmed it. I could get caught without a rideable bike for an unknown length of time. Not good when you’ve been itching since December 15 which was my last ride. Im going to plug it myself I think. Tiny piece of thin sheet aluminum, I can cut a tiny piece and wedge it in between the pipe coupling through the weld opening. The actual hole itself is very small. If I do it right I should be able to recess it to the point you won’t see it. Just need tiny hand and tiny tiny tools.
  14. Heard back from Yoshi R&D today. They want the header back to take a look at it. They will pay the shipping. So as to to not second guess my original inspection, I blew my header today. lol. Was not a pretty sight. Laying on a freezing garage floor I proceeded to see if I could blow air through the weld/hole. I was correct. Have not had to contort my body like that since I worked on my boat motor. Trying to stay away from a welder because this header is coated with a post-weld finish and it looks beautiful after it breaks in. I know it's a header, but I'm pretty particular about my toys. I would not have pressed the issue past the one email I sent to Yoshi, had Yoshi came back and said it's too small of a concern and has no effect on the performance of the exhaust. In this case it's probably more important to them to diagnose a potential process failure in their manufacturing at a cost of a header. I'll update this post after I send it out and hear back. Thanks for all the replies. I use this post as a sanity check sometimes and it always delivers.
  15. Babbitts has ignored 3 emails - the last one indicating they should look at this page and this thread to see what the general opinion is on the subject. Sent all the info to Yoshimura RD yesterday after I called them and have yet to hear back from them as of today. Stay Tuned... I wouldn't have even pressed the issue had I not had everyone here chime in with their thoughts.