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    Spring, Where Art Thou

    88 Days since my last lunch date. Was floored at how this thing started for sitting in the cold garage for almost 90 days. Stated like I ran it yesterday. Not even a 1/4 second on the start button.... Gonna be 25F again next week, but today was 60 at lunch. Could not resist
  2. Ok, now you got me worried and I too sorta wondered the same thing. You just confirmed it. I could get caught without a rideable bike for an unknown length of time. Not good when you’ve been itching since December 15 which was my last ride. Im going to plug it myself I think. Tiny piece of thin sheet aluminum, I can cut a tiny piece and wedge it in between the pipe coupling through the weld opening. The actual hole itself is very small. If I do it right I should be able to recess it to the point you won’t see it. Just need tiny hand and tiny tiny tools.
  3. Heard back from Yoshi R&D today. They want the header back to take a look at it. They will pay the shipping. So as to to not second guess my original inspection, I blew my header today. lol. Was not a pretty sight. Laying on a freezing garage floor I proceeded to see if I could blow air through the weld/hole. I was correct. Have not had to contort my body like that since I worked on my boat motor. Trying to stay away from a welder because this header is coated with a post-weld finish and it looks beautiful after it breaks in. I know it's a header, but I'm pretty particular about my toys. I would not have pressed the issue past the one email I sent to Yoshi, had Yoshi came back and said it's too small of a concern and has no effect on the performance of the exhaust. In this case it's probably more important to them to diagnose a potential process failure in their manufacturing at a cost of a header. I'll update this post after I send it out and hear back. Thanks for all the replies. I use this post as a sanity check sometimes and it always delivers.
  4. Babbitts has ignored 3 emails - the last one indicating they should look at this page and this thread to see what the general opinion is on the subject. Sent all the info to Yoshimura RD yesterday after I called them and have yet to hear back from them as of today. Stay Tuned... I wouldn't have even pressed the issue had I not had everyone here chime in with their thoughts.
  5. Thanks for that - Just pulled that same info from the documentation that shipped with the exhaust. 2 days, and 2 emails later, and Babbitts has been silent. Pisses me off that they are blind to an obvious issue and not very responsive to emails. Save that fight for another day. Will pursue Yoshi directly tomorrow, and see to it that Babbitts gets the "press" they are asking for.
  6. Sad fact is it take some time for something like this to even be evident, hence 30 days is not enough.
  7. New Yoshi purchased 9/11 from Babbitts - arrived about 3 weeks later. Installed and put about 500 miles before this winter. Was looking down at the header the other day and noticed some discoloring around one of the welds. Further investigation realized there is in fact a bad weld and a hole which is blowing exhaust gas out the hole. Called Babbitts yesterday and they said 30 days warranty. I said $1000 exhaust with manufacturing issues, 30 days aint going to cut it. They said to send in pictures - did that today. Nothing back yet. My question is do I press this issue until I get a new header?? I'm thinking yes.
  8. I can tell you as of today, I'm getting zero miles per gallon and that's with a full tank - it's 12 degrees F outside
  9. I live in Rochester (webster). See my location on the members map. Let’s meet up somtime.
  10. I'm not sure what crack addiction feels like but I can attest to the addiction of removing stock parts from an FJ-09 and adding some bling. Rizoma Circuit 959 Reflectors - if it wasn't 12 deg Fahrenheit, i'd give you a report on what the world looks like behind the bike.
  11. Always get concerned when the path to the road for FJ is blocked. Thank god for Ariens.
  12. If not. Check Walmart online. Yes Walmart. That is where I got my 2015 manual for $35 shipped.
  13. Quick question. Where does the FJ store millage? ECU or Speedo?
  14. Have been wondering what folks prefer between a quick shifter vs clutchless shift. I have never ridden a bike with a QS, but certainly have done my share of clutchless shifting. Just debating on if the $400 is worth it. Not sure I’d gain much. However I only clutchless shift when I’m slamming on the throttle. I’m thinking QS would allow for more shifting at reasonable speeds?
  15. When I installed my slipper clutch about 3 months ago, i tossed in a mouse carcass as well. I feel much better now hearing the rattle (both before and after the slipper install) knowing that it's mouse bones - I don't even notice it anymore.