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  1. Yup. I frequently review my video and choices and have grounded myself for days. That part of the highway is right close to home and I know every inch of every piece of pavement. However, I’d hate for my stupidity to cause undue harm to anything else. Yes. Whole new cockpit. Bars, grips. Etc. I also have a GPR stabilizer which may not be a fair comparison to those without. Have a great long weekend Scott. Always appreciate your advice and humor.
  2. It’s part of the Garmin Virbe package. Some of the overlays are for an airplane, but work well on the bike if the camera is set up level. There’s a lot of data in there. Anyone looking for an action camera look Garmin before GoPro. Also, I can work all the camera functions from my Garmin GPS mounted on my bars.
  3. 122ish and no wobble. Oh wait, my heartbeat was wobbling.
  4. Garmin sells TPS that will integrate with their GPS systems.
  5. coachluciano

    Spring, Where Art Thou

    88 Days since my last lunch date. Was floored at how this thing started for sitting in the cold garage for almost 90 days. Stated like I ran it yesterday. Not even a 1/4 second on the start button.... Gonna be 25F again next week, but today was 60 at lunch. Could not resist
  6. When I installed my rear, i removed the backing plates from the stock and put them on the EBCs. Not sure if they would work as well without.
  7. I'm a techno-nerd. Comes from my days of peddling thousands of miles where I'm consistently monitoring heart rate, power output, climb angle, etc....
  8. Anyone have any actual lean angle data on this bike in a real legit corner? I get that data off my Garmin along with G-Force and a crap load of other overlay data.
  9. True dat - Can't imagine how my bike would be without it. Really wakes up the motor.
  10. Was just looking at a used VMax on Craigslist. Glad I read this post.
  11. Rode 203 miles Saturday down through the Finger Lakes. Today it's raining. boo. D-Air jacket is breaking in nicely. It was 95deg f when I rode Saturday and I will say the jacket breathes like a regulator on a SCUBA tank. as much or as little as you want, all controlled by how fast you are moving. Sitting at the gas station waiting for all the Harley's to gas up (lol) I got hot, really hot. However those around me wearing t-shirts were not too.
  12. My 2015 factory warranty is up in a week. Bigger question is what mods do we know if that will in fact void the warranty?
  13. The Healtech QS lets you adjust cutoff values and delay from the start of the shifter being activated for 6 or 7 independent RPM bands. Once dialed in, will shift like butter in all gears. However you need to be somewhat consistent in how you use it. I love it. And I’m glad I never purchased the stock QS I could have for my 2015. Sounds like they are not ideal.