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  1. I have a 2019 tracer gt. i like the brush guards, would just like to lose an inch each side. not sure if i have this right, but could you keep the hand guards with the rizoma? and what is involved with removing heated grips?
  2. i had the givi screen and still got buffeting on the highway even on high position. even though mostly out of wind blast i had a high speed buffeting that could almost blur vision. my nolan helmet has a vent right at the top facing forward, i'm sure different helmets could be different. so i got the madstad - 24" screen, i am 6' - and much better, and i haven't tried all the permutations i could set it at yet. i think that maybe the big space under the screen is allowing more air behind the screen to break the vacuum that can cause buffeting. another benefit is that i can see through screen better if i need to see in front of wheel. it does see like a much cruder assembly , obviously just a plate of plexi cut out of a sheet. liked the looks of the givi more, but i don't care about looks that much anymore. you would think it is a picky complaint, but the biggest downside to these big screens is that since you don't have the wind noise drowning out the straight gear whine of sixth gear at certain rpms ( unfortunately 55 - 65 mph, which is a common speed on our back roads ) , i have to shift down to fifth. it really is an incredibly loud and annoying sound, and for some reason i can't find any ear plugs that work for my ears.
  3. i was thinking of installing the givi crash bars on my 900 gt. has anybody done so and experienced any new vibration or noise issues?
  4. those sidestand big feet the number one best deal in aftermarket buys. i doubt very much sidestand springing. the suspension on most bikes is set up based on the average 150 lb japanese rider ( unless that is apocryphal ). so at 175 lbs that should mean i am set up on the soft side. not a bad thing on some of our rough maine back roads. i don't know what's wrong with me but i am totally happy with the suspension's stock settings. part of the problem is just how competent this bike is. it makes every corner undramatic. halfway through the corner you think you might have gone in a little too hot, the bike is saying more please. a friend of mine who has a v strom described it as - midway through a corner the bike seems to be asking when are you going to do something - slacker. i was surprised to find my chicken strips on the stock tires ( which had a less rounded profile than the pilot road 5s i have now ) was less than 1/8" because i had never felt cornering on the ragged edge. if anything the bike is just too good for touring. it wants you to be doing 30 mph over the limit ( which constitutes criminal speeding ) whereas the the v strom is happy to lazily carve the corners
  5. 2and3cylinders - did you ever space out your givi? i have the barn door as well. 6' tall. on high setting i can't see over the screen as well. on low setting the buffeting hit the top 1 inch of my helmet, enough for high frequency buffeting at highway speeds. i had thought the same thing = space further away from mount. a friend of mine has a madstad on his v strom which works really well, and their mount holds it way off mounting plate
  6. i've never understood how larger windscreens lower gas mileage, if so. how is the human body more aerodynamic than a windscreen?
  7. when hitting a dip in road mid corner often surprised to hear centerstand scrape. i am 175 lbs on stock settings and don't consider myself an elbow scraper
  8. i bought one from a place in turkey on ebay for $45 approx which fits perfect
  9. be nice if they came out with a larger tft dash
  10. yes i hate looking at if not through those add on deflectors for windscreen. if you really want to get out of the wind ( like i do ) get a givi 2139 t . i'm 6' , run it in low position on side roads so i am looking over the screen top but wind hitting 2" down from top of helmet, and on high position on the highway which pretty much sends wind over the top of my helmet
  11. and you could sell for 99 pounds. looks as good as anything else
  12. r & g doesn't make a rear fender extender for the 900 gt. too bad as i really like ones they make for other bikes. found the pyramid plastics one but it doesn't look much longer than stock. some of the ones they make for other bikes look more like what i am looking for, oh well. interesting to hear that the powerbronze, which i had not seen, is 3" to 4 " longer than stock, as it doesn't look it in pictures. but it seems the best option out there. don't quite understand why manufacturers seem to only put on stubby ones, maybe they think looks cooler ? but they don't do much to keep tail underside clean from slinging dirt.
  13. did a search on forum, didn't come up with much. the oem rear fender is different from fj 09, haven't found a lot of rear extenders. pyramid seems to make one, wouldn't mind one a little longer. any ideas?
  14. i was quite impressed with their set up. and in cornish maine of all places, go figure. i knew they were well known in this country, but if i heard them right, their biggest market is europe. they are also expanding in to complete bar and riser systems, they had prototype system there for a goldwing that allowed complete adjustability with handle orientation . seems like with the aging demographics of the motorcycle industry, and comfort becoming more important to us old guys ( a concept that was alien to us ) this business should be growing
  15. the heli bars for fj 09 don't work for the new tracer, as i was told by heli bars. they are located in maine not too far from me so i have dropped off my bike to them so that they can develop risers that work with tracer. i assume if it can be done they will be able to have them for sale this coming year.