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  1. I will admit, snaking a Spiegler line through the “clutch path” has me concerned. Have conceded to Old Man Winter here in NY so the bike is parked in its winter resting place. Will take the tank and air box off this weekend and get a good idea for routing the line. Need to do that anyways to get the new brake lines installed
  2. Finally got the slave today. Fits perfectly where it should. Next up, buy the hydraulic line and see if things play well together.
  3. That is the intended plan. I have a few to try as soon as I get the hydraulic line and slave together.
  4. Got it mounted - fits great. The slave is supposed to be here this week. Then I can measure for the length of hydraulic line and get that ordered from Spiegler. I'll post picts when the slave is here
  5. Ok. First oh all I laughed my ass off because of the drastic differences in what appears to be a very similar test. All that comes to mind here is the fact that your toilets flush in a completely different direction than mine. The Simpsons tonight me that. Anyone else here with a theory.
  6. @dazzler24 Your video is tagged as private. Not sure why. All I did was upload to my rarely used YouTube channel. Then said I want to share, and “Copy Link” was an option. Copied and then pasted into our forum.
  7. Shot this to show how my rear seat goes in. stock Yamaha feet.
  8. All four. I’ll send some measurements later this week of my Bagster pan and the feet. What year is you FJ
  9. Oddly enough I had no issues with Bagster feet, other than the gap it created someone here pointed out to me. Then my ADD kicked in. Moving to Yamahas feet for me was only for esthetics and to calm my ADD.
  10. I believe I may be the first person to attempt to add this Brembo. I know Magura are all over the place (love that company, have Magura on my Scalple) but no one has fitted RCS 19 this to my knowledge.
  11. So far like a glove. I have the slave coming hopefully this wee, then I can measure and order a customer made hydraulic line. As you can see it fits the well with the stock control module next to it. This Brembo does not come with a switch, unlike the matching brake master cylinder. Still stewing on my three options there.
  12. Part one of my Brembo RCS 19 clutch install. So far all good.
  13. @dazzler24 230919NL0447/98-5355Z. Fits like a glove with the feet swap from stock. Both front and rear.
  14. Not at all in my case. I’m talking about the rear seat by the way. That was the gap issue. Absolutely no issues with the front straight out of the box. Add to that, the stock Bagster rubber feet are the weak link in this seat. They don’t fit well in the holes that secure them and have a lot of wobble. That all went away when I swapped with my stock feet. The materials used in the feet are noticeably different and the Bagster is much harder. Not complaining by any means. Just observing what I see.
  15. That’s the ticket. Just swap the feet of the original seat like I just did and not only does it fit better but no jostling to get it to snap in. Went on like butter. Someone tell Bagster there feet are to big. Big feet, if meat, I know. But not in this case. They were visibly different when the pan was identical to stock.