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  1. Ahhh, I have their case not a stick on part.👍🏻
  2. I use a Rokform. Similar to a quad lock but with their own proprietary case and mount. The only thing is you can’t use a conductive charger because the case has a magnet in the back. So far it works great and I can stick my fone to anything metal if need be.
  3. I have the Hepco and Becker top rack and case. Fits my large and wife’s Med helmet with a little finagling. Comes off easy and seems secure
  4. On my old virago, the starter button would get barely stuck in. Enough for the bike to run and starter not keep engaging but the headlight would be off. Had to pull out the switch the last tiny bit
  5. They are closing a lot of those areas too. I grew up in that area and can tell the people who live there are furious at the people steaming up there. Not bikers mind you but the looky loos just flooding the trails and towns because it’s “safe”. I’d like nothing more than go touring around but think I’ll just stay home.
  6. I still have my Virago 535 tucked away in the shed. Torn apart. One day it’ll be back.
  7. I grew up in that area. It’s beautiful. Should swing by just north of Blue Ridge and stop at Tank Town. Maybe drive a tank and shoot a machine gun. Then stop at Copperhead lodge for some good food.
  8. cletus

    Rain x

    Cheap Pledge furniture polish works well also. Get the lemon and it smells good too. Used it on helicopter plexy windows
  9. Often. My wife finds it pretty comfortable with the addition of a trunk for backrest.
  10. Size difference can be huge. Just look at car tires. That’s why places push to have same brands put on a vehicle
  11. I did the opposite. Grew up in GA and NC and moves to NH
  12. I thought the same thing. The plug for the heated seat is buried down on the throttle side of bike. I had to unbolt the seat bracket and root around in the wires to find it!
  13. Just got a 2019 Tracer and love it. First time have a sport oriented bike. I’m coming from cruisers, Honda Vtx and a Virago. Love the power and speed. Looking forward to putting some miles on next summer