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  1. Always get concerned when the path to the road for FJ is blocked. Thank god for Ariens.
  2. coachluciano

    2015 FJ-09 Factory Service Manual

    If not. Check Walmart online. Yes Walmart. That is where I got my 2015 manual for $35 shipped.
  3. Quick question. Where does the FJ store millage? ECU or Speedo?
  4. Have been wondering what folks prefer between a quick shifter vs clutchless shift. I have never ridden a bike with a QS, but certainly have done my share of clutchless shifting. Just debating on if the $400 is worth it. Not sure I’d gain much. However I only clutchless shift when I’m slamming on the throttle. I’m thinking QS would allow for more shifting at reasonable speeds?
  5. When I installed my slipper clutch about 3 months ago, i tossed in a mouse carcass as well. I feel much better now hearing the rattle (both before and after the slipper install) knowing that it's mouse bones - I don't even notice it anymore.
  6. coachluciano

    Report "false likes" here.

    I wish I had enough value to add to this site to even muster up a phantom like. Lol.
  7. coachluciano


    Welcome to the rebirth family. Should have named the FJ the Yamaha Phoenix. Mine has gone through a number of rebirths in the 4 months/2500 Miles I’ve owned it. ECU being one of the biggest
  8. coachluciano


    If you love it now - you will want to make children with it after an ECU flash..
  9. coachluciano

    R1/320mm rotor conversion

    Rim and swingarm. The finish on the swingarm is easy to scuff/scratch. Especially with dangling calipers. When I remove mine I wrap them in fiber cloth and zip tie the cloth. Covers the entire caliper sssembly and eliminates those ah-crap moments when you realize the caliper hit the swingarm and left a welcome message.
  10. Speaking of that. What pads and rotors you running? Been meaning to ask you
  11. Santa brought me my last major upgrade to my bike. Bye bye stock windscreen. Hello Puig.
  12. coachluciano

    The Photo Game Thread

    The Yin / Yang of life. One makes the bike go fast, the other makes the bike go slow.
  13. coachluciano

    Decoupling Traction Control from Wheelie Control

    I too have the 2015. Thanks for the info. By no way detracts from this bike. And I’ll take active diagnostics over TCS modes I guess. At least I can wheelie if I want. A 2017 can’t magically invoke active diagnostics.
  14. Does anyone know if it’s possible to decouple TCS and anti wheelie? I not a huge wheelie person. In fact maybe only popped in the the 2500 miles I’ve owned the bike. However, it would be great to be able to pull one without having to completely turn off TCS. I have an Ivan’s flashed ECU and don’t recall that being an option when reprogramming.
  15. 2nd to last of the not-so-stock option upgrades.