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  1. I was literally giggling in my helmet yesterday. 3rd gear around 95, this bike has spunk. Lots of it. Just amazes me every time I roll the throttle and the bike just wants to go.
  2. Have not had a single high speed wobble since dumping the stock hand guards. I’ve hit 133 with zero issues. In fact I hit triple digits whenever the opportunity arises. Have not had one aero issues since.
  3. @stevesweetzI have my stock hand guards from my '15 if your interested. Perfect condition
  4. I have the best clutch setup on this bike bar none. Not tooting my horn, but tooting my horn. My Brembo setup is Effen nice. Not even in the same category with Magura. And I love Magura. Have them on my Scalpel. Brembo offers some mechanical advantages that Magura is probably envious of.
  5. Dang is that color display sexy compared to my '15. Wish there was an upgrade path for those of us in the dark.
  6. Dang - grab your exhaust before you let them total it. What i see there looks aftermarket. However, wrenching with broken thumbs maybe not so easy. Glad Covid still has a chance to take you. Not many get that opp after t-boning a blind driver.
  7. Word. Spend enough time watching and studying MotoGP bikes / coupled with actual riding experience, down shift with rev matching is a science to the bike. I know you designed a QS. I have a healtech. Something I’m sure you studied when you did some development work. It will allow for a DS in certain circumstances. I have tested it. It work and slips in gear just like going up. However, really useless without rev matching. Using it under the fun circumstances when you want it - no go.
  8. Ummmm. That looks like Rizoma packaging. @texscottyd I know that color well.
  9. They should not even put the index decal in the box. They are way cheesy for a well machined part and does not stick at all. Not to mention could “slip” from where you originally got them on and now your calibration is off.
  10. I’m a pioneer and ADD did not help after I purchased the Brembo master cylinder. Truly have a custom FJ at this point.
  11. @texscottydspeaking of that, finally got some miles on all my new winter projects. Now I fully understand the benefits of my new Brembo Hydraulic clutch. I’ll write up a review on the thread in a few days. Bagster seat is awesome and the 320mm conversion is also most excellent.
  12. Clutch switch when engaged should disable the QSer. It sound like yours is not. Bike thinks you want to QS and is retarding the timing - while you are clutch shifting - I went through this is my HealTech QSer.
  13. Was wondering the same thing - Am I missing something with these auto-lubers?? Why. I spray wax on my chain and good for while. However, i don't ride in anything but sunshine.
  14. I think I may be fondling the FJ this weekend. Temps in NY supposed to hit close 60 and it's time for the spring startup. I've got a new clutch, master cylinder and R1 Rotors to test